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BYOC2 Game Over




Congratulations to Team Town for winning! There weren’t many of you left when it came down to the end, but the amount left alive doesn’t matter. As a team – both dead and alive – you managed to successfully eliminate all the baddies in this game and for that you deserve a round of applause. Bravo Team Town, bravo. You did it.

Of course, I do have to take a moment to acknowledge the fact that this game was definitely not set-up in as balanced of a manner as I would have liked. I’ll get into some of my set-up regrets later on, but I do think my baddies deserve an apology. I can’t guarantee the outcome would’ve been different if the appropriate limitations were set in place, but I do think things would’ve been much less stressful. I’m sorry for making it a bit impossible there towards the end there, baddies, but I promise I’m learning from my mistakes and will aim for better next time.

As a result of the balance issues, I’ve decided to grant MVP status to the last four players left fighting at the end of this game: Shannon, Anna, Harker, and Kerrie.

Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight

Our two final Town players, Shannon and Anna, used both their votes and abilities to secure the win this game. They stuck to their vote for Kerrie during Day Five even though it resulted in a tie and no elimination, and again voted with each other Day Six to ensure Harker’s elimination was ultimately inevitable to end the game. And while their votes themselves wouldn’t have been enough to secure the win in a normal game, their selection of the Paranoid Gun Owner and Mirror roles during sign-ups ensured that they were practically untouchable once they made it to the end. Good work ladies. You done good.

Harker @ Hermit Librarian

Our two final Mafia players, Kerrie and Harker, managed to almost survive until the very end while completely under everyone’s radar. Neither one received any real votes until Day Five when four players were left alive (they only received random votes against them as a result of Day One’s general nonsense) and both did an amazing job of appearing helpful to the Town while simultaneously trying to lead them astray (Kerrie even continued her efforts into the graveyard, attempting to convince Shannon that it was just Jeann and her that made up Team Marcella). If it weren’t for the fact that both Anna and Shannon had powers that caused their kill attempts to backfire I truly do think they could’ve won this game and for that I think they deserve major props. Great work Team Marcella!

Kerrie and Anna, please DM me a portrait to cartoonify for our Wall of Fame page (unless you’d prefer the generic question-mark face). And Harker and Shannon, if you would like me to attempt a new portrait as a result of your win, feel free to send me a new image to work with as well! (I’m a bit rusty though so no promises they’ll look any better 😂)

To be honest though, I think you ALL deserve MVP status this time around. Dead or alive, new or experienced, good or evil, I thought everyone did an amazing job during this BYOC2 edition and I’m truly thankful that you all decided to join us for this crazy ride.

Really, I could ramble on and on about things I appreciate about each and every one of you, but this post is damn long as it is. Just DM me if you want me to tell you all the ways you’re amazing, I don’t mind. 😂


Let’s take a look at some of the fun twists included in this edition:

The Spectator’s Buttons

The main set-up twist introduced to the game was mid-Day button drops with unknown consequences for the players.

I owe Inge credit for inspiring this twist. Once I read the comment she made about my role during the Scythe Game Over post, I knew I wanted to incorporate it into a future edition of the Game and that’s exactly what I did:

We introduce to you: the Tuning Fork. Not even Asti knew what it did… Naturally, Asti being Asti, she immediately used it the very first Night. (Question: Do you think Asti is the type of person who sees a big red button and decides to press it to see what it does?)

I liked the idea of this button twist for a couple of reasons.

First, I thought this twist was a great way to get spectators engaged with the game. By having a voice in the button twist, spectators (and eliminated players!) were able to indirectly impact the game and were more inclined to check back in each Day/Night to participate. It worked really well, and I loved being able to collaborate with spectators on each Day’s button by getting suggestions and feedback.

How were the Spectators involved in this twist? During each Night the spectators would vote for the consequence of the next Day’s button, and during each Day the spectators would choose when the button should be dropped.

