The 100: Night Six (Cult)

It is now Night Six.

Once you determine which player you would like to recruit, please submit the Night Action form. Only you, the Cult Leader, can recruit members to the Cult. If you are eliminated, the Cult cannot recruit additional players but may attempt to win the game without you.

Each Night phase ends Tuesday 7 pm GMT. Your form must be submitted at this time in order for the recruitment to be completed and all discussion on these pages must come to an end.

Good luck!

Cultists: Beth, Jeann, Anne, Shannon

13 thoughts on “The 100: Night Six (Cult)”

  1. Hey guys! Thanks (I guess) Beth for getting me into this exclusive group haha. So how does this work? What do you guys think we are at, numbers-wise? Three of us, two Mafia, two Townies left? Or three of us, one Mafia, three Townies? Seems like if the three of of us don’t die overnight and we successfully recruit someone tonight we might win? Or am I way off lol? πŸ₯΄

  2. I think you are right. If we recruit someone tonight and none of die, pretty sure we win!

    But that’s a lot of ifs; so far not all of Beth’s recruits have gone through. Jenn was targeted by mafia and for some reason Meeghan’s didn’t work.

    So if we think Maria is mafia, who might she eliminate? I would think Anna because Anna has a known power that may target her tonight.

    Does that leave Harker? Because Beth said before that Meeghan would be tricky to re-try because it failed the last time.

  3. LOL this is a red rope special admission only type of club. πŸ˜€

    I think we might have 1 more Mafia (assuming Town, Grounders, and Ark all started with 4 people, plus a Cult Leader, plus Murphy), the 3 of us (hopefully 4 of us, after toNight) and 2 Town.

    That remaining Mafia could be Maria, or it could be Meeghan (maybe that’s why my recruitment of her failed?), so I think our only recruitment options are Harker and Anna. I think Anna might be Octavia (it makes sense, with the Vigilante power), and Harker said they started the game knowing the Cult was a thing because of their role/character……..

    Yeah, probably Harker is the better bet. I hesitate, because I really thought Jenn was a safe bet for recruitment on N1 and out of 14 or so people, Jenn was the one the Mafia targeted. So I’m gun-shy. πŸ˜€

  4. We have Harker, Meeghan, Maria, and Anna left….I suppose we should start with:
    Who of those is most likely to be Mafia? Cuz we shouldn’t try to recruit them.

  5. I would think Maria/maaaybe Meeghan are mafia.

    Harker and Anna are town..which they’d kill… Anna? But Harker was talking about being worried about being killed by the cult, which I didn’t quite get. I also didn’t get what “I am the information” meant.

    I also wonder if instead of aiming for townies, the mafia left is aiming for the cult, hoping to get the leader. Kind of their only hope, especially if they think they can be recruited.

    I still feel like they might be recruitable because otherwise the cult could run into a no-win scenario quite often. But I get wanting to keep it on the safe route!

  6. I didn’t see anything specific to mafia in the roles page, but the mafia scum wiki has some variances on what happens if you recruit “scum” — there’s a weak variance.

    So, yeah, dunno what kind of ideas Inge/Shannon have cooked up if you attempt to pull in mafia. But I checked the last game with a straight-up cult (BYOC; I don’t remember because I died D1 πŸ˜”) and looks like third-party was recruitable.

    So Anna or Harker?? Lol I don’t want our cult leader to die.

  7. I agree that it is likely Maria or Meeghan that are the cult… My thought would be that Harker is our safest bet to recruit but honestly they have left Anna alive for this long so I am still not confident that they wouldn’t leave her alive again…. I am quite worried that they will be aiming for cult leader as well, I wish we could protect you Beth! Because Anne and I would be fairly screwed if they get you tonight and that leaves just the two of us (provided we even survive in that scenario lol)

  8. I don’t want to die either. πŸ˜€

    If I die, you can’t recruit, but I don’t think you’d also die…I think you could still win, if the player base was down to 4 people. Maybe?

    I assume Harker’s cryptic comment meant that her role is tied to the existence of the cult, maybe because of her win condition or because of some ability?
    Maybe she’s a Deprogrammer (, though I hope not, as her finding any one of us would spell our doom.
    The best I can think of is that she’s got the ability to protect players from being recruited (maybe her role is Abby Griffin?) or she just started the game as Informed, and her information was that there was a cult.

    …..I might have to just roll a dice, huh?
    I don’t suppose either of you gained any information before you were recruited, on any of the players currently alive?

  9. Hmm the deprogrammer seems too op! But maybe the protection part is right. Could be what happened to Meeghan?

    I do wonder if Anna was recruited, would that block her powers the night she was recruited? So if she did whatever she’s been doing to eliminate players?

    I got no intel, sorry. Rolling the dice is probably as accurate as anything else at this point. So many variables.

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