BYOC2: Day Five


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Game Master’s Notes

Surprise! You’re all still alive. Congratulations.

With so few people left, this is where things really get serious. Your actions toDay may be the deciding factor in whether or not your team wins or loses this game. So, you know, no pressure or anything. It’s not like everyone is watching your every move and counting on you to pull through… 😂

There’s only one announcement for this week: I will be flying back to the States to be with my family this weekend. As a result, I am unlikely to be around most of Saturday (and potentially early Sunday). If you have any questions or concerns that pop up during that time, please direct them to Dana. (I should hopefully be back for deadline though.)

It is now Day Five.

You have until Sunday 9pm BST to discuss suspicions and cast your votes. Once the deadline has been reached, the person with the most votes will be eliminated.

Good luck!

94 thoughts on “BYOC2: Day Five”

  1. What’s that? A death already?! :O

    Beth has just been eliminated. Beth was Blue from The Raven Boys, Team Town, Mason, Cop Enabler.

    This elimination does not replace the normal Day lynching. Whoever has the most votes at deadline will be eliminated.

  2. Oh hi, I am still here, woooo! I do worry I will be killed in the middle of the Day, à la Kritika, so I come bearing more info!

    According to Megan, Beth has killing power! What that means beyond that, in terms of alliance, I am not sure. But Megan has taken no responsibility for Kritika’s death, so it’s seeming to me it could be Beth.

    Awaiting more info, and the kids have online karate soon, but I will be back! Just wanted to throw that out just in case!

  3. Oh, um, it seems if you look past the dead body you’ll see there’s a button. It’s gray with a question mark.

    The first person to comment PUSH BUTTON will receive the reward and/or punishment associated with this button. This will be communicated privately by the moderator so the only person to learn of the results will be the affected player. Good luck!

  4. Megan said that Harker did NOT have killing powers when I asked about Beth and Harker (she gave me two chances to ask hahah). Now, I do NOT fully understand the enabler role though, but it doesn’t seem to be killing? I will try to get some more info. Obviously, Megan could be lying since she isn’t Town, in which case we cannot trust her info on anyone. Might actually make me a little MORE suspicious of Harker, unfortunately (sorry Harker! Idk if Megan could have been trying to protect you? Or just messing with me?)

    Right now, I find Anna to be zero percent suspicious because clearly she and Beth were Masons. So basically for me it’s either Kerrie or Harker. If it’s both, we’ve already lost, and I can’t imagine that is the case.

  5. Hey all! What a start! Before we get into the speculating just wanted to send everybody some positive vibes in case you need it ❤

    Ok onto the shenanigans!! 😅

  6. Just tuning in and WTHeck?! 😲😲😲

    @Shannon: according to Megan Beth has a killing power you say? Is this along the lines of Meylia’s cop ability or something? There’s no illustration yet so I don’t know, but there’s nothing to indicate this in her character reveal so I’m hesitant on that at the moment. Do you mean it’s still active?

    The odds of hitting Mafia on this game has been rough, I imagine, for whoever has a killing ability. It’s like throwing a guidebook for a military laser system at your face & saying GO FOR IT.

    I’m going to go have some pie, maybe pumpkin?, and look at yesterDay and try to sort some thoughts out.

  7. @Harker, yes! She told me to ask about two people, and she’d tell me if either of them had the ability to kill (per her psychologist role) but the more I think about it, with only a 2x power, maybe she was just messing with me. What are the chances she picked both you AND Beth to investigate and I also picked you two to ask about? So. Now I am doubting her info completely, especially given what we know about Beth.

  8. Megan was suspicious of Kerrie on D4. And I can’t decide whether she was trying to lump Kerrie with me and Maria, knowing we were Town and trying to protect Kerrie, or what the deal is there. I also have no idea if Megan is a solo team. Or if Jeann is. Or if whoever is left is. That’s the bananas part, we don’t really know if there are ANY teams to connect people to.

    Update! Megan was totally messing with me and never used her psychology power. I mean. It’s kind of funny, I am glad she came clean because I’d have been losing my mind. 😂

    I see dead people. It is a blessing and a curse 😂

  9. @Shannon: the enabler role, from Mafiascum, seems to be that Beth had to stay alive so other roles could function. I assume this would explain why, at least partially, why she was so defensive of Anna. I am curious why Anna, if she had some kind of Cop ability, wouldn’t have been more forthcoming with any info in that regard.

    🎃 It’s time to declare that I’m a Flying Pumpkin That Shoots Lasers Out of My Ass. 🎃

    It feels like I’m living in Night Vale. 🤣

  10. @Harker, I don’t know though, wouldn’t it have been Anna that was more in need of protecting Beth? But if they are Masons, I can’t see any way Anna isn’t Town, right? Hopefully she has some insight for us.

    In regard to your role reveal (?) is there are a reason that you chose to share this, especially so early in a Day? Or are you just telling us that your dream in life is to BE a flying pumpkin that shoots lasers out of your ass? It’s a perfectly acceptable life goal, I suppose.

  11. @Shannon: do you mean Beth would have been more in need of protection than Anna? That would make sense, which really makes me wonder what is going on there. Can Masons be tampered with? I don’t remember seeing any evidence of reciprocity on Anna’s part, but 🤷‍♂️.

    We’re down to the wire and it needed to be said. It’s vital we vote right so I wanted to pop in as early as I could toDay.

  12. @Harker, sort of? I mean- that assuming she knew Anna’s role, she could have needed to be alive for Anna to have HER role’s power? I am VERY anxious to hear from Anna. I don’t *think* Masons can be tampered with, I guess unless one gets absorbed by a Cult or something, but that doesn’t seem to be happening? I think we will know for sure when Anna comes in.

  13. @Shannon, I think Megan’s suspicion of me might have been mostly retaliatory, since I voted for her pretty early in the day and and was pushing for others to do the same. If I had been on her team I would have just voiced my maria suspicions and been done with it, especially considering the votes swung towards Maria towards the middle/end of the day.

    And, to your point @Harker, I was reading through the mafiscum info for the enabler and mason roles, and found this about enablers:

    “An Enabler is linked to a specific role; if the Enabler dies, all players who have that role will lose it. […] Some more creative uses have included Town Enablers for Mafia power roles”

    And this about Masons:
    “Despite the name “Mason” implying an absolute confirmation that the members are not Mafia-aligned, some moderators have been known to put Mafia members into a masonry anyway, with the role only implying a high confidence in the alignment of the masonry members”

    And I could definitely see the mods making big excited eyes at the chaos they could wreak if they secretly paired a town and anti-town/mafia player together in a chat.

    Especially considering if we look at Day 4 deaths; We had nine players at the end of D3, 2 were killed overNight (Meylia & Jeann) and Maria died EOD and Megan was lynched. If we assume mafia/Jeann took out meylia, and maria was poisoned by Megan, that still leaves a third party–who killed Jeann?

  14. That 100% would not surprise me. I suggested something like that when signing up: siblings or half-siblings where one was Town and the other was not. Beth could have been betrayed in her information, especially now that we know that the Masons are not foolproof. I’d thought they were so hadn’t given it much thought, but this is interesting. 🤔

  15. I’ve only just checked in and am devastated to have lost Beth.

    Here is a comment that Beth left last night in the Mason chat in case she got killed.