The buttons each Day were as follows:

  • Day One: The button consequence pre-determined by moderators for Day One was a post restriction with player being limited to communicate in emojis (apart from their VOTE). The button was dropped by Irene and Meeghan. Harker pushed the button.
  • Day TwoThe button vote was tied between the player gaining Medium ability or 1x Vote Thief, with the latter being chosen using Google’s Coin Flipper. The button was dropped by Meeghan and Irene (again). Anne pushed the button and was able to steal a vote for Day Three.
  • Day ThreeThe Medium ability was chosen as the button’s consequence, with the added requirement that the player states “I see dead people” at least once a Day. This button was dropped by Nicole and Amber. Shannon pushed the button and gain accessed to the Spectator chat.
  • Day FourFor this button, the player would be required to change their vote with every third comment made. Amber and Jeann dropped the button. Maria was our button-pusher (which was unfortunate for her since, as you’ll see later, her vote was already compromised).
  • Day FiveThis button required the player to make a fake role reveal, with the potential of receiving a vote from spectators if not successful. Kritika and Amber dropped the button. Harker pushed the button and was forced to reveal as The Flying Pumpkin That Shoots Laser Beams out of its Ass.
  • Day Six: Day Six’s button gave its recipient a clue about the game. Greg and Kritika dropped the button and Anna pushed it. The clue Anna received: “Only one of the three has hands that are blood-free.” (This hinted that both the other two players still alive in the game, Shannon and Harker, were killers.)

So as you can see, the button consequences were varied and most of the spectators got involved in their operation. If anything, these buttons helped highlight how you all are just as evil as I am when it comes to wanting more chaos in this game. 😈

Second, I liked the idea of adding the buttons to this game as they added some extra entertainment to the usually slow first half of each Day. Deadlines are always exciting, but the rest of the Day? Sometimes they can really drag. Adding the buttons to the first half of the Day added what I felt was some much needed excitement (though I will say I was surprised by how no one really demanded an explanation from the button-pushers about what the consequence of their button was. I was really hoping someone would be forced to come up with an elaborate lie about their button results. I need more liars and schemers in this game! 😂)

Will the Real ____ Please Stand up?

Another big twist incorporated into this game? Multiple players were assigned the same character. That’s right, we had multiple players submit the same character in submissions this time around and the temptation to cause more confusion by adding doubles (and triples!) to the game was just too much to pass.


Anna and Beth were both Blue from The Raven Boys series. Each were assigned the role they suggested in relation to the character along with Mason priveleges which ensured their same-team alliance and allowed them to communicate in a private chat room.


Jeann, Harker, and Kerrie were all Marcella from Vengeful.  Similar to Anna and Beth, the Marcellas were assigned varied roles based off their requests along with being on a team where they could work together to wreak havoc.

Fun fact: Our other duplicate requests that I considered but didn’t end up working into the game were Jude from The Cruel Prince (requested by Anne and Megan) and Aelin from Throne of Glass (requested by Kerrie and Meylia).

The Mafia of Arsonists

You may have noticed that there weren’t really many Night deaths this game? That’s because the mafia was a team of Arsonists that could ignite players during the Day. What?! 😱

I know it sounds crazy, but while the details were different the core elements of the Mafia remained the same here: the Mafia knew who their teammates were, and could communicate during each Night to decide who they wanted to target for elimination. Their goal was to be the last one(s) standing.


As an Arsonist mafia, the Marcellas had to prime a player before they could ignite them and the Godfather was the only player in the team with the ability to active Day-time ignitions. This ability to murder players during the Day was granted to the Mafia because I like chaos I feel like Arsonists start the game at a disadvantage knowing their Night action requires two steps before being successful. By allowing Day-time ignition, the Mafia had the potential to kill one person per Day/Night as they usually would.

As no one necessarily knew that Arsonists would be a thing this game, I did use some flexibility in regards to protective roles. All protective abilities (such as Bulletproof) were expanded to work against all kill types (I didn’t inform other players this when giving them their roles though as I didn’t want to hint that Arsonists existed within this edition). And because the Mafia had the ability to ignite during the Day and all protective abilities are limited to Night actions, Doctors and other protective roles worked against priming this edition instead of ignition.

The Vote-Controlling Poisoner

Of course there was a third-party killer this game too. I couldn’t resist myself!


