Nevernight: Day-by-Day Recap


Day/Night One

Day One

Votes were initially random because, as always, no one really has much to work with at the start of Day One. Unfortunately, Harker (M) was thrust into the spotlight during this random phase as the only player to receive two votes due to Kritika’s (T) random vote and Greg’s (T) roll of the dice.

D1 Kritika Votes Harker

D1 Greg Votes Harker

Kritika (T) cancels her random vote for Harker (M), which is later replaced by Anne’s (T) vote for Harker (M) citing their actions regarding Shannon (L).

D1 Anne Votes Harker

Votes mostly remain scattered and random for the rest of the Day. 2.5 hours before the deadline Val (T) switches her vote to Dana (M), thus creating a tie between two of our mafia players. This pushed Jenn (M) into action to try and save her team by switching her vote to Val (T) with Beth’s (T) vote shortly following. Harker (M), finally seeing a chance for a non-Team Järnheim elimination, switches their vote to Val (T) as well.

D1 Val Votes Dana

D1 Jenn Votes Val

D1 Beth Votes Val

D1 Harker Votes Val

Leading up to the deadline it looked like Val (T) would be eliminated with four votes versus Harker’s two. Five minutes before the end of Day though, Val (T) switched her vote to Harker (M) to save herself and Shannon (L) followed suit. This led to a tie between the two. Kritika (T) broke the tie two minutes before deadline by switching her vote to Harker (M), thus ensuring the first mafia elimination.

D1 Voting Update 20 Mins Left

D1 Shannon and Val Switch Votes

D1 Kritika Votes Harker Again

Jenn (M), seeing that her teammate’s elimination was again in sight, switched her vote to be on the majority bandwagon for Harker (M) right before deadline. Her logic was reasonable (if she didn’t swap her vote someone else could’ve came in and created another tie, stopping an elimination from occuring), but this Town was ruthless and wasn’t going to accept such reasoning so easily going into Day Two.

D1 Jenn Switches Vote

The Day ended with Harker, our first Mafia elimination, voted out by Greg (T), Anne (T), Val (T), Shannon (L), Kritika (T), and Jenn (M). 


Night One

The Mafia chooses to target Greg (T) and sends Dana (M) to complete the elimination. Unfortunately for the Mafia, Greg (T) was an Odd-Night Commuter and thus could not be targeted by any Night actions during Night One.

N1 Dana Proposes Kills

N1 Jenn Agrees Greg

As if losing a teammate and an unsuccessful Night kill wasn’t hard enough for the mafia, they had two other things occur this Night which worked against them: Rashika (T) roleblocked Jenn (M) and Kritika (T) investigated Dana (M).

Now while Rashika’s (T) roleblocking of Jenn (M) didn’t actually stop anything (and by Rashika’s (T) hesitance to vote Jenn (M) the following Day I don’t believe Rashika (T) held the lack of Night kills against Jenn (M), it is something that would usually cause suspicion around a player.

And Kritika’s (T) investigation of Dana (M)? Well, I think it’s pretty obvious why that was troublesome for the mafia. The only thing that saved them there was the fact that Kritika (T) had not yet determined which type of Cop she may be. (She did try to figure out a way to solve this though.)

N1 Kritika Cop Q

The one good thing that happened for the mafia during Night One: Anna (M) was granted Blade status for being sneaky/under the radar. This meant that going into the next Day she gained the power roles of Thief and 1x Bulletproof.

Day/Night Two

Day Two

Poor Jenn (M), she was targeted from elimination right from the start of Day Two. Four players voted her within the first twelve hours of the Day (Jeann (T), Val (T), Shannon (L), and Meeghan (T)), with Val (T) providing quite a detailed explanation for why she felt Jenn (M) might be mafia:

D2 Val Votes Jenn 1

D2 Val Votes Jenn 2

D2 Val Votes Jenn 3

Inspired by her investigation results (or so I assume), Kritika (T) decided to give Jenn (M) the benefit of the doubt and introduced her suspicions towards Dana (M) instead.

