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This is the discussion area for spectators to discuss The Bookish Games: Vicious edition. Both players who have been watching the Game from the sidelines and those who have been eliminated from the Game are free to discuss the gameplay on this page, as long as what is said here remains here.

Note: If you are an eliminated player, please do not reveal anything that is not already revealed within the Game. This means no revealing the identities of teammates, who you targeted with your abilities each Night, etc.

Spectators: Maraia, Kelley, Daphne, Jamie, Emma, Heidi, Tessa


250 thoughts on “Vicious: Spectators”

  1. No one’s commented in here yet, but that’s not going to stop me from sharing my general thoughts. 😛

    I actually really love the first Day mandatory comment rule. Even though everyone’s reasons for voting are so random, it’s so interesting to see that a couple names pop up again and again. And of course, it means that there’s easy things to obsess about if you like to overthink this game like I do.

    I think the first thing that would catch my attention from a player perspective would be Kait’s vote for Crini due to Crini’s lack of explanation for her vote when Harker (The Hermit Librarian) voted without sharing a reason as well. Why pinpoint Crini and not Harker? Especially when Harker has made many other comments that would be fun to pick apart. But obviously it’s Day One and everyone has to vote for someone whether they have a reason or not so it’d really just be a stab in the dark. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Of course, being the overanalyzer I am, I would then feel the need to overthink every interaction so would be eating up this chat around Kait’s vote. I think it’s interesting Jeann said “I’m not sure any players would have any information about each other on the first day, as they haven’t had the chance to investigate any other players yet?” As others pointed out, obviously the Mafia has other information. I’s interesting that she automatically placed Crini having more information being a result of an investigative role rather than the Mafia. Why does she think that? Is SHE Mafia and she knows Crini isn’t? Or is the fact that she didn’t even think about the Mafia having that extra knowledge just proof that she’s NOT in the Mafia so didn’t think about it. Dun dun DUNNNN.

    Okay, that’s it so far. Let me just confirm that all my speculation is honestly just the fun overthinking I do when I play these games. Whether any of it is actually telling of player’s roles or alliances, I won’t confirm nor deny. I just have fun sharing. Either way, all of this chat is supposed to remain here in private so no sharing with players currently in the game! Thanks 🙂

  2. I only just realised that Sebastian is not part of this game and now I’m slightly disappointed, I always love reading his long essays. 😀

    But great start so far! I agree, Asti, that the mandatory vote thing is really useful as it gets the game going and people are talking.

    From a player’s perspective, I would:
    – be on Jeann’s comment about people having more information
    – vote along with Joséphine, as it does seem convenient that Beth also randomly got Elin
    – take a closer look at Crini and Asiya and the people who are voting for them

    So basically, as usual, I’d be suspicious of everyone. 😉

  3. Hahahah, Inge. (He’s disappointed, too.)

    I think it’s interesting the Sana and Crini voted for the same person. I wonder if bias from the previous game is carrying over. Also, I’m more inclined to think Jeann forgot about the fact that Mafia members can talk to each other and that she has a power that she’s eager to use during the first night.

  4. How would you vote at the end of this Day? I feel like I would be distracted by the whole Jeann vs Crini thing and wondering whether to vote for either of them.

    On the other hand, based on my previous post I might also have kept my vote for Beth. Joséphine is so rational and determined, I would follow that woman anywhere.

  5. Stephen!

    I’m not sure I get the whole Jeann v. Crini thing. What’s the logic?

    Jeann (4) – Crini, Sana, Beth, Kritika
    Crini (4) – Harker, Asiya, Kait, Jeann

    Jeann’s votes are mostly random: Crini and Sana both voted for her because she was the first to comment on the post, Beth voted for her to save herself/flipped a coin, and Kritika voted for her because she felt like Jeann was trying too hard to justify her actions. Sure, the whole “no players should have information about other players” thing earlier in the Day was odd, but though it’s been brought up a couple of times it really hasn’t been the main justification in these votes so meh.

    Crini’s are also mostly random: Harker didn’t list a reason, Asiya just said she never trusts a word Crini says, Kait didn’t like that Crini didn’t give an explanation with her vote (though was fine with Harker not doing so?), and Jeann did it because she felt it’s strange Crini never changed her initial random vote and was probably also voting her to help save herself since Crini had the second-most votes at that time.

    So really, I just wouldn’t feel comfortable voting either. I mean, I guess if I HAD to break the tie I’d go for Jeann since at least there’s been at least a little bit of forgetfulness we could overanalyse, but that’d be really stretching it for me.

    Stephen is the one who would most stick out for me right now. He’s silent most Day One, waits until tons of votes are on him, then appears and wreaks havoc. Multiple times he has PURPOSEFULLY created a tie between players, even though he’s acknowledged that ending the Day in a tie is not ideal. I mean, he may have just been busy and now that he’s available he’s being overly enthusiastic about creating discussion, but I don’t like it! haha.

  6. I really was sure that Jeann was a Townie, since I didn’t think her comment about no one knowing anything on Day One was a calculated move. Between her and Crini, Crini seemed more suspicious. (I feel uncomfortable about her and Sana’s vote.) But I agree with Asti that Stephen was most suspicious, or at least the most frustrating. I also think Asiya’s comment about new players not being mafia is strange, since there’s always at least been one newbie as long as I’ve played. And anyway, you can never predict what Asti will do!

  7. Yeah, I agree Maraia. It definitely seemed more of an innocent brain fart than anything when it came to Jeann.

    I also found Asiya’s comment about newbies not being in the Mafia funny. The only game that didn’t have a new player in the Mafia was Ready Player Two, but that was a reboot of Ready Player One with almost all players being repeat.

  8. I had a random thought last night: maybe in future games I’ll give returning players the option of playing under an alias? They’d have to remember to comment as that person instead of whatever account they typically use to comment on WP blogs, but I think it could help. Players wouldn’t be able to use the new/returning player theories as much and it would help some players not automatically be chosen as a target just because of their sneakiness from previous games. What do you think? It’d definitely not be mandatory.

  9. I think that’s a great idea! It’s really hard to not think about previous games while playing. Also, it would prevent people from not wanting to vote out their friends or from voting out people they either don’t know or don’t like.

  10. I didn’t think Jeann or Crini were particularly suspicious, but it would definitely have helped to confuse and distract me. But Stephen really stood out during the last part of the Day, so if I were the Cop, I would be investigating Stephen right now.

  11. I’ll definitely offer it next game then! Anything to make it harder for players to figure out who they can trust. 😈

  12. Hi everyone! I’m excited to see who will join me overnight hehe *rubs hands* Here’s some things that stood out to me on the last Day:

    Stephen – I would be onto him for pulling out his vote for me but then coming back last minute and nailing the coffin…especially after he said this “It seems as attention is being brought into me and Jeann, but what is this is a ploy to divert attention from others”. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he had some sort of role, or put it down to erratic newbie behaviour.

    Jade – She actually raised a few red flags and having played with her before, I feel like she’s playing slightly differently now? For now she’s flip flopping with her votes a lot more, it really seemed like she was gunning for me but I was surprised she changed her vote after Jo’s maths (I was not convinced). Perhaps what I said about “people investigating mafia members who voted for me after I get eliminated” influenced her vote – I have no doubt there is 1 mafia member who voted for me but perhaps she jumped ship and slipped in an innocuous vote so not to get so much heat?

    Crini – Crini always seems suspicious to me no matter what game we play 😛 I realised we always end up squabbling lol and it’s been used as a townie distraction before. But her voting behaviour with not explaining her random votes, and then deciding to stick with her vote for me stood out. Mainly because I pointed out that her logic for me “pulling my vote for Stephen” was moot yet she still kept it because of my newbie slip up (which I’m surprised became such a focus by the way).

    Beth – I think she kind of started a bandwagon for me after the votes started piling up (3 votes) but other than that, nothing really to note.

  13. Ooh love seeing your thoughts Jeann.

    Yeah, as I mentioned above, I think I would be most suspicious of Stephen. There’s just so much there to pick at when it comes to him. I’m curious if being the determining vote for your elimination will work for or against him. On the one hand, knowing your a Townie, it could have been a Mafia move to ensure a Townie got eliminated (otherwise there would’ve been a tie, though I guess he could’ve voted Crini too so would we then assume he could’ve also been saving his Mafia teammate or just randomly picking between two Townies to eliminate?). On the other hand though, it could just be an indicator that he IS town and wanted to make sure a lynching took place as that’s generally the only way Townies can eliminate the Mafia. So yeah, curious what’ll be said about all that.

    Speaking of his final vote though, I do think it was a bit odd how many people were like “Oh, I guess we’ll wait to see how Stephen votes.” After Stephen made the comment about being the tie determiner and coming back later to vote, Kritika, Jade, Dana, Shannon, Crini, and Sana all checked in and made comments about the tie but didn’t want to change their votes to help avoid it. It’s like everyone knew Stephen said he’d come back to vote so was leaving the responsbility to him instead of risking their own lives. Which, fair enough, but then what does THAT say about everyone?

    It’s just too easy to overthink everything in this game.

    Interesting thoughts about Jade! The second anyone mentions Joséphine’s math I sort of check out because I’m not smart enough to soak all that in, but it was interesting how agreeable she was to it once explained when no one else seemed overly moved by the logic. I honestly can’t remember how most have played in the past (which was why your slip up about players and extra info didn’t bother me, I’m just as forgetful), so I didn’t notice her flipping as much. You do have some good points there though.

    lol About Crini always being suspicious. Did you see my comment above about aliases? I wonder if she signs up for future games if she’ll request to use one or embrace the fact that no one trusts her and keep using her own name.

    Anyways, I agree that keeping her initial random vote the whole Day was a bit odd, but also that Sana did too? I mean, if one’s Mafia I doubt the other would be because surely they both would know better than to make themselves so obviously connected like that, but I find it interesting that Crini has gotten a lot of speculation over her actions but not Sana.

    It’s crazy how much more information I feel like we’ve achieved during this Day One that in previous games in the past. There’s definitely a lot of information for players to work with for Day Two. I’m curious to see which things they’ll determine are the most useful in sniffing out the Mafia. (Though I also won’t be surprised if they spend the whole Day going “Who is Betty?” lol)

  14. I loved the whole “Who is Betty” conversation on Twitter hahaha. But good of you Asti to remind them to save it for here. 😉

  15. Hi Inge! It’s good to be here and share my thoughts without coming under fire! Also hoping to have more join us over the time lol.

    @Asti – I love the idea of the aliases! I think that would really help against giving seasoned players a chance, because you can’t help but be biased against them during every new game.

    Stephen – I’m so unsure about him being an actual mafia member because of how much attention he’s drawing to himself and the willingness of everyone to use him as a distraction. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has some sort of role that has him as a singular team member or something like the village idiot that wants to be voted out.

