Vote Thief

Alignment: Any
Role Type: Voting
Choice: Night

The Role

Vote Thief is a role that can target a player at Night to steal their vote for the following Day.

In previous editions, the Vote Thief ability would result in a player being contacted by a moderator and informed that they must vote for a specific player the following Day and cannot indicate to others their vote is being manipulated. In some instances, players could lose their abilities as a result of confirming their vote was compromised.

This power is usually limited in the amount of times it can be used (x-shot).

In Use

Player A: Vote Thief
Player B: Townie
Player C: Townie

Night One: Player A chooses to steal Player B’s vote for the following Day and places it on Player C.
Player B is contacted by a Moderator and told they must vote for Player C the following Day.

Day Two: Player B votes for Player C.

The Email

You are [insert character name], a [insert alliance] Vote Thief.


  • During the Night, you are able to use your Vote Thief ability to “steal” someone’s vote for the upcoming Day. When this happens, the targeted player is contacted and informed they must vote for your specified player the following Day, but not informed why they must vote that way. In order to use this ability, please submit the Night Action form each Night stating whose vote you would like to steal and who you would like them to vote for the following Day. This ability can only be used [insert number] times.

Win condition:

  • You win if all threats to the [insert alliance] are eliminated and at least one [insert alliance]-aligned player is alive.

Previously Used

The Vote Thief role was previously used in the Lunar ChroniclesADSOM, and BYOC2 editions.