D2 Kritika Votes Dana

With the spotlight shifted back onto Dana (M), she tries to explain her vote for Greg (T) Day One but after players continue to question her she votes for Greg (T) once again and players cannot seem to make sense of it. Megan (T), Val (T), and Greg (T) switch their votes to Dana (M).

D2 Dana Votes Greg

D2 Val Votes Dana

With two mafia teammates leading the votes and practically no one else on the board (definitely no one that the rest of the players seemed interested in voting for), the mafia players were in quite a tough spot. All three waited until the last two hours before deadline to vote, I’m assuming in hopes that they could possibly create a tie and buy themselves another Day.

And believe me, it was close.

D2 20 minutes left

Up until two minutes before deadline, it was a tie. At 8:58pm, both Val (T) and Dana (M) placed their votes on Jenn (M), changing the votes to Jenn (7) versus Dana (4). With one minute to spare, Anna (M) pops in to finally place a vote against Jenn (M), attempting to either close the gap or create another tie (depending on what she had seen before submitting her comment), but it was too little too late. Jenn (M) was eliminated.

But boy, was it a close one for you Town. Because something happened there right at deadline which confused me but was explained to me after the fact: Rashika meant to change her vote to Dana (M) but accidentally kept it on Jenn (M) instead.

D2 Rashika Votes Jenn

D2 Rashika Mistype

Now as we all know now, both Jenn (M) and Dana (M) were on the same mafia team so it’s understandable that Rashika (T) would be conflicted on who to vote for. But if her planned vote change would’ve went through at the last second, her vote would’ve created a tie between the two mafia players and they would’ve both survived. They were so close to catching a break but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

Night Two

In the mafia chat, Anna (M) informs Dana (M) of her new Blade abilities. As a result, they decide not to target Greg (T) again, who survived their Night One kill, but to use Anna’s (M) Thief skills instead to find out information about his role. (She was informed that Night that the items she stole from him were a bus ticket and a bullet, but unfortunately did not survive until Night Three to share this information with Dana (M).)

Instead, the mafia chooses to target Jeann (T) for Night Two’s elimination.

N2 Mafia Kills Jeann

The Mafia’s bad luck strikes once again though as Jeann (T) chooses to self-heal as a Doctor during Night Two. 

Rashika (T) chose to roleblock Dana (M) Night Two. This did not do anything as Dana (M) had no active role and was not used to complete the Mafia’s Night Kill, but still could have added to Rashika’s (T) suspicion of Dana (M) once it was revealed that no Night elimination took place.

Kritika (T), in an attempt to identify her Cop role, chose to investigate Shannon (L) as she felt it was very likely Shannon was Pro-Town. Unfortunately for her, her results stated that like Dana (T), Shannon (L) was “Not Town”. Safe to say she was very confused.

Blade status was granted to Beth (T) for causing a little chaos. She received the powers of Poisoner and 1x Bulletproof. (Her alliance remained Town. She was to use the powers similar to a vigilante in an attempt to eliminate those she thought might be evil.)

Oh, the good news for the Mafia this Night though: I do believe Greg (T) wanted to use his 1x Vigilante power on Dana (M) after her fixation on him the previous two Days, but decided not to go through with it. (I could be wrong here though.)

Day/Night Three

Ah yes, Day Three. What a day. I feel like there was a lot going on here (especially due to speculation regarding game set-ups) so I’m just going to try to limit it to the three main suspects highlighted during this Day with a comment or two about each.

The Day’s votes revolved around three players: Anna (M), Dana (M), and Megan (T).

Anna (M) primarily received votes due to her limited activity and last-minute vote for Dana (M) at the end of Day Two. (Make a note, future mafia players, make your votes early. Both Jenn (M) and Anna (M) had their last minute votes used against them. It isn’t safe!)

D3 Beth Votes Anna

Anna (M) and Megan (T) were also the only two players at that time who had not voted for a confirmed mafia member. (They both voted for Dana (M) the previous Day, but as Dana (M) at that point still had an unknown alliance, the other players had to assume otherwise when making their arguments.)

Megan (M) gained suspicion due to sticking with her Day One random vote and speculation on the Night’s activities during Day Two:

D3 Jeann Votes Megan

D3 Anne Votes Megan

And Dana (M) continued to be put in the spotlight due to her actions in the previous Days (especially her Greg votes).

