The 100: Night Four (Cult)

It is now Night Four.

Once you determine which player you would like to recruit, please submit the Night Action form. Only you, the Cult Leader, can recruit members to the Cult. If you are eliminated, the Cult cannot recruit additional players but may attempt to win the game without you.

Each Night phase ends Tuesday 7 pm GMT. Your form must be submitted at this time in order for the recruitment to be completed and all discussion on these pages must come to an end.

Good luck!

Cultists: Beth, Jeann, Anne

9 thoughts on “The 100: Night Four (Cult)”

  1. Lol I am definitely not!!

    I agree, and think Shannon, Meeghan and Amber G are town. I think Harker is maybe more likely to be town and if Greg was in a neighborhood, maybe with Harker??

    I do think that after two days of this, it seems pretty clear Greg is mafia. I’d also guess that based on the voting pattern, Maria, Kerrie and Amber B are in the mafia too.

  2. I also just have to wonder what happened? Kerys could have blocked her own lynch.

    “The Governor can use this power to save themselves from being lynched.”

    I’m cornfused 🌽

  3. I’m cornfused 🌽


    Agreed- I’m not sure if Kerys misinterpreted how her power works, or…maybe she’ll come back from the dead on D5? I have no idea.

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