Megan was our Third Party vote-stealing Poisoner. Each Night she could target one person to poison and the following Day that player was limited to voting whoever Megan stated they should vote for. Players were told that they could not indicate that their vote was compromised or else they would lose their Night ability which, well, was a cruel trick on my end because the poison would result in their death at the end of Day so they wouldn’t be able to use their Night ability either way. Whoops, sorry friends! 🙊

We have never had a solo Third-Party player win the game because the odds are so stacked against them – they literally have to kill every person in the game to win. As a result, I did try to boost Megan’s chances even more by providing her with a 2x Psychologist ability on top of her other powers, giving her a chance to determine who else may have had killing potential in the game, but unfortunately she didn’t end up using it. (Megan did do a great job though. I do think there’s a chance she might’ve won this if my button shenanigans didn’t result in the dead digging her grave.)

The Deadliest Killer of Them All


But wait, as evil as I tried to be with the set-up, the deadliest killer of them all was actually a twist came from elsewhere. Shannon, whose chose it was to play as our Paranoid Gun Owner, caused more deaths that each of our anti-Town units on their own. The final death tally for this game was: 4 Paranoid Gun Owner deaths, 3 Arsonist ignitions, 3 Day votes, and 2 Poisonings. For as innocent as Shannon claims to be, she sure did have a lot of blood on her hands after by the time this game ended. 😈

For those not familiar with the Paranoid Gun Owner role, Shannon would passively kill any player that targeted her during the Night. That’s right, she was murdering you all without even realizing it.


Between the buttons and crazy roles, there were a lot of interesting things that happened during this game. Here are the main highlights from each Day and Night that gave me great joy while moderating:

Day One: Emoji Speak, Beth’s Reveal

BYOC2 D1 Emojis

The first button was pushed by Harker and they were informed that their comments would be limited to emojis for the rest of the Day. I had assumed this would result in Harker limiting their participation and just using the emojis to react to other comments, but instead they created their own little emoji alphabet and continued to be one of our most active commentors of the Day! It was a lot of work but I actually think it helped convince others that Harker was Town-aligned. Kudos to Harker for that one!

BYOC2 D1 Beth

Beth announced seven minutes before deadline that she knew “for an absolute fact” that Anna was Town, swinging the votes to Nicole and saving her Mason teammate. I was shocked that Beth did this at the time, knowing that she was risking the Cop’s ability to use their power by putting herself in the spotlight. Luckily for her it paid off as she managed to survive until after the Cop(s) were eliminated (and her vouching for Anna ultimatley helped ensure the Town won).

Night One: The Poisoner and the Mirror

BYOC2 N1 Poison

Our poor Poisoner. The first player Megan attempted to target with her Poisoner abilities Night One was our Mirror, Anna. As a result, Megan’s attempt to poison Anna actually resulted in her poisoning herself. While Megan’s bulletproof powers protected her from being able to die by any means during the Night, she was still affected by her attempted vote thief and was required to vote for Amber Day Two.

Day Two: The Vote Thief Button

BYOC2 D2 Button

The main exciting thing that happened Day Two? ToDay’s button rewarded the pusher with a 1x Vote Thief ability. After pushing the button, Anne used the 1x Vote Thief ability to force Harker to vote for Shannon Day Three. (She did almost use this to force Beth to vote Anna not knowing they were Masons… oh what fun that could’ve been.)

Night Two: The Poisoned Cop, the Blocked Town Kill, The PGO First Strike, and the Anti-Town Face-Off

BYOC2 N2 Poison

Oh poor Greg. During Night Two he decided to investigate Jeann and found his first confirmed Anti-Town player! Unfortuantely for him, he was also targeted by Megan the Poisoner that Night and not only had his vote stolen for Day Three but died before he coudl make his move against Jeann.  (In the end this didn’t make too much of a difference though as Jeann died the following Night anyways.)