    Lots of good info accrued at the end of D4!
    Thanks, Shannon, for sharing your info. Even though I was skeptical, you were right and I appreciate the chance you took in running that ball down the court from the start.
    I’m a little floored at HOW MANY abilities Megan had. Looks like her defensiveness about not being the vote thief *was* a slip up- good catch, Harker!

    So I re-read the MafiaScum wiki, specifically those roles, and the Poisoner role does have variations on when the kill occurs. It’s still delayed, but it seems relatively safe to say that most, if not all, of the Town day kills were likely Megan (unlike regular kills, according to the wiki, there’s no protection against being targeted by a poisoner).
    Bulletproof kept her from being killed at Night, even by the other Mafia faction we know is in play.
    Vote Thief is steals a vote at Night, for the following day, so it sounds like Greg’s stolen vote, if not all the stolen votes, were Megan’s doing.
    The Psychologist role allowed her to determine if another player has the ability to kill, but only if that player has not yet killed. It’s usually a Town ability, so I’m not sure what good it could have done her here, except to create a possible offensive to eliminate a Mafia member…which I don’t think she did, so maybe she didn’t end up using it.

    Maria spelled out her role in her post on D4 at May 31, 2:26pm. Look at the first letter of each statement in her comment to Shannon- it spells “I JACK TRADE”.
    (That’s what my “Oh, shit!” message was- it took me a bit to see it, and then things majorly clicked into place.
    Jack of All Trades has numerous one-shot abilities. So she likely killed at least one player during a Night, protected at least one player during a Night, etc. I’m not sure what her sacrifice comment was about, unless that was her alluding to breaking a Mod-set rule, thus knowing she’d be eliminated at the end of the day, in order to tell us she knew Shannon was Town (I assume, knowing her role, because she investigated someone earlier in the game, and Shannon’s D4 opening statement supported the results Maria got).

    Anyway, with that much power, I’m hoping maybe there’s only one other Mafia player and that “Team Poisoner” was a team of 1. But I think it’s smart to proceed as if there are currently 3 Town and 2 Mafia/Anti-Town, to be on the safe side. Since I know I’m Town and Anna is Town, and it seems like Shannon is Town, and I haven’t been suspicious of Harker at all this game, I’m going to:

    (If you want more reasoning why, please see my D4 comment on May 28, 11:19pm)

  16. @Kerrie, I tend to agree that it may have been retaliatory, for the reason that Megan appears to be JUST “Team Poison”, whereas Jeann’s clearly states “Mafia”- hence, Megan was likely working alone. And as I have recently learned, we must take everything Megan has said with a grain of salt.

    I was waiting for Anna to come in, to see if she passed along Beth’s info, and she’s done that to a T. So regardless of the above theories, I am trusting Anna. I assume Beth will confirm Anna’s innocence, but I have requested clarification based on @Kerrie’s questions.

    @Anna, thank you for that! And when you get a chance, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it all! I too have thoughts, but The 100 is going to be up on The CW soon and you all know what that means! (Plus I have to get up kind of early tomorrow and it won’t be over til 2am, and I have to actually like, GATHER said thoughts, so. I’ll be back tomorrow!)

  17. Just an update to clarify a mistake I just realised I made: Maria’s requested role at the start of the game was Jack-of-all-Trades and I thought I had assigned it to her, but it seems I mixed that role up with that of the Inventor. Maria’s role, though originally revealed as Jack-of-all-Trades, technically was that of an Inventor in that she was able to gift a 1x ability to a player each Nigh (choosing from a list of options supplied by the moderator).

    Apologies to Maria for any confusion this slip may have caused, and to anyone else who may have been confused. I am actually flabberghasted that I didn’t notice sooner.

  18. @Anna: 👋

    The comment you provided is intriguing and I’ve got it factoring into my murder board/thought bubbles doc. 😆

    Anyway, moving on. Anna, you’ve shared what Beth might have said to us. What are your thoughts on the information at play right now?

  19. I think I agree with Beth. I trust Shannon and don’t feel suspicious of Harker which leaves Kerrie.

    Looking back over the previous days.

    Kerrie didn’t vote D1. D2 she voted for Amber. D3 she voiced suspicions for Amber and Greg but in the end voted for me because she believed I was ‘a smokescreen’ for the mafia. Any of those choices were townies. I know I understood why she would vote for me but at the same time they would’ve been losing a townie.

    D4 she voted for Megan. This vote of course ended up being the right choice, but what stood out to me was how quickly she jumped onto voting Megan. I wanted to trust Shannon but I also wanted to go over previous days before I came to a decision.

    Jeann was mafia while Megan was on team poison so it’s quite possible for Kerrie to be a mafia member and not know that Megan was anti-town and want to jump onto a vote that is a townie quickly.

    I am curious why Anna, if she had some kind of Cop ability, wouldn’t have been more forthcoming with any info in that regard.

    @Harker Simply because I don’t have a cop ability.

  20. @Anna: ok. It’s seems funny Beth would have an enabling power, be so protective, and it’s not you, but maybe not so? I’m still nervous about the possibility of a Mason upset/infiltration because apparently that’s a thing and this close to the end we can’t afford to make a mistake, in this or another potential respect.

    Since you mentioned Kerrie’s D3 voting for you specifically, what about Shannon’s? She voted for you 3 out of 4 Days. And this exchange between her & Megan (D3).

    Megan –

    Also I’m kind of in 2 minds about whether to follow Kerries example and vote Anna too.
    There’s a lot of suspicion of her that until we know more, just likely won’t go away. And I can’t see how Anna is helping town really. She pops in now and then just to say sorry I’m quiet, reiterate what someone else has said and then goes. Not really answering anything of why others actually find her suspicious.
    Kind of just want to see once and for all like Kerrie said.

    Shannon –

    @Megan, that is the one thing that worries me the most here. Losing one Townie would be bad enough, but losing TWO would be a train wreck. But then I also agree with @Kerrie, that the information would be super useful either way, and ends this debate once and for all so we’d HAVE to move on. So yeah, I am torn as well.

    I’m just trying to understand holding one party accountable for something that seems comparable to a similar act the other did, though to be fair (not playing sides, just looking at everything) Kerrie only voted for you D3 (as you indicated).

    I know I understood why she would vote for me but at the same time they would’ve been losing a townie.

    This phrasing feels strange to me, but I’m going to have to think about it for a minute. 🤨 To the point of your quote: this is assuming that she knew who was Town.

    And I just figured out why that quote felt weird. You say they would have been losing a Townie when Kerrie was also suspicious Amber & Greg, which is easy to say in hindsight, but the way your sentence is phrased is like you knew they would have been voting out a Townie at the time. How is that possible?

  21. I have to take Sammy to his social distancing kindergarten graduation-type thing hah so I am just popping in quickly to confirm that Anna WAS guaranteed to Beth to be Town. This leaves me zero doubts about her. (@Anna, Beth says thank you!!)

  22. *waves at Beth’s ghost*

    I guess I have questions that obviously Beth can’t answer, but maybe @Anna can?

    First, I guess I get why Beth’s voting (from beyond the grave) for me–if I was Beth and operating on the assumption that Anna and Harker and maybe shannon were town that just leaves me, so I get it–process of elimination. Especially considering that of those who Beth highlighted Jeann having had suspicious interactions with (Megan, Maria, Me) I’m the only one left in the game. But again I think the fact that Jeann had these suspicious interactions with two players who weren’t her teammates speaks to the fact that she probably was careful about actively calling out her teammates.