    Jade – she’s the most suspicious to me so far. She jumped on the vote for Stephen (and seemed to circle back to it today) and also pushed hard for a vote for me before cancelling out and switching to Beth. Now she’s brought up Stephen again (which I’m standing by the fact is a mafia distraction). She also brings up Beth and the random number generator when we have a LOT more to go by now based on people’s votes and Jenna’s elimination – I kind of feel like she’s trying to lead us all astray?

    The reason why all this causes red flags for me is because playing with her as a townie before, she used to be more “unsure” about securing votes for people.

    Everyone seems to be focusing on Stephen and Betty at this early stage of the day, looking forward to seeing more analysis of the day before.

  16. I do believe Jenn will be stopping in to join us when she can!

    lol that you interpret Stephen’s actions as a possible village idiot. It actually is a role that could exist in this game, albeit under a different title (jester).

    Do you have any thoughts about the possibility of a SK?

  17. Love the idea of Stephen as village idiot tbh.

    I’d definitely be wondering about the role of Eli, if he was part of the Mafia or a separate Serial Killer.

    Also, let’s get some votes in, folks!

  18. I definitely think a SK is possible, but I guess I’d be a little surprised if you gave the role to a newbie, Asti. I’m too lazy to look at past games, though, since I’m only on my phone.

  19. Not too sure about all the speculation about roles at the moment, I want them to get some voting on after some hard evidence Lol! Although I do agree there could be a third party, I’m not too sure about the serial killer because there was only 1 kill last night. Seems too much of a coincidence to be blocking that on the first night, especially with the remaining number of players, but of course anything can happen.

    I’m getting red flags from Sana for her trying to explain away her vote for me (or the votes for me), when we didn’t really get much from her from the previous Day.

    Also Kritika because she’s also another that voted for me but is now trying to cast the blame on inactive players. She kept it very quiet in the previous Day.

    I think everyone is just trying to keep their head down low with the lack of voting.

  20. Finally, some discussion on the votes that happened yesterday, go Anne and Shannon! I do think that Jenn was eliminated by the mafia as a set up for Stephen, and seeing how many comments fixate on his behaviour this time round seems like a bit of a distraction. Looking forward to how this Day turns out.

  21. Yes, I almost made a comment last night with my voting update about how the goal for Town is to eliminate the bad guys, not try to figure out the game setup. I mean, even if they figured out which characters/roles existed in the game, that still doesn’t tell them WHO has been assigned each. It’s such a waste of time/energy. But I’m doing my best to try and not influence the game so have been biting my tongue. Who knows, maybe all this role talk is a purposeful distraction to keep Town from figuring things out? (I mean, I know, but I’ll never tell. haha.)

    At this point I just see this becoming another crazy last 24 hours to deadline like last time. With so few votes on the board, anyone can go, and if we assume that the Mafia made up at least a quarter of the total players at the start of the game (4), then it’d be pretty damn easy for them to make sure one of their players doesn’t get eliminated when the number they have to beat is 1. It’ll be interesting to see how it all works out.

  22. I just wanted to say, you and Inge are doing such a great job with moderating this game while staying neutral! Knowing everyone’s roles and identities would be double the fun I think.

    Glad to see a few more votes on the board. Interestingly, I can see a few people laying low this time (ie. Jade and Josephine) who are usually quite active. I can’t wait to see whether my hunches are correct.

    Kind of game related, but I just received the collector’s edition of Vicious and Vengeful and have commenced my re-read of Vicious! It’s been a few years since I’ve read it so it’s great to have a refresher!

  23. Thank you, Jeann. ^_^ Hope you enjoy your reread!

    It IS really interesting to see things from the moderator side. I’m trying my best to talk about how I would see things from a player’s perspective, but it’s hard to determine if I’m seeing patterns because I know who’s who, or if that’s really how I would see things as a player.

    In any case, I’m glad people are finally voting. The first half was sloooow, probably because people were too scared to stand out. Though I have to admit, those crazy last 24 hours of a Day are always my favourite. 😀

  24. I think I trust Anne at the moment. If she were Mafia, she could happily let players speculate away and wouldn’t need to remind them to look for Mafia. On the other hand, Sana is an experienced players who’s feeding the player speculation, and that definitely raises red flags for me. Shannon also caught my attention because it almost seems as if she’s trying to protect Crini. Then again, I think she’s the one who wants to keep an eye on Kait in case she’s going to get kicked out for not meeting the comment minimum, which isn’t something Mafia would worry about.

  25. Thanks Jeann! It definitely is double the fun knowing everything and then watching everyone struggle to figure it out. Enjoy your reread! I was going to get straight into Vengeful next but Inge convinced me that maybe reading Nevernight would a good idea for… reasons.

    That’s very true Maraia. Someone needed to redirect everyone’s attention to the true aim of the game, and Anne did just that. (And thank goodness, too, as it meant I didn’t have to continue debating whether I should step in and smack some sense into everyone haha.)

    Hopefully Kait does meet the comment minimum this week. When I messaged her to let her know she had received a warning for missing it she was quite apologetic. I’m not sure if I’d be able to find a replacement. >.<

    You know what I think would be fun? To have a bring-your-own-character game. Just open up the field so that players can be a character from ANY book. They'd just send me their top three choices along with a role to be associated with each, and then I do my best to sort them into teams. It would DEFINITELY not be balanced because anything would be possible in a game like that and would probably involve a lot of work during the Night period for us to sort out everyone's actions, but it could be fun just because no one would have any idea what players/roles exist within the game. Any thoughts? I'd be so curious to see what roles everyone would choose. Obviously if I were to sign up for such a game I'd aim to be a SK.

  26. “I was going to get straight into Vengeful next but Inge convinced me that maybe reading Nevernight would a good idea for… reasons.”



    @Maraia – I actually think those people who are bringing up the Kait potentially getting DQ’s situation is just a mafia distraction from finding out who they really are – it first happened with Stephen, then now it’s happening with Kait – it all seems too easy really? (ie. Jade/Beth)

    Aside from Anne, no one else seems to have analysed the voting pattern from the Day before which strikes me as weird, come on Townies! So many inactives this time around, hopefully they can pull a good vote together!

  28. I agree Jeann. There definitely doesn’t seem to be a lot of analysis going on, or at least not as much as I expected.

    I do like Kritika’s comment in regard to the whole Kait situation. Yes, everyone can change their votes to her in hopes that if everyone on the voting board is Town, they only lose one players instead of two. But what information does that truly give them to work with the following Day? There was a lot of information they could’ve looked at from your lynching, Jeann, that they haven’t fully dug into. If they can’t pull info from that, how are they going to get any info from lynching a player who is going to DQ? (I mean, I guess there’s SOME they could pull out, but I’m not hopeful lol.) So yeah, I think that was a good call on Kritika’s part.

    Along those lines, I also like how Shannon mentions in her comment that even if everyone does go along with the voting Kait thing, they should still work on figuring things out until deadline just to be prepared in case we haven’t another Stephen moment (Kait showing up at the last minute).

    So yeah, I think both of those comments would make me lean towards trusting those two a bit more. (Along with Anne, due to what Maraia mentioned above.) Of course, just because they’re doing these things doesn’t guarantee they’re Town, but hey, at this point if I were playing I’d probably still rather keep in helpful Mafia over unhelpful Town lol.

    (Sidenote: I really hope Kait is the only one who disqualifies and that Elin and Shari show up and don’t need warnings. It’s so hard when it comes to new players because I can never know in advance how involved they’ll be. I’m quite happy Stephen has participated a lot after his initial lull Day One and Harker, Kritika, and Greg are all doing a good job of staying involved. Yay for active players.)

  29. Yeah the comments especially from experienced players about not wanting to lose two Townies (especially if Kait gets DQed) completely overlooks the fact that this is the only time Townies can eliminate the mafia, so they might as well not try. I feel like they’re falling into the same trap as they did the previous day – which is exactly what the mafia wants!

    You’ll always take a gamble when it comes to new players I think Asti, so you can only do what you can! I’m more surprised about the fact that even our experienced players don’t seem to be analysing much.

    Just from Shannon, Asiya and Anne’s comments today, I’m more inclined to trust them a bit more at this time. Jade, Beth, Sana and Kritika raise the suspicion meter and I’m still undecided about Crini and Stephen.

  30. Ohhhh some movement on the voting board, exciting 😀

    Did we just get a cop reveal from Kait?

    Oh! I forgot to add: I specifically voted for Beth because she was in the group I suspected AND she voted for me!

  31. If that was some sort of reveal, no one else has seemed to pick up on it.

    As much as I don’t think this “vote on an AFK player and then going crazy when they appear during the last 24 hours” strategy is conducive to a Town win, I am glad that it has seemed to work on getting both Stephen and Kait involved. (Though I’m really hoping we don’t have to have a repeat on Day 3 for Elin. Hopefully if she doesn’t show up and I send her her warning she either comes into Day 3 ready to participate or let’s me know she would like a replacement.)

    At this point I’m not expecting Elin to come in and vote (and obviously Crini isn’t gone this week for her birthday), so the only people who still need to place a vote are Shannon, Sana, and Anne. And they’re all veteran players so I can’t imagine them NOT voting (or else shame on them)! I’m curious to see if it’s really going to come down to Stephen or Beth being eliminated today or if a third name will suddenly appear. I’m assuming you’d vote for Beth out of the two Jeann?

  32. @Asti – I think so, I just went through all of Beth’s comments toDay and she seems to be fixated on Stephen for the whole day – yet only threw in a vote for him at the end when there was enough of a bandwagon. She also participated in some banter about the roles. I’m unsure of whether Stephen is harmful to town, but it would certainly be interesting to see either person eliminated (and for me to have some fellow spectators in here LOL).

    I also think once Beth was on the voting board, all of a sudden everyone started putting in votes for others all over the shop which could be mafia behaviour to protect her.

    I’m glad to see that people are coming back to comment though! It’s good to see more activity now that the day is almost over and I hope it means we’ll make some progress.

  33. And this is why I love the last 24 hours 😀 I’m glad to see that Kait and Elin are finally making an appearance. While I understand that they’d only want to lose one Townie, it IS the only time for them to eliminate any Mafia members. Let inactive players DQ themselves.

  34. @Jeann I don’t see Kait’s statement as a reveal. What makes you think she’s the cop? Not saying you’re wrong, obviously, just that I didn’t interpret it that way. I thought she just meant she was suspicious of three people and the way she picked between them was to go for the one who was voting for her.

  35. Does anyone else think the mafia is stepping in to save Beth? She was leading with 3 votes and suddenly there’s a wave of voting for Stephen. If Beth is Mafia, I wouldn’t be surprised if Shari is as well. (And then she’d probably be the only newbie.) I’m still suspicious of Sana as well.
    If Stephen is Mafia, no one has made an attempt to save him yet. Which could mean he’s being sacrificed, and I’ll be suspicious of the later votes for him. Right now only one non-newbie has voted for him, and I don’t think both Beth and Stephen are Mafia.
    Of course, both could be Townies and the Mafia is having an easy ride Today.

