The 100: Night One (Mafia)

It Is Night One.

Welcome Mafia! It is now your chance to openly discuss your evil plans. You may talk about what’s happened so far, brainstorm strategies to survive the next Day, laugh at how clueless the Townies are – whatever your heart desires.

You have two objectives by the end of the Night:

  1. Determine which player you would like to target for elimination.
  2. Determine which Mafia teammate you would like to send to complete the kill.

Once you have decided on these objectives, please have one of your team members submit your decisions to the Moderators by completing the Night Action form.

You only have 48 hours to make a decision. The Night phase ends each Tuesday 7pm GMT. A countdown has been added to the sidebar to assist you in determining how much time you have left each phase.

Remember: Your goal is to outlast and eliminate any other team. Use your kills wisely, and do your best to keep your team alive.

Mafia team: Maria, Greg, Kerrie, Nicole

36 thoughts on “The 100: Night One (Mafia)”

  1. Damn!!
    I want to vote Kara but I don’t want to feel too obvious.

    It’s too bad we lost once of us already 😭

    We should make a trick for Day 2 to vote someone so we don’t scatter around?

  2. Ok, so here are my thoughts following Day 1:

    I think Siran might be the traitor. She’s mentioned she thinks there might be a mafia among the 100 and brought up Murphy twice

    I think those who voted for Kara will be under suspicion D2, especially me for switching my vote at the end of the day.

    I agree about trying to avoid suspicion–that’s why I didn’t vote for Kara originally! Tomorrow, I think we should try to vote differently, but at the end of the day, you should vote for the person you think you can make the best case for, even if another maf member has voted for them.

  3. I think the supplies thing is an individual decision, so you can risk it if you want, but I personally think the best move is to wait and see what the effects of the night events are before joining in.

  4. As for a target, I think we should target a quieter player. Maybe Amber B? (I don’t have it out for the Ambers I swear, I just think we should not eliminate anyone who voted for Kara because it leaves the suspicion pool larger Day 2. Alternatively, Jenn has also been quiet, but I fear that that will make her a potentially watched target, so if we target her, someone might see.

  5. I will read those who have voted for whom.

    I haven’t really read Siran’s comment as I’m trying to build case against Kara
    But I’m also afraid that she might really have some ability after death. She seems pretty confident somehow

    I agree to vote for quieter player as sometimes it can be frustrating if they don’t join the game at all 😂
    That being said, I was always wary of Harker and Beth…

    Wait so it was already revealed that Nicole is the mafia with the goon right? (I’m not familiar with the term yet just to make sure)

    We can leave Megan (or meegan i forgot 🙈) cause she suddenly cancelled the vote at last minute so there could be some discussion about it for Day 2

  6. Oh my gosh I’m so PISSED. When I saw all of them voting for Nicole I was like ????? I thought we had Kara. 🙂

    Maria- I thought it was a nice move you voting for Jenn. And Kerrie I fist pumped and shouted (people were looking at me lol) when you voted Kara at like 5 minutes til. I know mafia is always supposed to be cold and dispassionate- don’t risk ourselves- but I’m glad you tried to help Nicole!! 🙂

    Okay I think you might be right Kerrie. I’m baffled as to why Siran didn’t vote. And I actually kind of want to put Kara’s confidence to the test- maybe we SHOULD target her? I think she’s playing bold rather than having a death- proof ability, but I could be wrong. My feelings are Kara, Jeann, Beth, Jenn or Harker as possible kills, as they seem like the most dangerous players to me ATM. Everyone else seems like we have less trouble with, mainly because they’re quiet. But… I know where you are coming from too with quieter ones, so… whatever you think.

    Definitely leave Megan. I think she can be useful…

    I’ll have to be quieter in D2. I think my seemingly innocent early comments about factions and enemies put a target on me w/ Kara! Although later I tried to comment a LOT to seem chatty and hopefully offput that.

  7. I think I vote Jenn or Harker as a target. Kara is either going to be watched or protected. She’s made too much of a target of herself today

  8. I think Kara was almost like Beth in the BYOC2, people decided to protect her cause she seemed so true with the ‘Grounders are town’ thing

    Btw I got Dante Wallace and no special powers too. That’s sad for mafia not to have any super power. Would be awesome otherwise. Haha.

  9. Also I was actually still awake last night, but damn I missed the deadline and was super confused at how suddenly the vote goes against Nicole.
    It’s too bad that she was voted out at the 1st day too!

    I would love to choose Jenn, but at the same time I voted her so if she suddenly got out, then I might also be in the highlight?

    Harker loves to use analysis and I think they never really stir the vote, but maybe I’d go for Harker instead

    Think we can still use Jenn as Amber (YA) mentioned that she didn’t believe of Jenn’s excuse for the cat thing.

  10. Maria- right? We should at least be able to unleash acid fog or something 🙂

    And I know! I was busy and by the time I got to end of day I didn’t even make it through the comments before the end. I was trying to read super fast! As for Jenn, yeah that could put you in the spotlight a bit. Good point. Maybe we should go with Harker. Or Beth. Both will analyze a lot and could cause us trouble, even if they only stumble on something.

