Day 1

  • Votes mostly random. Players with more than one vote: MiKayla (for suggesting to Kerrie they cancel their votes for each other and team up), Harker (for voting MiKayla/pointing out their “teaming up” comment), Siena/Siran (for voting Harker then quickly changing it to Edward without explanation)
  • Siena/Siran receives most votes but of course is 1x Deathproof as Rhy. This activates Rhy’s Half-Sibling and Mason status, with Rhy dying if Kell does and granting them the ability to chat in private page.

Night 1

  • Pen Pals Beth and Edward write letters to be exchanged but then Beth is recruited so letter Edward receives anonymously is from his new recruited teammate, lol.
  • Jenn sees Shannon M visit herself (since self-healed as Doc).
  • Meeghan gifts vest to Harker. Though it works right away due to Order of Actions, it doesn’t block Harker’s poisoning as it only blocks normal night kill attempts such as by those of the mafia or vigilante.
  • MiKayla gifts water to Siena/Siran: “I would like to give Siena with some water because they deserve it after that close call.”

Day 2

  • Random cheese convo, which was then used to help highlight Beth’s Insane role with cheese puns and even a vote for parmesan.
  • Votes originally mainly focused on Jeremy and Siran, which is funny because voting either would likely result in no lynch. (Jeremy = 1x Governor and Siran = Half-Sibling)
  • Kerrie correctly guesses that the reason Siran cannot be killed is because she may be Rhy and her fate is connected to whoever Kell is, but instead of putting any weight to that theory people use it to suggest that maybe Siran is actually Holland and connected to Athos instead?
  • Harker’s vote controlled to vote for Nicole. Players (correctly) assume Vote Thief at work.
  • Edward receives most votes due to bandwagoning nature. As Cultafia Leader, both he and recruit Beth die! Boo 😥
  • Edward being voted out resulted in Amber (Holland) achieving half her win condition – as Usurper not only did she want Team White London to win but she also wanted Edward to die before the game ended.

Night 2

  • Harker investigates Kritika but investigative-immune so results show innocent.
  • Both Shannon M (Doctor) and Dana (Bodyguard) attempt to protect Harker but protections don’t work on previous Night’s actions so Harker still going to die by poison.
  • Both the Cultafia and Third-Party target Meeghan for elimination. Meeghan dies instantly by Cultafia ruining Third-Party’s poisoning. (Somewhat sad because due to our poisoning logic (1 vote = 1 Day), Meeghan would’ve died at the end of the following Day resulting in a possible triple elimination (her + Harker from poisoning and whoever receives most votes) = chaos! >:)

Day 3

  • Votes mostly split between Megan and Siran, our two Masons. If Megan would’ve received the most votes they would’ve both died but due to Siran’s unexpected commenting ways players voted for Siran instead resulting in no elimination. (Siran is deathproof until Megan dies.)
  • Nicole votes for Megan, our first Kell/Lila interaction, resulting in Nicole receiving the 1x Commuter ability (commuting abilites granted to all Antari).
  • Harker’s poisoning finally takes full effect and is eliminated at the end of Day Three. Laura absorbs 1x use of Harker’s Cop power as a result of successful poisoning.

Night 3

  • MiKayla gifts Shannon M some tea because ” other Shannon already has T(ea)”.
  • Laura used her Vote Thief ability to force Megan to vote for Jeremy the next Day, but the Cultafia targeted Jeremy for elimination, which means Day Four Megan has to vote for a player who is no longer alive in the game! Ha.
  • Jenn watches Megan and sees both Anna and Laura visit her. Anna roleblocked Megan that Night and Laura used her Vote Thief/Poisoner abilities on her. Dun dun DUNNNNN.