D3 Greg Votes Dana

With 14 hours left in the Day, it was toss up between which of the three girls would be eliminated.

D3 Voting Update 14 hours

And then Doctorgate happened. Val (T), attempting to explain why she no longer suspected Dana (M) as she did the previous Days, referred to a comment Dana (M) made at the end of Day Two. In it, Dana (M) refers to “The Doctor”, referencing the show Doctor Who, but as this is The Bookish Games and everything can be read in multiple ways, Val (T) thought this may have been Dana’s (M) sly attempt at role revealing as the Doctor.

D3 Val Doctorgate

D2 Dana Votes Jenn

Once this Doctor thing was brought to light, the votes mostly seemed to shift towards Anna (M). With seven votes (Beth (T), Val (T), Jeann (T), Rashika (T), Kritika (T), Megan (T), Dana (M)) at deadline Anna (M) was eliminated and revealed as another Mafia member.

The only other thing of note to mention during Day Three was the confirmation from Anne (T) that she could not vote during Day Two. There was some speculation as to what may be the cause but she did not confirm anything and though players did not like the mystery she mostly avoided suspicion.

D3 Anne D2 No Vote

Night Three

There was only one mafia member remaining going into Night Three. Dana (M) chose to target Jeann (T) once again for elimination. It was a risky move due to the fact that Jeann (T) may have just been Bulletproof and another kill could have been blocked, but luckily for Dana (M) that was not the case.

N3 Jeann Kill

Or was it lucky for Dana (M)? I’m unsure. Obviously with Jeann’s (T) elimination the players realized that it was unlikely Dana (M) was the Town Doctor as previously hinted the Day before. If Jeann (T) survived, would Dana (M) have continued to be seen as likely Town? Hmm…

Outside of the typical mafia kill attempt, there was quite a bit of action that went down during Night Three.

Beth (T), granted the Poisoner role as a result of her Blade status the previous Night, chose to poison Meeghan (T). Meeghan (T) was contacted prior to the start of the followin Day and informed that she could not place a vote. She was not informed why she couldn’t vote, so as far as she was concerned she may have just been momentarily blocked from voting as Anne (T) was on Day Two. Unfortunately for Meeghan (T), that was not the case.

Kritika (T) investigated Meeghan (T) and received her first “Town” results. This now confirmed to Kritika (T) that she was not a Paranoid Cop.

Shannon (L) finally frames Anne (T), but Anne (T) is not investigated.

Jeann (T) is meant to be granted Blade status for gathering information / getting others to talk (rewarded with 1x Bulletproof and Role Cop) but is murdered by the mafia before this can officially happen. RIP Doctor.

Day/Night Four

Day Four

The Day begins with players mourning their first Town loss. Players question Doctorgate as a result of Jeann’s (T) reveal as the Town Doctor, and Dana (M) confirms that she was not a Doctor. This doesn’t automatically put her back on the chopping block though, as players seem to appreciate her honesty.

Votes initially roll in for Megan (T) with Rashika (T), Anne (T), and Val (T) voting. While Val provided an in-depth breakdown of her suspicion, I’m just going to include Anne’s (T) reasoning here because it’s shorter (lol).

Shannon (L) also attempted to follow up her framing with a vote towards Anne (T), her lynch target. I’m assuming she was testing the waters and hoping with all the uncertainty at this point that maybe she could get the ball rolling (especially with her framing attempt the previous Night), but no one seemed to jump on board (and even if they did, Day Four fell under Truedark and as darkin Anne (T) was immune to death).

And then appeared Kritika (T) with her flock of birds. As we know now with all the behind-the-scenes info revealed, Kritika (T) was a Cop who investigated Shannon (L), Dana (M), and Meeghan (T) to determine if they were “Town” or “Not Town”. At this point, she was unsure as to what type of Cop she may be (Sane, Insane, Random) but felt like the information she had was too valuable to contain any longer. As a result, she shared her investigative results in her own little way.