    @Anna, I’m surprised that Beth left a note at all? I mean I do get the worry about day kills happening, but why would Beth expect that she would be targeted today? If anything, I would have expected Shannon to be targeted because of her ability to speak to dead players.
    @Anna, again: the reason I believed Shannon so quickly was a) because I knew she could speak to dead players and I didn’t find her particularly suspicious. She said this on D3 (May 23; 5:53pm)

    Okay SO. I got some clarification and I see dead people, which is fun.

    And then I asked her later in the day if this was a result of her button push

    Oh, also @Shannon, was “I got some clarification and I see dead people” in regard to what you can share about your button press?

    And she said:

    @Kerrie again, indeed it is.

    And b) again if I was mafia just looking to get a player out on D4 I would have just waited to see where votes swung. No point fighting to get Megan out when everyone was bringing up such strong suspicions about maria.

    Also, in regards to your point about how I’ve only voted for townie’s over the last few days, with the exception of Megan, I mean, we’ve ALL voted out townies over the last few days with the exception of Megan. D1 you voted for Nicole (town); D2, you voted for Amber (town); D3 you voted for Greg (town); D4 you voted Megan (Not Town). You’ve voted the exact same pattern, voiced the exact same suspicions as I have (obviously with the exception of suspicion at yourself). I’m pretty sure you could do this with any player left at this point.

  23. @Kerrie I don’t really find it suspicious at all that Beth would try to leave notes for Anna! In Chaos Walking, when Anne and I were Neighbors, she left me so much info before she died and it was beyond helpful. So I get why she did so. Especially with only five people left, the odds are scary.

    Add to it, one of the reasons that Beth was targeted could have been that connection that we had all mulled over between Beth and Anna- perhaps they thought they’d try to see if they were in fact connected, and kill two of us in one go? And Beth being super analytical, I’d figure her as the clear choice for the mafia.

  24. @Harker I think the main reason Beth was so protective is just that I was someone she knew for sure was town.

    I think Shannon had voted for me initially to get me back in to comments so I didn’t think too much of her vote beyond that.

    I’m saying I understand Kerrie’s vote because I have felt that I was a bit of a distraction for the mafia, as well. I just felt that maybe Kerrie could be a mafia trying to draw more attention to me and get a townie voted out.

    I’m surprised that Beth left a note at all? I mean I do get the worry about day kills happening, but why would Beth expect that she would be targeted today?

    @Kerrie I don’t see what could be surprising about it. It wasn’t necessarily being worried just about the day kill but being killed during the night. And as a townie there is always the chance that the mafia could target them. We don’t know who the mafia may choose to kill next.

    I know that we’ve all voted for townies at some point. I think I was mostly just put the list there because I was looking into you at the moment.

    I think I missed when Shannon had said previously that she could see dead people but I still think it was a bit quick to jump in straight away even if it did end up being the right decision.

    Beth You’re welcome. 😀

  25. @Anna I see your and Shannon’s point about it making sense to leave a just in case note to a teammate, I think it just seemed strange to me earlier given that Beth had just been killed and her note read to me a little like she knew (more than suspected) something was going to happen to her toDay.

  26. (Note: this was written late last night/morning, so please excuse any blurriness. I can try to clear it up now that I’m theoretically awake.)

    @Anna: Shannon has mentioned seeing dead people a couple of times (D3 when she first introduced information gleaned from that ability, presumably) and again in her first comment on D4 when she stated Greg’s information and Meylia’s which lead to her vote.

    I’m trying to look at the remaining players critically. Anna is presumably a Mason, a usually Pro-Town role (though after seeing that except from MafiaScum I am seriously side eyeing the whole enterprise 😭).

    Please don’t take offense. I’m just looking at all angles, probably out of paranoia.


    Knowing that Beth is confirmed Town & how she thought that Shannon might be Mafia if it were revealed that Megan was Town, in this instance Town-adjacent (3rd Party Poisoner) might be close enough to entertain that.

    Beth’s comment from yesterDay that got me thinking being:

    If Megan is Mafia, then we know it’s likely Shannon (and probably Kerrie) are Town. Since myself and Anna are Town, that would mean Harker and Maria are Mafia. And I’ll be honest- I’m much more suspicious of Kerrie than Harker, but I’ve been wrong before (hahahahaha…..often).

    If Megan is Town, then we know Shannon (and probably Kerrie) are Mafia…and they’d win. They can kill at least 1 Townie toNight, which means we’d start D5 with 2 Town and 2 Mafia- that ends the Game because it’d be a stalemate tie in the voting D5 and they’d just kill a Townie, then have the vote majority on D6.

    We know Megan was revealed as 3rd Party so this comment is slightly iffy, considering her primary role as Poisoner (Killing/Misleading). Her Vote Thief and Psychologist roles, though, are Any/Town. Beth wasn’t sure about others in light of what Meghan’s role/alignment would turn out to be, considering she was pretty sure Megan fell along a binary. Despite that, 3rd Party (even though having their own win conditions) usually want to help us, right?

    I had kind of a 2AM thought about Shannon while falling asleep and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to write it down when I woke up. It goes along with a speculative comment Beth made D4. Basically, I seem to remember at some point Shannon saying she’d never choose Mafia and even when she played 3rd Party she ended up helping the Town (though I don’t remember if this was against her win condition or not at that time). She’s apparently been very helpful with these messages from beyond the grave.

    While I don’t know that we can argue much about her information as we go on (as much as I side eyed her initially 😆 because who wouldn’t) if I’m reading rightly, this wasn’t her original ability (she pressed the button (5.22 7:47AM) so as pro-Town as it looks in and of itself, her sharing it could be a by-product of Shannon’s nature pushing through.

    This quote of hers seems especially poignant, actually, in this line of thought:

    Obviously there are a million ways to have your plans foiled, and no one wants her to out her role/its importance, but I also think if you make a bold claim you’ll probably be forced to try to back it up.

    She seems to have backed up the info she’s getting, throwing back to this comment, but does it back up her claim to Town or does it just make her look Town? (Yes, Shannon, I acknowledge your “I really don’t see what I’d have to gain by lying about Greg’s vote?” →) What did her information get us? Enough to get us to trust her, then to lynch Megan who, granted, had taken some Townies out if she’s to be believed, but while Megan’s a threat on that front, she wasn’t a threat on the winning condition front (according to the Poisoner role which I think was her primary role).


    The bit that she (Beth) alluded to in Anna’s shared comment is not particularly strong so far as I can tell? I’ll mention in a moment how Kerrie responded to it, logically at time and maybe more so when I tried to imagine what her role position might be considering her thoughts on the people that were (at the time) on the board.



    Kerrie made some interesting comments D4.

    Also, I don’t really get why you’re so disinclined to believe Shannon’s information? I get being wary, but she’s been hinting at being able to speak to dead players since pressing the button, and I even straight up asked her if she could and she said yes. Plus, and sure this is mostly a gut instinct combined with a lack of suspicious activity on her part, but Shannon screams town to me. And the dead players, with the exception of Jeann, who are giving Shannon this information have all been town, and being dead they have literally nothing to lose by sharing their night actions/ investigative results.

