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Asti WoF

The Evil Mastermind: Asti

Hello there! The name’s Asti (prononuced Ah-stee, not Ass-tea). I’m the evil mastermind behind The Bookish Games. I started this little project on a whim mid-2013 and have loved watching this crazy game evolve over the years as not only a game creator but as a player and spectator as well. I’m also the creator of most of the cartoony graphics found in recent editions and on this site.

As of 2021, I have taken a step back from moderating the Bookish Games to focus on my family. You may still occasionally find me in the Spectator Chat or helping manage things behind the scenes, but for the most part I’m gone.

It’s not a goodbye, just a see you later. I trust Inge to keep you crazy in the meantime.

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The Current Leader: Inge

This is where Inge’s little blurb will go, if she chooses to write one.

But even if she doesn’t write anything, let me assure you she’s great and will take the utmost care in destroying your lives while contributing to the creation of various Bookish Games editions.

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