The Mafia successfully stopped the Town from killing each other.  That’s right. Amber was eager to kill someone after almost being voted out at the end of Day Two, but Harker as our Mafia Roleblocker blocked her from completing her kill. While this was unfortunate for the Mafia in that they inadvertently helped keep the Doctor alive, I’m not sure if they would regret it as in the end it was Meylia who ultimately confirmed Megan’s Anti-Town alliance, one of the unknown threats they needed to beat to win.

BYOC N2 Anne

Our Paranoid Gun Owner murdered the innocent Drink Vendor. Poor Anne visited Shannon to give her a nice drink and instead found herself murdered. How rude.

The Mafia unsuccessfully attempted to prime Megan for elimination. Megan’s bulletproof abilities meant that she could not be eliminated during the Night so their priming attempt was not successful. Of course, I didn’t let them know that was the case. They had to wait until attempting to ignite their primed players to find out if it was successful or not.

Day Three: The Medium Button

BYOC2 D3 Button

The main thing to note for Day Three: Shannon received Medium powers after pushing the button. (She was also given the Post Restriction of saying “I see dead people” every Day in the game.) The Mafia did also attempt to frame Shannon for Kritika’s Day death by igniting shortly after the button was pushed, but unfortunately that connection never seemed to lead anywhere.

Night Three: The PGO Strikes Again, The Poisoner and the Vote for the Dead, the Successful 1x Cop Investigation

BYOC2 N3 Jeann

In an interesting twist of events, Shannon killed both her attempted murderer and savior during Night Three. While the Mafia’s attempt to prime Shannon for ignition would’ve been successful even though she caused Jeann’s death during a normal Night, since Meylia chose to protect Shannon as the Doctor their priming attempt did not succeed. In the end Meylia saved Shannon’s life while being murdered by her.

BYOC2 N3 Meylia

Having received a 1x Cop ability from Maria the Night before, Meylia chooses to investigate Megan to reveal that she was anti-Town. While Meylia didn’t get a chance to share this information in the Day chat as she was eliminated by Shannon’s PGO ability, she did get to pass it along to Shannon via the Spectator chat.

BYOC2 N3 Megan

Not realising Jeann would be dead the following Day, our Poisoner Megan targeted Maria and forced her to vote Jeann for Day Four. RIP.

Day Four: The Votes for the Dead, The Ghost Calls it, IJACKTRADE, and the Arsonist Slip

Speaking of Maria being forced to vote for a dead player… The button for Day Four required its pusher to change their vote with every third comment made. Not feeling restricted enough by her current vote limitation, Maria decided to push the button. As her vote was already compromised by the Poisoner, requiring her to vote for Jeann, I informed her that to meet this requirement she would have to change her vote with every third comment with her final vote landing on Jeann. Knowing that she’d have to vote for a dead player at the end of Day anyways, Maria decided to get creative with this new limitation and made all of her comments for dead players, in the order that the players were eliminated! So smart.

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 5.30.04 AM

A fun thing that happened during Day Four of the game? One of our spectators called out our twist without realizing it was actually a thing. Kudos to Amber for being rightly predicting the connection between Anna and Beth, even if it wasn’t the right character. 😂

Maria also revealed to Shannon her role during Day Four. Can you see it? IJACKTRADE? I always love seeing the creative ways players try to do reveals without explicitly stating their characters/roles.

BYOC2 D4 Arsonist Slip

One last thing of note for Day Four: Kerrie let slip that she knew Mafia = Arsonist. I was shocked no one mentioned this until Maria (and kudos to her for noticing when she was already dealing with so much in the game!) but Kerrie played it off so smoothly. Impressive work.

Night Four: Harker Blocks Themself, Megan Spreads Lies

Our Mafia roleblocker blocked themself during Night Four. How does that happen? Well, Harker as a roleblocker only is effective towards active Night actions (those that require the Night action form submission). They chose to roleblock Anna, who has the passive ability of Mirroring actions back onto whoever is targeting her, which reflected Harker’s roleblocking back onto Harker. As a result, Harker wasn’t able to successfully use the 1x Mailman ability gifted to them by Maria as planned. RIP.

BYOC2 N4 Megan Lies

The other fun thing that happened Night Four? Megan lied in the Spectator chat about Beth having a killing power.