    Here she seems to be siding with Shannon, which could be setting up a defensive position.

    Then what she said about Megan in regards to vote thief/killing power:

    But with the number of night deaths still occurring I’m more concerned with eliminating the anti-town player with a night kill ability, and if my theory about maria being an absorber is right, Megan’s the bigger threat. If maria IS mafia and we eliminate her, that still leaves one mafia player left to conduct a night kill, plus one anti-town player with a night kill which means we’ll lose another two players overnight and town is almost guaranteed to lose. We eliminate a player with a kill ability and we only lose one player over night. So unless someone can really convince me Maria is the bigger threat, I’m leaving my vote for Megan right now.

    Megan questioned her about this (“And you’re saying I’m a vote thief and have a killing power?”) but she was able to sweep it under the rug for the most part, it looks like. However, after theorizing that Maria absorbed someone’s power (vote thief) and making the above statement, it reads like she was hinting that Megan had those kinds of roles if only because a) the killing power bit and b) Megan may have slipped when she was calling Kerrie out (which Beth agrees about). Saying this, now, though, I wonder if that’s more Role Cop than something nefarious?

    Beth mentioned a soft-ball pitch to Kerrie from Jeann that potentially linked the two, which heightened her suspicions of Kerrie, particularly in light of the reveal of Jeann’s alignment. Kerrie’s response was:

    Jeann is a savvy player & she was Vengeful, which, from the roles page, says she was able to eliminate a player who had voted for her if she was lynched. So it seems likely that she would have expected at some point to be exposed as mafia and have her comments put under a microscope. Knowing that, she could have very easily decided early on in the game to pick a player to subtly defend, setting them up to look like a teammate in order to protect her actual teammates.

    That seems plausible and I’m entertaining that in the potentiality of Kerrie’s being a Role Cop or similar (which, given Megan’s reaction and eventual reveal, I think is a possibility). I’m not entirely sure about connecting Kerrie to something Jeann may or may not have done. Put a pin in it. 📍

    I’m writing this as I’m about to fall asleep so I’ll probably need to head back over to see if I can find anything that stands out more for Kerrie or Shannon because with the time left I feel like I’m gonna research y’all to oblivion. 😆 So many questions. 🥴🥴 If any of us were sure, we’d be voting, done, and then what, cheese talk again? I can’t take two days of that. 😂

  27. @Harker, that is where I am at, except with you and Kerrie! I started a Google Doc which admittedly is short at the moment because my daughter was supposed to have a minor dental surgery this morning which she then had a complete meltdown about and long story short, it’s been a LONG day. SO I definitely plan on spending time tonight lengthening that list as well!

    Here’s where I stand at the moment: If I had to vote right this second, adding up whatever tidbits I’ve put together, Kerrie would be my answer. But Harker, it is super funny that you had a thought about me in the middle of the night because I had one about you: With Beth being suspicious of Kerrie yesterDay, and Beth dying first thing toDay, that would be an awesome framing of Kerrie.

    I feel like Harker has not been on my radar at ALL these games. Which could be that Harker is Town, or they’re doing a really good job as mafia. I think at first, we were all reallysympathetic of Harker because they went through a TON of work trying to communicate with us in emoji. I mean I sure wasn’t going to suspect them or vote for them after all that work! But I worry that I perhaps became too complacent? Regardless, I will absolutely be looking at both Kerrie and Harker ASAP.

    The hardest part is, it’s probably been fairly easy to disconnect from oneteammate among a pool of 14. Especially as none of the above have ever been in the spotlight: at no point were Jeann, Kerrie, OR Harker at risk of being voted out, so it’s going to be harder still to form a connection to Jeann.

    And now I shall dive in!

  28. @Harker, ugh, sorry you have to deal with that too! I mean, I agree with them both, the dentist is not my fave either hah.

    Okay SO I got through D3 last night, and I just got home from swimming with the kids at my parents’ house, so I’ll be doing D4 soon. But I wanted to share my thoughts so far. And they’re a mess, I warn you.

    First, I have to say, this WHOLE GAME we have had Townies at the front of our votes Every. Single. Day. (Assuming Anna is one.) Which makes it hard to find mafia connections because every last one of us has voted for Townies, all but on D4.

    Since I have no reason to think Anna is not Town based on what Beth says (and Beth is definitely trustworthy, I mostly looked at Harker and Kerrie and any potential connection either could have had with Jeann. I may also look at Megan connections later, but I figured Jeann would be more productive since she’s classified as Mafia.


    •Speaks (incredibly impressively) in emoji after pushing the button early in D1
    Ponders potential clues from the cheese talk, especially what Meylia’s “herb cheese” could be in reference to. (Votes Beth cause of cheese straws)
    •Votes Anna Day 1 to break tie between Anna and Nicole, changes to Nicole after Beth’s proclamation. (Around the same time I did)
    •Day 2 EOD Harker is around, agrees that after Amber drops a role bomb that a tie is preferable (ironically, Amber uses said role to try to kill Meylia, which fails, leaving us all utterly befuddled, but alas.)
    •Starts D3 by laying out Anne’s suspicions- mostly Jeann, Amber, and Maria, but thinks it could be Amber or Maria, or someone who wanted to frame either of them.
    •Becomes very concerned that I am a Russian baddie 😂
    •Voted for me for a reason that I still don’t fully understand, but I don’t think they are allowed to spell it out? Or maybe I am just dense. Either is very likely. Beth thinks Harker could have been somehow hijacked or some such.
    •Here for EOD3, tells fun Russian riddles!

    TL;DR: I think Harker is playing this game very well, no matter what alliance they’re on. As such, I am still hopelessly torn by the end of Day 3’s re-read.

    •D1 side-eyes Kritika for focusing on Meylia’s herb cheese. Thinks K and Megan may be connected.
    •Does not vote Day 1. Says she was distracted because of Mother’s Day.
    •Voices suspicion of Beth’s EOD1 claims , says

    Plus no one was eliminated last Night and after Beth putting a clear target on her and Anna’s backs if they were Town, either they were very lucky or there are a LOT of bodyguards/other protective town roles in action. Or they might have been the ones doing the targeting. I know people have said that that would be a very Bold D1 move if they are Mafia or Anti-town but something about all of this just doesn’t feel right to me.

    •Votes Amber D2, because she feels Amber has been quiet, then clarifies that she also is suspicious of Amber’s reason for voting Anna D1
    •Is not around EOD, vote for Amber remains
    •D3 Kerrie responds to Jeann’s inquiry about Amber voters D2 (see below) in detail.
    •Says this that I find a little fishy (and akin to Megan’s “but I’d NEVER have that many roles comment)

    @shannon, you raise a good point about Amber being roleblocked, but I don’t know, doesn’t that seem a little overpowered for Mafia? On top of the night kill they already have?

    •Votes Anna D3. Present for EOD, find out Kerrie knows Trig and obviously The 100, immediately certain that Kerrie is awesome.
    •Beth dies after being suspicious of Kerrie. Could be Kerrie killing her, could be Harker framing Kerrie?

    TL;DR: On paper, Kerrie is more suspicious thus far. But not enough that I am even almost sure.

