The 100: Night Four (Mafia)

It Is Night Four.

Welcome Mafia! It is now your chance to openly discuss your evil plans. You may talk about what’s happened so far, brainstorm strategies to survive the next Day, laugh at how clueless the Townies are – whatever your heart desires.

You have two objectives by the end of the Night:

  1. Determine which player you would like to target for elimination.
  2. Determine which Mafia teammate you would like to send to complete the kill.

Once you have decided on these objectives, please have one of your team members submit your decisions to the Moderators by completing the Night Action form.

You only have 48 hours to make a decision. The Night phase ends each Tuesday 7pm GMT. A countdown has been added to the sidebar to assist you in determining how much time you have left each phase.

Remember: Your goal is to outlast and eliminate any other team. Use your kills wisely, and do your best to keep your team alive.

Mafia team: Maria, Greg, Kerrie, Nicole

36 thoughts on “The 100: Night Four (Mafia)”

  1. Omg that was super intense!
    I didn’t really think that kerys is not a cult. Thought the neighbour is cult chat

    But anyway, her governor role means that she might use it to herself?

    She was lynched out right, so how would it work?

  2. The roles page says “When used, the game moves to the Night phase without a lynch occuring.” so I don’t think she managed to get it in before eod

  3. The Governor role should have saved her, if she used it on herself?

    And how about Meeghan? Can we just induct her into our little chat as an honorary member?

    Thanx Kerrie!!! I’m a little nervous how much heat you all got- Day 5 is gonna be wild. And I have to say- they had TWO Days to boot me and… I’m astonished to be here still!

    I guess I was right about Kerys being Kane or Octavia… it makes sense though, honestly, with Indra.

    Who do you love the most at this point?

  4. The Eavesdropper I mean. Or Beth- I agree it might be obvious but she’ll come at us hard.

    Shannon W I feel we should leave- I agree with you plus at this point it’s almost comical so why worry?

    I’m surprised by Harker- I actually thought they were leaning our way and might even be the Traitor. Still could be, of course. They would be my #3 pick.


  5. I’m actually wondering if Harker purposefully voted for Greg after the counter had gone down, but before mods had a chance to close comments

  6. I have to believe I’m toast in D5 after Kerys is revealed as Town.

    As always I’ll go with whoever you pick, my preference would be Beth or Eavesdropper but open to whoever. And this “Also let me give the love I have bulletproof and another one that will make sure my love gets through” ooh that sounds good!


  7. Why does it called butterfly? I mean, it’s not like the shape is like a butter and that it’s flying you know @-@

    Unless there is a cult member revealed.
    Shall we go love Beth or Amber G?

    Because it’s not like we can protect Amber G every time now we know and it’s quite lovely if we have to use this HAHA

    PS Is there a reason why you end up with capslock sentence at the end??
    Then let’s discuss what to do at D5

  8. That… is a very good question!

    Either of those two work for me!

    So… D5. I feel like Beth and Harker are the most analytical.
    Beth suspects Kerrie (and me) so she’ll be trouble.
    Amber G might analyze a bit but her primary threat is the Eavesdropping, seems to me. She comments only sporadically. Anne could be a problem but she’s been infrequent, probably busy in real life. Meeghan has shown she can break things down, and she suspects Amber B a little and her thinking Beth and could be Cult could be useful. She did suspect Maria though so we gotta be careful with her?

    Shannon seems focus on me. Anna’s quiet but did vote for Kerrie. Should we try to subtly move suspicions towards somebody that Meeghan implicates? There seems to almost be an Amber G/ Shannon/Anne axis and a Amber B/ Anne/ Meeghan axis, with Beth and Harker as the x factors?

    My capslock nonsense is just in case Amber G is listening. 🙂

    HI AMBER!!!!

  9. Anne can be scary but Beth usually the one drives the vote in a way

    Though I’m quite surprised the one I voted these days were out 😳


    Yeah, Meeghan is scary with the notes, but can try to say something with that later. I’ve been laying low with everything 😂

    That’s why I think Amber B might be the one

    You mean as in the vote split? Shannon seems town to me. Don’t think a cult leader will be too obvious.

    Let’s love Beth. It’s gonna be hard to vote for her from experience. She’s quite… persuasive if I may say

    Should we vote for Greg in D5 though? Urgh

    I really hope Kerys is the cult ngl


  10. Let’s love Beth.

    I agree. The only problem there is she voted for Kerrie so it might seem iffy. Kerrie- what do you think? She’d be my choice though.

    Who do you think the Traitor might be? I was thinking before it might be Harker, but not so sure now. Both Harker and Beth voted for me late, and that doesn’t seem like a Traitor move if they think I’m bad. It seems more like someone laying low is the traitor? Not Anne because she voted for me? So yeah Amber B might be a good candidate, or even Meeghan. Would Meeghan go to all those lengths though if she’s the Traitor? She might, actually.




    Okay so let’s decide which one to love and I’ll send the night form.

    I should think we won’t have anymore Bodyguard

    Btw, do you think by any chance K protected B on N2?

  12. I vote Beth or amber G

    That could be! It looks like just about everyone has a power (except us!). I really wanna know too who K protected…


  13. Maybe we love Amber G and protect Beth tonight. I’m sure Amber is listening to one of us tonight and if we bury that body town has less information to work with. Beth is good at driving suspicion and she’ll probably come after Kerrie D5, but she doesn’t have a lot to work with other than the vote switch on D3.

    And then Night 5 we can go after Beth? And Shannon W N6 if it comes to that?

  14. But on a serious note, don’t take it if I somehow then vote for Greg
    cause otherwise it will look weird now that the other chat has been revealed

    Actually can go to Meeghan either cause she ignored the chat fact to be honest

    She could also be the traitor? Maybe?

  15. I think Amber B or Meeghan could be the Traitor. And if you need to vote for me I understand. I think Kerrie and I might take heat, and maybe you too Maria, so do whatever you need to do. I can’t imagine they’ll give me the benefit of the doubt a THIRD time, but who know? Although now the pot is smaller and it will be hard for me to get away.

    I’m expecting Beth and Harker to take the lead on analysis, especially if Amber G goes, and they both went after me there towards the end. Although Harker was trying to tie it, so who knows there? Beth was looking at Kerrie too. And if Meeghan turns our way that could be interesting. Meeghan said she was most suspicious of Amber B and Maria, so it’ll be interesting to see how active she is. She usually comes in once like that with an info dump?

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