Harry Potter Edition

The Big Picture

(Inspired by Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix)

The students at Hogwarts are in trouble. There are threats to the school behind every corner, and it is up to Harry Potter and his friends to find those threats and eliminate them. But who can they trust? With the ability to change one’s appearance to look like someone else, players have to be careful. In the end, the only thing they can do is go off of their instinct and whatever evidence they can find.

Will Harry Potter and his friends eliminate all the threats to Hogwarts? Or shall the evil forces surrounding Hogwarts succeed in ridding the world of the school once and for all?

(Variation of the game Mafia)

The Links

  • “Night” Actions Submission Form – If you have a special role that allows for an “action” to happen at night, here is the place to submit your desired action.
  • Page 0-0Password “HarryPotterRecap” This is a recap of everything that went down during the game including who was eliminated and when, what special powers were used, and if any warnings/eliminations took place.
  • Page 1-0Password “welovedeath”Team Death Eater’s chat page where they discussed who they would like to eliminate each Night along with who they would be sending to complete the kill
  • Page 2-0Password “wegotogether”The Masons chat page (Amy and Rita) where they were allowed to talk gameplay with each other Day or Night and knew of each other’s identities/alliances
  • Page 3-0Password “goodbyecruelworld”Dead Player page! Any players who were eliminated from the game were given the password if they wanted to continue the discussion.
  • Page 4-0 – Password “kissmebaby”Team Dementor’s chat page where they discussed who they would like to eliminate each Night along with who they would be sending to complete the kill

The Players

Team DA Survivors

  • Sana @ Artsy Musings of a Bibliophile as Justin Finch-Fletchley, 2x Vigilante (able to kill at Night twice in the game)
  • Holly @ A DayDreamers Thoughts as Harry Potter, Unlynchable (cannot be voted off during Day), Roleblocker (able to block one person each Night from power)
  • Annie @ The Runaway Reader as Padma Patil, Townie (no special powers)
  • Emma @ A World of Books as Neville Longbottom, Bulletproof (cannot be killed at Night)
  • Terri @ Starlight Book Reviews as Marietta Edgecomb, Townie (no special powers)

Eliminated: Team Dumbledore’s Army

  • Sam @ The Little Munchkin Reader as Hannah Abbott, Townie (no special powers)
  • Lillian @ Books and Cake as Terry Boot, Back-up Cop (turns into cop if current one dies)
  • Charli @ To Another World as Ginny Weasley, Townie (no special powers)
  • Christina @ Christina Reads YA as Susan Bones, Back-up Doctor (takes over as Doctor if current one is eliminated)
  • Sarah @ GirlReporter as Colin Creevey, Townie (no special powers)
  • Shannelle @ The Art of Escapism as Angelina Johnson, Townie (no special powers)
  • Megan @ Adrift on Vulcan as Fred Weasley, Cop (investigates one person each Night to determine alliance)
  • Fionnuala @ Books for Birds as Seamus Finnigan, Townie (no special powers)
  • Amy @ Amy Bookworm as Hermione Granger, Mason (able to talk to other Mason in private room anytime)
  • Gaby @ Queen Ella Bee Reads as Parvati Patil, Townie (no special powers)
  • Jenn @ A Glo-Worm Reads as Dennis Creevey, Role Cop (able to investigate one person each Night to determine special role)
  • Rita @ Weaving Pages as Ron Weasley, Mason (able to talk to other Mason in private room anytime)
  • Mel @ The Daily Prophecy as Luna Lovegood, Doctor (able to protect one person each Night)
  • Orli @ Blame My Bookshelf as Dean Thomas, Townie (no special powers)
  • Daphne @ Winged Reviews as Katie Bell, Townie (no special powers)
  • Nara @ Looking for the Panacea as Zacharias Smith, Vengeful (if voted off during Day, whoever she last voted for would be eliminated with her)
  • Laura @ Music Plus Books as George Weasley, Paranoid Cop (able to investigate one person each Night to determine alliance, but results always “Not Team DA”)
  • Miranda @ Tempest Books as Lee Jordan, Townie (no special powers)
  • Briana @ Pages Unbound as Cho Chang, Townie (no special powers)

