Divergent Edition


The world is divided into five factions: the Erudite, the Dauntless, the Amity, the Abnegation, and the Candor. Just when you thought they could all five live together in peaceful harmony, a faction decides to turn against the others. Can Tris and the other Dauntless find their enemy and rid them before their own death is put in motion? Will bravery, honesty, selflessness, peace, or intelligence help lead the way to victory? Only one way to find out…

(Variation of the game Mafia; Theme Inspired by Divergent by Veronica Roth)



Congrats to Team Dauntless for Winning The Bookish Games: Divergent Edition! Check out this post to see all the behind-the-scenes information and gain access to the private pages!


2. Emily @ Constellation Chronicles
4. Nadia @ Nadia Reads
8. Ren @ Words in a Teacup
9. Charley
12. Amy @ Amy Bookworm
13. Lauren @ Lose Time Reading


D1 Vote – Charli @ To Another World as Tori, Dauntless, Doctor
N1 Death – Rinn @ Rinn Reads as Caleb, Erudite, Roleblocker
D2 Vote – Andrea @ Books and Bindings as Lynn, Dauntless, Townie
D3 Vote – Amber @ The Mile Long Bookshelf as Zeke, Dauntless, Townie
N3 Death – Georgia @ The Reader Ramblings as Myra, Dauntless, Townie

N3 Death – Briana @ Pages Unbound as Drew, Dauntless, Paranoid Cop
D4 Vote – Laura @ Laura Plus Books as Max, Dauntless, Neighbor
N4 Death – Miranda @ Tempest Books as Molly, Dauntless, Deputy
D5 VoteIzzi as Marlene, Dauntless, Townie
D6 Vote – Holly @ A Day Dreamer’s Thoughts as Shauna, Dauntless, Townie
N6 Death – Jenn @ A Glo-Worm Reads as Tris, Dauntless, Divergent, Jack-of-all-Trades
N7 DeathSana @ Artsy Musings of a Bibliophile as Jeanine, Team Erudite, Investigative Immune Godfather
N7 DeathJosephine @ Dudette Reads as Edward, Team Dauntless, Nurse
D8 VoteMel @ The Daily Prophecy as Eric, Team Erudite, Neighbor

Replacement – Charlotte @ Gypsy Reviews replaced by Sana @ Artsy Musings of a Bibliophile during Night Three



  • GoogleDocs – Master Sheet – Spreadsheet that contains information about each Day’s votes, each Night’s actions, and all eliminations. Just click on the tabs at the bottom of the sheet to see what went down.
  • Page N – Neighbors Page (password: howdyneighbor) – The Neighbors consisted of three players who could communicate anytime, Day or Night, on a private page. The main difference between Neighbors and Masons (which I used in the past), is that Neighbors don’t actually know the alliance of each other.
  • Page DP – Dead Player Page (password: imaghost) – Dead Players (or spectators who were interested) could gain access to this page to discuss the game outside of the main posts.
  • Page EHQ – Erudite Headquarters Page (password: thebrains) – Team Erudite were allowed to discuss each Night which players they want to recruit and/or kill. Note: only those who were full Team Erudite members, and not Dauntless Traitors, could access this page.