  36. True Maraia. From the looks of it, it does seem unlikely that Stephen is Mafia because as Sana just pointed out, no one really seems to be trying to protect him. Though I have to say, that doesn’t necessarily look good for Sana because she says that but then goes on to say she isn’t going to vote because no one looks suspicious to her and her vote doesn’t matter anyways? I find such behaviour so confusing from a veteran. Is she trying to make herself a target? Every vote counts!

  37. At this point I’d likely vote Beth rather than Stephen. I feel like it’s been really easy to turn him into a scapegoat because of his eccentric playing style. He seems to be getting the hang of it now, though. The newbiew are starting to understand how the game works which is good to see.

    I’m really confused by Sana’s decision not to vote as well.

  38. Ack! I got so caught up in school that I haven’t been able to check in!

    Okay, I am going to be playing catch up mostly because Stephen has peaked my interest reading through the spectator comments. I’m curious to try to figure out game strategies since I’ve only ever played Mafia in person…

  39. Ah, welcome Heidi! I’m curious to hear what you think.

    Poor Stephen definitely was just an unfortunate target due to his inactivity in the beginning and then unusual play style. I honestly would’ve thought him suspicious as a player too, but of course by the time he realised that people were overthinking everything he said he was already in a bad spot. It’s a bit of a shame because I did find his comments quite entertaining, even if at times I had no clue what he was trying to achieve with them. I think his unique style of play could’ve been helpful in encouraging players to analyse things – if they didn’t solely focus on him.

    Speaking of which, there hasn’t been a whole lot of strong analysis going on in this edition so far, which isn’t very promising for the Town. I thought Day Two would introduce some since they had the eliminations from the previous Day/Night to go off of, but the bulk of it revolved around roles and inactive players again. I hope they start to see that such surface talk isn’t getting them anywhere.

  40. Hi Heidi!

    I’m hoping that Day 3 will get some of those inactive players up and moving since the more active members (Jeann & Stephen) are being targeted. And by now they should have a grip (no matter how loose) on how the game works? I feel like “Trust No One” is definitely the tagline of this game 😀

  41. HI! I’m allowed to be here finally.. lol

    Day 2 was really hard to watch. The mafia set Stephen up perfectly and they just ate it up.

  42. I’m really busy today, but can hopefully make a post by Sunday.. lol >.< I'm out of the house from 9am-10pm today.

  43. Welcome Jen! I know what you mean about Day 2, and I’m worried that Team Victor is dropping like flies, particularly people with abilities! I also wonder if the mafia targeted Asia or whether they now know the identity of Sydney.

  44. Crini’s latest comment makes me suspicious of her, but maybe that’s in part because I trust Anne. I’m still suspicious of Beth and Sana as well. As for a newbie, if there is one, I still wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Shari, but I don’t want to go through the comments carefully enough to see who else it could be. XD
    Anyway, if I were in the game as a Townie, my first priority would be voting out Beth.

  45. I agree Maraia, particularly because she’s casting suspicion on those who DIDN’T vote the townies out (like Shannon and Anne). Same with Harker to be honest.

    I still trust Jo at this point particularly because she said we should look at people who DID vote then out.

    I’m curious about Sydney, if her power is a reviver then she has unlimited ability to revive an ally that was eliminated either during day or night. Then why hasn’t this happened yet? Also it’s going to be a shame if the mafia now know her identity because of such a powerful ability.

    Being a spectator is both entertaining and frustrating lol!

  46. I think it’s interesting that Crini started talking about Team Eli. As far as I’ve seen (and I’m still skimming a lot, so maybe I missed it), the only team that’s been identified is Team Victor. For all we know, the other team could be Team Serena. I mean, I also assume there’s a Team Eli, but I don’t know for sure. Is Crini assuming or is she part of Team Eli?

  47. I thought that was interesting as well as I didn’t really follow her thought pattern! Particularly since I’ve read Vicious and the cops aren’t really in there until Vengeful.

    Beth is probably the most suspicious to me at the moment and it seems like people are picking up on her comment about being shocked.

    Not sure what to make of Jade voting for Sana considering they were at the top of my suspect tree XD I’m curious to see what Sana meant about her comment about “who found her suspicious for suspicious behaviour” – whhhat?

  48. @ Maraia: I agree, that took me by surprise too. I mean, it’s logical thinking that anyone who has read the book could conclude: if there’s a Team Victor surely there’s a Team Eli. But it hasn’t been confirmed and there was talk about possible third-party teams before so how can one be so sure?

    @ Jeann: Haha about your Jade voting Sana confusion since they’re both suspects for you. I mean, they could still both be anti-Town. It’s not unheard of for Mafia players to vote against each other. Or maybe one is anti-Town but not Mafia and has just been doing a really crap job of getting people killed? You never know (unless your name is Asti or Inge, of course).

    I like that everyone is a suspect toDay. I mean, some of the quiet ones are definitely under the radar still (Elin, Dana, Shari), but I guess that’s partly because it’s harder to pull evidence against them when they barely say anything and the Town doesn’t want to necessarily repeat the whole “vote out an inactive person!” thing since it hasn’t been working out.

    I’m curious as to if/when people will really start voting, since it’s been fairly quiet on that front so far. I’m going to assume it’ll be during the last 24 hours as usual, but then which way will it go? I wouldn’t be surprised if Beth is the one who gets eliminated even though so many other names have been brought up today just because I feel like sometimes when decisions are left until the last minute they end up reverting back to the previous Day’s votes. Should be interesting!

  49. Is it Wednesday yet? The suspense is doing me in hahaha. Had a good laugh at all the blockquote slip-ups and the cold remedies, though.

    Definitely picked up on Crini suddenly mentioning Team Eli as well.

    Hope some of the inactives start showing up and leave some theories of their own.

  50. Oh my gosh I went back and read Crini’s comments and she DID suddenly mention Team Eli! I mean this isn’t a stretch given he’s the plausible mafia here but was that a slip up or what? I’m also excited to see someone pick up my suspicion about Jade finally.

    I’m also wondering whether Beth is trying to look suspicious by pretending that mafia have no reason to kill Asiya (come on, we all know that mafia like to target people that don’t link to them)! And also her strange wording about being extremely shocked because the mafia tried to target Sydney – she sounded so sure!

    Kind of loving how the Town is turning wary and throwing accusations left right and centre, they probably figured out that keeping quiet hasn’t been doing them any favours.

    This must be so entertaining for you guys! Lol

  51. Oh wait! The other possibility is that Crini could be a cop (if she’s not on Team Eli herself LOL) but then didn’t Harker said that all cops seem to be on Team Eli (confirmed Team Eli theory!)

    This game is doing my head in lol

  52. Town is driving me crazy today, if they end up voting Shannon or Anne out who I believe are townies then I’m throwing my towel in (no one mention that I’m dead already lol)

    I feel like it’s so easy for people to check in early, say they’re going to be busy/inactive for the rest of the day and then fly under the radar, and for others to cast the suspicion on active people actually trying to weed out the mafia.

    I also have a theory about Harker who is incredibly active and throwing theories around today which is different from previous days, could they be Sydney knowing that they have a target on their backs so they’re doing their best to help town today? Or could they be trying to lead everyone astray?

  53. Interesting thought on Harker, Jeann! She def seems to be throwing a lot of names out there, and yet the only one she voted for (Greg) she cancelled fairly quickly after he defended himself. I’m curious to see if/when she’ll vote again.

    I’m honestly not quite sure what to think as a result of this Day. There’s definitey been more attempts at analysis with discussion regarding vote abstaining and use of language and all that, but the lack of votes is a bit worrisome so close to deadline. I always feel like the later everyone leaves it, the easier it is for votes to be influenced. Ah well, at least there’s been no talk of voting Kait out since she’s back on the whole “I look like I might DQ but I’ll probably show up right before deadline!” thing.

  54. I wonder if both Sana and Shannon hate me for mentioning how not voting is not encouraged in my Game Master notes. It wasn’t my intent to have them be the main source of suspicion as a result of their non-voting. I just had more than one person express surprise at not-voting being an option so felt the need to clarify (and I’ve always made it clear in every edition that such a move is frowned upon). I mean, as veterans they should’ve expected such an action to be held against them (and I guess in Sana’s case that was part of her reason for not voting?) but still, apologies to them both if one of them ends up in here and thinks I’m partially to blame. 🙈

    (But also that’s what you get for not voting! I want everyone to have blood on their hands by the end of this game, whether from lynching or killing at Night or both. 😈)

  55. I can’t believe out of everything that has happened so far that Shannon’s abstaining from voting is the one people are bandwagoning on when these people seem to be more suspicious:
    1. Beth for voting both Stephen, Jeann AND Kait when it was convenient – also all the votes for Stephen suddenly rising when she was the other suspect on day 2
    2. Sana for her voting behaviour and then mentioning outright that she’s “trying to act suspicious and see who picks it up” I mean come on

    I mean if Shannon is actual mafia then she’s incredibly good at it and I can eat my words later but come on people.

  56. I don’t find Beth voting for Stephen or Jeann as suspicious just because they were the main alternatives to voting for herself at that time, and people will always do what they can to save themselves, BUT I do find toDay’s vote suspicious. Why, when there’s so much discussion revolving around Shannon, Anne, and Sana (and they’re leading the votes) would you then go and vote for Crini? And have your reasoning for it be the fact that everyone else has expressed suspicions about Crini during previous Days?

    I feel like it’s sort of a…. cop out move? Because not only is she voting for someone who isn’t even on the board so is unlikely to be eliminated, but she’s also using reasoning in which if someone were to question her about it she could just point her fingers at everyone else. Does that make sense? I don’t know, that would be a red flag for me as a player. And then I guess if you DO add in the fact that Beth was a main suspect but somehow managed to survive Day One and Day Two I’d be even more wary of her.

    I do agree with you re: Sana though. If I felt the need to vote for one of the abstainers, I would choose her over Shannon. Not only was her reasoning a bit strange, but I still find it odd that Crini got so much fluff Day One for her random vote for you that never changed but Sana didn’t.

  57. I just caught up on about half the page because PHEW that was a lot of comments, and this is what I’ve retained from it:

    Both Shannon and Sana are under fire for not voting at the end of Day Two. Shannon’s defense is that she didn’t think Stephen was suspicious and didn’t want to throw in a random vote when she wasn’t really suspicious of anyone at the time. Sana’s defense is that she wanted to look at anyone who might find her suspicious for not voting.

    Anne is a suspect because she got really fired up in her defense. She also started a theory about Sana and Crini possibly working together.

    Correct me if I’m wrong? I’m not good with reiterating large chunks of text.

