The 100: Night One (Cult)

Hello Cult Leader and welcome to your site! You have been granted private access to this site in order to discuss gameplay and strategy with your Cultists after you recruit them. Here you can speak freely and brainwash them to your heart’s content. Enjoy!

How It Works

This site will operate in a very similar way to The Bookish Games site, with a focus on Night activity instead of Day. Each Night phase (Sunday 7 pm GMT) a Night post will go live. Once published, you are allowed to comment on it freely with the Cultists you recruit, discussing the events of the Game so far, coming up with strategies for survival, and determining who you would like to recruit next.

Once you determine which player you would like to recruit, please submit the Night Action form. Only you, the Cult Leader, can recruit members to the Cult. If you are eliminated, the Cult cannot recruit additional players but may attempt to win the game without you.

Each Night phase ends Tuesday 7 pm GMT. Your form must be submitted at this time in order for the recruitment to be completed and all discussion on these pages must come to an end.

Once the game is completed, these Night posts will be imported into The Bookish Games blog so that we have all relevant posts in one place. In the meantime though, this place is all yours. Have fun (but don’t forget we’re always watching…)

It is now Night One.

Good luck!

7 thoughts on “The 100: Night One (Cult)”

  1. Here I am, screaming into the void (about the sheer chaos at the end of Day 1).

    Also, hello Spectators and people who may eventually read this after the game is over. 😀

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