Eliminated: Team Death Eaters

  • Kelley @ Another Novel Read as Bellatrix Lestrange, Goon (no special powers)
  • Lauren @ The Prince of Ink as Lucius Malfoy, Goon (no special powers)
  • Shelly @ Readiculous Reads as Severus Snape, Goon (no special powers)
  • Cayce @ Fighting Dreamer as Lord Voldemort, Bulletproof Investigative-Immune Godfather (cannot be killed at Night, if investigated results also show powerless Team DA member)

Eliminated: Team Dementors

  • Nikki @ The Paper Sea as Vitsuga, Role-Cop (able to investigate one person each Night to determine special role)
  • Charlotte @ Gypsy Reviews as Iblis, 1x Strongman (able to complete one unstoppable kill for team during game)
  • Lauren @ Lose Time Reading as Mozkomar, Roleblocker (able to block one person each Night from completing action)

Eliminated: Unaligned

  • Leanne @ Literary Excursion as the Whomping Willow, Serial Killer (able to kill off one person each Night), Investigative-Immune (if investigated by any Cop the results show that she is on Team DA as a Townie), 2x Bulletproof (cannot be killed off at Night the first two times she is targeted by an evil force)

The Game

  • Day OneThe main suspects Day One were Charli and Sam. Charli was accused of starting a bandwagon on Sam, while Sam aroused suspicion due to her quick vote withdrawal and quiet behavior. In the end, Sam was eliminated with 11 votes, resulting in the first Team DA fatality.
  • Day Two – Players woke up to find one player eliminated: Lillian, the Back-up Cop for Team DA. Votes ended up spreading out between Charli, Mel, and Rita, but eventually players chose to eliminate Charli who narrowly survived Day One. Charli was also a member of Team DA.
  • Day Three– Day Three started with a blood bath. Between eliminations and disqualifications, six Team DA players were removed from the game. After struggling with votes between Amy and Daphne, a tie came into play and neither player was eliminated.
  • Day Four – During Night Three two more Team DA players were eliminated, including Amy who narrowly avoided elimination during the Day. After going back and forth with discussion revolving around Daphne and Sana, players eventually decided to see if their other main suspect from Day Three truly was guilty and voted Daphne off.
  • Day Five – Players were really confused were to turn after finding FOUR Team DA players eliminated during Night Four. Suddenly those who revealed their Team DA alliance were found dead, and hope was starting to disappear. Votes were spread far and wide, but Team DA were lucky in that with just four votes they were able to eliminate the unaligned SK from the game.
  • Day Six – Finally Team DA caught a break when they awoke on Day Six to find that two baddies were eliminated, and each were from a different team. While players rejoiced in their stroke of luck, they still weren’t sure who to vote for and struggled between two main suspects: Holly and Annie. In the end, they chose to eliminate Holly. In a twist, Holly wasn’t eliminated but instead was revealed as Harry Potter the Unlynchable.
  • Day Seven – It seems the Bookish Games Gods are finally shining upon Team DA. After waking to the news of another Death Eater death from Night Six, Team DA pulled together to eliminate another Death Eater by the end of Day Seven. Can it be, are they finally making their comeback?!
  • Day Eight – Team DA awoke to find only one death after Night Seven. It was finally revealed that their cop Laura was actually a Paranoid Cop whose results were of no real help. With little else to go on, players mainly focused on name reveals to lead their thoughts, but even that led to only more confusion when two people admitted to having similar roles…
  • Day Nine – Team DA lost a huge player with the Night elimination of Miranda. Without her, Day Nine was quiet with players only managing to make a vote when threatened by the deadline. Luckily for them, they made the right vote and eliminated Lord Voldemort himself.
  • Day Ten – The day started with another DA casualty (Briana) and players were at a lost trying to figure out who was evil, how many people were evil and what they should do next. Votes didn’t start until the last twenty-four hours and they were split between three different people, but somehow Team DA managed to target the right person: Lauren, the Dementor Roleblocker, was voted off.
  • Game Over – With Team DA’s vote during Day Ten voting off the last Mafia member, it was revealed the next Day that they had won the game!

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