  58. Yeah, I’d say that’s about right Inge.

    The Day started with a little bit of discussion regarding Asiya’s death. Players were curious if she was targeted directly by the Mafia or died as a result of protecting Sydney. Either way, they decided it was best not to dig too deep and try to find out Sydney’s identity as it would only help the Mafia if they hadn’t targeted her already.

    Shannon and Sana have mainly been targets for not voting at the end of Day Two. Both shared their reasons (which Inge recaps) and while Shannon still racked up the votes there was more discussion/confusion around Sana’s reasoning for not voting as she alluded to the fact that she did it on purpose to see who would think she was suspicious as a result? Definitely a bit odd.

    A handful of people have shared their doubts about Anne. As Inge stated, not only is this due to her bringing up possible connections between Crini, Stephen, and Beth earlier in the game but also due to her defensiveness. Crini also mentioned that Anne voted for Kait Day Two before switching to Sana during the last 1.5 hours before deadline – both votes were unhelpful to the team as the afk player would reveal no info and Sana’s name wasn’t already on the voting board so it seemed like a throwaway vote that wouldn’t go anywhere that close to deadline.

    Oh, and then Beth came in and voted Crini because she was a suspect others had during Day Two but was excused due to her absence, which, as I mentioned earlier, I find a bit shady and unhelpful at this point in time.

    So that’s mainly it. There’s been a bit more but nothing too serious. A lot of it is just players trying to explain their reasoning behind their actions and messing up blockquotes. 😝

  59. OMG I just woke up and saw all the chaos at the end of the day and my mind is spinning, how I see it is that was a mad rush to save Shannon and/or Anne at the end of the Day! One of them has to be a mafia?! I can’t believe Sana was actually a Townie after all! Hoping she joins us here.

  60. Yeah, that was pure craziness. It was so quiet for most of the Day and then suddenly it was just tie after tie after tie. With votes that close, I definitely don’t think it’s unreasonable to to believe one of the three is Mafia.

  61. Hey everyone! I’ve been keeping up (or trying to) over the past couple of weeks so it’s nice to be able to chat to everyone here when I have the time.

    I’m super suspicious of both Anne and Shannon. I feel like Anne has been unhelpful with her voting, and she seems a bit too focused on certain things while also ignoring others, if that makes sense? And then Shannon… I always find her playing style to be overly defensive, but I’m sure it seems different in this game. Or maybe I’m just remembering it wrong since it’s been a while since the last one.

    I hadn’t even thought about Beth until I caught up on the comments in this area!

    Also, I find it hilarious that people keep (kept) accusing Sana and Crini of working together. Those two just shouldn’t interact. Although then that would be suspicious as well XD Mwahaha.

  62. Welcome Amber! It’s funny because I went from the start of the day trusting both Anne and Shannon to not trusting them at all after all the shenanigans that went on! I mean it always seems to be Anne vs Shannon which is crazy!

    I was giving thought to what Crini said about the insane cop roles, and had a look at the recap and realised Stell and Dane are probably cops in here, but it’s likely that they’re on Team Serena (third party). If they’re unreliable cops then it probably has added to the chaos! Also Greg’s outright defense of Shannon seems to be a little bit fishy to me – I mean you can’t be THAT sure that someone is Town unless Greg is a cop (albeit not a very trustworthy one from the sounds of things)!

  63. Oh, well I was thinking Sana might be mafia, but I was wrong. Sorry guys. I’m having a hard time catching up. I’ve been sick and just haven’t been at the computer. 😦

  64. Yeah, five Town members (six if we count Kait’s DQ) dead in three Days is a bit grim. It’s still not impossible for them to win, but they’re definitely not making it easy on themselves. 🙈

  65. Hellloooooo! Joining the city of ghosts 😉

    I feel vindicated that y’all found Sana shady too. Lol. Townies shouldn’t have to resort to gambits since deceit is the Mafia’s job, so that did make me feel uncomfortable in terms of Sana’s reason for not voting. Plus, others suspecting her as a result of not voting on Day 2 in no way could’ve been an indication that they’re not Townies. Most Townies don’t know who’s who, so that reasoning is what made me switch my final vote to Sana. Still, I feel kinda bad that I put a nail in her coffin *hides face*

    Anyway, read through all the comments here, and had to blush at Inge’s compliments. I think I can now add professional blockquoter to my Twitter bio. Hoho. And I’m glad I seemed trustworthy to Inge & Jeann ❤

    As for my suspicions, I’m frustrated that I didn’t get to take out Beth and I hope she really is Mafia like I thought and that she will get lynched on Day 4. I’m still not sure about Shannon. I thought she was suspicious still when I broke the tie but I wasn’t sure if

    A) she was being weird about her votes because she’s a cop hesitant to vote unless she “knows” (in the hopes that she’s a sane cop) the person isn’t a Townie; or
    B) if she’s indeed Mafia trying and trying to look like she’s Townie by not voting out Townies…

    Obviously I didn’t bring that up during my Day 3 comments ‘cause if she actually is a cop and the Mafia hasn’t realised, I’d want her to live on. Haha. So yeah, my Day 4 plan was to watch her closely.

  66. Oh no, are you the Night death, Joséphine? I’m not surprised, since you’re a valuable Townie.

    I also really hope we’re right about Beth. XD

  67. Oh my gosh. I can’t wait to read all the comments here and see what you guys have been thinking. Sorry about those darn blockquotes. At least I don’t have to worry about it anymore.😆

    Sana you slayed me during Day Three. Ooof. *Breathes a sigh of conflicted relief*

  68. Haha, I’m sorry I don’t find you trustworthy Joséphine. I’m always intimidated by people who I feel are smarter than me. Death is the only option. 😂

    I love Sana but she was definitely being a tad shady. Even the fact that she admitted she was waiting until the end to cause a tie is a bit messed up. I mean, I don’t blame her, obviously you have to do what you have to do to survive. But can you imagine the chaos that would bring for the Town? Surely they’d just aim to vote her out the next Day? (I’m not going to lie though, as a moderator I would’ve LOVED to see this happen.)

    Was it weird to you Joséphine that Beth was such a non-target on Day Three? I just feel like after two Days of her being up there in votes but just managing to squeak by, it was a bit odd that suddenly she wasn’t mentioned at all. Add in her questionable actions Day Three, I would def be bringing her up if I were in the game.

    Interesting theory about Shannon! It’s funny how it’s either one way or the other with her (mafia or Cop). It makes the decision of what to do with her all the more harder (and makes much more sense when looking at your indecisive votes)!

    Oh, and look, our second Night kill has arrived. How fun! 😈

  69. (I might as well confirm it now, but please do not share since it won’t be revealed with the remaining players until tomorrow. Our two Night Three eliminated players:

    Josephine, Sydney, Team Victor, 1x Reviver
    Anne, Erica, Team Eli, Goon)

  70. Josephine, you are Sydney?! Phew. And I think I know exactly why I am here… Hopefully the rest of my mafia friends will realize it too.

    I’ll say no more. 😁

  71. Yes, Sana!

    Anne, you definitely tricked me during Day 2 by stopping people from speculating about roles. That seemed like such a Townie move. XD

  72. @Sana, I’d love to hear your in-depth explanation because no matter how I spin it, I can’t see a benefit in not voting, especially as a vanilla Townie. Haha.

    @Anne, I half hope whoever killed you thought I was Mafia protecting you and that I dragged you down with me. Lol. But then that would mean I wasn’t a convincing Townie, so maybe not… Heh.

  73. Oh and now I really think Shannon’s a cop. When I first considered that possibility, I went through everything related to Anne, trying to figure out why I would vote for her instead of Shannon.

    But then that nagging thought that Shannon’s behaviour might be because she was Mafia trying too hard did me in and I went with my suspicions due to Sana’s shadiness. Siiiigh.

    Next time, I’m not making new decisions at 2 a.m.

  74. I wonder if Jo got to revive anyone 👀

    Also, apologies for giving you much grief the other night but you did end up voting for me so =P I mean, Anne was right there! Haha

    Okay, so my move (which I still have so many thoughts about and will probably always have XD):

    It really was what I said it was (I was going all out on honesty there haha) with the added explanation that I really didn’t have time to read up on anyone by the end of Day Two and so wasn’t suspicious of anyone so decided not to vote in the hopes that maybe a Mafia player would get stuck on my non-vote move, which Anne and Jade did and then I picked Anne randomly to look deeper into after which I got genuinely suspicious that she really was trying to play in the middle as a classic Mafia player.

    Also, of course I knew it was a major risky move and that a majority of players would get stuck on my move, but I was just a plain old Townie and didn’t really have to care about being voted out because no powers were stopping me so I thought doing something way out of the ordinary like this might help us out in some way as things were getting dire.

    We also have players who thought I was being pretty convincing about Anne but not enough to vote for Anne, which I do think there could probably be a Mafia in that group. I’ll say it seemed to work in the end but I’ll hold my judgement because no idea how Anne really died

  75. Yeah, that’s what I think, too Jo about Shannon being a cop which is why I so didn’t want to vote for Shannon to save myself because vanilla Townie. I really hoped that I’d be able to come in with a tie at the end and had the comment ready and everything, but then Kritika beat me to it which hmm.

  76. Joséphine did indeed revive someone, but unfortunately I did not tell her all the details of her role so her revival didn’t work out quite as well as she expected. (Let this be a lesson to you all: never trust me completely. If you have a special role, you should probably read its page description to see if there’s anything I “forgot” to mention. 😶)

    That was def an interesting strategy Sana, but I guess it worked if it led you to Anne. Maybe I’ll never give you a power role again just so I can see what other crazy strategies you come up with to make yourself useful, could be fun. 😈

  77. @Sana, well, for me, it was Shannon’s vote for Anne that made me think I should vote for Anne too. Your analysis gave me good enough reasons to switch without outing Shannon as a very likely, but because of your non-vote on Day 2, I couldn’t bring myself to trust you entirely about being onto something with Anne 😦 I seriously felt stretched in all three directions in the end. Haha.

  78. @Sana, that’s a good point about Kritika. Her vote made me feel like she was trying to cement your lynching, in case I’d change my mind again and switch back votes but at that point, I was way past done thinking and xD

  79. @Asti I just felt so lost and useless and apparently, that’s what I do when that happens 😂

    @Jo I did wonder if I should have made something up and voted on Day Two instead, but then we wouldn’t have gotten Anne’s last comment that Day when she voted for me despite being suspicious of Stephen the most and that just really made me feel Anne really is Mafia and cementing her Day Three strategy since Stephen was on his way out anyway.

    I thought that in case I do get lynched, at least the doubt will be there about Anne, which I also tried my best to relay in earlier comments and then Kritika came after me about that haha. I really think she could be another Mafia.

    LOL it did show that you really struggled with voting which made me think you were probably a Townie.

