The 100: Night Five (Mafia)

It Is Night Five.

Welcome Mafia! It is now your chance to openly discuss your evil plans. You may talk about what’s happened so far, brainstorm strategies to survive the next Day, laugh at how clueless the Townies are – whatever your heart desires.

You have two objectives by the end of the Night:

  1. Determine which player you would like to target for elimination.
  2. Determine which Mafia teammate you would like to send to complete the kill.

Once you have decided on these objectives, please have one of your team members submit your decisions to the Moderators by completing the Night Action form.

You only have 48 hours to make a decision. The Night phase ends each Tuesday 7pm GMT. A countdown has been added to the sidebar to assist you in determining how much time you have left each phase.

Remember: Your goal is to outlast and eliminate any other team. Use your kills wisely, and do your best to keep your team alive.

Mafia team: Maria, Greg, Kerrie, Nicole

16 thoughts on “The 100: Night Five (Mafia)”

  1. Maria I am sorry for voting for you! I agonized over that but wanted to put some distance between us- but I waited til last minute because I didn’t want any votes to swing your way! I was trying to find some evidence to vote for Amber but my analysis skills this game have been bad…

    Who should we love? Beth, Harker or Anne at this point for me…

  2. It’s okay! I want to vote for you but it seemed like no one is doing that so it would be bad to suddenly bring it.
    That’s a good move!
    Maybe love Beth or Anna;
    Anna is scary if she’s the reason why there’s another death

    Beth is good for her analysis so long it can be used (?)

    Anne is in the cult; I’m actually quite sure of it given with how strange she went with her voting

    Meeaghan looks townie along with Shannon
    But Shannon could also be in the cult potentially the leader even

    Who saved Amber B though?
    That is so weird

  3. I can’t believe no one voted for me! Although I’m not looking for it lol…

    Beth we could do although didn’t she escape one night? she might be a Commuter.

    I honestly think Beth and Harker are driving analysis right now and will by far be the most active in D6-if there is one. Wouldn’t surprise me if the Game ends tonight depending on how things go. But I think we need to ditch Beth or Harker. I know Anna went after you though. What do you think?

    You could be right about Anne.

    I’m assuming Amber B is Lynchproof -maybe one time or always?

    Do you want to send the Night kill or do you want me to? And I hope you’re safe!!!! With anna who knows? 😦

  4. Yeah I feel bad for Amber B maybe it’s her night action result

    Imagine if we love Amber B, how chaos D6 will be?

    Somehow I feel like the cult is winning, which is why I keep saying let’s find the cult

    And with how Harker just randomly voted for you could also indicate that they might be a cultist already

    I can give the love, in any case. It will be too risky for you instead.

    Also for Beth, I think rather than a commuter, she’s protected by Kara because Kara’s the one dead so…

    Let’s go for Harker. They have done some analysis until Beth so we can drive the suspicions from there (assuming there’s D6) 😂

  5. Oh my gosh right? After being okay then she died? lol

    I think the cult might win if they reach that certain number of people who take over? So yeah…

    Okay. Harker it is.

    And good luck with the Night form! 🙂

  6. did you get any gift or penalty that you could share, maybe? Haha

    i can’t wait to see the spreadsheet; also curious for your vote thief
    what is the punishment if you don’t go through that?
    i wanted to ask this before but I forget!
    only if it’s okay for you to share haha

  7. I got a bulletproof vest last Night and promptly used it lolol.

    I may have gotten a result the other night too but not sure if I can say…

    the vote thief I guess you lose your Role abilities if you give away. Plus I wanted to cause chaos so I let that hang out there. But technically if I was gonna be lynched anyway what’s to lose, right? 🙂 I think the deal there was I could blame mafia but not the mods.

  8. that’s good thing for the vote thief haha!

    hmm I wonder if maybe my role and the strongman is the result of my night action? but I only did once so that’s weird.

    Anyway, who do you think is most likely to be the cult leader?

    Could it be meeaghan somehow?

  9. It could be Meeghan! Or Anna. I honestly don’t know ! I don’t feel like I’m doing good analysis this time haha.

    I’m wondering the same thing! How much is Night stuff and how much are the Spectators messing with us?

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