Bring Your Own Character Edition

The Big Picture

For this edition, the unthinkable happened: the moderators gave the power of character creation to the players.

Every player has a unique character and special role, but who is who? Who knows! With every character in existence an option, anything is possible.

There’s only one thing we can guarantee: this edition is going to be absolute madness.


The Players (Winners)

  1. Megan (@Megan_Roze) as Feyre from ACOMAF, Team Cult, Cult Leader (able to recruit one person per Night into the Cult)
  2. Crini (@xcrini) as Gretchen Lowell, Team Serial Killer, Serial Killer (able to kill one person per Night), Team Cult, Cultist
  3. T Alex Harker @ The Hermit Librarian (replacement for T) as Andrew from Foxhole Court, Team Town, Babysitter (able to protect one person per Night, if targeted for a Night kill while protecting another player both die), Team Cult, Cultist

The Players (Eliminated)

  1. D1 Vote – Anne (@amengelhart) as Lying Cat (Saga), Team Town, Lie Detector and Mailman
  2. N1 Death – Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight as Thelonious Jaha (The 100), Team Town, Neighbourizer
  3. D2 VoteJenn (@bookish_ginger) as Yrene (Town of Dawn), Team Town, Doctor
  4. N2 Death – Val (@InnocentSmileyx) as Anastasia Steele (50 Shades of Grey), Team Town, Absorber
  5. N2 Death – Harker @ The Hermit Librarian as AIDAN (The Illuminae Files), Team Town, Jack-of-all-Trades
  6. N2 Death – Dana Jan (@DanaBartelt) as Gandalf (Lord of the Rings), Team Town, Governor Team Cult, Cultist
  7. D3 Death – Rashika (@RTheBookOwl as Bella Swan from Twilight, Team Town, Bulletproof (unable to be killed by ordinary means during the Night)
  8. N3 Death – Sana (@artsymusings) as Joseph Kavinsky from The Dream Thieves, Team Arsonist, Arsonist (able to ignite one player per Night causing their death, players must first be primed during a Night before they can be ignited)
  9. Kerys (@kerys_howarddd) as Katniss from The Hunger Games, Team Town, Deflector (able to deflect Night actions targeted at one player onto a different player)
  10. Charli (@charli_c_) as Tori Spring from Solitaire, Team Town, Vigilante (able to kill one person per Night)


  1. Asti (@astistenning(mod)
  2. Inge (@ingeswonderland) (mod)
  3. Maraia (@maraiazoo)
  4. Beth (@ArtemisHi)
  5. Greg (@GregsBookHaven)
  6. Joséphine (@wordrevel)
  7. Kritika (@spidersilksnow)

The Links

  • Sign-up post
  • Spectators (password: dead)
  • Day One – No one knew what to do Day One, but that’s nothing new. T led in votes for a majority of the Day, originally due to the belief they were working as an alias and then due to their inactivity, but that all changed within the last two minutes of Day One. Deciding to “go big or go home” Shannon changed her vote to Anne and then Sana followed suit in order to ensure that Anne could not save herself by creating a tie. This, combined with T’s random vote and Dana’s vote retaliation, was enough votes for Anne to be eliminated and revealed as the first Town casualty.
  • Night One
  • Day Two – Day Two started with the announcement of another eliminated Town member: Shannon. Players initially focused on discussing Shannon’s revealed power and possible reasons she was eliminated during the Night, but eventually the conversation shifted to Harker and her regular contribution towards speculations. Harker and Jenn were the only two players to receive more than one vote during the course of the Day and thanks to two last-minute vote switches by Dana and Rashika, Jenn was eliminated and revealed as our third eliminated Town player.
  • Night Two
  • Day ThreeDay Three started with a bang as not only were three players murdered during the Night but also the existence of a Cult was finally revealed. Unfortunately, the Town was not able to use this information to its advantage and spent the day mostly avoiding each other. After a calm deadline (which almost never happens), Rashika was voted off and revealed as another Team Town player.
  • Night Three
  • Game Over With Sana’s elimination Night Three and another successful recruitment for the Cult, the game ended with a Cult victory.
  • Night Actions Form