Day 4

  • Megan votes Jeremy right away, pretty much confirming her vote being stolen.
  • Votes were a bit all over the place during Day Four. Twelve hours before deadline it was: Jeremy (1), Nicole (3), Megan (2), Anna (2), Dana (1). Then Jenn came in and dropped the bomb: she used her Watcher power to spy Anna and Laura visiting Megan during Night Three. It’s assumed one of the players who visited Megan are therefore the Vote Thief and players quickly join the Anna bandwagon since she is the one with votes already.
  • Anna self-reveals as Roleblocker and states she visited Megan to block her because everyone previously shared suspicions of her, yet she still voted off. RIP.

Night 4

  • Mikayla gifts Kritika drink of martini because “She didn’t press me when I used the newbie excuse so cheers to her.”
  • The Cultafia decide they should target someone off the radar so as to minimize the chances of Jenn seeing them complete their kill, but then choose to eliminate the exact person Jenn is watching that Night! Jenn sees Kritika kill Krista. What are the odds?
  • Laura Poisons/uses her Vote Thief ability on Kritika, which means that Kritika must vote Jenn Day Five (which pretty much means Kritika has a lot working against her going into Day Five, yikes!).

Day 5

  • Laura admits right away that she is a Vote Thief. As players were assuming the previous Day that the Poisoner and Vote Thief might be two separate roles Laura is hoping by claiming the lesser of the two evils she may continue to survive?
  • Players start to think that if the Vote Thief and Poisoner are two separate people maybe Megan is the Poisoner? They come to this conclusion because Anna roleblocked Megan the previous Day and no one extra died at the end of the Day like before – so maybe her Poisoning was roleblocked?
  • Kritika votes Jenn, because she has to.
  • Jenn drops her next big reveal: she watched Krista the Night before and only saw Kritika visit her. With Krista now dead, Kritika must be a baddy. Even with this reveal, votes were slow to shift due to Harker’s trust of Kritika earlier in the game.
  • Kritika eliminated due to votes (5 vs Megan’s 4), but Megan eliminated anyways as Poisoning from Laura takes affect and Siran dies with her due to Half-Sibling status.

Night 5

  • Mikayla gifts Jenn drink of martini just in case she needs to prove she’s a Drink Vendor.
  • Amber decides to commute from game after being spooked by Jenn’s successful elimination of Kritika. This commuting blocks Nicole from being able to successfully steal an item from Amber, gaining a clue to her identity.
  • Kerrie writes a Pen Pal letter to see if any other Pen Pals remain in the game but no one responds.
  • Jenn watches Shannon M visit Shannon M once again.
  • Laura decides to only use Poisoner power after self-claiming as Vote Thief during previous Day and poisons MiKayla. As MiKayla voted only once during previous Day she is set to die at the end of the following Day, Day Six.

Day 6

  • Players shift their attention back to Laura as they are unsure what character could be Town-aligned with the power of Vote Thief. Kerrie suggests that maybe Laura is Tieren and Laura confirms.
  • As soon as Laura claims she is Tieren, Shannon M drops a bomb: she is Tieren the Doctor and has been adding the word “Doctor” to a post almost each Day in the game in an attempt to leave a breadcrumb trail of her innocence and WHAM BAM here come all the votes on Laura as a result.
  • Laura is voted out and confirmed as the Vote Thief and Poisoner (and Absorber and other things). MiKayla dies from Laura’s poisoning.

Night 6

  • The two self-revealed Townies, Jenn as Watcher and Shannon M as Doctor, aim for each other at Night. Shannon M protects Jenn to make sure she doesn’t die and Jenn watches Shannon M to make sure that if targeted she can determine who baddy is.
  • Amber attempts to kill Jenn but is blocked by Shannon M’s protection.

Day 7

  • Nicole reveals as an investigative player and states that between reveals and her results her two main suspects are Amber and Shannon T. The Night she attempted to investigate Amber though she received no results, so assuming that Holland is the last anti-Town player in the game and has Commuter powers similar to other Antari, Nicole decided to lead the vote for Amber. Players decided to trust Nicole’s logic and vote Amber, resulting in our final anti-Town elimination.