The 100: Day/Night Two

It is Day/Night Two.

Welcome Neighbours! This post is for your use to chat privately both Day and Night Two. A new post will go up at the start of each new Day of the game. Good luck!

Neighbours: Jeann, Kerys

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  1. Heyyy Kerys! I’m starting to get the feeling that we might be on different teams, but that might not necessarily be a bad thing 😊

    I’m a bit suspicious of a few people at the moment based on how the votes went yesterday. Keen to know your thoughts!

  2. Hello! I keep forgetting to check in on this site oops.

    I definitely agree with that! Someone mentioned that there are probably 3 town aligned teams and mount weather as mafia which sounds crazy but also makes sense considering that we’d try and vote people that we think are not on our team, even if they are town aligned. This would be such a fabulous twist but knowing the game makers, it’s kind of hard to guess! I haven’t actually gone through what happened yesterday but based on Beth’s comment + general feelings:

    – I feel like the people who voted for Kara near the end, in an attempt to save Nicole are suspicious. I still have to check who these people are but Dana is very very sus. I feel like Dana tried to save Nicole by voting Kara and creating a tie. But after seeing that Nicole was about to be lynched anyways (votes at 7 vs. 6 with about a minute to go), I think Dana didn’t want to be associated with trying to save a Mafia member, so she switches her vote. She still hasn’t explained her reasoning (the game’s kinda slow at the moment – 1 day gone and only 26 comments) but maybe this is a time zone thing??

    – I cannot stop being suspicious of Harker?? It makes so much sense to me that if you know you are in a town aligned group, you would know what to refer to them as. Even if you are The 100 or Ark or Grounder, you’re team name and alignment is the only thing you know for sure, so why wouldn’t you refer to it?? Am I overthinking this? Maybe. I think a couple more people also did this but I probably didn’t pick up on it.

    – Kara has also gone kinda quiet and maybe she’s busy, but she did check in and didn’t celebrate being saved or offer up any thoughts like she was doing last Day.

    – The people voting for Kara after Nicole may also be suspicious and there could be some mafia bandwagoning going on. Need to check this for evidence though.

    Overall, nothing huge but I am most wary of Dana at the moment. What are your thoughts?

  3. @Kerys – I am with you there about people who quickly switched their vote from Kara when they saw that Nicole votes were creeping up there! Dana’s tie creation and voting for Nicole right on the dot looks SO SUSS to me. She hasn’t explained her vote yet.

    So does Meeghan – why the heck would she cancel her vote ON THE DOT with no reasoning? She explained it toDay and I’ve been meaning to question her on some of her reasonings because it seems a bit TOO convenient for me.

    If I was Kara, I probably would be laying low for a while too. She got a lot of heat in Day 1 for being outspoken about it and narrowly escaped being eliminated. If anything, the suspicion has gone off her onto the other people who voted dodgily.

    I’m wary of Dana, Meeghan and Amber B because of their voting patterns. All three of them quickly switched their vote towards the end with little to no reasoning. While this could be the time running down and not having enough time to explain themselves, it just looked dodgy to me.

    I think of those 3 I’m probably most suss on Amber B, which is why I questioned her today. Kara already looked like she was being voted out, then why would you just decide not to vote her towards the end? If she was Mafia, the logic for this would be that she wanted to vote “differently” based on other Mafia members (because I’m guessing another Mafia person might have jumped on board the Kara vote to save Nicole) so they didn’t want to be lumped in together with the same group just in case everything goes pear shaped.

    I also think that the Jenn night kill makes sense then, because Amber B voted for Jenn towards the end. While it looks like a revenge kill to me, (let’s get Jenn because she voted out Nicole), it could also be a convenient way to say, oh Maria, Anna and Amber B. had it out for Jenn so let’s get her. And then the following Day, you can say the Mafia is trying to frame Maria, Anna or Amber B so it would be a way to take the heat off all 3 of them. Not sure if that made sense haha but it does in my head anyway!

  4. @Jeann yeah that does make sense! I don’t think anyone’s made that point yet so maybe it was just a random kill? or maybe the mafia have some sort of a seer/investigator role and they wanted to get rid of Jenn because she was a cop?

    I’m definitely going to look into Amber B and Meeghan now because they are looking very sus. What do you think about the fact that Meeghan hasn’t commented at all toDay? We haven’t been told that she has a day pass. Is this a result of the night activity or something?

    Also Anne mentioned that

    ‘Harker was saying they didn’t know what the town was called, thereby I assumed they were not one of The 100 (or The Ark, though at the time I didn’t know The Ark was a thing. Jenn’s death confirms.)

    Do you think she’s actually part of The 100 or is she just deliberately mentioning it to take the suspicion of her?

  5. @Kerys – It was only Night 1 though, so I don’t think they would’ve had the chance to investigate roles AND target her until at least Night 2 (Night 1 investigation + result, Night 2 targeting). In that case I do think it was a random/revenge kill.

    But I still think that the focus on going “oh the Jenn kill was so weird” was overblown, namely from Beth and Megan Rose. It could’ve been an effort for Mafia to divert our attention to other things, like the votes during the end of the Day.

    Whichever angle I look, Megan Rose looks really suspicious to me, followed by Dana, then Amber B.

    Possibly? Beth and Harker. Maybe Greg…Greg seems to be more focused on defense than really finding anyone else suspicious at this point.

    Harker (by the way, their pronoun is they/their) always looks suspicious to me no matter what game we’re playing lol. I haven’t really taken much notice of the argument around them because I would rather go with more concrete evidence for now (like the votes) but I do think it warrants more looking into

  6. Oh with the pronoun thing I was referring to Anne, not Harker! Anne makes it seem like she is part of The 100 and didn’t know about The Ark till day 2. This could be a subtle ploy to divert attention from her or something but I’ll have to pay more attention to her actions to see if anything stands out to me.

    Also Beth seems like a pretty good player so it’s kind of hard to tell. So far she’s just been focusing on asking a lot of questions but I’m curious to see who she votes for!

  7. Oohh gotcha! That’s an interesting pick up with Anne, it definitely sounds like she knows its a thing. I put a quote from Megan Rose where she declared The 100 was definitely Town too yesterday, which kind of makes it sound like she knows something too.

    This edition is wild because of so many groups! Meeghan brings an interesting point about saying that at some point you might have to eliminate those who aren’t in your Team (eg. The 100 might need to vote out the Grounders etc.). I’m not so sure about that though because the mods were saying “congratulations Town!” in their welcome to Day 2 intro. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  8. Meeghan has also pushed the idea that she was team Ark and was pretty defensive when Kara questioned her which kinda gives me mixed feelings.

    I definitely agree! I’m pretty sure town only has to eliminate all threats, so unless grounders are like a cult or an evil third party or something, I don’t think we’ll need to worry about getting rid of the other town-aligned groups.

    It is kinda worrying though because with so many town-aligned groups it seems like there is a higher chance of voting out a townie.

  9. Hello hello, I’m back!! Yay for Dana being voted out, although not Mt Weather, she was a threat to us anyway. So far, so good!

    I don’t really have any feelings about Meeghan at this point. Yes I wonder what sort of role Siran has to prevent her from doing a Town vote? That definitely doesn’t bode well for her tomorrow during the Day.

    I do wonder what twists we have in store for us tonight and who will be targeted tonight! (I always think it’s going to be me because I’m so bold with my accusations lol)

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