    Jeann connection

    •D1 votes Anna, no connection as Anna and Nicole are the vote leaders (kind of solidifying the fact that Anna is Town though, no?)
    •Throws a bit of suspicion on the non-voters Day 2 (ie. Kerrie) but then backs off fairly quickly.
    •Is v suspicious of Greg, Amber, and Kritika D2 because of their Nicole votes (seriously Jeann is playing awesome at this point), votes Amber (along with Kerrie, but honestly it’s a 50/50 shot, so.)
    •Briefly brings up Kerrie again in regard to Amber voters:

    I’m also interested in the Amber voters, in particular @Kerrie @Megan @Meylia what you thought about Amber’s end of the Day comment here “Okay, I’m just going to do this. If we get a tie, I just need one Night and the Mafia can take me out.”? Would you have changed your vote for her, and where do you lie on your suspicions for Amber now?

    •Says this about Kerrie:

    After looking into her, I do think she could be laying low but in her comments, she’s not afraid to pursue her suspicions. I would probably agree with Kritika and remain wary of Kerrie, but not enough to vote for her.

    •Also provides this additional thought:
    Votes Amber D3
    •Only mention of Harker other than quick comments about their ability to speak in words again and well wishes d2:

    I just realised I forgot to include Harker at the end, because let’s be honest I didn’t try to interpret their emoji comments at the end of the Day and just assumed that they vote switched to Nicole because of Beth’s comment about Anna. @Harker – is that right? Also can you translate your emoji comments at the end of D1?

    TL;DR: Jeann has barely any interaction with ANY of us, save a little with Anna/Beth. But she has almost none whatsoever with Harker. Is that in itself a red flag? Or was she purposely trying to have some interaction with Kerrie? Add to it, Jeann herself was never in the spotlight, so we can’t even use how anyone reacted to her being threatened.

    That’s all I have for now, but like I said, I will be going through D4 in a bit and I will be back with my thoughts. Or lack thereof, as it seems 😩

  29. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! Sorry I wasn’t around yesterday, I took a mini break from the interwebs. Relatedly, if anyone is looking for a good book to escape into I’m halfway through ALL OUR WRONG TODAYS by Elan Mastai and it is such a fun read!

    Anyway, so I’ve been doing some rereading/thinking today and reconsidering the fact that I’ve viewed all of Anna’s actions with some level of suspicion since Beth’s reveal at EOD 1, and so I decided to reread the last few days with the assumption that Anna was town and see if that changed my perspective. And when I did that….Shannon kept coming up.

    I had written Shannon off as town at the beginning of the game, mostly because people had brought up early on that Shannon was not the kind of player who would CHOOSE to be mafia and Shannon responded that the one time she was anti-town, she just ended up helping town anyway and that obviously she couldn’t prove she WASN”T mafia but that just because she hadn’t been mafia before didn’t mean she was mafia now. And i agreed and moved on, because even if she was mafia or anti-town this round she’d likely be a help to town.

    And then I notice (and I think Harker pointed this out earlier today as well) that Shannon votes Anna…and Anna… and Anna again. So i reread her comments.

    D1, nearing the end of the Day, she says this:

    But unless there’s some bananas revelation in the next couple hours, I will probably keep my vote. I know Anna is a quieter player, but it’s all I’ve got at the moment.

    Which in retrospect seemed oddly…prescient. But ignoring that, D2, she then votes Anna again, hoping to summon her and hear her thoughts, cancels her vote once she does, and then votes for Anna again, citing:

    Amber and Maria have been out here trying to explain themselves and give opinions and such, and Anna seems to be mainly… in the shadows, I guess I’d say.

    a small third party duo would be a great explanation- because I think you’re right, it’d likely be a desperation scenario. [and later adds] It isn’t that Anna is a quieter player, I get that she is. It’s that, like you said, it feels mostly self-preservative at this point.

    And all of this so far is fairly kosher. We were all suspicious about Anna D2 after Beth’s revelation. But D3 she votes Anna again.

    Is Anna still MIA? Guess it’s summoning time.
    Vote Anna

    Anna pops in to dispute Jeann’s comment that she’s severely under the comment requirement, then again to thank Shannon for the summons. Responds to me to say she understands my reason for voting for her but doesn’t think it’s wise and Votes Greg. Shannon agrees with Megan that the idea that eliminating Beth or Anna would eliminate them both and is torn about whether to follow my vote for Anna. Now this is where my ability to assume Anna was town wavered a bit, as she didn’t really respond to any specific concerns that had been raised other than to point out that Jeann had misread the comment count, but I continue with the thought exercise. D3 devolves mostly into riddles and cheese puns after that, so I look at D4.

    Shannon “reveals” that she can speak to dead players. I say “revealed” because as I pointed out earlier, she had already said so the day of her button push.

    I considered VERY carefully outing the fact that I can speak to the deceased. I am clearly dead toNight, after this revelation.

    Except she wasn’t killed N4, which I DO find surprising. Hence my comment earlier about being surprised that Beth would expect to be targeted overnight when Shannon had already set herself up as the bigger threat (because eliminating any player but still having Shannon would mean whoever was eliminated would still be able to pass information on through Shannon). Anyway, Shannon also says, in regards to Megan:

    @Megan, if I was a mafia person really desperate for you to die, wouldn’t I have just Night killed you and not bothered with any of this? It’s a lot of work tbh, whereas if I was mafia, I’d have just killed you quietly and been done with it.

    Except now we know that Megan was bulletproof which would mean the only possible way for mafia to eliminate her would be to get her lynched. So IF shannon was mafia and had previously unsuccessfully attempted to kill Megan, doing the work to set her up to be lynched makes a LOT of sense.
    Anna says, toDay:

    I think Shannon had voted for me initially to get me back in to comments so I didn’t think too much of her vote beyond that. […]I just felt that maybe Kerrie could be a mafia trying to draw more attention to me and get a townie voted out.

    The bit about me trying to draw attention to Anna was in regards to my vote for her (D3, i think?) because i figured it was just better to KNOW if anna was town or not. BUT no one has been more consistent about trying to draw attention to and voting for Anna than Shannon.

    And then Harker mentioned this D3 in reagards to Shannon’s Russian (which I know was a joke):

    At least she didn’t keep it up like a tricksy hobbit but it made me wonder about whether it was a bit of camouflaging to distract from the closeness of Kritika’s exit & her button. I suppose she could/would have wanted to keep it up in that case, but I don’t know.

    And i realized that in terms of driving suspicion towards Anna–Shannon has been doing a spectacular job. And as Harker says today,

    She seems to have backed up the info she’s getting, throwing back to this comment, but does it back up her claim to Town or does it just make her look Town? (Yes, Shannon, I acknowledge your “I really don’t see what I’d have to gain by lying about Greg’s vote?” →) What did her information get us? Enough to get us to trust her, then to lynch Megan

    And I realize that everyone’s going to be reading this TED talk with, like, level 10 suspicion, but as Shannon pointed out earlier,

    With Beth being suspicious of Kerrie yesterDay, and Beth dying first thing toDay, that would be an awesome framing of Kerrie.

    And she’s right. Beth’s been raising suspicions of me for at LEAST one game day. It would have been easy to assume, Beth’s death or not, that Beth would be gunning for me today. All a mafia player would need to do today is sit back and let Beth do the talking. But then Beth died, likely of poisoning, which means the mafia would have targeted someone else last night (and I still maintain that Shannon would have been the biggest threat to them, given that if they targeted anyone else Shannon would then have access to any information they might have accrued overnight.)

