The 100: Night Three (Mafia)

It Is Night Three.

Welcome Mafia! It is now your chance to openly discuss your evil plans. You may talk about what’s happened so far, brainstorm strategies to survive the next Day, laugh at how clueless the Townies are – whatever your heart desires.

You have two objectives by the end of the Night:

  1. Determine which player you would like to target for elimination.
  2. Determine which Mafia teammate you would like to send to complete the kill.

Once you have decided on these objectives, please have one of your team members submit your decisions to the Moderators by completing the Night Action form.

You only have 48 hours to make a decision. The Night phase ends each Tuesday 7pm GMT. A countdown has been added to the sidebar to assist you in determining how much time you have left each phase.

Remember: Your goal is to outlast and eliminate any other team. Use your kills wisely, and do your best to keep your team alive.

Mafia team: Maria, Greg, Kerrie, Nicole

25 thoughts on “The 100: Night Three (Mafia)”

  1. You guys, I am SOOO sorry about the Traitor thing! I know that was risky and if you guys hate me I understand. I even DM’d the mods to make sure I wasn’t crossing a line and ran it by them. But I didn’t want to jeopardize the mafia or Also thank you for sticking your neck out. I know you took a big chance doing that and I appreciate it. If I’m on the firing line again in D4 you do what you need to do. I don’t want you to endanger yourselves.

    As far as targeting I’m still , I’ll check in later to see what you think.

  2. It it’s Amber then it might proof that you’re right;

    I think maybe try with Jean; think that Kara protected Beth and that’s why she died on the night event.
    Question is who killed Siran? Thought she’s the traitor?

    And btw, I got a new role suddenly, did you guys get anything?

  3. The vote thief was real. It was the result of my Night Event entry, so I got a bad result. 😦 Per the mods I could blame it on mafia but not reveal that it was mod- generated. So I had to be careful to thread that needle. And Harker was the one I had to vote for, so yeah that was real.

  4. I’m probably way off but as the Day progressed and I kept re- reading all those theories from Harker and Meeghan I started really thinking the Reaper thing might be happening. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s why there were two deaths on Night Two.

    No, I haven’t seen any thing yet about a new Role. Except the ones I made up :):)

  5. I suddenly got a role as Godfather, which was great if we still have the cop

    Now it makes me wonder if we have the inventor, could also be why I suddenly got this role?

    Damn that means there could be a real vote thief somewhere.

    Now that Megan is reveal to be Jack of all Trade (which could be why she found Kery is town) then guess all would come back to those who vote for her

  6. I just looked up Godfather- awesome! You are our Leader (bows). 🙂

    Yeah all of us Megan voters (I wasn’t allowed to be one but I’ll be in hot seat too) are gonna be on the line. And how weird is it that Kerys was the deciding vote????? That will get some attention.

  7. Yes I am not sure what to make of Kerys’ sudden change! Maybe the vote thief thing caused her to second- guess whether I was really town. 🙂 I can imagine her chat with Jeann is interesting.

    Speaking of, maybe we should talk in code in case we’re eavesdropped again? I don’t think she can Eavesdrop on me twice in a row, but she could try with one of you. So if you want to target, say, Jeann, you could say I LOVE JEANN haha.

    And yes amber G never answered about her Eavesdropping on Night One.

  8. That sounds a good idea! Haha
    Speaking of, the other hasn’t checked in at all? Wonder if something happened to her?

    I think for now it’s better NOT TO LOVE both Ambers haha cause you know

    I still want to love beth, but maybe we can love Harker or Jeann instead? Kerys still good some point and a revelation about Jeann would be good too.

  9. I hope Kerrie’s okay!

    I agree! the one would be too obvious and Amber B has been helpful!

    I’ wondering if Beth had a Commuter ability or something. If so she might have been protected N2 but not N3? Also Jeann is good! I kind of think Harker has been really helpful though. I have a suspicion they might be the Traitor, but I have nothing real solid on that- just feelings based on how they’re acting.

    But I’ll defer to you both and whoever you feel.


  10. Oh now you mentioned it; I agree that Harker could be the traitor; but then again kerys suddenly changed to Megan is also so weird
    Could she also be the traitor after you mentioned it?

    Because otherwise, she could just make it a tie instead.

    Are we going to do the night action? I’m quite afraid to fill it now 😂

    My guess is that Kara is a bodyguard and that Beth was protected.

    Well we can go love Jeann or Beth then; let’s see what Kerrie said!

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