Alignment: Third-party
Role Type: Alignment-Changing
Choice: none

The Role

A Cultist is a player that has been recruited into a Cult by a Cult Leader. They have since lost the abilities they had before recruitment.

In Use

Player A: Cult Leader
Player B: Townie

Night One: Player A decides to recruit Player B.
Player B is notified that they are now a Cultist in Player A’s cult.

The Email

You have been recruited by a Third-Party Cult Leader, you are now a Third-Party Cultist.


  • As a Cultist, you no longer have access to any of your original abilities.

Win condition:

  • You win when your Cult makes up the majority of the playerbase, controlling the Day’s votes.

Previously Used

A Cultafia was previously used in the Divergent edition.  The Cult was given the option to recruit OR kill a player each Night.