    Which leads me to two conclusions:
    1: there must still be some sort of protective role about if no one died overnight.
    2: Either the last anti-town/mafia player targeted Shannon and Shannon had been protected OR Shannon IS the last mafia/anti-town player and another player was protected.
    And given that Anna, who would be the most likely to continue to drive suspicion my way with Beth gone, tends to be a quieter player, someone else would need to step up and do so. And today, that’s been Shannon.

    So I’m going to


    Because for me, with the information I have and operating under the assumption that the mason role between Beth and Anna is exactly what it is supposed to be, that’s the only explanation I can think of that makes sense.

  30. @Kerrie, I don’t think the mafia CAN kill at Night? Or the kill takes until the next Day? Because clearly, there is only one entity left who could have killed Beth, AND we still have no one taking responsibility for Kritika.

    I have no idea why I am not dead. Probably because it puts a focus on me toDay, and they figured that would be far easier to pursue than Beth. (Plus, Beth is a better analyzer, let’s be real.) I will say that I kind of hoped to die last Night, hence my DNR plea. It would have worked out marvelously for Town, and I didn’t WANT anyone to protect me. Maybe the mafia saw that and figured they’d take their chances? Plus, killing Beth gave me nearly NO new info, because Anna already had all of Beth’s info. If you ask me, it was a pretty genius move on whoever’s part.

    In regards to Anna, I absolutely had NO other basis of which to vote for her on D1 except that she had the fewest comments and I wasn’t suspicious of anyone. That’s it. When Beth said she was Town, I voted Nicole because I was not going to eliminate someone who is being vouched for without at LEAST looking into it.

    On D2, I voted Anna for similar reasons. She was the quietest, and everyone was so focused on the Beth/Anna thing that it seemed a decent choice. That, and I didn’t want to vote Amber out. Ditto D3. At that point, it was clear Amber was being voted out, and I didn’t want to vote for Amber, so I just left my vote.

    In regards to Megan, well, what else can I say but that I am being truthful? You can ask Meylia in a few days yourself haha, but that is all I have for now. (But honestly, I don’t have it in me to mess with all those people- who are my friends- and twist their words and use their names and then have to face them. That would be like, beyond evil, and not just for the game- like as a human, and I would never. You can believe me or not, but that’s just the straight truth.)

  31. @Kerrie, another reason the mafia may have kept me alive is because if you see me revealed as Town, you then KNOW all the info I am giving you is legit. At least now, they can cast doubt. When I’m dead, there’s no doubt left.

  32. @Shannon, I actually don’t think you’ve been lying about the info you’re getting from the dead players. Because I agree, it doesn’t seem your style. Plus it lines up with what I knew and suspected about Megan, and with the fact that I didn’t kill Anne. Honestly, my best guess right now is that you’re anti-town but are naturally inclined to help town, or at the very least your teammates. And at this point in the game, you’d be so so close to carrying that torch across the finish line if you were mafia. My only alternate explanation is that there IS something wonky going on with Anna’s mason role, but Beth has been nothing but insistent this whole game that Anna is town and you seem fairly certain that Beth is telling the truth as well. And I’ve combed over Harker’s comments and votes over the last few days and they’ve done nothing that really stands out to me as suspicious besides being very participatory–but if I can’t fault Anna for being quiet, I can’t fault Harker for being talkative. And you’re right, your votes for Anna DO make sense. Which is why I was so so close when I was rereading the days to drop suspicion of you and vote for Anna. But then Harker’s comment about your info getting us to Lynch Megan made me pause–not because I think you’ve been manipulating the information you received, but because IF you were mafia and you could reveal all of this information without jeopardizing yourself (because its all true and no one would dispute it) it would fit, in my mind anyway, in with the fact that whatever mafia/anti-town player remains is playing an airtight game and that I think you are a GREAT player. You bring great insights and play your cards at the right moments.

    And I guess it is possible that the mafia can’t kill at night, but if the Mafia is responsible for Beth, and the other Day kills, then how do we explain Meylia’s death? Unless there’s still another player with a kill ability left?

  33. Okay finally had a chance to get through the rest of it, so here we go!


    •Is glad to have info about Megan, immediately follows me in voting Megan. Initially, this makes me think that Kerrie has got to be Town, since she is so eager to vote out Megan (who I had believed Meylia about). BUT, considering Megan was third party, this could have just been a great opportunity to jump on board and seem more Town by aligning herself with me AND voting a suspected baddie.
    •Has some suspicion of Maria based on the ease of which Jeann cleared her.
    •Beth voices suspicion of Kerrie in D4-

    : I find it interesting that, of all the people she looked at, Kerrie’s analysis was more recap than actual suspicion. And that she forgave Kerrie for what Megan also did.


    In fact, she seems to defend Maria (May 20, 11:04pm) and Kerrie (May 23, 9:05am- see above, she then made a softball pitch to Kerrie and accepted her response without saying anything more about it…very rare for Jeann, in this game so far).

    • Posits theory of Absorber
    • Maria catches THIS comment by Kerrie that I honestly didn’t notice at first:

    The day kills also have me concerned, but honestly, i just have no idea what to make of them or how to factor them into my working theories. Although, actually with Jeann being an arsonist and so many powerful town players–I think its possible she fit in to the day kills somehow.

    To which Maria points it out, and replies

    But the role for Jeann was Janitor? Unless I missed something or I read it wrong???? 🙈

    And then Kerrie responds:

    @Maria, your right about Jeann’s role. I’m sorry I should have phrased that better. I was thinking out loud and meant it as conjecture. I’ve been trying to come up with a role that might fit in with the day kills/delayed kills and Beth(?/someone at any rate) A few days ago had mentioned arson as a possibility, and Jeann’s pictures is on fire so kind of like how Meylia’s cop ability wasnt listed, I was wondering if that might have fit the mold for Kritika or Greg’s deaths.

    Or…. you know firsthand how the mafia kills and done slipped up. 🤷‍♀️

    TL;DR: Kerrie seems much more questionable on D4, but in hindsight. I thought for sure she was Town when she sided with me so quickly, but considering how things have gone down since, I can’t help but wonder if that was just a strategy to appear as an ally. That, and Maria’s catch makes me mighty suspicious.

    • Is less willing to believe reveal, questions the Greg vote thing.
    • Points out magnifying glass on Meylia’s book.
    • Is suspicious of Maria, also suspicious that my role could be too powerful
    • Votes Maria, considering all angles.
    • Votes Megan after considering all evidence.

    TL;DR: Harker just doesn’t seem sketchy to me here. They take their time to analyze the info (which is 100% what I would have done in their shoes) and eventually decides Megan is the right choice. Overall, not much suspicion to speak of.

    TL,DR Overall: After combing D4, Beth’s thoughts, and her complete 180 in regards to me and the info, I feel more confident.


