Alignment: Pro-Town
Role Type: Protective
Choice: None

The Role

The Commuter is a role that “leaves Town” each Night, thus making them ineligible to be targeted by Night actions. By extension, they cannot use any other Night actions they may have.

If a Commuter is commuting, it is untargettable that Night by any means. Any role that attempts to target a commuting Commuter will be treated as though they are blocked (eg receive a “No Result” PM if they are investigative).

Most Commuters cannot Commute each Night. They are usually limited to Commuting on Odd or Even Days or given a set numbers of times they can commute the entire game (x-shot).

In Action

Player A: Commuter
Player B: Goon

Night One: Player A commutes, leaving the Town for the Night.
The Mafia sends Player B to kill Player A.
Nothing happens. Player A cannot be killed since has left the Town for the Night.

The Email

You are [insert character name], a Town Commuter.


  • You are able to leave the Town on [insert limitation] Nights in the game. While out of Town commuting, any actions that are aimed at you will not go through, including kill attempts

Win Condition:

  • You win if all threats to Town are eliminated and at least one Town-aligned player is alive.

Previously Used

A  Commuter was used in The Bookish Games: Vicious, Nevernight, and ADSOM editions.