Day Five: Early Day Ignition, Forced Fake Reveal

Unfortunately for Megan, her lies were debunked shortly after Day Five started with our first early Day ignition. The Mafia chose to ignite their primed target(s) as soon as the Day started, and with that ignition Beth’s true identity as a Mason and Cop Enabler was revealed. Boo, if only the Mafia chose to wait so we could see what fun Megan’s lie would’ ve led to.

BYOC2 D5 Flying Pumpkin

Day Five’s button forced its pusher to falsely reveal themself as The Flying Pumpkin That Shoots Laser Beams out of its Ass. Poor Harker, deciding to test their luck once again after that emoji post restriction, pushed this button and ultimately had to do this dirty deed. I don’t think they had as much fun with it as we would’ve like, but in the end it didn’t really matter since out of the three remaining players only one would’ve likely questioned it. (Kerrie was Harker’s teammate and Shannon knew the reveal was false, so really only Anna would’ve been likely to push for answers, and she didn’t.)

Night Five: The Unsuccessful Attack on Anna

The Mafia targeted Anna with all they had during Night Five, not realising that Anna as a Mirror was untouchable. Kerrie’s attempt to prime Anna was reflected back on her, resulting in Kerrie being primed for Day Six, while Harker’s roleblocking actions did nothing since they were only effective against active powers.

Day Six: The Self-Ignition, Two Killers

The Mafia chose to strike again wtih an start-of-Day ignition and, unfortunately, lost one of their own. Poor Harker. After rotten luck with buttons all Day they ultimately ended up being the last one standing against two Townies.

BYOC2 D6 Clue

Day Six’s button rewarded its pusher with a clue about the game. I wanted the clue to reveal something not already known in game, but still be vague enough that both teams would still have a chance at winning. In the end I settled with a hint about the roles that still exist within the game: out of the three players still alive, two were killers (Shannon and Harker).

Harker’s 1x Deathproof ensured they survived the Day vote at the end of Day Six. Unfortuantely without this deathproof ability Harker could not survive Shannon’s PGO role in the end and ultimatley was eliminated.


As always, here is the information for the secret pages and access to the master sheet where we kept track of each Day/Night actions. If you have questions about anything, don’t hesitate to ask!


My Set-up Regrets

I won’t lie, this is the first edition in which I feel like my set-up greatly impacted the outcome of the game. There was always a chance the Town could’ve lost even up until the very end, but the set-up made the chances of that much much smaller than it should’ve been.

Here are a couple of things I feel like I should have changed to make this game better balanced:

  • Limiting the Medium role. I’ve always loved the idea of the Medium role (I pulled it from Town of Salem) and I don’t think it was an absolutely horrid addition to this edition, but I do believe when compared to the other button options throughout the game it was way overpowered. The dead don’t always have game-changing information but they definitely did this game and at the very least this was the main cause of our Poisoner being eliminated.
  • Introducing a Character Investigator. Okay, maybe this has less to do with balance and more with fun, but I wish I had included an investigative role that allowed a player to determine which book characters players were playing as. It would’ve revealed the fact that some players were playing the same character, adding to the chaos which you know I always love. I feel like my multiple-players-as-one-character twist was mostly wasted otherwise.
  • Limiting the Mirror role. I also wish I would’ve limited Anna’s Mirror role. As it says on the Mirror role page, that role is usually limited to a certain number of uses and there’s good reason why: it can make a player invincible. Anna’s chances of being voted out during the Day were practically none after Beth confirmed her alliance (and pretty much guaranteed once Beth was revealed as a Town Mason) and she was also unable to be eliminated during the Night due to her ability. That led to a frustrating end for the Mafia.
  • Revamping the Vote Thief ability. While I have no issues with the Vote Thief ability itself, I do find it incredibly difficult to enforce. The hope is always that the player will take their designated vote and come up with a convincing argument for why they’re voting that way in order to keep the compromised vote a secret. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. As a result, I’ll definitely be changing how the Vote Thief operates in future games. I have ideas, but you’ll just have to wait and see what they are because I’m not sharing them here. 😝

Between the issues above and wrongly assigning Maria’s role I definitely felt a bit frustrated with myself this game. All I can do is apologize and promise that I will definitely be using what I’ve learned from this game to do better in the next one. Sorry friends! I hope you still had fun.

