Alignment: Any
Role Type:
Choice: Day

The Role

The Governor is able to stop a lynch from occuring. This is done by contacting the moderator before the end of Day using the Action form. When used, the game moves to the Night phase without a lynch occuring.

Because lynching is the Town’s main weapon to eliminate enemies, the Governor is usually limited in the amount of times they can request the lynch to be stopped.

The Governor can use this power to save themselves from being lynched.

In Use

Player A: Governor
Player B: Town

Day One: Player B receives a lot of votes. Player A is not so sure Player B is Anti-Town, like everyone else suspects, and sends in the Action form to request the lynch for Player B stopped.

Once deadline is reached, if Player B still has the greatest amount of votes, the Day ends with no lynch. It is announced that something has interfered with the lynching of Player B, and the game transitions to Night.

The Email

You are [insert character name], a [insert alliance] Governor.


  • During each Day, you have the ability to stop the lynch from occuring. In order to use this power, you must submit the Action form prior to deadline stating that you want to use your Governor power to protect “PLAYER NAME”. If that player has received the most votes at deadline, the lynch will not occur and the game will move onto the Night phase. Note: You can only use this power [insert limit] times.

Win condition:

  • You win if all threats to the [insert alliance] are eliminated and at least one [insert alliance]-aligned player is alive.

Previously Used

The Governor ability was previously used in the BYOC and ADSOM edition.