The Hunger Games Edition: Day One

It is time ladies and gentlemen. The Bookish Games have officially begun!

[Update 19 Sep 2018: Original post contained a video of myself, Asti, introducing the Bookish Games. Said video no longer exists on YouTube so has been removed from this post along with relevant text. Just know it was lovely and I’m lovely.]

For those not in the game: If you have no idea what is going on, there is a link to the left called What is This? which contains a run down of what is going on.

There is also a discussion page for those not playing in the game where you can stop by and say hi, talk about who you think is on Team Katniss or Team Tributes, or whatever else you want to say.

I ask that you do not comment on these posts that go up each week so that you do not confuse the players!

For those in the game: If you need a refresher on who is playing the game, The Hunger Games Edition page will contain a list of active players (along with those who were eliminated as the game goes on).

Also, I have a small request that when commenting, you type in a comment as if replying to the post and not hit the button to reply to another commentor. That way the comments are displayed in chronological order and it is easier for everyone to keep track.

May the odds be ever in your favor! Good luck and have fun everyone. 🙂

The Hunger Games Edition: Sign-Ups

The Idea

Bookish Games… THE Bookish Games!? What if… what if I had my very own The Hunger Games on my blog? What if I made this into some sort of interactive event for bloggers?!

Now, hear me out. My idea is based off a game I played in a forum a long, long time ago. (I can’t remember what it’s even called, and Google is no help. ETA: Found the game thanks to comments. The game I played was a variation of Mafia aka Werewolf, which can be played in person or online. You can read about it here.) It may sound slightly confusing at first, but it’s really not.

I would need at least ten bloggers willing to sign up. Each blogger would be given a secret identity based off a character from The Hunger Games. Someone would be Katniss. Someone would be Cato. Someone would be Peeta. And so on. Each blogger would know his/her own secret identity, and no one else’s (unless it’s deemed appropriate for the role).

The object of the game would be for the players to figure out who is secretly Katniss, and eliminate her. Each week a post would go live on the blog with a basic prompt to get the discussion going, and then it’s free game from there. In the comment section of the post, players can point fingers, throw out random accusations, lie, mislead, be silent, whatever they want.

Before the end of the week, the players would have to vote for who they think Katniss is.  Whoever gets majority vote is eliminated. If the players correctly guessed the identity of Katniss and voted her off, the game is over. If they get it wrong, they lose a member and game continues.

The player playing Katniss would also get a chance to have her own eliminations in secret. At set periods during the game he/she would be given the chance to kill someone off. Of course, that player would have to be careful because the other players would likely analyze that kill in hopes to determine who she is.

Believe me, it starts off incredibly goofy at first with everyone just randomly throwing names around, but as the kills start happening and people start analyzing each other’s moves, it gets intense. But, it all relies on participation.

This is where you come in.  Is this event something you would be interested in? It would require stopping by the blog at least once a week, to add to the banter and throw out a vote. The more participation, the more chaos and entertainment.

The Sign-Ups

If you think you’d be interested in signing up, please comment below. If I get enough people that show interest in playing, I will send out an email confirming their place in the game along with the rules and their role. The Bookish Games would start on Saturday, July 27th, with updated posts and eliminations happening every Saturday after until Katniss is eliminated or the last one standing.

ETA: SIGN-UPS ARE CLOSED! If you are still interested, feel free to leave a comment or contact me through Twitter/email and I can add you to a waiting list in case someone ends up not participating or I decide to work in more players.

Emails will be sent out to participants on the 20th or 21st with further details. If all goes according to plan, first post will go live Saturday, July 27th!

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Player List

Confirmed Players

  1. Debby @ Snuggly Oranges
  2. Shannelle @ The Tracery of Ink
  3. Eve @ Paper Sanctuary
  4. Trish @ Between the Lines
  5. Emma @ A World of Books
  6. Sunny @ A Sunny Spot Blog
  7. Laura @ Music Plus Books
  8. Andrea @ Beauty but a Funny Girl
  9. Cayce @ Fighting Dreamers
  10. Nikki @ The Paper Sea
  11. Reem @ I Read and Tell
  12. Pat @ The Girl Who Keeps Reading
  13. Leanne @ Literary Excursion
  14. Jenn @ A Glo-Worm Reads
  15. Stormy @ Book.Blog.Bake
  16. Lauren @ Lose Time Reading
  17. Sana @ Artsy Musings of a Bibliophile
  18. Jessylyn @ Books Over Flowers
  19. Kelley @ Another Novel Read
  20. Tory @ The Sleeping Latte
  21. Daphne @ Winged Reviews
  22. Mel @ The Daily Prophecy
  23. Rita @ Weaving Pages
  24. Angie @ Angela’s Anxious Life

Waiting List / Replacements

  1. Megan @ Ink Skies
  2. Dave