The 100: Day/Night One

It is Day/Night One.

Welcome Neighbours! This post is for your use to chat privately both Day and Night One. A new post will go up at the start of each new Day of the game. Good luck!

Neighbours: Jeann, Kerys

7 thoughts on “The 100: Day/Night One”

  1. Definitely! Which is kind of confusing since I haven’t watched the show and I can’t really add to the speculation at the moment. I’ll probably research the show a bit today and go through comments again to get a better insight into the different alliances.

  2. Ahhhh I just woke up and saw that Nicole was a Goon, I’m so glad I voted for her! What a lucky vote, it looks like it changed rapidly towards the end of the Day! At least we get confirmation that Mt Weather are the baddies now. What are your thoughts about how the end of day happened?

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