The 100: Night Three (Cult)

It is now Night Three.

Once you determine which player you would like to recruit, please submit the Night Action form. Only you, the Cult Leader, can recruit members to the Cult. If you are eliminated, the Cult cannot recruit additional players but may attempt to win the game without you.

Each Night phase ends Tuesday 7 pm GMT. Your form must be submitted at this time in order for the recruitment to be completed and all discussion on these pages must come to an end.

Good luck!

Cultists: Beth, Jeann

13 thoughts on “The 100: Night Three (Cult)”

  1. No kidding! I’m trying to mind my p’s and q’s here, knowing there’s an eavesdropper, but…wow.

    Also hi, welcome. 🙂

  2. I hope so! You’re a fantastic player! 🙂

    I’m thinking Kerys, Harker, and Amber G are likely Town.

    Is there anything you can share about your role or abilities that might help?

  3. In my notes I had Harker as a potential third party and potentially Anne as Town, but towards the end of the Day I was not so sure about that. I think the safest bet would be Amber G but they might be a target tonight because of their power.

    One thing you might also want to think about is my chat partner, if one of us goes then the other might be next and it will safeguard you as people automatically assume the chat was because of that. Risky move though 😉

  4. True. Also, if you’re still in chat with that person, it’s a way you can confer with them and strategize to continue voting out Mafia during the day. That’s a helpful lever to have.

    Maybe Anne, then? Or Meeghan?

    I do worry about Amber G being targeted for a Night kill, after her D3 reveal.

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