    I hope this doesn’t come off as retaliatory because it really isn’t. Or like, 95% isn’t. 😂

  34. I mean, I win at HTML, but I SUCK at refreshing.

    @Kerrie, I do get what you mean. I am only slightly less tortured hahha. Here are my three theories at the moment, you just happen to be leading in my head:

    1. Everything I listed above, and you (Kerrie) are mafia. It’s funny, because the same reason you think I could be mafia is the same reason I think YOU could- Megan was third party and it is an easy way for mafia to seem Town. I did not know when I had the info that Megan was “Not Town” that she was third party. So I just went for it, hoping she was mafia, but being just as pleased that we got ANY baddie. But now, it’s making us all doubt each other, because (assumingly) Megan didn;t have any connections with anyone to investigate
    2. Harker is just playing a ridiculously good game and is staying low key and is mafia. I mean, it could be! Pretending to be pondering votes, putting in all the emoji work, etc.
    3. Beth somehow doesn’t know that Anna isn’t her teammate. This to me seems the least likely, only because Beth is adamant that the role info specifically stated they were both Town.

  35. @Shannon, Haha that’s fair, you’re leading in mine 🙂 We can call it even.

    I think with Beth/Anna I suspect that their roles were not revealed to each other by the mods, but were left up to the players themselves to reveal, with the “Mason chat” being, like the mafiascum wiki says, only a strong implication that both/all members are town.

    And yeah I agree about Harker. If they’re mafia they’re playing a SERIOUSLY good game.

    (And of course! I love playing TBG with everyone! And I know my competitive streak comes out a bit (I’m a scorpio what can I say😂) but this is just such a great community of people and I’m so so glad I stumbled across this little corner of the internet!)

  36. @Shannon:

    (Assuming Anna is one.) Which makes it hard to find mafia connections because every last one of us has voted for Townies, all but on D4.

    Since I have no reason to think Anna is not Town based on what Beth says (and Beth is definitely trustworthy…

    Out of curiosity, and since we have the time 😆, this part of your comment sounded like you might have some doubt (“assuming”, “Beth is definitely trustworthy”). I see your vote for Kerrie, which I totally get (factoring that in as I read myself), but I’m wondering if you saw something that was leading to this or I’m just overanalyzing? 😅 At this stage that is 100% possible.

    I’ll admit I was confused by the DNR gif at the end of yesterDay, btw. I thought it was a The 100 shoutout but the reference flew over my head. Is it from the show?

  37. @Kerrie I am the same way- a Scorpio and also competitive 😂

    @Kerrie, Beth said she was assured in the beginning that they were both Town. One potential caveat is that if say, Anna was recruited by a cult, Beth’d have no way of knowing. That said, I don’t see ANY signs of a cult in this game, for I think it’d be game over. Plus I figure a cult would want to KEEP Beth since Anna could then feed her false info or whatever.

    @Harker, I definitely think Beth is trustworthy! I mean, she has no reason not to be, since she is Town and wanted Anna to pass on her info, which Anna did. Obviously nothing is 100% in this game, and I suppose it’s possible Beth got some misinformation along the way, but like I said, I really doubt it.

    @Harker again, I am sorry I didnt’ get a chance to answer you at EOD4, it is from The 100! But mostly I wanted to like, hint to NOT protect me (if anyone is left who can!) because it wasn’t worth it, so, “Do Not Resuscitate”.

  38. @Shannon no need to summon. I’m here.

    BUT no one has been more consistent about trying to draw attention to and voting for Anna than Shannon.

    Shannon is often one who has voted to drew in a player who hasn’t met comment minimum, so I really didn’t find this unusual or cause for suspicion.

    I haven’t found anything about Harker I find suspicious and I trust Shannon.


  39. @Shannon is that the only reason you’re voting for me? As I said later in my TED talk (which was honestly so long I don’t blame you for skimming if you did) its not Shannon’s voting for you that makes me suspicious of her. Her summoning powers are consistent! And ultimately as I pointed out towards the beginning of the day all the players left have voted pretty much along the same lines so I wasn’t looking at voting history as a means of rooting out the last mafia/anti-town player.

    And I mean, if you wanted to say that its just process of elimination (you trust Shannon, don’t find Harker suspicious, obv wouldn’t vote for yourself)–then that leaves me and I understand that.

    Haha I guess I just figure if I’m to be sacrificed at the TBG alter, I’d like to have done something properly nefarious to deserve it

  40. @Shannon: I’m wondering about a couple of your notes here. Pardon me for the poking. 😅

    + When you mention Beth’s suspicions of Kerrie, the quotes you use are actually Beth’s suspicions of Jeann. It doesn’t work out quite the same, I think, or did you mean something different? I’m sorry, I usually take everything very literally and now is probably not a great time for that. 😆

    + Re: Maria/Kerrie/Arsonist: Beth was the first person to voice the theory of Arson/an Arsonist on Day Three (5.22 5:39PM). What with your having stated that she had that x1 Cop ability that lead to Megan’s NOT TOWN reveal, but not seeing it in her character reveal (only seeing some allusion to it in her illustration – tiny magnifying/spy glass) – the flames + Beth’s comment, eh, I can kind of see where that might have led to Kerrie’s explanation.


    my best guess right now is that you’re anti-town but are naturally inclined to help town, or at the very least your teammates.

    Is that what you think is going on, small Mafia/larger 3rd party? I hadn’t considered that because, like Shannon said (IIRC), there hasn’t really been evidence of a Cult or the like. 🤔

    @Shannon, I think Megan’s suspicion of me might have been mostly retaliatory, since I voted for her pretty early in the day and and was pushing for others to do the same. If I had been on her team I would have just voiced my maria suspicions and been done with it

    On the other hand, if you are another member of Team Poison, this would have been a good time for a setup: an early vote, time to change if you wanted. It didn’t work out so great for Megan, obviously, because she was voted out in the end, but what do we know about behind the scenes? 🤷‍♂️

    Thank y’all for the compliments. 😅 I think Anna might deserve some credit too because she’s stayed around quite a long time despite all the attention, utilizing Beth’s word quite well, and here we are.

    @Shannon again

    @Maria again, you are correct that someone gave Meylia her 1x Cop ability. She has no idea who, but it came to her on N2 and she used it N3, before she was killed I guess.

    There’s something I’m wondering about this bit you said yesterDay – if you legitimately got this info from Meylia, I’m questioning why she would have gotten results on N3 when she was killed then because if you’re killed, that’s it, your actions don’t matter, right? 🤔 Or am I mistaken?


    I think Shannon had voted for me initially to get me back in to comments so I didn’t think too much of her vote beyond that.

    Shannon is often one who has voted to drew in a player who hasn’t met comment minimum, so I really didn’t find this unusual or cause for suspicion.

    I see what you mean to a point and agree, this is definitely one of Shannon’s gifts (summoning 😂), but the fact is she kept voting for you/kept her votes for you even after you appeared. Between the two of them, what is it about Kerrie that is more vote-y than Shannon to you? I didn’t see anything specific you mentioned other than drawing attention to you which they’ve both done.

    I’m on my way home from work now (🥱🥱) and ready for the rest of the day (barring any unforeseen problems).

  41. @Harker

    Is that what you think is going on, small Mafia/larger 3rd party? I hadn’t considered that because, like Shannon said (IIRC), there hasn’t really been evidence of a Cult or the like.

    When I say “anti-town” i mostly just mean Not Town, not necessarily, like, a 3rd party, but at this point i think either is possible! So much of the set up of this game has been unexpected!

    Either way, I think we know we have at least one more Not Town player alive or the game would be over. I think if there are two Not Town players left we’re essentially screwed because all they’d have to do is work together (even if they’re not on the same team) to get one more player to target a town player today and then they’d win. And now Shannon and Anna have put the onus on you to either tie the game or vote me out, and if they’re working together (say one’s secretly team mafia and one’s secretly team poison–or even if only one of them is not town) they’ve essentially won the game.

