BYOC2: Day Six


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The Players

BYOC2 Day6


Game Master’s Notes

Look! The same people who decided Day Five’s vote get to decide Day Six’s vote. What could possibly go wrong? Another long Day that ends in a tie? Oh boy, let’s hope not.

To avoid the Day lasting longer than necessary with so few players left, a new rule is now in effect for the remainder of this game. If ALL remaining players make a vote and indicate it is their FINAL vote for the Day, the votes will be tallied and the Day will end.

To indicate that your vote is final and that you are happy to confirm your vote as your final vote for the Day, please submit (or re-submit) your vote as:


Once you’ve indicated your vote is final, you cannot change it. Even if the Day isn’t called early, a final vote will be unable to be changed. As a result, make sure you are happy to stand by your vote when marking it as a final.

(Note: Players will not need to meet the minimum comment requirement if the Day is called early.)

Also, just to reassure everyone still alive, the game hasn’t been called because there is still no guarantee of which alliance will win. Once I’m certain without a doubt that an alliance has secured the win, the game will be officially confirmed as over.

It is now Day Six.

You have until Sunday 9pm BST to discuss suspicions and cast your votes. Once the deadline has been reached, the person with the most votes will be eliminated.

Good luck!

31 thoughts on “BYOC2: Day Six”

  1. What’s this?! A player has been found dead! Kerrie has been eliminated. Kerrie was Marcella, Team Marcella, Investigative-Immune Godfather.

    This elimination does not replace the Day’s vote. Whoever has most votes at deadline will be eliminated. Good luck!

  2. HOLY CRAP what the what!?

    Okay WELL. I won’t have much time until after the kids are asleep but…

    @Harker, I am gonna need you to explain your votes for myself and Anna to the best of your ability. Because… that looks sketch at this point and Idk where else to turn.

    (Also can I please explain how relieved I am to have been right about Kerrie? She had me doubting myself at the end there 😂 But also who the heck killed HER and how!? And why didn’t Kerrie kill anyone at Night?! Is someone bulletproof? The questions, they are many. )

  3. Yes! Oh thank god. YesterDay was certainly something. It was a bit drawn out and complicated.

    Kerrie was definitely setting up a defensive position by siding with Shannon, as I thought, at least as early as D4. Everyone has been assuming through Shannon’s information that she’s Town, plus that discussion about preferred alignments, so she’d be one of the perfect people to side with. Anna, while she had Beth’s word to go on, didn’t have nearly as much info or clout to back her story up as a potential teammate.

    While yesterDay was admittedly not where I wanted to go, I have to think about the allusions in the comment toDay, about how there’s no guarantee of which alignment will win. That seems rather ominous to me and I still can’t shake my head of the feeling that, despite what Beth thought before her lynch and what Shannon claims, that the twist is one that I’ve mentioned, the cross alignment siblings. It’s just the kind of thing Asti would run with and because of that I’ve had it in the back of my head as the explanation for why the game might still be going. Either that or Shannon is a damn good player (which, yeah 😅).



    I’d been saving this for the longest time (DAY ONE) because I wasn’t sure and I took Kerrie out because of what happened yesterDay, with the way the voting went and everything. Greg’s situation came to mind and it felt like the right thing to do.

    As for why Kerrie didn’t kill anyone at Night…that is really weird. Why wouldn’t she have targeted someone? At the very least I would have assumed she’d try because, hello, end of the line, kill SOMEONE. Maybe because the kill action toward her got in first and cancelled out whatever she had planned?

  5. @Harker, it’s possible that you killed her before she could kill us- though since she was technically still alive at the start of the Day, I can’t see how that would work? Maybe someone is bulletproof or something?

    Here’s what I can’t shake: I can’t imagine a baddie role without the ability to kill, at the very least a 1 or 2x kill power, or what have you. Otherwise… why are they “baddies”? Idk but this game is hard.

    As for the Anna/Beth thing, Beth is just very sure of how it was presented to her. Not that you can’t be right, Harker, but I feel like Asti would have worded it carefully? And Beth would have picked up on it? Idk. I hope Anna checks in soon!

  6. Another Day, another button. This one is red.

    The first person to comment PUSH BUTTON will receive the reward and/or punishment associated with this button. This will be communicated privately by the moderator so the only person to learn of the results will be the affected player. Good luck!

  7. Sorry I haven’t been able to check in sooner. Started the day with no power at our house, which meant no internet and then I went to work with my Dad today.

    Definitely glad Kerrie is out. I’m definitely curious about what happened to Kerrie. How did she end up dead? While I haven’t felt particularly suspicions of Harker at all it this makes me draw my attention towards them.