  80. @Asti, heyyyy! Townies need smarts, so I strongly disagree that death is the only option! Also, yes, I found it unsettling that Beth completely evaded votes on Day 3. But with three players leading the votes, sticking to my vote for Beth wouldn’t have swayed enough players to join me, so there’s that. And since I was sure at least one of the three has to be Mafia, I decided to focus on them, and hoped to get back to Beth on Day 4 again instead.

  81. Also, I feel like Crini could also be Mafia with all that talk about there being a connection between her and me by Anne (and Jade?). If so, I wonder if she herself suggested that XD

  82. @Sana, your explanation makes a lot more sense now! Haha. Too high risk for me to ever want to pull that off though, ‘cause I think more often than not that would result in being lynched for being shady or being killed at Night because there’s no concrete link to the Mafia, making me an easy target.

  83. @Joséphine: I just had to go back to Ready Player Two to see if I tried killing you during the one edition I got to play but then realised you didn’t sign up for that one. But alright, I guess you’re right, death shouldn’t be the only option for dealing with smart players…

  84. @Asti, I didn’t sign up ‘cause I hadn’t read the book and didn’t think I’d ever bother picking it up. But O did kick myself when I found out you were gonna play in the reboot. Made me wish I had gone ahead and joined anyway just for kicks xD

  85. @Joséphine: That’s fair enough! It’s a shame Kelley wasn’t able to launch the Daughter of Smoke and Bone edition like she had planned, I would’ve joined that one. Someday I’ll have to find a way to join as a player again. (I was going to say I’ll definitely be using an alias when I play but I’m pretty sure everyone would be able to spot me pretty quick with my novel length comments 🙈)

  86. @Asti, if Sebastian, Maria and Jeann play too, then maybe you’d be able to hold on to your alias a little longer 😉 I wonder how many of us would be recognized if we all had aliases 🤔

  87. Hmm so if I’m getting this right, I feel like I know what happened with Jo’s power…or probably not knowing Asti XD

    I remember that game with Asti’s epic move to take me out along with her haha. It was super fun playing with Asti, though. She made probably all of us feel so inadequate with her in-depth comments XD

    @Jo I also thought about that and though that if the Mafia do end up going after me at Night if they fail during the day, they’d just get one without any powers (however, I feel they probably have a Cop of their own at this stage). But I really didn’t count on Shannon also not voting along with me, which also made her a target and shifted the focus. I probably wouldn’t have pulled such a move any other time in any other game, but it was early on enough in this game and I didn’t have any powers.

  88. I’m just now realizing that I didn’t read today’s comments by Jo, Anne and the rest above Asti’s comment about who Anne and Jo were playing. AMAZING. Be right back haha

  89. @Asti — I’m reassured that at least some people will be shocked about it haha.

    I actually did have a meeting during the last hour and had fully expected to die when I came out of it since the last I saw was Josephine’s vote for me.

    @Josephine I was gobsmacked that you switched votes three times! But, you had to go. Take it as a testament to your skills. Your role is just icing on the cake I suppose.

    And I think we should call that move The Sana. It worked beautifully I suppose. Here I thought I was being a good enough fake townie and then hook, line and sinker.

    @Asti I’d love to see you play as a SK and win. I don’t doubt it would be possible.

  90. @Sana, assuming Beth is Mafia, I’d love to see her explain away her reduced suspicions to not vote for Crini anymore if Crini is Mafia too. I’d think the easiest way would be to point to me and claim trusting others maybe isn’t a good idea after all and she need to do her own analysis of players to be sure. But, we’ll see.

    That could make things a li’l difficult with mixed names and aliases with some coming in with a clean slate and others with known baggage from previous games… It could end up replacing potential “veterans vs. newbies” discussions.

  91. @Anne, thank you, I think? If only that wasn’t tied to being killed for it 😆 Can’t wait to see the Mafia page to see how y’all decided whom to kill and which players y’all thought were threats. Lol. I bet nobody saw Sana coming for you 😂

    Well, when you read through my explanations above you’ll see why I thought all of you showed signs of being Mafia (though Shannon could’ve been a cop too, if not Mafia playing at being cop)…

  92. @Anne Sorry, Anne about coming after you like that haha but I remember that Jeann got too defensive once when she was Mafia and basically, every one of your move on Day Three was a red flag to me haha

    Also, thanks for thinking the move worked beautifully. It was probably doomed to be a one-shot anyway with the amount of attention it garnered XD

    @Jo Oh yeah, I forgot about Beth being so weird on Day Three. I also have been suspicious of her since Day One more or less so I do wonder what’s happening there

    Yeah, I feel like the option should definitely be there for either everyone or no one. For instance, I always get the argument about my moves being odd for an experienced player whether I’m Town or Mafia and that so wouldn’t be solved if everyone wasn’t using aliases

    @Asti Honestly, I really am sad about the missed tie because as much as it would have been chaotic and fun (is that what it’s like to be you XD), I also really wanted to see if I could convince the Town that Anne really is Mafia. I mean, I probably would have been lynched the next Day, if not at Night but I don’t know, seems like a missed opportunity (especially since I was also considering it to save Shannon in the process)


    Also, I’m not even surprised that all of you spectators thought I’m Mafia. Come to think of it, I don’t think a majority of the players I’ve played with before have ever thought of me as Town XD

    I have to say, in the end, I just love that everyone inside and outside the game was like, “What a bold and stupid move, Sana. She’s being so shady and is obviously Mafia” and turns out I’m not. 😂 You could say I also wanted to make a point about how you really can’t rely on anything in this game haha

  93. I’m just catching up now and YAY I’m excited that I finally have you guys to lament (and obsess) about this game with! Welcome everyone 😀 I’m low key excited that Anne joined us too.

    @Anne – if I knew you were mafia in Day 2 I would’ve been surprised seeing as I basically agreed with everything you said, until of course Jo picked up on your behaviour in Day 3 lol.

    @Sana – Wow, that is definitely a risky way to play but I’m impressed you worked your inner Vanilla Townie skills that well (even though it did result in a night kill)! Kudos to you for drawing out Anne LOL.

    @Jo – I wouldn’t be surprised if Shannon was a confused cop tbh! I can’t believe you were Sydney all along. I’m a bit disturbed that Beth escaped suspicion in Day 3 as well.

    What does everything think of Crini’s call out for the cop and hinting that they might not be trustworthy? That doesn’t really seem like a mafia move to me given she might be exposed if she was one.

  94. @Sana — I wondered after you said that about Jeann if that was why you voted for her on Day One. 😂 I expected you to be more than a vanilla townie, but I guess it’s kind of freeing to make bold moves and catch a bad guy!!

    @Jeann you should be high key excited lol though I’m bummed I have to keep my lips sealed about so much haha.

    And @Josephine it’s definitely a compliment!

  95. @Anne, speaking of past games, aliases and unusual playing styles here, I actually went back to previous games ‘cause I realised you were using more “Lol”s this time 🧐 Thought it might be a tell about being Mafia, trying to be a bit more casual and trustworthy rather than outrightly defensive. But because the last game was two years ago, I chalked it up to natural changes in personality and typing styles over extended periods of time 😆

  96. @Josephine that’s why you’re so dangerous! Also, I was on mobile pretty much the entire time this game. My “text speak” is filled with more lols than if I was typing it up on a computer. And yeah, probably partly because I’m your neighborhood friendly mafia. 😂

  97. @Sana: haha, I may have made some feel inadequate with my in-depth comments, but my over-analysing did have it’s flaws. I got really hooked on Inge during that game, and ultimately ended up killing her, when she was on my side all along. 🙈 That’s the thing about this game, it doesn’t matter how many times you play or how much you think you know, everything can be interpreted it so many ways you’re bound to get something wrong.

    @Anne: Winning as a SK is incredibly hard just because it’s all or nothing! I honestly think the only way to do it would be to sort of play that middle-ground where you’re active but not too much so the Mafia doesn’t want to kill you and the Town doesn’t have much to work with to hold against you. And me being me, I’m just not sure that’s possible. I WOULD enjoy trying to kill everyone though, haha.

    @Sana & Joséphine: I’m confused about why you think the aliases are bad if not everyone chooses to use it. In my mind, it gives the players who choose to use an alias a clean slate because their previous games can’t be held against them. Those who choose not to use it would be at a disadvantage, yeah, since their previous games would still come into play, but it’d be no different than how it currently is in the Games and I feel like it’d be up to each individual player to decide whether or not they want to take that risk. I feel like I can’t just FORCE players to use an alias because it is extra work for those involved and as some can’t even manage a blockquote (poor Anne haha) I’m not sure they’ll be up to trying to remember to comment under their aliases. Do you think it’d be better if I not offer it all then, if I don’t feel comfortable making it mandatory?

    @Jeann: Haha, I kept feeling bad every time a player would die and you’d comment “Oh, I can’t wait for so and so to join us” and then be met with silence. I wasn’t able to give players access to this page until I was sure Joséphine wasn’t going to revive them, as I wouldn’t want our speculation here to unfairly influence their gameplay. Now that Joséphine is dead/used her power everyone will get instant access again which should make for a little more fun.

  98. Is it bad that I’m kind of happy about the Spectators chat filling up a bit? 😀 Welcome, Joséphine and Sana and Anne (and maybe Kait?)!

    Joséphine, as always, I bow to you. So happy you got to use your power right before you died, and I love that you honoured the book by reviving Dol.

    Sana, I always see you as such a skilled player and you have again showed us why. I love that your move will now be referred to as The Sana. It never would’ve occurred to me to risk such a thing! I love that you go experimental when you’re plain Townie. 😀 It definitely made for a very interesting day.

    Anne, I’m very sorry, but I’m really glad you’re dead. 😛 The Mafia has had such a good run so far and you have been amazing at picking out players with powers, haha! The Town really needed this. 😉

    Asti and I were so excited about everything happening in Night Three. I hope everyone, including the Mafia, is thoroughly confused and bamboozled. Such chaos, such fun!

  99. Oh man, now I really think Crini is Mafia. It would be such a Mafia move to go after Shannon on Day Four to basically waste the Day and then kill another Townie during the Night or Shannon if the Day strategy doesn’t work. But there’s still a lot of time before Day Four ends so let’s see.

    I also don’t know what to make of the rest of it. I feel like Anne died when she was sent to carry out the Night kill but then Jo also died which I don’t know how that happened. I feel like either the Mafia Night kill bounced back to Anne or that there might be a Townie with a limited number of kills to carry out at Night.

    Will reply to the rest of the comments later!

  100. I think Crini got off way too easily with her “Team Eli” name drop, so I’m going to continue being suspicious of her until proven otherwise. 😂

  101. Also, it’s way more fun putting all my wild theories out here somewhere in the world than just having them roam around inside my head all by my lonesome powerless Townie XD

  102. I KNEW IT.

    Now I’m wondering how the Town killed a Mafia member during the Night. And it’s a shame Sydney couldn’t revive Dol in time to save herself. The Mafia have been super lucky with their investigating (or just lucky, I guess).

