Alignment: Third Party
Role Type: Linked
Choice: None

The Role

The Lyncher‘s win condition revolves around getting a specific person lynched. If the Lyncher is able to vote for their target and get them lynched, they win the game. If the Lyncher dies before their target can be lynched or if their target is eliminated by other means then the Lyncher loses.

The game continues even if the Lyncher wins, until either the Town or Anti-Town force gains majority for a joint win.


The Unlyncher has the exact opposite win condition to that of the Lyncher. The Unlyncher’s objective is to prevent a specific player (an Unlynchee) from being lynched. If their target is lynched, the Unlyncher loses.

If the Unlyncher dies before its target, whether the Unlyncher wins is no longer in its power to decide. As long as the target is not lynched, they win.

Depending on the game set-up, the Unlyncher may die simultaneously with their Unlynchee target.

In Use

Player A: Lyncher
Player B: Town

Day One: Player A’s target for the game is Player B, so Player A attempts to lead a random vote wagon on Player B. It is successful. Player B is eliminated and Player A wins their game.

The Email

You are [insert character name], a Third Party Lyncher.


  • You have no abilities.

Win condition:

  • You win if you are able to get [insert player name] lynched. You must be one of the voters responsible for their lynching. If they are eliminated by any other means, you lose.

Previously Used

The Lyncher role was previously used in the Nevernight edition.

The Unlyncher role was previously used in the Chaos Walking and Scythe editions.