Alignment: Any
Role Type: Negative Utility, Manipulation
Choice: None

The Role

An Enabler acts as the power switch for a specific role in the game. If the Enabler dies, the role associated with the Enabler will no longer be useable in the game.

The Enabler is usually informed of the role their ability is powering.

In Use

Player A: Cop Enabler
Player B: Cop
Player C: Townie
Player D: Goon

Night One: Player B investigates Player C. Player B receives the results that Player C is “Town-aligned”.

Day Two: Player A is voted out.

Night Two: Player B attempts to investigate Player D. Unfortunately, as the Cop Enabler is no longer alive, Player B is informed that the investigation could not be completed.

The Email

You are [insert character name], a [insert alliance] [insert role]-Enabler.


  • You have no active Night ability. Your role instead acts as a power switch for the [insert role]. Those player(s) with the [insert role] ability will only be able to carry out their Night actions as long as you are alive. If you are eliminated, they will lose their Night ability.

Win condition:

  • You win if all threats to the [insert alliance] are eliminated and at least one [insert alliance]-aligned player is alive.

Previously Used

A Cop-Enabler role was previously used in the BYOC2 edition.