Welcome to The Bookish Games FAQ page. If you have a question, hopefully it’s answered below. If not, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Twitter and we’ll do our best to respond to your question as soon as possible.

Playing the Game

How do I quote others in my comments?

In order to present someone else’s text as a blockquote while making a comment, place the copied text you’d like to quote within the blockquote tags as so:

<blockquote>Insert quote here</blockquote>

Once you submit the comment, the blockquote tags will stylize the copied text so that it is easier for other players to read.

Note: Please check that you’ve included the slash in the second blockquote tag when using for your comments. Otherwise all remaining text will also be incorporated into the blockquote and can only be fixed by a moderator manually going in to correct.

How do I subscribe to emails?

There are two subscription tick box options available to players when commenting on a post:

  • “Notify me of new comments via email” will result in emails being sent to you each time a player comments on the same post.
  • “Notify me of new posts via email” will sign you up to an email subscriptions that alerts you each time a new post goes live.

While both can be useful, I’d recommend just signing up for the “new comments” option as our post schedule rarely varies. Signing up for comment notifications can be particularly useful to keep up with chat during the Day and for quick responses to any twists that may be thrown unexpectedly into the game.

What are some terms used in the game that I might not be familiar with?

  • Day – when capitalized, refers to a “Day” within the game which lasts from Wednesday to Sunday.
  • Night – when capitalized, refers to a “Night” within the game which lasts from Sunday to Tuesday.
  • Bandwagon – multiple players voting a single player, usually within a short span of time
  • Lynch – the elimination which occurs at the end of each Day deadline if there is no tie

How do these voting updates work?

The moderators provide voting updates throughout each Day of the game that look like the following:

Player being voted (number of votes received) – Who they’re being voted by
Not voting: Players who are not actively voting at that time

An example of a Voting update from a previous game:

Voting Update

In this example, the main bulk of the voting update is dedicated to players who are receiving votes. For the example above, three players (Anne, Kritika, and Beth) were voting for Maria and four players (Kerrie, Megan, Meylia, and Jeann) were voting for Amber. The rest of the players had not voted yet.

Once we reach the 48 hours until deadline mark, moderators add notes about which players haven’t met the comment minimum and how many hours are left until deadline. The number in parenthesis next to a player’s name who has not met the comment minimum is how many comments they have made thus far. As of writing this FAQ, four comments are required each Day of the game to meet the participation requirement.

How do I know when the Day ends?

Each Day’s deadline falls on the same day and time each week, and is usually stated within the text of each Day’s post. As of the time writing this FAQ, the deadlines for each Day in the game are Sundays 9pm BST. Players can use this link to help convert the deadline to their time zone.

The moderators attempt to help players keep track of the deadline in two ways:

  • After the 48 hour until deadline mark, the voting updates include a note about how much time is left in the Day.
  • A countdown timer is provided in the sidebar of the blog. If on desktop, it should be visible in the menu to the left. If on mobile, click the three lines at the top right of the site to access the blog menu and scroll down.

Can I reply to the Bookish Games tweets?

Unfortunately, no. Once a game is live, we request that players do not comment or react to what is happening on social media. Retweeting or liking the posts shared by the Bookish Games twitter account is okay, but please do not respond with GIFs or text. This is to ensure that nothing outside of the official posts affects gameplay.

If you do want to respond to what’s happening within the game or a tweet created by the Bookish Games, don’t hesitate to shoot us a DM! We’re always happy to provide players company as they share their excitement and/or suffering.

I’m unable to meet the comment minimum next week, what do I do?

If you’re unable to participate in the Games for a week, please let a moderator know and we will give you a “pass”. Your absence will be announced in the game and you will not be expected to meet the comment minimum. Warning: players are still able to vote you out. “Passes” don’t guarantee safety.

Am I allowed to reveal my character and/or role in the Game?

Role reveals are generally discouraged in The Bookish Games. Not only does it take away some of the fun of figuring things out in the game for others, it can also often make you a target. As a result, most players tend to only “role reveal” when they believe sharing the information they have is worth the target they’re painting on their back or if they feel they have no other choice to survive.

If you do decide to go the reveal route, please remember that you are not allowed to copy-and-paste text from your Role email into the game.

I’m feeling heated by another player’s accusations, any advice?

Sometimes this game can get intense. Players may not always see eye-to-eye on things, and occasionally these disagreements can get heated to the point where neither side wants to back down. My advice in these situations? Take a step away from the game. If someone is affecting you to the point that you’re fully getting upset, let everyone know you’re taking a break and find something else to distract your mind.

And if you feel like a player has truly gone too far, don’t hesitate to get in touch. The main goal of these Games are to have fun. If you’re not having fun, we want to help.

The Game Set-Up

How do I know what roles exist within each game?

Unfortunately for you, you won’t get to know what roles exist within a game until the game is over. Generally speaking, we usually try to limit the roles in each edition to those that are listed on The Roles page. In some special editions though, like Scythe and BYOC, the roles are expanded to include those featured on the mafiascum wiki. Players will be informed when this is the case.

Roles that are almost always included in each edition of the game and are likely (but not guaranteed) to appear in whichever edition you are playing include: Bulletproof, Cop, Doctor, Investigative-Immune, and Roleblocker.

If you are familiar with the book that the game is being based off of, you may be able to successfully predict what roles will be incorporated into the game by browsing the possible roles with what you know about the book.

How many Anti-Town members are there in my game?

Well, of course we can’t tell you exact numbers. That would be no fun!

There will always be more Town players than Anti-Town at the start of the game. Generally speaking, Anti-Town players can range from 20% to 35% of the total players. This number will be towards the smaller end if a Cult is used in the game (as their number has the potential to increase as the game progresses) and towards the larger end if there are two Mafias (as they have the potential to eliminate each other before hitting any Townies).

If we get to a point in the game where there are more Mafia players than Town players left alive, the game will end UNLESS there is another Anti-Town faction left in play. In this instance, the game will continue until only one Anti-Town remains.

What orders are the Night actions sorted by?

Night Actions are predominantly completed in order of the Natural Action Resolution Golden Rule. Each role is categorized into one of the Action types (copy, hide, bus drive, block, etc) and then sorted in order.

Moderators only take into account the timing of Night form submissions when two of the same actions affect one another. For instance, if Player A submitted the form to kill Player B and Player B submitted the form to kill Player C, the moderators would look to see what time each player submitted the Night form to determine if both kills go through or not.

Can I help moderate a(n) _______ edition?

We love collaborating with players on various editions so if you have an idea, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Fair warning though, there’s quite a few players who are already waiting to co-mod an edition though so it may be a while (potentially over a year!) before we’re able to get to your idea.

If you want to start brainstorming ideas though, here are some of the things we ask ourselves when considering what theme to use for The Bookish Games:

  • Is it something that many readers are familiar with or have read? Generally speaking, the more players that have read the book the more likely they are to sign up.
  • Is there buzz around the book? Similar to the first point, if readers are actively talking about the series because of a sequel, adaptation, or something else along those lines, we tend to have more success with sign ups.
  • Does the book contain content that can be easily adapted for The Bookish Games? Contemporaries and romances are fun to read, but they’re not necessarily the best for this game of murder and deception. We’ve had the most success with fantasy and sci-fi stories when it comes to adapting books for The Bookish Games.
  • Does it feature a lot of characters? A book with a diverse cast of characters works best for setting up the game, but if you’re able to creatively fill in the gaps with background characters or other options we’ll consider it.