ADSOM Edition


The Big Picture

Kell, one of the last Antari with abilities to travel between parallel Londons, has found himself in a dangerous situation as a result of his smuggling ways. With the help of a cut-purse with lofty aspirations, Delilah Bard, he has to find a way to make things right – but that’s not quite so easy when others with strong control of magic are working so hard to tear things apart.

Will Kell and Delilah be able to work together to save the worlds or will all be lost to the evil that so desperately wishes to control it? There’s only one way to find out…

Inspiration: V. E. Schwab’s A Darker Shade of Magic

The Players (Winners)

    1. Shannon M (@ShannonMiz) (she/her) as Tieren, Team Red London, Doctor
    2. Dana (@DanaBartelt) (she/her) as Gen, Team Red London, Bodyguard
    3. Jenn (@bookish_ginger) (she/her) as Ned Tuttle, Team Grey London, Watcher
    4. Shannon T as Powell, Team Grey London, Miller
    5. Kerrie (@lovekerrie) as Prince Regent George, Team Grey London, Back-up Pen Pal
    6. Nicole (@tardigradeTay) as Lila, Team Grey London, Thief, 1x Commuter

The Players (Eliminated)

  1. Beth (@ArtemisHi) (she/her) as King George, Team White London, Cultafia Recruit, Insane Team Grey London, Pen Pal
  2. Edward (@amaltheia) (he/him) as Athos, Team White London, Cultafia Leader, Pen Pal, Roleblocker
  3. Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads (she/her) as Calla, Team Red London, Inventor
  4. Harker @ The Hermit Librarian (they/them) as Barron, Team Grey London, Informed, Cop, 1x Bulletproof
  5. Jeremy (he/him) as King Maxim, Team Red London, 1x Governor
  6. Anna (@AnnaJJacobson1) as Aldus, Team Red London, Roleblocker
  7. Krista as Parrish, Team Red London, Back-Up Bodyguard
  8. Megan Rose (@Megan_Roze) (she/her) as Kell, Team Red London, 2x Commuter, Mailman, Mason
  9. Siran (@ToukhanianSiran) as Rhy, Team Red London, 1x Deathproof turned Half-Sibling, Mason
  10. Kritika (@Spidersilksnow) (she/her) as Astrid, Team White London, Framer, Investigative-Immune, Back-up Pen Pal
  11. Laura (@laurakat_henryas Vitari, Team Black London, Poisoner, Vote Thief, Absorber, Non-Recruitable, Investigative-Immune
  12. MiKayla (@OriginalgayP) (she/her) as Fauna, Team Grey London, Drink Vendor
  13. Amber (@YAIndulgences) (she/her) as Holland, Team White London, Usurper, 2x Commuter


  1. Asti (@astistenning) (mod)
  2. Inge (@ingeswonderland) (mod)
  3. Crini (@xcrini) (mod)
  4. Anne (@amengelhart)
  5. Val (@InnocentSmileyX)
  6. Jane (@jfhoman)
  7. Greg @ Greg’s Book Haven
  8. Jade (@bedtimebkworm)
  9. Joséphine (@wordrevel)
  10. Maraia (@maraiazoo)

The Links

  • Sign-up post
  • Spectators
  • Day One – Votes were mostly random as to be expected at the start of a new game, but eventually shifted towards MiKayla and Harker for their back and forth over a teaming comment. In the end, Siena (later replaced by Siran) received the most votes due to a partially unexplained vote change and shocked players by not being eliminated?
  • Night One
  • Day/Night Two (Masons)
  • Day Two – While the Day started with a focus on Siran and Jeremy as suspects, all was tossed into chaos once cheese dominated the conversation and Beth realised she had no control of her votes. Luckily, the Town managed to rally together at the last minute to vote out Edward due to his “bandwagoning” nature, securing their first Cultafia elimination. Beth, a Cultafia recruit, was eliminated as well.
  • Night Two
  • Day/Night Three (Masons)
  • Day Three – Siran and Megan were main two players in spotlight during Day Three, with Siran receiving the most votes at the end of the Day. Siran, once again, was not eliminated – this time due to being Half-Sibling instead of Deathproof. Shockingly, Harker was eliminated without any votes, huh.
  • Night Three
  • Day/Night Four (Masons)
  • Day Four – While players continued to be suspicious of Siran and Megan, Jenn revealed herself as Watcher to turn the spotlight on Anna and Laura – two players who she saw visiting Megan during Night Three. While Anna revealed as a Roleblocker who visited Megan because she thought she was up to no good, it was too little too late and she was voted out.
  • Night Four
  • Day/Night Five (Masons)
  • Day Five – Thanks to another Night of successful watching, Jenn was able to see Kritika visit Krista the Night of Krista’s murder. As a result, Kritika was ulimately voted out (but it was a close call)! Megan and Siran ended up being eliminated the end of this Day as well, due to Poisoning.
  • Night Five
  • Day Six – Players questioned Laura’s claim of being a Vote Thief by asking her which character from the book she was assigned, to which she replied Tieren. Shannon M, who was Tieren the Doctor, jumped at this claim with her own self-reveal, thus leading to Laura’s eventual elimination. No Third Party players remain.
  • Night Six
  • Day Seven – Based on Amber’s defense of Kritika during Day Five and the reveals shared thus far, players decided there was a fair chance that Amber was the last remaining Anti-Town player, and they were correct. With her elimination, Town wins.
  • Game Over – Includes behind-the-scenes information such as twists built into the set-up, Night Action submissions, MVP statuses, etc.
  • Day by Day Recap – A bulletpoint breakdown of the main events that occured each Day/Night of the game that impacted the outcome.