Post-Game Zoom Chat?

It has been suggested by Jeann that we have a Zoom chat once this game concludes, but unfortunatley as I’m currently on holiday in the States I will not be able to host this myself. If any player wants to host a Zoom party to talk about this game, feel free to do so! Shoot me a DM on Twitter and I’ll happily pass along the meeting details to all of this edition’s players. Either way, with the end of the game comes the end of the social media ban so even if you don’t feel like Zooming feel free to tweet or email each other about what went down!


The 100 WIP
The Game ended before I could finish drawing this icon lol

Pending confirmation from the MVP herself, the next edition of The Bookish Games will be Shannon’s The 100 edition! We’ll be taking a little break before posting sign ups (at least a month this time, if not longer), but if you’re hoping to play the next edition and are looking for a new show to watch (or book to read?) I’d highly recommend starting The 100.

Sign up to the mailing list to be informed when sign-ups go live. I look forward to playing with you all once again!

Until next time,

❤ Asti (& Dana)

14 thoughts on “BYOC2: Game Over”

  1. Aw Shannon, I didn’t draw hands holding the book for your character. I’m too lazy to go back and edit that right now but maybe once I get back home from my vacation 😂

  2. So all of us that were killed during the Day were the pre-primed Arsonist kills, and the people who died at Night were accidentally killed by either Shannon or Anna?
    I’m still not over there being 3 Marcellas, I literally said in the spec chat that there’s no way there could be three of the same character hahaha

  3. @Kritika: Mid-day kills were Arsonists, End of Day kills were Poisoner, and Night kills were PGO! (Anna didn’t actually kill anyone this game. The only death she was responsible for was Kerrie’s but Kerrie didn’t die until she ignited herself the following Day. 😂)

  4. @Asti I was over here cheering, laughing, swearing, and punching the air with each paragraph of this, the MOST CHAOTIC TBG EVER. I had a fantastic time playing, and while I understand your frustrations, I don’t think you should feel too bad. I can see several places where things could’ve gone very differently (starting with me not outing myself to protect Anna). I think a Character Investigator in BYOC is a great addition, as role-based power speculation is almost always a thing in normal TBG. I will definitely be submitting less “vanilla” abilities in the next BYOC, given how much utter delightful chaos the range of roles in this one produced. 😀 And honestly, even though Town had a lot of firepower on their side, there were only 4 anti-town players. And two made to the end of week 5. That’s pretty spectacular, considering usually when Mafia loses they have 2 surviving players (IIRC).

    @Shannon I am cracking up over here that after (I think it was Maria’s?) cryptic comment about self-sacrifice, I started researching nuclear options for Mafia role….and here you are, playing Becca Premheida, mother of the nuclear apocalypse. 😀
    I cannot FREAKING WAIT for The 100 TBG! Even more than usual!

  5. @Harker You did such a good job! I only started considering you could be anti-Town *after* I died and could watch Shannon in both Spec Chat and Game chat. I even had in my notes “Harker must be Town. See D1 emoji highest commenter.”

    @Kerrie you also played a fantastic game, striking an excellent balance between participating just enough to be considered helpful and not giving anything away….until the arsonist comment, which I totally missed! My hat is off to you.

    @Megan I’m still cracking up that my first time playing with you, I poisoned you and you turned out to be Town (as I was in that game), and now here you are, a Poisoner and third-party and I was still thinking you were likely Town.

    @Jeann also struck me as Town….TBH, until Jeann’s elimination, I was starting to get concerned that it was an every-player-for-themselves setup or something, as nobody was particularly hinky (except Greg, with his adamant voting for me….well played with the forced vote, sir).

    @Asti Maybe if you use the Medium role in the future, they can see the Spec Chat but can’t post in it? I think the crux of the game is around the ability to communicate- strategy works best within a group, all powers aside.

