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The Big Picture

The unthinkable has happened once again: the moderators have given the power of character creation to the players. Each player is participating as a book character of their choice along with whatever role they think best suits the character. And if you thought the moderators were crazy with what they come up for each edition of the Games, just wait until you see what the players brought to the table.

Who can you trust when anything is possible? That’s a good question and one, sadly, we don’t have an answer to. Good luck players. You will all need it before the end.


The Players (Alive)

  1. Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight (she/her)
  2. Harker @ The Hermit Librarian (they/them)
  3. Beth @ ArtemisHi (she/her)
  4. Kerrie @ lovekerrie (she/her)
  5. Anna @AnnaJJacobson1 (she/her)

The Players (Eliminated)

  1. Nicole @tardigradeTay (she/her) as Eadaz from Priory of the Orange Tree, Team Town, Bodyguard
  2. Anne @amengelhart (she/her) as Sookie Stackhouse from The Southern Vampire Mysteries, Team Town, Eavesdropper, Drink Vendor
  3. Kritika @ spidersilksnow (she/her) as Charlotte from A Study in Scarlet, Team Town, Detective
  4. Greg @ Greg’s Book Haven (he/him) as Jughead from Riverdale, Team Town, Cop
  5. Amber @ YA Indulgences (she/her) as Bisou from Read Hood, Team Town, 2x Vigilante
  6. Meylia (MeyliaAndBlackTea) (she/her) as Cinder from Cinder, Team Town, Doctor
  7. Jeann @ Happy Indulgence (she/her) as Marcella from Vengeful, Team Marcella, 1x Janitor, Vengeful
  8. Megan Rose @Megan_Roze (she/her) as Valek from Poison Study, Team Poison, Bulletproof Poisoner, Vote Thief, and 2x Psychologist
  9. Maria @mhisreading (she/her) as Nikolai from the Grisha series, Team Town, Jack-of-all-Trades Inventor


  1. Asti @ @astistenning (mod)
  2. Dana @DanaBartelt (mod)
  3. Inge @ingeswonderland
  4. Christine @ Captivated Reading
  5. Irene @ Boghunden
  6. Siran @ToukhanianSiran
  7. Meeghan @ Meeghan reads
  8. Amber (@BooksofAmber)

The Links

  • Sign-up post
  • Spectators 
  • Day One – A random button’s appearance added a little excitement to the Day, but for the most part players were just… stuck. Finding little to work with some players used a spinning wheel to place their vote and while it seemed like Anna would be the first to be eliminated, a last-minute claiming of her innocence by Beth helped swing votes to Nicole. And, unfortunately for the Town, Nicole was revealed as their bodyguard. Whoops.
  • Day Two – After a slow start, votes mainly piled in on Maria, Anna, and Amber. While it looked one of the latter two were likely to be voted out at deadline, a handful of players decided to force a tie at the last minute stating they thought both were likely Town. No elimination occurred.
  • Day Three – Going into Day Three, Town learned of their first Night casualty (RIP Anne) and the deaths didn’t stop there. Between our first ever mid-Day death (Kritika), an unexplained EOD death (Greg), and the Day’s lynching (Amber), three additional Town players were eliminated during Day Three. Ouch. (Votes were mainly split between Amber and Anna for this Day, a repeat of the previous Day.)
  • Day Four – Day Four started with a reveal: Shannon claimed to be a Medium and have information from the dead that Megan was not Town-aligned. Some players were critical of this reveal and chose to vote Maria instead, but Shannon managed to scrap enough votes to ensure Megan’s elimination. (Though unfortunately for Maria, surviving the vote didn’t mean she survived the Day.)
  • Day Five
  • Night Actions Form