  103. Ohhhh ohhh I was reading up on the roles a few days ago and the Deflector role might work in this case (I wonder if that’s Victor’s power?)

    A Deflector is a power role that has the ability to redirect all actions targeted at one player to a different player during the Night. They can use this redirection on themselves once during a game.

    Variation: A Redirector redirects all Night actions performed by a specific player onto someone else.

    Maybe they DID try to kill Shannon during the night but now Crini is gunning for her because she couldn’t kill her at night XD

    @Josephine – I think it’s super cute that you revived Dol as per the book, awwww ❤ it did cut a bit deep when I saw they were killed during the night! Yeah, now that I see Crini toDay, both her and Beth strike me as mafia still (and Jade, but Crini's the only one who seems to be gunning for her).

    Re: Shannon – she seemed to be very on the fence during Day 2 and 3, maybe she panicked and didn't vote on Day 2 because she felt like the cop results weren't trustworthy? I mean not doing so almost got her lynched which could be an explanation.

    @Asti – I'm on the fence about aliases, it's kind of fun looking at people's playing styles to see if they're consistent throughout the games, regardless of their role/alignment. But then again, it's also fun to see if they behave similar to previous games as sometimes you can chalk things down to "personality" (eg. people had no idea whether Stephen's personality or playing style were different which drew more votes).

  104. @Jeann: That’s fair enough. If the vets as a whole don’t mind their pasts being held against them, we don’t have to incorporate it. I just know some times vets can feel damned either way so was trying to think of a way to balance the playing field. Obviously it’s easier for me if I don’t have to keep track of so many details. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  105. I’m not the only one!!!

    “oh damn, Asti/Inge to the rescue please. I messed up the italic quote XD”


    And this was a crazy night I see. Can’t wait to be requoted to death… (Oh, wait I already am!)

  106. If Shannon really is a cop (I missed most of Day 3, but that seems to be what most of you think), I wonder if she investigated Crini.

  107. @Jeann, I’m confused about that too. At this point, those who voted for Anne are a safer Townie bet than the rest. I also wonder what Dana’s suspicions are beyond players switching away from Shannon. Many players switching is a reason to be wary but not evidence in itself that someone’s Mafia. Hope Greg’s thoughts change her mind. Haha.

    @Asti, I’ve thought more about the aliases. My initial reaction was that if the point of aliases is to level the playing field by giving players a clean slate to work with, then it should apply to everyone to ensure all-around balance.

    For example, Anne sticks to her name and Jeann takes an alias — I’d easily go back to previous games to compare how she used to behave while for Jeann, I’d be less stuck on her despite that one game where we argued till our minds exploded. Aliases would feel like new players while vets with their own names would stick out even more if there’re only three or four left, which could end up being more exhausting for them.

    But as I thought about it more, I think your compromise of letting players choose makes sense. If players choose not to go with aliases, that’s a risk they’ve weighed for themselves. In terms of set-up, it’ll still be similar to today — vets and newbies, so it’s not a bad thing; just a nice option for vets to be able to potentially appear as “newbies” too 🙂

  108. Crini’s raising another red flag for me. She’s going after Shannon all while harping on her being right about Anne all along. Lol. Her suspicions about Anne were pretty lukewarm and she didn’t even vote for her. Sure, she couldn’t have voted for everyone she was suspicious of but her suspicions of Anne hardly made a dent in the discussions around whether or not Anne was Mafia. Hmmmm.

  109. The funny thing is both Crini and Anne mentioned possibly linked triangles. If Crini and Beth are Mafia, throwing them in with Stephen, who seemed the most likely to be lynched then, was a smart move to help them escape detection; and since that came from a now confirmed Mafia, unfortunately less Townies seem to be questioning that. Meh.

    I hope someone brings up Kritika’s apparent need to cement Sana’s lynching but only after I had made up my mind to vote for Sana.

    @Jeann, Dana’s a possibility. Elin is too. Between those two, I’ve not read a lot into their comments yet, so can’t say much.

  110. I think the thing I find most weird about Crini’s quick voting for Shannon toDay is the fact that she continues to say she finds Jade suspicious, and even uses things Jade has said in supporting her argument that Shannon is mafia, but does not seem to want to vote for her? I feel like if those two were my main suspects (Shannon and Jade), I’d be more comfortable voting out the one who DIDN’T vote for a mafia player the Day before. I know she said the previous Day that she was switching her vote onto Shannon because her Jade suspicions weren’t getting any traction with other players and she wanted her vote to actually count towards something, but surely you would flesh out that argument again since this is a new Day, using what you know of Anne’s alliance, instead of just narrowing in on Shannon? (Honestly I think the part that bugs me the most about it is just the fact that she uses things Jade has said/down to cast suspicion on Shannon, which seems a bit silly when Jade is still in the game.)

    I do love Shannon’s massive player analysis she provided toDay, but I love anytime a player goes in deep because I know that’s what I’d do as a player, lol. I’m curious to see how Crini will respond to Shannon’s vote for Jade. If that’ll make her reconsider voting Jade again or if she’ll interpret it as Shannon being sneaky and trying to get on her good side. Because that sort of produces a dilemma for Crini, right? If she believes Anne, Jade, and Shannon are all in cahoots and Shannon is voting for Jade (and has voted for Anne), then maybe that means they aren’t all mafia? (Or maybe they’ve just made an agreement as mafia to vote for each other whenever they can to help ensure that at least one of them survives until the end?)

    Anyways, should be an interesting Day… even if Crini and Shannon are the only ones who do all the work. 😂

    @ Joséphine: I see what you’re saying now! I will still put the option on the Game Over post for further feedback to see what others say since some vets are still in the game and haven’t heard about it, but if we do decide to use it in future games I’ll make sure to add a disclaimer to vets highlighting the issue you pointed out in which if the option is there and they don’t take it, it may create even more of a target on them.

  111. I’m loving the massive player analysis too, that’s what I always did as well. Sums things up quite nicely.

    Have to compliment the Mafia on eliminating some active players, because right now it’s Crini, Shannon, and Harker doing all the work. Come on, folks! Time to put on your deerstalkers and visit your Mind Palaces.

  112. @Inge — I’m just surprised it took until Day 4 for someone to throw this down.

    @Asti — I’m also surprised no one has pointed out that Crini was “right” in that she suspected, yet never actually voted for me. So that’s kind of taking credit where it’s not due lol

  113. @Anne, I think a lot of us have less time than we used to have? That might be a contributing factor as to why only Shannon’s done an analysis of every single player… Well, and maybe Mafia who could do it but would rather not, unless it’s called for. Haha.

  114. As the votes are piling up, I’m really interested in seeing what Shannon’s defense will be today since the “I swear I’m a townie!” defense can’t work two days in a row, can it?

    And I’m laughing because Asiya didn’t know who revived her. 🤦

  115. Things aren’t looking good for Shannon D: I wish I could counter some of the illogical reasons used against her and nudge ‘em to take a closer look at Beth and Crini. Also Kritika — lamented that they lost a strong Townie in me, commended my good analysis and theories but did she actually go and take a look them to look for clues? Noooo. Now I’m even more suspicious of her. *cries* Lol.

  116. @Anne, maybe Asiya was just excited about being back and wanted to check in but hadn’t actually read any of the info? Haha. But yeah, I was sad she didn’t realise I’m the one who gave her her life back 😂

  117. Omg Jo that was hilarious that she didn’t realise who revived her *facepalm*

    Feels like most people prefer just to bandwagon and go with other theories rather than chasing theories of their own, making it easy for the mafia to influence votes. I’ve always been suspicious if Kritika because she often just follows other people’s suspicions and agrees with them (how would she know who is trustworthy?).

  118. I’m interested because Crini and Jade have now both referenced that I made a point about how Crini defended Beth over Jeann, so Beth and Crini are working together. In fact, I did not make that observation. #justsaying

  119. How is Beth getting away with the suggestion that at least one other person who voted like Anne must be Mafia? Nobody’s even questioning her. Usually Mafia players try to distance themselves from one another, so if one goes down, the rest won’t be seen as connected to them.

    I can’t believe Crini’s gaining trust so easily. I hope Asiya goes after her and picks apart arguments that don’t make sense *crosses fingers and toes*

    And I feel bad for Shari. Her comment about no realising that she wouldn’t have enough time in order to play as actively as expected seemed genuine but instead, people are using that against her 😦

    @Jeann, about not laying out arguments and just following what they agree with could also be a strategy. Remember when Tory came through for Town and killed me to win the Lunar Chronicles game? I really hadn’t seen her coming since she hadn’t said that much throughout the game, so I thought of other players as bigger threats.

  120. Another vote for Shannon 😦 Did no one notice that there’s always one player that she’s sure of? Could it be because these were the players that she investigated? If yes, then that’s why on Day 2 she was sure Stephen was a Townie, on Day 3 only voted for Anne, and now on Day 4 says Greg is innocent. Since Stephen and Anne are out, the only one left she’s sure of due to investigation is Greg. Looking back on Days 1 to 3, Shannon did not try to protect him then…

  121. The only thing that confuses me about Shannon being mafia is that Crini is going after her pretty hard, which to me it kind of means that Shannon + Crini can’t be mafia together. But she has said a few flippant things that continually tend to raise warning bells which others are picking up on.

    @Jo – Actually, what you said above about not laying out arguments definitely reminds me of Jade, she hasn’t pushed too hard or investigated into anyone (even though she’s been out of town) until toDay when she looked into Anne.

  122. Wait – didn’t Greg strongly defend Shannon yesterDay and said she couldn’t be mafia? I raised my eyebrows at that one but now that she’s doing the same towards him – makes me think they could be working together.

  123. Good point Joséphine. While it’s possible a mafia person would vote out a teammate, I don’t think it’s usually a guarantee that one can rely on. Saying that it’s likely at least one other person who voted for Anne is mafia is a bit of a strange conclusion for Beth to make. The way I see it is if I were mafia, I’d mainly only want to vote a teammate if either a) there’s really no threat of them being eliminated or b) their elimination already seems a sure thing. With Anne, Crini, and Shannon’s votes being so tangled Day Three, I’m not sure as a mafia member I would’ve risked voting for Anne. It would be a nice way to try and point out your innocense when she’s proven guilty, but obviously that doesn’t always work out as Shannon is getting all the votes despite being one of the four people who voted for Anne (and two of those others are here in the dead player chat).

    If I were playing, I think I’d be quite concerned about the fact that votes are all seeming to be thrown in one direction right now. Day Three was a bit chaotic with votes being split between Anne, Crini, and Shannon – but looking back at that it makes sense. With one of those three being confirmed mafia, it’s likely that other suspects were being thrown around to try and deter Anne from being eliminated. (And, if you suspect Crini or Shannon is mafia, to try and stop them from being eliminated as well.)