    I feel pretty confident that Shannon is town. So it’s the only logical choice for me at the moment.

  8. @Shannon: much like Greg, I assume, with my vote being controlled, until at least one person with that ability was revealed I was forbidden from talking. I’m not sure what x1 abilities or even other top tires abilities are still lurking or who directly contributed to these instances, but it wasn’t like I wanted them. They were excellent decoys, I think, and I have to wonder who would have set them up to make me look so sketch when I’ve been trying my best the rest of the game.

  9. I question Anna’s position because she has repeated that she is not suspicious of me and trusts Shannon several times over a couple of Days without expounding upon that. It feels like doing so could have been setting up a defense to flip to either side because things were narrowing down so much.

    I’ve helped with theories, recaps, pointed out suspicions where best able even when severely restricted from doing so, was generally very active (thank you for those comment counts 🤣) so I see why she’d want to throw a defense out alongside me. Shannon came in with her “seeing dead people” around D3 IIRC so there’s that as well as she’s also been good with looking into people, drawing up theories and pondering it all in conjunction.

    If we go with the theory that it is primarily based on Shannon’s information, I get it to a point, but a) that is not information that is based on a role (pretty sure it kicked in from her button?) and b) is someone who has voted for her repeatedly. Why would you back someone who has done that?

    It seems very suspicious to me, coupled with her flying so low under the radar for the Game in general, hence why I am voting for her.

  10. @Harker, thank you for reminding me that I See Dead People. You HAVE been incredibly helpful! Which certainly doesn’t make you MORE suspicious, of course but it doesn’t make you less suspicious unfortunately- only because when I was third party, I did the same thing. I too wanted to eliminate the Mafia, and so I helped the Town as much as possible.

    Okay so at first I am thinking that sure Townies CAN have killing roles… until I realized something: Amber DID have a killing role. And I just don’t know if we’d have two Townies with killing roles.

    @Harker, I have another question: How did Megan control your vote after she was dead? Especially because if she forces your vote, she also poisons you (i.e., Greg) and you’re still here. Also, if it was a 1x vote thief (which I am not aware of Megan doling out but am checking up on), then why was your vote stolen twice? Also no one has any other little modifier drawings, like Meylia’s 1x Cop one.

    @Anna, sorry about your power! You do anything last Night? I am trying to… figure stuff out.

  11. @Shannon: I can only explain what I’m seeing from my side, how the effects are being laid out and so forth. The only thing I can think of is that certain roles wouldn’t have been revealed if their effects were still in play? I forget which game it was, maybe ADSOM (?), but if the role of someone would reveal something still at play and muck things up, it wouldn’t be revealed until that person was lynched/revealed/etc.

    I can’t speak 100% for why someone would target me twice, but I can guess that it would be to make me look suspicious, especially this near the end because I’m one of the last few people left and I haven’t been suspicious, so doing something like this would naturally throw suspicion on me, especially since I couldn’t talk about it initially.

    As for multiple Townies having killing roles, it’s happened in at least the Vicious, Nevernight, and previous BYOC editions.

    @Anna: no power is the pits! I’m so sorry. Our cable was out today as well, so I sympathize. Here’s hoping your power comes back ASAP.

  12. @Harker, thanks for the info! (Also wow really, that many Town killing roles in all those games!? Huh, that is bananas!) So just to clarify, because I want to make sure I have all my facts straight, this was two separate occasions (and potentially people inflicting them), right? But with different rules/things you could say?

  13. @Harker @Shannon Thanks the power is all good now.

    @Harker My trust in Shannon has been that the information she has been able to provide from the dead like in leading the vote for Megan has been reliable, that I don’t find her suspicious. Because I feel pretty confident she is likely town it just feels natural to look at you, now that there is so few of us left.

    @Shannon I didn’t do anything during the Night.

  14. Voting Update

    Anna (1) – Harker

    Not Voting: Anna, Shannon
    Hasn’t met comment minimum: Anna (3)

    47.5 hours to go.

  15. @Anna, thanks! I think that fits with what I know at this point.

    I have been going back and forth with this ALL (calendar) DAY and I am losing my mind. I have a headache.

    But I also have a bit of a theory. Harker’s forced vote yesterDay doesn’t make sense for me. I know I don’t have such a power, Beth and Kerrie didn’t have such a power, and from what I know about Anna, she doesn’t either (plus why would Anna want Harker to vote for… Anna?). Maria didn’t gift anyone that power. To me, it seems that Harker perhaps saw that Kerrie was going to be eliminated and tried to do some quick thinking.


