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The Big Picture

Almost a century after a nuclear apocalypse wipes out almost all life on Earth, thousands of people now live in a space station orbiting Earth, the Ark. When life-support systems on the Ark begin to fail, 100 juvenile detainees are sent to Earth in a last attempt to determine whether or not it is habitable. 100 teenage delinquents suddenly being set loose on a planet with total freedom and no-one to supervise them, what could possibly go wrong?

Inspiration: Seasons 1-3 of the CW series The 100, based on the book by Kass Morgan.

Graphics made by Asti

The Players (Winners)

  • Beth @ArtemisHi (she/her) as ALIE, Cult, Cult Leader, Insane
  • Anne @amengelhart (she/her) as Octavia Blake, The 100 Cult, Even-Night Commuter Cultist

The Players (Eliminated)

  • Nicole @tardigradeTay (she/her) as Carl Emerson, Mount Weather, Goon
  • Jenn @bookish_ginger (she/her) as Thelonious Jaha, The Ark, Cop
  • Dana @DanaBartelt (she/her) as John Murphy, Team Murphy, Survivor, Framer, 1x Scavenger, Recruitment-proof
  • Siran @ToukhanianSiran (she/her) as Monty Lee, The 100, Lie Detector, 1x Knife
  • Kara @ Dalliant Thoughts (she/her) as Lincoln kom Trikru, Grounders, Bodyguard
  • Megan @Megan_Roze (she/her) as Raven Reyes, The 100, Jack-of-all-Trades
  • Jeann @happyindulgence (she/her) as Indra kom Trikru, Grounders Cult, Neighbour, Cultist
  • Kerys @ The Everlasting Library (she/her) as Marcus Kane, The Ark, Neighbour, Governor
  • Kerrie @lovekerrie (she/her) as Dr. Lorelei Tsing, Mount Weather, Goon Roleblocker
  • Amber G @ Books of Amber (she/her) as Jasper Jordan, The 100, Eavesdropper
  • Amber B @YAIndulgences (she/her) as Maya Vie, Mount Weather The 100, Traitor, Saulus, Martyr
  • Greg @GregsBookHaven (he/him) as Cage Wallace, Mount Weather, Goon Usurper, 1x Bulletproof Vest
  • Anna @AnnaJJacobson (she/her) as Bellamy Blake, The 100, 2x Vigilante
  • Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads (she/her) as Abby Griffin, The Ark, Doctor
  • Shannon @tibbs10 (she/her) as Lexa kom Trikru, Grounders Cult, Cultist, Spirit
  • Maria @mhisreading (she/her) as Dante Wallace, Mount Weather, Goon Godfather (Investigative Immune and Bulletproof), 1x Strongman, 1x Gun, 1x Neapolitan, 1x Doublevote
  • Harker @hermitlibrarian (they/them) as Clarke Griffin, The 100, Alarmist, 1x VIP, 1x Bookie


  1. Asti @astistenning
  2. Laura @laurakat_henry
  3. Kritika @spidersilksnow
  4. Joséphine @wordrevel


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