    ToDay it’s just all Shannon. And sure, it’s possible she’s mafia and they just made an agreement that they would vote each other when they deem necessary, but I’d have a hard time believing that if I were playing, especially when other names have been thrown on the board such as Shari and Jade (and possibly Crini, though she’s really not getting much attention toDay in light of yesterDay’s events?) but haven’t really accrued any votes. If we want to take Crini’s guess that there are four mafia players remaining, that means they control 37% of the vote. Surely if Shannon was mafia they’d be trying to use their power to swing the votes elsewhere… or at least make things a little more interesting? At this point it’s hard not to just read this as Shannon being an innocent with the mafia sitting back and just laughing with each new vote for her.

  124. @Asti, you mean Anne, Shannon and Sana? 😉 And Beth concluded that

    “So if we assume at least one mafia person votes in the same way Anne did, the ones to be most suspicious of are Harker (4), Greg (4), Shannon (3), and Dana (3)”

    But yeah, I also agree with you that it’s not a guarantee that Mafia won’t vote for another Mafia player. That’s pretty much why we dead Townies here still suspect Crini, even though Anne voted for her. Haha.

    As for the swinging of votes, I agree with your analysis of the situation. Thing is, people are relying on the argument that because votes swung away from Shannon on Day 3, she must be Mafia. If she’s Mafia, why isn’t that happening again on Day 4? Would the Mafia give up that easily? I don’t think so. So the fact that there isn’t anyone else under as much scrutiny as Shannon makes me think Townies are being very easily swayed by Mafia and it’s to their advantage that they are fairly active — imo, Crini, Beth, Kritika, leaving a potential fifth player to fly under the radar.

  125. Ahh, yeah, my brain is SO off this morning. I’ll blame the time change. I’m assuming I had it in my head that Crini was one of the main suspects with votes Day Three just because everyone came in here last Night after being murdered and pointed fingers her way. Sometimes it’s hard to keep what happens in the game and what happens in the dead player chat separate. 😂 And I interpreted your comment about Beth being that she said one of the four people who voted for Anne must be mafia, not that someone who voted LIKE Anne is probably mafia. My brain. It’s falling apart.

  126. I’m really feeling for Shannon. This game is already so stressful for her (I mean, no one’s forcing her to play, but still, I get it 😂) and she’s really getting the worst of it now. It does seem like a convenience vote to me, like Greg said. On the one hand, I might think Shannon and Greg are working together, but I’d probably believe both were Town at this point.

    People are taking others’ analyses for granted without searching on their own. On the other hand, there is Beth, who is apparently now writing analyses on her phone?? HOW.

  127. I would also be very skeptical with no one attempting to save Shannon. I mean, maybe there really are 5 Mafia members and they don’t care about losing two in a row, but that seems like a weak argument.

  128. Awe, Dana saying something like that would instantly make me sympathetic towards her. I think she’s doing just fine. Not everyone has to write a novel. Look at Elin’s contribution — she voted me because I seemed defensive, and she was right with her gut.

    @Maraia — I can’t imagine any mafia team being so cavalier about losing their mates, unless one of them did something so scummy they had to vote for them. But Shannon hasn’t really done that?

  129. Ugh, I really hope Town pulls together and finds someone else to vote for (VOTE CRINI). So strange how Crini says she’s being targeted today and posted up a defense when everyone seems none the wiser, when she could’ve kept quiet. It only draws more attention to her. But then again, perhaps she’s throwing a bone because it almost seems too easy for the mafia at this point. Almost everyone chooses to ignore Beth?

    Are there no Town Cops in this game? (more of a rhetorical question than anything).

  130. Lol. Of all my suspicions, they choose to pick my very mildest instead of my strongest? Turn around and for Beeeeeethhhhh!!! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Ahaha.

  131. lol Joséphine.

    I actually find it interesting that everyone who voted overnight didn’t vote Shannon. I guess that sort of negates my earlier suspicion that no one seems to be trying to protect her? I mean, not that anyone really seems to be advocating for her innocence, it more or less is just commentary about how they’re not convinced, but the votes being placed elsewhere definitely gives her a little bit more traction towards safety? Of course, at this point she’s still the majority and the only thing likely to force people to change their vote is if Asiya and Harker both come in and vote Shari to tie things up. So yeah, interesting stuff. I’m not sure how I would interpret that as a player at this point.

  132. From a purely statistical stand point, if there are 4 mafia members left (and we take out Asiya as a confirmed townie) then that means 4/10 members are mafia. There are 5 votes for Shannon. Of course there is at least a mafia member in there!

  133. @Jeann, and if not one, then two? Haha.

    I wasn’t suspicious of Elin before but it’s interesting that one of the players who comments the least, she’s concerned that Day 4’s been slow? Seems ironic, and therefore a little suspicious to me. On the other hand, had she started commenting a lot more than before, that would’ve raised even more suspicion. Weird situation there.

  134. Hmmm. If Shannon’s the cop, why hasn’t she role claimed by now and noted who the innocent townies are? Based on Mafia stats, that could still help Townies win…

  135. I have been more or less keeping up with the Game and wow, this Day was something. And so many players on the voting board!

    Also, I came to check the result at the usual time (time change what) and so the SUSPENSE IS REAL haha

    @Jo Ooh, yes she could so totally role claim because now is the perfect time to! But I wonder if she has an entirely different power then like maybe she’s a Doctor? What if she’s Victor, though that would definitely *make* the game for us Townies LOL

  136. @Asti My thoughts are more or less the same to Jo’s in regards to aliases. It appeals to me because it’ll be a nice change for previous players and it’ll be good to have it, but I personally have no idea if I’ll actually go for that option as yet. Like if I don’t, I’ll probably be regretting that decision come the middle of the next Game haha

  137. I feel like people are going to point out exactly that in the next Day. I can’t tell if Shannon is or not, but it certainly looks like Dana was saving her.

  138. If Shari’s a Townie and someone adds the fifth vote for her or switches away from Shannon, Shannon’s 100% dead on Day 6 without further discussion. If that happens, and she does have investigative powers, she might as well lay out all her cards then, assuming the Mafia’s not tired of her already and manages to kill her at Night…

  139. I cannot believe this. Why did Shannon had to be Victor of all the players?! I really was joking about her being Victor above #RIP

  140. @Sana, she did sound very stressed about living up to her role. Haha. But I still don’t understand why she didn’t reveal her investigation results, unless she didn’t investigate anyone on Night 3 and protected someone?

    Also, this better mean Crini’s next. Hopefully she doesn’t manage to convince the rest to take Shannon’s words to heart to look at people who didn’t vote for her, and then ignore those who did vote for her =/

  141. @Jo Yeah, I wonder that, too. So many burning questions for her, hee

    I also really think Crini is Eli now (or maybe Serena since no one should have that much influence) XD

  142. @Sana – I’m thinking Crini is definitely gone after gunning for Shannon so hard early in the Day, the only problem is with so many mafia running about now it’d be hard to get a vote together without her being saved

  143. @Sana, even if she was a goon, she’d have the same level of influence. Knowing Shannon’s a Townie, I’m sure the Mafia figured out she was at least a cop, so it’s no wonder Crini went really hard on her. Most people trust Kritika, so with her backing, that made things easier. Then send Beth to vote differently, so people who’re torn between the two will pick one or the other to trust to the end. That’s my theory at this point.

  144. Oh, and then there’s the (half-hearted) suspicion Crini threw at Anne, which some still cling onto, not considering that because Crini didn’t actually vote for Anne, it might’ve been a decoy…

  145. @Jeann, they might go after Jade or Shari instead of Crini, though Dana should be safe from votes on Day 5, if she makes it. Unless someone harps on the fact that Crini encouraged suspicion for Shannon, even though Shannon helped vote out Anne.

  146. The more I think about it, the more I wonder why players accepted the logic that Crini must be Townie for being at odds with Anne, but five people thought a concrete vote from Shannon for Anne didn’t hold the same, if not more, weight 🤯 Surely more than one Mafia player voted for Shannon.

  147. @Jeann Definitely! We have 10 players left and with the Night kill, 9 which means if there really are 4 Mafia then they can have a very easy time winning the game. We probably only have vanilla Townies left at this point, too

    @Jo Oh yeah, true but I do feel like she probably has an important role that the Mafia really don’t want to lose her? Their Night Kills all have had Townies with powers so maybe she’s their Cop. Honestly, how did they they get so lucky with that, I have questions.

    But that’s a good theory! There are definitely influential and trustworthy Mafia out there besides Crini, who should garner *some* suspicion after toDay at least, so it’ll probably be easy for them to sway the Townies come Day Five. I also feel that Kritika is Mafia and most of us already think Beth is one, too

  148. @Jo The people who voted for Shannon at the end of Day Five were Crini, Kritika, Shari, Elin and Jade

    So if we assume that besides Crini, Kritika is also Mafia along with either Shari and Elin then that means Crini really only had to convince either Shari or Elin to vote for Shannon and then Jade only ended up voting for to break the tie. Also, Dana was another one who stuck with her vote for Shannon and then changed it at the last minute so hmm

    Moreover, if Beth is Mafia and voted for Shari while Jade, Harker and Dana all voted for people not on the voting board before so exactly how many of these players have to be Mafia? One? Does that sound plausible? I’d like to believe that 3 Mafia wouldn’t vote for one player 🤔

    All right, time to give this up for now haha

  149. MY PEOPLE! It is so nice to be here, in the land of sanity! (Well, you know, mostly 😂) I know I cannot discuss any of my… stuff. Which stinks. I also had a HUGE plan if I could have just been saved toDay- and I am bummed that I couldn’t try it.

    I feel like I can tell you why I didn’t role claim though! Well- the first reason is the aforementioned plan. And I didn’t want to role claim because I KNEW I’d just be Night killed. They’re never going to leave Victor alive, or a cop, or a doctor, so… I just risked it, figuring I’d be dead before I could help if I claimed any of the roles.

    I would bet actual money at this point that Jade is mafia though- I have been low key suspicious for Days, and this… guess she thought it was worth the sacrifice? (She’s probably right, even.) I also have thought Beth was mafia since Day 1. I just didn’t have enough to go hard for her with, so I backed off as not to draw attention until I had more ammo, but alas, that time never came. I am completely on the fence with Crini. I really thought she was mafia, then I really thought she wasn’t, and by the end of toDay, I was 50/50. I feel almost like the mafia wouldn’t be *that* stacked (with Anne, Jade, Beth, AND Crini, all experienced and good players)?