  16. @Shannon: my assumption is that it would make me look more sketch. You’d presumably moved on from your suspicions of her and if I were forced to vote for her, it would raise the question of why, thus ensuring that the focus would turn to me.

    If Kerrie were my teammate, why would I in turn try to lynch her? At this stage in the game it would be absurd to do so as it would deprive me of an ally. Logically, it was trying to figure out what was going on from D5. Who would try to do this? Why? Would any of y’all be working together? Are there mini groups or something happening? I was very confused.

    Asti saying at the beginning of the Day that there was still no guarantee of alignment winning makes me wonder if the Mafia was super small and perhaps the sketchiness suddenly being cast my way is a part of that? What other party could be at play, if Anna isn’t what Beth thought for example?

  17. Voting Update

    Anna (1) – Harker
    Harker (1) – Shannon

    Not Voting: Anna
    Hasn’t met comment minimum: Anna (3)

    24.5 hours to go.

  18. @Harker but you didn’t try to lynch Kerrie, that is my point! Anna and I had both voted Kerrie, Kerrie voted Anna. So in order to not seem shady and like you willingly tied/saved Kerrie, you made it seem like you *had* to vote for Anna and we were all hopelessly stuck. Then whatever happened at Night happened, which I am still very on the fence about because there are all kinds of differing info on that situation.

    I REALLY need Anna to come back though, I am not ready to make any kind of final decision yet. There could be another third party at play, that is a possibility. Basically we need Anna.

    @Anna, High Summoner of the Games™ has summoned you. Please and thank you.

  19. That kind of duplicity never crossed my mind then, but kudos for the inspiration. We should make a note of it for future games. 😆 I certainly found Kerrie’s comments desperate at the end, which might have been part holy crap I’m gonna get eliminated, but despite thinking she might have been ehhh on the “maybe not” suspicious scale, before voting for Anna I was drifting towards being suspect of Kerrie and would have voted for her (see the comment about how if she were Team Poison, it would have been the perfect setup, etc.)

    It’s super hot here, so I’m collapsing under the air conditioner and on call for any emails/Bookish Games alerts.

    I’m trying to think of what else I can offer at this point. I’ve been giving it my all the whole game (from communicating through emojis to analyzing threats, etc.) and now at the finish line. 🥴

    Shannon, if there’s more i can offer in support of my contributions (like, something I’m missing) versus your other choice, please let me know. Sometimes I miss the obvious under stress. 😅

  20. @Harker, stay cool!

    I am also so stressed by it all! Which is why I need Anna to come back. Part of it is, you (@Harker) HAVE done so much good, so it’s like, a couple things might seem shady just because you have more actions to like, go through and find shady stuff, if that makes sense? And then I worry that it is unfair, because maybe Anna’s plan IS to stay quiet so she doesn’t say anything incriminating. The game is hard indeed. 😩

  21. I’m here.

    In my mind voting for Harker makes the most sense for me at the moment. When I woke up to the end of the game and Kerrie and Harker had voted the same it seemed quite natural to turn my attention to Harker. I hadn’t considered that the vote thief would be in play because Megan was gone so it only made sense that Harker was likely trying to save a team mate.

    While with being only three of us, I’ve considered Shannon, but I just don’t see her as against the town because her role has been really helpful for the town.


  22. @Anna: point of fact, that’s luck. No offense, Shannon, but that ability could have gone to anyone who’d pressed the button that she did. We’re lucky it didn’t go to a Mafia member.

    Anyway, just because I didn’t have a sixth sense doesn’t mean what I’ve done should be discredited, I think, when weighed in the end.

    Anna, I see your comment as potentially logical, but also I can see it possible that you’re skimming the surface, saying just enough that you don’t reveal too much that might sink whatever win condition you have. Knowing where I stand, it’s the only possibility I can figure out at this point from what I’ve seen of you this round. Otherwise Shannon, the other final player, has been massively screwing with our heads which…🙃😆 perish the thought.

  23. @Harker I mean my only win condition is the same for any townie. I just think that unless Shannon ends up having screwed with our heads you’re the logical choice since I am a townie.

    I doubt I will be changing my vote so I’m going to be resubmit it as my final vote.


  24. I think I need to make my vote and be done with it since I can’t sleep thinking about it. @Harker, if you are Town I’m so sorry, and either way you’ve played an incredible game ❤️❤️


  25. Day Six has ended. The player with the most votes (2) is Harker. It seems something has interfered with their elimination though… they’re still alive.

    It is now Night Six. You have until the normal Night deadline, Tuesday 9pm BST, to submit any Night actions. If there’s still no guaranteed winner in sight as a result of the Night actions, we’ll move onto Day Seven. Good luck!

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