    I’d still kinda like to take a shot at Kara- there were six votes for her so we’d be under suspicion, but honestly so would 4 others who are Town. Or whatever they are. But if you guys think it’s too risky I’m okay w/ that.

    I think Kara was almost like Beth in the BYOC2, people decided to protect her cause she seemed so true with the ‘Grounders are town’ thing

    Yes. Or like Siran in a recent game where she was super out there and vague on Day One and it caused complete chaos… 🙂

    Interesting that three of us are Goons. Kerrie do you have an ability (if you don’t want to answer I understand). I’d be surprised if at least one of us doesn’t have something. Which really makes me wonder about a possible third party… if no one in the mafia has an ability, we’d seem underpowered unless there’s a third party out there that helps us? Or maybe the Traitor…

  11. if no one in the mafia has an ability, we’d seem underpowered

    Right! But then again I also think that they could have powers but a random one that can affect themselves either.

    Okay I read about the acid fog, would be great if we can have that and kill almost everyone in 1 go haha.

    I really want to try Kara, but think that it will be a waste if someone has an ability to protect someone.

    Maybe we can go for Beth. Harker can be useful as someone still vote for them that we can stir the thoughts around them. Though, I think many would look at Kara’s voters for now.

    And everyone who voted for Nicole would be quite ‘safe’ according to town, cause it would be weird to vote her if she’s in the same team (aka mafia)

  12. I’m a goon as well, so no special powers here. Hmmm… who would we be the least likely to target? Because whoever we target, Day 2 everyone will be trying to figure out what they did to get chosen as a night kill

  13. Beth made a comment very late something to the effect of she couldn’t protect Kara and was sorry. I wonder if that means anything or is nothing…

    Okay here it is I went back and

    I’m so sorry, Kara- if you’re Town/Town-aligned, thank you for being bold and taking a risk, and I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you.

    So… Kerrie was leaning towards Jenn or Harker, Maria towards Beth or Harker?

  14. Oooh thats an interesting catch! I’m leaning towards Jenn. Harker might be trouble down the line but if we eliminate too many outspoken players then there will be no one coming up with wild theories and a few people were suspect of Harker by the end of the day, so we might be able to persuade them to vote Harker out.

    I vote Jenn

  15. I agree that we should not vote Harker right now.

    As for Jenn and Beth not sure for now. or we can go to the 1st option to vote for the quiet player like Amber/Dana? Cause they’re quiet, it’s a lower chance they might be protected or sth like that?

  16. I’d vote for Beth out of those options? I like Beth, she’s a good player, but as mafia we have to eliminate some threats? The quieter players I’m iffy about because half of them hardly show up anyway lol, and meanwhile the more analytical ones are gonna be on us! And there’s only three of us so we could be in trouble since they got one of us already. So I’m good with Jenn if you want (I understand your earlier objection to that one though Maria) or Beth. Jeann would be my third choice.

    Once we decide, who do we want to do the deed? I can do it if you want. We’re all Goons so I guess it doesn’t matter. Either way… getting the Night Action Form in sooner rather than later is usually a good idea.

  17. I actually prefer Beth too.
    She’s good analysis and it’s quite scary if she suddenly turns to one of us.
    For now she’s basically trying to go around the way. I think I’ll vote for Beth if that’s okay.

    I agree. Let’s put the night action soon before others use their abilities.

  18. Now I’m having second thoughts about Beth. I’m sorry guys- I’m totally wishy washy right now. And Kerrie got me thinking

    Because whoever we target, Day 2 everyone will be trying to figure out what they did to get chosen as a night kill

    I’ve been thinking about this. Maybe Jenn or a quieter player would be better?

    Also full disclosure- I’m friends with Beth outside the game and it may be affecting my judgment lol. I know I suggested her- she’s one of the five players I’d be most worried about- but yeah- I feel bad. 😦 So I’m going to let you guys decide and I’ll go with whoever you pick.

  19. ahaha I feel you there Greg, I’m not sure who to choose either but Jenn, Harker, and Beth seemed good choice for now.
    we can go to Jenn, I don’t mind either. because as of now, i think somehow Jenn and Kara might be at the same team as how fast she jumped off saying that Grounders are town thing at some point. so it might also be hard to put all the assumptions to her later at day.

    I guess we can go to Jenn or Dana/Anna (esp Anna is usually super quiet)

  20. Thanks Maria. It looks like Jenn it is. Kerrie had voted for her earlier as well. I’ll wait a little bit and then send the Night Action Form in, so if anyone changes their mind let me know. Otherwise we’ll have our Kill!

    Oh, and did either of you submit an entry for the Night Event? I sent one in, I’m so curious! Also I keep thinking we might get a nice surprise at some point- with none of us having abilities, and with recent past Games having surprises or Spectator events, maybe something’s coming in Day Two that will help us. I’m still holding out acid fog 🙂

  21. Okay I sent the Night Kill form in. Let’s see what happens. 🙂

    And Kerrie that sounds like a good call. I’m a little nervous!!!

  22. I want to be wary like Kerrie, but the temptation is too real so i guess I’ll try and see about the night action haha

    also thanks for sending the night kill!
    let’s hope we kill one town tonighhttt

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