    Just as a thought experiment, believe that I’m town and i’m right about shannon for two minutes:

    – Shannon capitalizes on the fact that Anna and Beth are already suspicious of me and convinces Anna and you to vote for me (well, you mostly since she could probably assume that Beth and Anna would work together), town is down a player, N5 another player is killed, D6…there’s a tie if there’s only one town one not town player left (DOES the game just tie then?)

    – OR The game ties today, N5 another player is killed, D6 its either 2 town to 1 not town or 2 not town to 1 town player.
    I think in either case, if Shannon is not town, she doesn’t have to worry–if I get eliminated at eod today or toNight and revealed as town, suspicion falls to you or Anna and with an odd number of players one of you gets eliminated and Not Town wins.

    Ultimately it seems to me that with Shannon and Anna having cast their votes, they’ve left it to you to either make a tie or vote out a townie, which leaves you as suspect #1 for D6 either way.


    On the other hand, if you are another member of Team Poison, this would have been a good time for a setup: an early vote, time to change if you wanted

    You’re right. There was plenty of time to change my vote if I wanted to set up a bit of distance or suspicion between myself and Megan, and there was a lot of time D4 to do that! A lot of people were pushing suspicion on Maria and the votes very nearly did swing for Maria near the EOD until Maria did her little secret I JACK TRADE role drop (which actually confuses me now that Asti said her role was actually Inventor, but i’m trying not to dwell on that since we know she’s town at this point). Anyway, my point is, that if my endgame was to get Maria out instead of Megan, I would have switched in the middle of the day when all the heat fell on Maria.

    Also @Anna, Beth’s been suspicious of me for days, and with her cop enabling role, (and presuming then that you’re a cop [Anna]) I would have figured someone would have investigated me, especially last night given that Beth left a note to Anna asking her to pass along a vote for me. Is there a reason you didn’t or a reason you’re not passing along the result? I would have figured that if you shared Beth’s suspicions you would have then investigated me.

  42. @Harker yeah I should have specified that more clearly- it was Beth’s suspicion of a connection between Jeann and Kerrie, not Kerrie herself. I also missed Beth floating the arsonist thing, that could explain it better.

    @Harker again, in regards to Meylia, best guess is that she was given her results because she could still use them, and perhaps because she requested them before she was killed? No one really knows (except the mods!) and I guess we’ll find out when this thing ends!

    I really don’t know. Because if it isn’t Kerrie, then it’s gotta be Harker. Or some weird twist with Anna. And I don’t like being THIS unsure this late in the game, yet here we are.

    (Oh I refreshed this time!)

    @Kerrie, I don’t see how Anna could be a cop tbh? Greg was a cop, Kritika was a detective, how many the heck investigative people can we have, you know? (Also, you are making really good arguments here and making me doubt myself. But then… Harker is the baddie? Idk. Send help.)

  43. @Kerrie: I sort of asked/alluded to whether or not Anna was a cop/had investigative abilities earlier toDay and she said:

    @Harker Simply because I don’t have a cop ability.


    Ultimately it seems to me that with Shannon and Anna having cast their votes, they’ve left it to you to either make a tie or vote out a townie, which leaves you as suspect #1 for D6 either way.

    😷 noooo. What if I vote out the wrong person?

    The three of us could just vote out Anna and run away into the hills to watch The 100. 🤣

    So much analyizing and it feels so much more anxiety ridden than any of previous EODs we’ve had yet. There’s the pressure, plus it’s also so much quieter with fewer people around.


    (Oh I refreshed this time!)

    Well done! 😂

    Does anyone else wonder if Megan may have laid out one last poisoning before she died and we’re waiting for that to show up EOD? 😬

  44. @Shannon I was thinking maybe Anna was a cop because of Beth’s enabler role and the two are just so entwined in my head that I figured Beth was enabling Anna, but revisiting the role info for Enabler, and the way Beth’s info is listed, I see that its more of a role thing than a person thing and so now I’m second guessing the Anna is maybe a cop thing (&@harker I didn’t see Anna’s comment about not being a cop! thanks for pointing that out)

    Also, @Harker, I’m hoping at this point that Beth was right about the day kills being a poisoner but now I’m nervous so thank you for THAT

  45. @Harker I am CACKLING at

    The three of us could just vote out Anna and run away into the hills to watch The 100. 🤣

    YESSS let’s just become Team 100, we win, bye.

    And yes, now we’re all afraid we’re going to die via Megan. I mean, it’s possible, since we don’t really know how long it took for the poison to take. But I hope not! Unless she kills a baddie, in which case, yay!

    @Harker this IS stressful, more so than other Days! The stakes are higher, I’m terrified of being wrong, and I feel more unsure than I usually am at this point. Or maybe this is just that phenomenon where you forget how bad some past experience was and keep doing it over and over. They say it happens with childbirth, hence why people have more than one child 😂

  46. @Shannon: we don’t. I only know what it looked like when I got hit by poison in one game and I think it was an EOD death, but I could be wrong. I’m not sure which game it was (ADSOM? maybe) but it was a shock at the time.

    I’m just gonna


    for now because I want a vote on the board and I’m really not sure. Hey, if y’all are in for that running away/absconding with the Games idea, let’s see if we can do it. 😆

  47. Well. This has taken a turn!

    Okay so I figure, it’s likely Harker cannot vote for who they wish, and are forced to vote Anna. This is scary because of the vote thief/poisoner thing, but Harker has been doing this for two Days now, so hopefully this is something different, and they live. Unless they’re mafia, then bye. 😂

    I can absolutely see why @Kerrie is changing, gotta save yourself! That said, I don’t think Anna is Mafia. I just don’t. So I can’t in good conscience vote for her (as much as I’d love that The 100 party- @Harker you MUST DM me when you do watch it, we can chat! @Kerrie, are you on the current season? We should chat too!) So. I guess we’ll see who’s left on the other side!

  48. Voting Update

    Kerrie (2) – Shannon, Anna
    Anna (2) – Harker, Kerrie

    1 hour, 11 minutes to go. If there’s a tie at deadline, no elimination occurs.

  49. @Kerrie: Lucifer is an awesome show. 🙂 Maze is my favorite character. I need to catch up on it, though, because I am woefully behind.

    So…what do we do in the last hour? 😅 Thoughts on a potential Megan target? Debate Anna a bit more? CHEEEEESE??

  50. I should watch Lucifer, I hear such good things! I am currently watching Into the Night, it’s a French show on Netflix that Greg recommended and it’s very addictive! (Gotta find something to watch in between The 100 hah)

  51. Voting Update

    Kerrie (2) – Shannon, Anna
    Anna (2) – Harker, Kerrie

    45 minutes. If there’s a tie at deadline, no elimination occurs.

  52. Day Five has officially ended. As there was a tie, no elimination occurs.

    It is now Night Five. If you have a special role that involves a Night action, please submit the form by Tuesday 9pm BST (48 hours from now, but honestly the sooner the better). The form can be found by clicking the “Current Game” link in the menu on the left and scrolling down.

    Day Six will start on Wednesday 9pm BST. Any additional casualties will be revealed at that time. Good luck!

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