Investigative Immune

Alignment: Anti-Town
Role Type: Misleading
Choice: None

The Role

An Investigative Immune player always investigates as innocent to Cops, regardless of their actual alignment. This ability does not affect other informative abilities in the game such as Followers, Trackers, Watchers, etc.

In Use

Player A: Investigative Immune SK
Player B: Cop

Night One: Player B decides to investigate Player A.
Player B receives the results “Town” due to Player A’s investigative immunity.

The Email

You are [insert character name], a [insert alliance] Investigative Immune [insert role].


  • You are immune to Cop investigations each Night. If a Cop chooses to investigate you, he/she will receive results that you are “Town” (even though you clearly are not).

Win condition:

  • You win if all threats to the [insert alliance] are eliminated and at least one [insert alliance]-aligned player is alive.

Previously Used

An Investigative Immune role was used in The Bookish Games: The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Divergent, Death Note, Ready Player One/Two, GrishaChaos WalkingNevernightADSOMScythe, and BYOC2 editions.