Alignment: Third-party
Role Type: Killing, Linked
Choice: Night
Notes: Linked to Firefighter

The Role

An Arsonist is a third-party entity whose aim is to be the last one standing using the unique kill method of lighting everyone on fire.

The Arsonist has to complete two actions in order to eliminate other players. First, they must choose to prime a target player. On a following Night, they may ignite all primed players, killing them all at once.

This unique kill method cannot be stopped by a Doctor. It only can only be stopped by a Firefighter.

In Action

Player A: Arsonist
Player B: Townie
Player C: Townie

Night One: Player A chooses to prime Player B.
Night Two: Player A chooses to prime Player C.
Night Three: Player A chooses to ignite all primed players. Both Players B and C die.

The Email

You are [insert character name], a Third-Party Arsonist.


  • Each Night phase, you are able to target one player for priming OR ignite all primed players. A player must be primed before you can ignite them. Once you decide to ignite primed players, they are eliminated from the game. In order to use this ability please submit the Night Action form each Night stating whether you would like to use your priming or igniting ability and, if priming, which player you would like to target.

Win Condition:

  • You win if all your threats are eliminated and you are the last player alive.

Previously Used

The Arsonist role was previously used in the Grisha edition.