Spectator Discussion Area

Welcome Spectators!

So you didn’t get to join in The Bookish Games?  No worries!  You still get to watch all the action and have your own guesses as to who is on which team.

To limit confusion, it is requested that you do not comment on the game’s posts that go up each week.  The game should be focused on those who have signed up playing, without outside influence.  No help allowed. (Plus, if you do comment, someone might mistakenly think you’re in the game and try to vote for you. What a waste of a vote!)

So, if you want to discuss, do it here. Feel free to speculate, comment, criticize, or just say hi.

32 thoughts on “Spectator Discussion Area”

  1. I want to see some blood. I’ve come here to watch people fight to the death not have a picnic! I will be watching… Don’t let me down…

  2. Woah. Hahahaha cooooool. Aww I wish I had time for this :C My schedule is just so indefinite 😦 But anyway, good luck to the tributes and to Katniss! YAY! I’ll just go ahead and watch all the amusing commenting heehee 😀

  3. Haha, yes it is a little confusing! I sent those who signed up a fairly long email with explanations and examples in hopes that it’d help clear things up, but I think even some of them are confused. Hopefully as the game goes on it’ll all clear up. If it goes well and people are interested, I’ll do another one in the future 🙂

  4. Yes, it does require active participation (I requested players stop by to comment at least twice a week) so it can be hard if you’ve got a lot going on. Hopefully it’ll still be fun to watch 😉

  5. OH! Now they’re starting to run around the imaginary field and grab stuff from the imaginary cornucopia! Cooool XD Heehee still waiting for the voting though! I can bet that post is going to be chock full of random comments by the end of it (good luck with sorting them out Effie Asti!).

  6. Haha! Yes, it is quite fun reading their commentary. Everyone’s just afraid to make the first move… but wait! Shannelle just has. I admire her bravery! Hopefully her vote will make things interesting 😉

  7. I’m enjoying this so far! Seems like everyone is finding Trish the most suspicious, ooooh! Just wanna say GO RITA! I’m rooting for you 😉

  8. I can’t believe I missed out on the video coming up… but hey, I suppose that was good since I got to see the first blood being drawn. Er, I mean the first vote being cast. Your vlog was super cute, and I’ll be coming back for more (one blogger looked like she was about to get voted off by the end already o.O).

  9. Haha! Yup, it took a little while but the players are starting to attack each other. I sometimes have difficulty following their logic, but enjoy it just the same. I’ll have a lot of fun recapping it when the next post goes up on Saturday, I’m sure.

    And yes, while most of the votes were spread out, there have been some groupings! The votes don’t officially get tallied for an elimination until Thursday though, so there’s plenty of time for things to change!

  10. Nope, but the roles are sort of reversed. “Team Katniss” is actually the “bad guys” in this game. Everyone on TK knows who each other are, and get to kill someone each night. The Tributes don’t know who each other are and have to work together to try and figure out who they can trust and attempt to eliminate TK. Obviously they’re not doing too well! The undercover TK players are doing a great job so far!

  11. Okay wow Day 4 was so intense!! idk but I feel like everything’s a little too good to be true if Leanne is the cop and can investigate certain members. Just feels so weird for her to out her role like that… What if she’s actually Team Katniss who is trying to get the TTs in trouble and targeted by TK? :O :O

  12. Haha yes, the last day was definitely crazy! Well, this whole game is crazy. Anyone can claim that they have special powers or on a certain team, and it’s really just up to everyone else to decide whether or not to trust them! Of course, I know all the answers, but I’ll never tell 😉

  13. Oops. So I missed that explanation. At least they killed off one of TK this past night, though. The Tributes will have to make a comeback and quickly if they’re to survive.

    Are you going to do this feature again? This might be hard on your end to manage, but it’d be cool if the spectators were able to send pick-me-ups to the players. I can’t participate in the actual games (assuming you repeat the feature) because I have a very hard time keeping up with my blog as is, but I’d love to participate every once in a while o.O. It’s a really cool feature. Will you do a special edition for when CF comes out?

  14. Haha. I did think about somehow involving spectators, but decided against it because a) it’d be more work (selfish, I know) and b) I thought it would become too much of a popularity contest with some people getting upset that they’re not getting help like others. I think I’ll try to work something out for spectators in the next game, but it probably still won’t be involvement. Maybe like gambling, but without money? Like people can put forth their guesses about who is who during parts of the game, and win a badge or something? I’m not sure. I’ll have to think more about it for the next one.

    I do plan on doing the game again, but with different books. I’ve decided I’ll do it every 3-4 months based on interest and switch up the theme. My current plan is to do a Harry Potter edition starting in December. Then the next one will take place in either March or April and be based off Divergent since the movie will be coming out. That’s the plan anyways!

  15. Gambling would be great and the Harry Potter edition would work wonderfully in December. I believe there are a bunch of bloggers who are planning on rereading the series around then too :). And wootz! for the Divergent tie-in. That’d get people pumped up about the movie. I am a bit already – did you see the teaser trailer?

    Alsooo lol, the games aren’t going to last much longer, are they? Only 3 TTs left, right?

  16. It really just depends. I’m guessing the game will continue until my hiatus, so probably three more weeks? But there are so many things I can’t control an it’s really up to the players to either find TK or eliminate TT so it could go either way. And of course, can’t confirm how many TT or TK are left. Dum udum dummm!

    I haven’t seen the Divergent teaser trailer yet, I”m off to go look it up now though!

  17. Could you make it a memorable death? 😀 Like, after killing several TK members, they located me and they destroyed me because I was a treat. Oh yeah, that sounds great. Perhaps I was struck by arrows.

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