The 100: Day/Night Three

It is now Day/Night Three.

Welcome Neighbours! This post is for your use to chat privately both Day and Night Two. A new post will go up at the start of each new Day of the game. Good luck!

Neighbours: Jeann, Kerys

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  1. Hello hello! What a turn of events! I definitely did not expect Siran to be killed in the night but I suppose Kara had it coming after hinting at her very important role. I’m kind of wondering there might be an arsonist now since they have to prime before they can light a player. I’m can’t remember if you’ve watched the show but were there any characters that particularly loved fire or anything?

  2. I haven’t watched the show at all! Yes I think Siran was a weird choice to be killed, seeing as she could’ve easily been the target of a townie lynch today. Most likely it might have been the result of a third party, because Kara dying makes sense for the Mafia anyway.

    What do you think of Greg’s predicament? Because we’re Neighbours and have our own chat, I can’t really think of any other reason why there would be Another chat outside of the Mafia chat. So I think he looks pretty suss.

  3. Yes, I was just thinking that! and considering that this is also the masons site, we would have seen their chats if they were masons (unless the mods were extra enough to have another website?).

    Also Greg knew about kara’s death in the night, which he couldn’t have unless he was mafia and his explanation was not very convincing.

  4. oh just read Amber’s comment again and Greg didn’t actually mention Kara being dead, he just mentioned her the night she died. Which kinda makes him slightly less sus for me since there are so many groups, maybe there could actually be another non-mafia chat? I’m going to see how he continues to defend himself (i really want some names!) before making my vote

  5. I know, we’re already Neighbours in the Mason chat room, so I kind of think it would be a bit extra to have even more Neighbours and/or Masons hanging about! He didn’t know about her death, but he was discussing her on the Night that she died, which is certainly what would occur in the Mafia chat I would think (when you choose who you want to target). I’m wondering if they knew she was a Bodyguard, and mentioning the possible connection to me would’ve meant she could’ve been protecting me.

  6. Okay now Harker came in and brought it up as a possibility, so I think they might be defending Greg! Maybe it’s cos I know we ARE the Neighbours, but I wouldn’t want to come out and say it. Or maybe it could be useful information, see how the rest of the Day goes I guess..

  7. I feel like we should wait a bit before telling everyone, but if Greg becomes less suspicious throughout the day, it would be useful to let everyone know since his being Mafia does seem like the most likely scenario at the moment.

    Also with the bodyguard thing, maybe the mafia have some sort of investigative role? It might explain why Kara didn’t die the first night if they were waiting to see her role before killing her.

    I am very curious about how everyone reacts to the Greg news though. If he ends up being mafia, everyone’s reactions/defenses for him will be useful in figuring out his teammates.

  8. Yes you’re very right! I find it’s rather telling who comes to his defense (ie. Harker). That’s a good point about Kara as well. In the past when I’ve been Mafia there was a Role Cop role to find out peoples roles.

  9. I have no idea why Harker is voting for me but they were someone I had flagged as suspicious yesterDay I think. Maybe it’s hoping that I’ll back off? I also find it curious that Amber B said she’ll give Greg the benefit of the doubt, given they were one of my top suspects yesterDay.

  10. Yes Harker is definitely acting weird. I can’t remember much about their playing style but I thought they were normally more analytical and collected up evidence before voting for someone. Also their reason for voting for you could literally apply to anyone else.

    Do you think we should tell people about the chat now? There’s some speculation going around but I feel like we should clear things up before Greg becomes unsuspicious.

  11. Yes I feel like it might be a good time because a few people are giving him the Masons/Neighbour card which is probably what he hoped for! I’ve been waiting for a few more people to check in to see what happens, as it’s still fairly early in the Day.

    I’m happy for you to if you want to, because I feel like if it comes from me, people might take it with a grain of salt because of how hard I’ve pushed and voted for Greg early. I just hope it doesn’t make you a target tomorrow!

  12. So there’s some speculation about Greg being on a Masons/Neighbours chat and I just wanted to let you know that me and Jeann are actually on a Neighbours chat sooo… it seems more likely to me that Greg is on a mafia chat rather than there being another Masons/Neighbours website.

  13. Good night! Or good morning I suppose when you see this! This is probably the most exciting thing I’m going to be involved in so I am looking forward to all the Chaos! I suppose we owe them some fun after lynching Dana 😂

  14. Hey Kerys! I’m hesitant in sharing my team and role (and you should be as well) – I don’t know why Amber G is pushing so hard for it because it places a huge target on our back for the Mafia.

    I think it should be obvious which Team I am from from me defending Kara.