    As for Shari, I don’t even think I am that suspicious of her, but I figured it was better to lose her than me 😂 (YES I know how awful that sounds, but the fact that the only interaction we really had with her was her defense that struck me as suspicious… meh.) I DO wonder if I hadn’t voiced my suspicion on the players who didn’t vote for me (Jade and Beth especially), if I’d still be alive? But i tried to leave the Town with SOMETHING, you know?

    Also, I am super proud of me because all my votes (except Shari, I guess, to be determined) were for the right alliance, and I feel like that’s real progress for me as a player because last time, all I did was accidentally help Jeann for half the game hahahha

  150. I’m more curious from a game mechanic perspective than if you actually did this game. It occurred to me with a role like yours it could have been handy to protect yourself. However, you did say a few times, “I’m going to be targeted!” So now that makes me wonder if that was a ruse to try and get hit at Night. 😊 (Which is a separate thing lol)

  151. It says on the role page that Doctors can protect themselves but not the same player two consecutive nights in a row so that’s interesting. I didn’t know that was possible. Makes sense to me why Shannon abstained from voting if she could simply protect herself at Night.

  152. @Shannon You are right in that the Mafia couldn’t possibly include Anne, Jade, Beth and Crini. I wonder if we’re wrong about one of them (besides Anne, of course) and there are two newbies in the mix. Interesting, though that you didn’t find Crini suspicious at all even though she came after you so hard. I was suspicious of Jade but I’ve mostly been on Townie side of the fence.

  153. @Sana thanks for looking that up! Totally spaced that the answer was already out there. (And that I was a doctor once, just a highly ineffective one 😛).

  154. I know that in some games, the doctor can, and in some they can’t. But yep, the role description Sana found is it!

    @Sana, I actually found Crini less suspicious *because* she came after me so hard. Which maybe doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it seems like a mistake for mafia, especially knowing I’m a Townie. Especially since someone else would have certainly done the job for them, in this case!

  155. @Shannon – Actually that’s a really good point about why she went after you so hard! I guess with those players that I picked out to be mafia, they would cast their vote and then disappear for the rest of the day without considering anyone else or letting people’s defenses sway them, which seems more mafia than townie for me as it’s hard to know things for sure. I think that’s mainly why Kritika is on my suspect list because she’s a new player as well.

    If Jade really is mafia as I suspected from early Days, her final vote switch at the end would’ve been really risky!

  156. @Jeann, it IS risky if she’s mafia. Maybe they knew my role and figured the sacrifice is worth it? There can’t even be many townies left at this point, so… calculated risk? If they knew I was a doctor, maybe they figured I could protect myself and this was the best way to get rid of me? I seriously can’t wait to know all the things! As for Kritika, I have been so on the fence about her, and still haven’t fully decided what I think. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next, who gets targeted and such!

  157. Given the number of players left, I don’t think it’s such a huge risk for the Mafia to go after a player player who’s the cop/doctor. Since four others voted for Shannon, they can’t be pointing at Crini simply for voting Shannon out without becoming a lynching target themselves, which spreads out the risk for Crini further, so long as she has “stronger” defences than the rest.

  158. Boo hiss at my internet. Currently at the library so I could get the post set up for tomorrow.

    Just to confirm, yes, Doctors in The Bookish Games have always been able to self-heal. The only rule is that a Doctor cannot choose to heal the same target two Nights in a row. If a Doctor chooses to self-heal Night One, he/she cannot choose to do Night Two. But yes, it’s all stated on the Roles page. That’s part of the reason why I created that – the rules on such things vary site to site so I figured it’d be helpful to add all the possible roles here and edited them to match the way they’re used specifically in our edition of The Bookish Games!

    And Shannon, you’re allowed to discuss your theories for who is Town/Mafia or what your BIG PLAN was for toNight if you were still alive, you just cannot confirm nor deny what you did with your powers each Night you were alive in the game (so you can’t say which power you used or who you targeted each Night).

    Alright. That’s it from me until Monday evening when they HOPEFULLY fix my Internet. (How do I live in a country that thinks the internet being down for a whole week is acceptable? I know, first world problems, but GAHHHH. I have things to do. 😭 😭😭)

  159. @Asti that’s terrible!! We’ve been so spoiled. 😊

    The only thing worse than being eliminated is not being able to say anything in the dead players chat. 😂😂 @Shannon I want to hear your stuff!

  160. Also, why would it ever be a risk for the mafia to go after the cop/doctor during the Day? It’s no riskier than going after any other player during the Day isn’t it? I’m not following here. Unless someone said, “I am the cop” and then the mafia votes for them (though it could be argued how would we know they were telling the truth?), what makes it different than voting out any other townie? If mafia did know who the doctor was, then they might want to get them during the Day because the doctor could possibly protect themselves at Night making a kill harder to predict.

  161. @Asti I was wondering where our overlord had disappeared to 😏

    Also, so not a first world problem! There was a time when we didn’t have WiFi in our neighborhood for a week, but that was due to some installation happening so I can’t imagine being with WiFi for a week either. I mean, there’s always 4G but still XD

    @Anne I feel that’s exactly what happened that the Mafia went after Shannon on two Days. Also, maybe they didn’t know one could protect themselves two Nights in a row or maybe they just thought getting Shannon during the Day and someone else at Night makes their chances of winning that much better by eliminating the competition faster and getting the Town to go against their own team member for longer.

    And yes, I do realize that I’m basically theorizing about your team’s move with you, amazing 😂

  162. @Shannon Your way of thinking also makes total sense but I don’t know why I’m so convinced that she’s Mafia and having a relatively easier time evading suspicion. It could also be that if she’s Town, the Mafia thought that it’s better for her to do their job for them by going after you. Gaaah, I give up haha

  163. I don’t even have 4G! We live on the outskirts of the city so every once in a while my phone will make a measly connection to give my notifications but it can never actually load anything 😢

  164. Well, it’s really not looking good for the townies this time around >.< Sorry, Only finally starting to feel better and now I feel like I've missed out on so much.

  165. @Sana, that is how I feel about Jade! In my mind she is mafia, and that is just that hahah.

    @Asti, I am SO sorry about the internet situation. I feel like I’d die without it so ugh, a whole week!? What even?

    Okay SO my plan. It only had like a 50% chance of working anyway, but. I was going to investigate whoever I was *most* sure of being mafia at the time, to confirm. If it came back that they weren’t town (hence the 50% chance) I was going to just announce that I was a cop- not that I was a doctor too, mind you, just a cop. THEN. In case they tried to not believe me… there is a code about an investigation in a past Day. So they could see that I was telling the truth. Get rid of the Mafia person, now that they almost *have* to believe me (or look SO shady if they resist), then protect myself that Night, and hope they’d waste their kill attempt on me. So we’d lose no Townies AND lose a mafia. It was kind of the only way I could see a Town win at that point.

  166. @Shannon, I’m not sure I see why voting for Shari, who you think is Townie, rather than voting for someone you actually think is Mafia to gain a day for yourself would’ve helped Team Victor. Taking out a Townie would’ve increased Mafia:Town ratio again. Rather than sacrificing a player who has a good chance of being a Townie and then only voting for someone scummy at the point you’ve investigated them, why not gain that Day by voting for them sooner? Then you could’ve gone on to investigate the next person on Night 4 (or protected yourself).

    Though, I now see how role claiming cop on Day 4 would’ve probably backfired. You would’ve had to go ahead and protect yourself on Night 4 but then on Day 5, you wouldn’t have had any investigation to report, which would’ve been hard to explain without revealing that you’re also a doctor… Tough situation 😕

  167. I agree, Joséphine. I’m afraid that the remaining Townies will think Shannon investigated Shari and will go after her. Maybe she is Mafia, but it could stop them from looking at anyone else.

  168. Okay so the game is over which makes me sad as I was having a great time (ALSO, WE WERE RIGHT ABOUT BETH, JADE AND KRITIKA AAHH) (and wrong about Crini, oops) but since I never replied to a couple comments:

    @Sana – Wow, that is definitely a risky way to play but I’m impressed you worked your inner Vanilla Townie skills that well (even though it did result in a night kill)! Kudos to you for drawing out Anne LOL.

    @Jeann Thanks! I was second-guessing myself throughout and was so relieved that Anne really was Mafia and not a Townie. XD

    Sana, I always see you as such a skilled player and you have again showed us why. I love that your move will now be referred to as The Sana. It never would’ve occurred to me to risk such a thing! I love that you go experimental when you’re plain Townie. 😀 It definitely made for a very interesting day.”

    @Inge Since I never know what’s what in most of these Games (and my survival rate is so bad), I never feel like a skilled player but good to know that whatever I do works or well, almost works haha.

  169. @Sana, Lol. This is why we were killed. Had we been alive the tides would’ve turned differently with our chance to take out Beth, Kritika & Jade, and we might’ve had more time to figure out Greg xD

    But now I understand even less why Crini went after Shannon, so whoever said this (can’t remember who), you were right about the Mafia letting her do the job for them. Oops.

  170. You all keep judging me for my Shannon vote. You would have all voted me out within a heartbeat too. You’re not any better 😛

    And just to remind you: my first comment outlining my thoughts on Shannon again

    By Monday on Day 3, I did not only say I’m suspicious of Shannon too, but also that I see a connection between her and Anne + Jade. First comment from Shannon after this? She votes for Anne. Which to me looks a lot like she’s suddenly trying to show “I can’t be on the same team as Anne! Look, I voted for her!”

  171. @Jo For real! We just needed more time which we didn’t have XD

    @Crini LOL that’s true for me, too as everyone here had pigged me as Mafia when I arrived. I guess we were unsure about your move since we all truly believed Shannon to be the Town Cop and thought that only a Mafia would come so hard for her but that makes sense to me now.

  172. LOL I very much enjoyed reading all your theories! @Shannon can you tell us about the code now that the game is over? I’m very curious! (Also sorry for being partially responsible for your death hehe)

    Mafia honestly just got super lucky, we had no idea who had powers and our random guesses ended up taking out powerful people 🙂

  173. @Kritika, YES! So- It is this comment, and the first paragraph, the start of each sentence spells out “JO IS TOWN”

    And Kritika, don’t sell yourself short, you guys did a great job! (But I do agree that there is always some element of luck to any Game, so I get what you are saying!)

    @Jo, I couldn’t protect myself on Night 4 because I did on Night 3- which I REALLY regret, because I absolutely would have role claimed on Day 4 if I had the ability to protect myself. And I wasn’t sure Shari was Town or anything! I mean- I found the fact that she suddenly was really defensive quite shady! So… I went with it hahha. Unsuccessfully, of course 😂

  174. I’m cackling a little bit, reading the Mafia chat and how some thought I might be Sydney. I guess if I had been targeted early and gone down because of that suspicion, that would’ve been worth it to protect Josephine a bit longer? lol

    I totally didn’t mean that “Playing Mafia” comment the way Greg pointed out, but clever to think to possibly use it against me. I’m not sure if I would’ve been able to convince people of my innocence. >.<

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