The Rules

General Rules

  1. Be friendly and have fun! We will not accept name-calling, rudeness, or poor attitude during this game. Accusations will be thrown around, and it is very possible that your name will be put out there. Do your best to not take it personally. Have fun and remember it’s just a game.
  2. Base your arguments on what happens in the Games, not real life. Please refrain from using someone’s RL against them when trying to build a case. These types of arguments can quickly turn into personal attacks, even if you did not intend it this way. As such, we highly encourage you to only use arguments based on what a person says and does in-game.
  3. No copying/pasting of the email(s) that we send to you. At the beginning of each new edition we will send emails to each participant with information regarding their role. You may paraphrase the information contained in the email during the game to try and convince others of your role, but you cannot share the original email in any way.
  4. Regular participation (four comments a week) is required. This game only works if everyone is involved. It is required that you contribute to discussion at least four times a week. If you know in advance you will not be able to participate a certain week, contact us so we can announce your absence and give you a pass from meeting this requirement.
  5. Only communicate in the designated areas at the designated times. No discussion of specific editions of the games is allowed to happen outside of the blog, whether it be Twitter, Facebook, email, etc. Players should only discuss on the blog as directed, during the times stated.
  6. Do not edit or delete any commentsOnce a comment is posted, it is final. This is important so that players can go back and look at previous comments to determine a person’s alliance to a certain team. (So beware: What you say can and probably will be used against you!)
  7. If you have any questions about the game or your role, please contact us.

Game Rules

  1. Day phases last from Wednesday 9pm BST to Sunday 9pm BST weekly.  A new post will be published each week at the start of the new Day phase. During this time, all players discuss and vote for who they’d like to eliminate. Whoever has the most votes at the end of the Day is eliminated. If there is a tie, no elimination takes place.
  2. Votes should be in caplocks on a separate line from the rest of the text. For example:
    You can change your vote as many times as you want during the Day or choose to not vote at all.  If you would like to cancel a vote, you can do so by typing CANCEL VOTE on a separate line. The last vote given is the one that will be counted.
  3. Voting updates will be provided by moderators during each Day, but be sure to double check them. Voting updates will provide a tally of who has received votes so far and from which players, along with a list of those who are not voting. The time remaining within each Day phase will also be noted during the last 24 hours before deadline. Mistakes are possible so please double-check our voting tallies and let us know when something doesn’t look right.
  4. Once you are eliminated, you can no longer post in the game. You will be given an option: you can either join the Spectator Chat where you can watch and discuss the game with spectators, other eliminated players, and the moderators OR you can be added to the waiting list to be returned to the game if a disqualification or drop-out occurs. Players who join the Spectator Chat should not share any information on this page that can affect gameplay, such as who was on your team.
  5. Night phases lasts from Sunday 9pm BST to Tuesday 9pm BST weekly. During the Night, public communication stops. All those with special roles have to send in their desired actions during this time and the Mafia gets together to discuss gameplay in their private chat. If we do not receive the Night action forms before the deadline, nothing will happen.
  6. If you have a Night action, you cannot target the same player twice in a row. For instance, if you are a Doctor, you may choose to protect someone on Night One. You cannot protect the same person on Night Two, but you can protect them again on Night Three, and so on.