Unfortunately, she made a slightly wrong connection with her investigative results. When she was informed that both Shannon (L) and Dana (M) were “Not Town”, she assumed that meant they were on the same team (which surely only added to her confusion). This was not the case though as Shannon (L) operated as a separate Third-Party entity in the game.

Luckily for Kritika (T), it seems Shannon (L) realises the mistake and comes to accurate conclusion that if Kritika (T) knows Shannon’s (L) secret that she is “Not Town”, then she must also be right about Dana (M) being “Not Town” and she votes for Dana (M). (Of course, Shannon (L) doesn’t outright share what information led her to this conclusion because it’ll just highlight the other half of the truth that she’s “Not Town”, but that bit of information will indeed come back to bite her the following Day. Poor Shannon (L) and her too good heart that cares more about helping Town win than killing Anne (T) lol.

Shannon’s (L) revelation is then followed by Rashika’s (T). Rashika (T) changes her vote to Dana (M) as well, supported by her own similar vague reasoning. As we now know, Rashika (T) was the Town’s Roleblocker and had previously blocked Dana (M) during Night Two so therefore may have had the connection that her roleblocking effectively stopped Dana (M) from completely the mafia’s Night actions (which wasn’t actually the case, just an unfortunate coincidence for the mafia).

Oh, and through Rashika’s (T) comments Kritika (T) later realises her mistake when it comes to mafia/third parties and officially joins the Dana (M) vote. Haha, poor Kritika (T). She had a lot on her mind.

And really, between the strange information sharing between Kritika (T), Shannon (L), and Rashika (T), there was nothing left to do but vote Dana (M) out. RIP Team Familia Järnheim. Our final mafia team member was eliminated.

Oh, but let’s not forget, Meeghan (T) also died at the end of Day Four due to Beth’s (T) poisoning the previous Night. And while this is an unfortunate turn of events for Meeghan (T), it does add further evidence to Kritika’s (T) “little birdies” being accurate as Meeghan (T) is revealed as Team Red Church.

Night Four

There was no Mafia going into Night Four and Shannon (L) had already used her framing ability, so from here on out it’s mostly just Town wreaking havoc on itself. And wreak havoc it did.

Even though Kritika’s (T) investigative results were confirmed as accurate with Dana (M) being revealed as “Not Town” and Meeghan (T) being revealed as “Town”, no one seemed to want to kill Shannon (L) going into Night Four. Instead, our two Town-aligned players with vigilante powers (Greg (T) and Anne (T)) both targeted Beth (T) for elimination.

Now if you happen to remember, Beth (T) was previously granted Blade status and with that came 1x Bulletproof powers. So that first kill attempt by Anne (T) Night Four? It didn’t do anything. Unfortunately for Beth (T), Greg (T) also targeted her for elimination that Night and it was his bullet that murdered her.

Anne (T) and Greg (T) weren’t the only ones who targeted Beth (T) that Night though. Rashika (T) did as well! She chose to roleblock Beth (T), which successfully stopped Beth’s (T) poisoning and saved Megan (T) going into Day Five.

Knowing that Megan (T) was another player who had a lot of suspicion floating around her, Kritika (T) chose to investigate her to determine her alliance (finally believings he was a Sane Cop).

And the only other thing that happened this Night was our last granting of Blade powers to Val for all of her votes and involvement in the action. She was granted Vigilante and 1x Bulletproof powers.

Day/Night Five

And that brings us to Day Five.

I mean, let’s be real, I knew the game was mostly over at this point. Shannon (L) helped confirm Kritika’s (T) information about Dana (M) being “Not Town”, and that information ultimately was just turned around and used as proof that Shannon (L) was “Not Town”. (Especially with Beth (T), Meeghan (T), and Megan (T) sorted thanks to death and Kritika’s (T) investigation results.)

I was curious how Shannon (L) would navigate this Day, I thought maybe she’d role reveal and just beg everyone to help vote out Anne (T) as a thank you for all her hard work helping to eliminate the mafia this game, but instead she mostly focused on small talk lol.

And that was it. Day Five ended fairly uneventful with our last “Not Town” player elimination, Shannon as Jessamine, Team Vengeance, Mia’s Lyncher and 1x Framer. RIP her poor not-so-evil soul.