  15. Okay I guess that makes. What do you think about Greg’s traitor reveal? I think that either Greg is:
    – a pro-town informed that knows about the traitor or
    – he’s mafia and wants to seem town so he pretends to be an informed? i feel like this makes more sense because why would an informed have a chat? and why

  16. Oh wow that’s quite the announcement! I have a few problems with it:
    – if he knew there was a “traitor to town” then why hasn’t he announced this earlier? If he was town aligned it would’ve only helped town. Looks like the traitor role is usually Mafia aligned. So given that threats to Town are usually Mafia and any anti-town anyway, I don’t see the knowledge that Greg has to be helpful to anyone to know but the Mafia (especially if he started out with this knowledge).
    – you are right about no one else owning up to the chat with Greg. Could be a good point to bring up, because if it was innocent enough then why wouldn’t they own up to it like we did?
    – it looks like he’s trying to backtrack on the neighbour/mason connection now. He tried to take advantage of the confusion earlier but after your reveal it now looks too suss to claim it. That definitely looks suss to me!

  17. yeah he was trying really hard to imply mason/neighbour without actually saying it. he doesn’t need to mention who he’s in the chat with but he’s not even explaining what type of chat he’s in which looks very very odd.

    I missed the traitor to town thing but I agree with what you said. it makes sense to have a traitor to the mafia but I don’t see how a traitor the town could even work?

    Okay I looked it up and apparently, this might be a thing but it’s kinda confusing and I don’t know how I feel about it.

  18. I find it interesting that almost half the players seem to have gone quiet today due to the Greg thing! It’s likely one or more of them are Mafia because they don’t want to look like they agree or disagree with him. Anna and the Meeghans in particular.

    Also while I’m still thinking of it, now that you know what faction you’re in, are you able to tell me if you’re in a different one to me?

  19. OK in case I get killed overNight, just wanted to leave my thoughts on who I think is Mafia:

    Amber B (Greg’s teammate), Greg,
    Megan Rose – potential third party or traitor
    Meeghan – potential traitor
    Harker – third party

    Unknown – Maria, Anna

    Not suspicious: Amber G, Anne, Beth,

  20. i know! this game really feels a lot quieter than the others I’ve played. I have to say hARKer and anne look really sus for not voting greg. they could be mafia trying not to bandwagon, or mafia trying to save greg, or town just making weird choices. I really hope Greg gets voted out because if he ends up being mafia, then it’ll give us a lot more info to go on. Voting him out looks promising at the moment but I hope EOD doesn’t end up being too chaotic.

  21. Ok I take back what I said about Anne. You made a really good point about her not voting her and kind of letting the whole Greg thing slide. I feel like she’s far too much of an experienced player to just give him that benefit of the doubt for now…unless she’s his team member.

  22. I think Megan Rose coming in at this hour and echoing a lot of our thoughts might be her trying to align her selves to us . Maybe so I’ll find her less suss? She says she knows you are Town which is interesting. Which begs the question, how many investigative roles are there exactly?

    Town Cop
    Lie detector
    Eavesdropper (Amber Gcop?

    I doubt Megan has a type of cop role if our town cop is gone? Is she a third party or Mafia cop?

    I have a wild theory

    Megan might be a traitor given how suss she was acting on D1 with the voting. If the traitor is uninformed for who the Mafia members are, then they may be gifted a cop role that they use at night to find out who their fellow Mafia are. So Megan might have used it on you to confirm you are a townie. Because I don’t think there are 2 town cops unless it was a reward of the Admin event Or it is a x1 shot.

  23. Greg just revealed that it’s a Neighbour chat that he’s in. Why would he wait until now to reveal it? I guess if he’s getting eliminated anyway, we’ll see whether he’s telling the truth but maybe he’s trying to protect the identity of his chat room partner/s.

    I’m getting vibes from Maria who has barely been around too.

  24. ugh i’m so nervous. i want greg to get lynched so that we at least have some solid info to go off tomorrow

    also greg’s stolen vote is very interesting. It’s kind of a shame for him that he can’t try to save himself though.

    ooh i haven’t noticed maria but i’ll have a look

  25. I guess we had some info but I was sus on her in D2 which doesn’t look great for me. At least it didn’t end in a tie I guess…

    Greg pulled out all stops to try not to get voted off today and yes, I’m sure one or some of the Megan voters were trying to save him.

  26. I’m just sad cos it felt like we outed ourselves for no reason, and then people just started to believe us less as the Day went on.

    Wonder if the Mafia will go after one of us toNight or maybe not cos it just makes Greg look bad?

  27. hopefully we both survive the night. I feel like people might think i’m a traitor tomorrow but at least we won’t have the megan vs. greg thing happening again.

    Kerrie creating a tie in the first place looks really sus though and I need to have a look at the people that voted for megan

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