Nevernight Edition

Nevernight edition

The Big Picture

Mia is attending a school for assassins where trouble lurks around every corner. The Republic wants them gone, the instructors have no problem killing off students, and even fellow classmates can’t be trusted. With danger around every corner, will Mia be able to find others to work with to eliminate all threats? Only time will tell…

Inspiration: Jay Kristoff’s Nevernight


The Players (Winners)

The Players (Eliminated)


  1. Asti (@astistenning(mod)
  2. Inge (@ingeswonderland) (mod)
  3. Maraia (@maraiazoo)
  4. Crini (@xcrini)
  5. Sana (@artsymusings)
  6. Joséphine (@wordrevel)
  7. Holly (@skizzles22)

The Links

  • Sign-up post
  • Spectators 
  • Day One – The votes started off random, as they always do for Day One, and mostly stayed that way until the last two hours before deadline. It looked like the Day might end in a tie between Harker and Val, but with two minutes to go Kritika switched her vote to Harker thus securing the first mafia elimination.
  • Night One
  • Day Two – Multiple players entered Day Two with their eyes on Jenn. Though she ultimately helped vote Harker out the Day before, many felt the timing was questionable. Torn between Jenn and Dana, votes flew around the last few minutes of the Day with Jenn ultimately getting eliminated and revealed as mafia.
  • Night Two
  • Day Three – Apart from Doctorgate, Day Three was a mostly calm Day. Anna, Megan, and Dana were the primary targets of suspicion, with Anna being eventually voted out due to her playing under the radar and last minute vote for Jenn the previous Day. She was mafia.
  • Night Three
  • Day Four – With the reveal of Jeann’s Doctor role, Doctorgate ended and Dana entered the spotlight once again as a primary suspect. This combined with information from Kritika’s “little birdy” (which Shannon and Rashika seemed to support based off their own private information) resulted in her mafia elimination.
  • Day Five – After Kritika’s reveal from the previous Day was confirmed, players come to an early agreement to follow her investigative results and eliminate Shannon. And after some fun chaos at the end of the Day, Shannon was confirmed as our last “Not Town” player.
  • Game Over – Includes behind-the-scenes information such as twists built into the set-up, Night Action submissions, MVP statuses, etc.
  • Day-by-Day Recap – A breakdown of the main events that occured each Day of the game that impacted the outcome.