  6. @Beth: I’m glad you still had a lot of fun, that means a lot to me! And yes, definitely don’t be afraid to get wild with your character/role requests in future BYOC games. I think it’s a fun way to test out new roles. And I’ll def consider that limitation for the Medium in the future! I think we have a couple different ways that one could work. 🙂

  7. Oh my god, this was brilliant to read 😂😂 Well played everyone!

    I’m strongly considering signing up for The 100 of it takes place while I’m still working from home, as I should hopefully have a bit more time to play than usual!

    Also…. guys, I’m psychic.

  8. “That’s right, she was murdering you all without even realizing it.” lolol

    “Kudos to Amber for being rightly predicting the connection between Anna and Beth, even if it wasn’t the right character. 😂” Nice job Amber!!!

    @Beth – haha thank you! I did come after you and Anna pretty hard- I just kept thinking “it can’t be that simple, that they’re just Town, can it??” – I was so certain there was a twist there- and then of course my Jeann result gave me fits- to reveal or not to reveal while my vote was forced? Oh, if I could do that over. 🙂 That was very evil, BTW Asti, about the poison/ not being able to hint. And yes I will definitely be more creative in my Role submissions next time!!!

    Great job Asti and Dana. Don’t be hard on yourself at all! This Game was a blast (and to echo something Kritika said in Spec chat) I actually think I had MORE fun once I was a Spectator. None of the stress, all of the chaos lol. Seriously though- thanks for an amazeballs Game!!

  9. Ahhhh what an amazing Game with so many twists! You did such a great job moderating Asti, with so many wild twists and turns! At the end of the Day, we all had lots of fun especially during a highly stressful time, so that’s what matters. I really appreciate you putting this together for us!

    @Shannon – I had a hunch that you killed me Hahaha! And here I was in Mafia chat going “let’s keep Shannon around” 😂 turns out I caused it myself lol.

    @Harker @Kerrie – I really missed plotting with you both and was cheering you on from the sidelines (I could still access the Mafia chat, so that was fun)! You both did so well, even until the very end the spectators weren’t completely sure who the Mafia were 😁 I had so much fun being Mafia this round!

    I’m sad about Beth being DKed at the start of the Day though, seeing as Megan had already wreaked that havoc from the grave and Shannon was ready to go for her 😂

    @Beth – Aha thanks for that! I’m always nervous about changing my play style even when I’m Mafia/Town.

    @Greg – I definitely enjoyed being a spectator this round too, it definitely isn’t as stressful as being in Game (sorry Shannon, you got best of both worlds!)

  10. @Asti it’s fine, Becca is probably busy inventing something while she’s reading hahah.

    @Jeann I also had a hunch that I killed you! Especially after Meylia said she protected me (I couldn’t have killed you and still been alive otherwise!) @Meylia, THANK YOU and I am sorry!!

    I figure just like the great Becca Pramheda, sure I killed a lot of people, but in the end I saved mankind, right?

    @Amber oh you MUST play! I am so very excited for The 100 edition, I have been dreaming it up for YEARS and have more roles than players so the more the better haha.

    @Beth, you have no idea how happy that makes me!! And you know, Becca thought she was over here doing great things, and then BAM, 8 billion people dead. It happens. She redeemed herself, as did I! She invented Nightblood, I killed a few Marcellas, and that seems about the same 😂

    @Marcellas, I was legitimately stalking people on Goodreads to see who could be a Marcella, as you can see in Spec Chat. I am like “but guys Harker loved Vengeful, they could be a Marcella” and I got crickets from EVERYONE. @Jeann and @Kerrie, you guys actually had me convinced for a minute that you were a team of two. It was why I was so tortured! But then I was like “oh wait they might be lying” 😂 You ALL played an incredible game!

    @Megan, I am STILL cackling about your Beth lies! It was probably a good thing Beth ended up dying, otherwise Town would have imploded! Consider me impressed!

    @Asti, THANK YOU for such a fun game! This has to be the most fun one yet, and that is saying a lot! I know you are bummed that certain things didn’t work out, but it happens, and we all enjoyed it so much!

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