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The Evil Mastermind: Asti

Hello there! The name’s Asti (prononuced Ah-stee, not Ass-tea). I’m the evil mastermind behind The Bookish Games. I started this little project on a whim mid-2013 and though I tried to tear myself away from it in 2016 I just couldn’t stay gone for good.

When I’m not driving everyone crazy with The Bookish Games, I mostly stay busy selling children’s books, creating illustrations, and working on other blog projects that never see the light of day. Other interests include eating insane amounts of chocolate, taking bubble baths, and petting dogs.

Though I like to portray myself as a devilish person on The Bookish Games, I swear I’m mostly nice. Don’t be afraid to hit me up on Twitter if you ever want to chat, whether it’s about the Games or a cute dog you saw at the park the other day.

And if you’re one of those who have become addicted to The Bookish Games thanks to all my hard work, sorry not sorry. At least we’re keeping your mind active, right? There’s worse things to be addicted to… 😈

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Current Moderator: Inge

Greetings, Smithy.

They call me Inge. Actually, they call me lots of things, but that’s not the point. You can call me Inge. I am currently 26 years old and live in a stupidly tiny country called Belgium, where they make excellent chocolate. My nationality is Dutch, though, something I am quite fond of. “As finishing touch, God created the Dutch,” so they say. And yet I still want to move to an Anglophone country one day and be awesome abroad, preferably as a writer who lives in their pyjamas.

When I’m not busy entertaining you on this blog, you can find me spending my time with my nose in a book, watching TV, writing, gaming, listening to music, baking shit-looking but delicious goodies, doing yoga, and singing and dancing when nobody’s around. I also enjoy the company of purring creatures. I speak fluent Dutch, English, sarcasm, and cat.

My favourite genres to read and review are young adult and fantasy, although I do like a bit of variety.

You have yourself a good day now, Smithy.

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