Vicious Edition

Bookish Games Vicious Edition

The Big Picture

Two ex-college roommates with extraordinary abilities. One wants to eradicate every other super-powered person that he can find. The other wants to stop him, no matter what it takes.

Which extraordinary man will be left alive at the end of it all? And who will help them achieve their goals along the way? It is up to you to decide in this latest edition of The Bookish Games: Vicious.

Inspiration: V. E. Schwab’s Vicious

The Players (Winners)

  1. Jade @ Bedtime Bookworm as Eli, Team Eli (Mafia), Bulletproof 2x Strongman
  2. Kritika @ Snowflakes and Spider Silk as Dane, Team Eli (Mafia), Goon
  3. Greg @ Book Haven as Stell, Team Eli (Mafia), Goon
  4. Beth @ Beth Wade as Serena, Team Eli (Mafia), Roleblocker

The Players (Eliminated)

  1. D1 Vote Jeann @ Happy Indulgence as Betty, Team Victor (Town), Townie
  2. N1 KillJenn @  The Bookish Ginger as Victoria, Team Victor (Town), Vengeful
  3. D2 Vote – Stephen (@MyBookishLife) as Dominic, Team Victor (Town), Odd-Night Commuter
  4. N2 Kill – Asiya @ Literary Head as Dol, Team Victor (Town), Informed Bodyguard
  5. D3 Vote – Sana @ Artsy Musings of a Bibliophile as Heather, Team Victor (Town), Townie
  6. D3 Disqualification – Kait @ Kait Plus Books as Mitch, Team Victor (Town), 1x Bulletproof
  7. N3 Kill – Joséphine @ Word Revel as Sydney, Team Victor (Town), 1x Reviver
  8. N3 Kill – Anne (@amengelhart) as Erica, Team Eli (Mafia), Goon
  9. D4 Vote – Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight as Victor, Team Victor (Town), Cop/Doctor
  10. N4 Kill – Crini (@xcrini) as Barry, Team Victor (Town), 2x Vigilante
  11. N4 Kill – Harker @ The Hermit Librarian as Samantha, Team Victor (Town), Townie
  12. Elin @ Annotated Paperbacks as Amanda, Team Victor (Town), Townie
  13. Dana (@DanaBartelt) as Whitney, Team Victor (Town), Townie
  14. Shari @ Colour Me Read as Charlie, Team Victor (Town), Townie
  15. Asiya @ Literary Head as Dol, Team Victor (Town), Informed Bodyguard [Revived Night Three]


  1. Asti @ atypicalnarrative (mod)
  2. Inge @ Of Wonderland (mod)
  3. Maraia (@maraiazoo)
  4. Heidi (@heidwella)

The Links

  • Sign-up post
  • Spectators 
  • Day One – The Day started off with mostly random votes, but eventually shifted onto Stephen due to his lack of participation. Once he managed to make an appearance, voters were torn between him, Beth, Crini, Jeann, and Asiya. In the end, Jeann was eliminated with five votes, the first Town casualty.
  • Night One
  • Day Two – Players awoke to news of Jenn’s death, another Town casualty.
    Though players had information they could analyse and work with from the previous Day and Night eliminations, the focus primarily revolved around possible roles that may exist in the game and player inactivity. Kait initially was the target for elimination due to her possible disqualification, but once she made an appearance votes shifted back to Day One’s targets of Stephen and Beth. In the end, Stephen was eliminated with six votes, the Town’s third casualty.
  • Night Two
  • Day Three – With the Night elimination of Asiya, the Town’s death count has risen to four.
    The majority of the votes focused around three players: Sana, Shannon, and Anne. Sana and Shannon were mainly suspects due to their lack of voting at the end of Day Two (though other reasons were also introduced). Anne was a suspect due to her theories regarding possible connections between players, voting history, and defensiveness.
    The votes flipped back and forth multiple times before the deadline, but in the end Sana was eliminated and revealed to be the Town’s fifth casualty.
  • Night Three
  • Day Four – Three eliminated players were revealed upon the start of Day Four, including our first Mafia teammate (Joséphine, Kait, and Anne).
    From the beginning, Shannon was the main target for lynching. No other players received any votes (apart from Shannon’s) until the last 48 hours of the Day. At this time, Shari started to accrue votes but it still looked like Shannon’s fate was set in stone.
    Then, twelve minutes before deadline pure sanity erupted. Having cancelled her vote for Shannon earlier in the Day, Dana decided to switch her vote to Shari, creating a tie between the two. Knowing that if a tie occurs no elimination will take place, players panicked. And, in the last minute before deadline, Jade changed her vote to Shannon, resulting in the Town’s eighth casualty. RIP Victor.
  • Night Four
  • Game Over – Includes behind-the-scenes information such as set-up secrets, Night Action submissions, etc.
  • Night Actions Form