Alignment: Any
Role Type: Manipulative, Passive, Protective
Choice: None

The Role

Mirror passively deflects all Night actions targeted at them back onto the player who initiated the action. This role is often limited in the amount of times it can be used (x-shot).

In Use

Player A: Mirror
Player B: Goon

Night One: The Mafia decides to send Player B to kill Player A. Player B dies as a result of their kill attempt being deflected back onto themselves.

The Email

You are [insert character name], a [insert alliance] Mirror.


  • During each Night, you passively deflect all Night Actions that are targeted at you back onto the player who is completing the Night Action. This means that if someone is sent to kill you, they will die instead. This role is only activated for the first [insert number] Night Actions targeted at you. You will not be notified when this role is no longer in effect.

Win condition:

  • You win if all threats to the [insert alliance] are eliminated and at least one [insert alliance]-aligned player is alive.

Previously Used

The Mirror role was previously used in the BYOC2 edition.