BYOC2: Night Four


It Is Night Four.

Welcome Mafia! It is now your chance to openly discuss your evil plans. You may talk about what’s happened so far, brainstorm strategies to survive the next Day, laugh at how clueless the Townies are – whatever your heart desires.

Here are your main objectives during the Night as a Mafia made up of Arsonists (apart from the general evil scheming, of course):

  1. Determine which player you would like to PRIME for elimination. A player must be primed before they can be ignited. (Think of this as you dousing the target with gasoline, ready for a lit match.)
  2. Determine which Mafia teammate you would like to send to complete the priming. If the Mafia teammate being sent is roleblocked, killed, or affected by some relevant Night action the priming will not be successful. You are not notified when this is the case. Choose wisely.
  3. If choosing to also IGNITE players during a Night, determine which Mafia teammate you would like to send to complete the ignition. The same player cannot complete both priming and igniting actions during the same Night. Using the ignite power will ignite all players that have been previously primed up to that point.

Remember: Players must be primed before they can be ignited. 

Once you have decided on these objectives, please have one of your team members submit your decisions to the Moderators by completing the Night Action form.

You only have 48 hours to make a decision. The Night phase ends each Tuesday 9pm BST. A countdown has been added to the sidebar to assist you in determining how much time you have left each phase.

Remember: Your goal is to outlast and eliminate any other team. Use your kills wisely, and do your best to keep your team alive.

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  1. I can’t believe i said what i said earlier in the day! I’ll just go find myself a nice plot of dirt. you can send me flowers when you win

  2. Ok, we’ve got to plan and plan fast before any Night actions come through. We’re limited on options here because, let’s face it, there are HUGE targets are certain people’s backs.

    I got a message that says I can send an anonymous letter to one player in addition to one of my regular Night Actions, so that’s also up for debate.

    Did you get to send a message to Asti about Igniting Shannon or did it just not work? I wasn’t sure if Jeann would have had time to Prime her before her Death, so that’s a thing.

    2 of the biggest threats are a) Shannon (but will she be protected tonight if there is a protective ability still left?) and b) the Beth/Anna team?

    I think we need to get rid of the Beth/Anna team somehow because if one of us gets eliminated, then they’ll be the hardest to fight against vote wise since they’re so buddy buddy/protecting each other.


  3. Omg, I was screaming. I am SHOCKED that Beth and/or Shannon didn’t pick up on that. That’s why I think that Shannon is the biggest threat, then Beth of the Beth/Anna team. But that team in general has got to go.

    Who do you think would believe a letter/what it would say? I’m trying to think of what to pitch that might be believable and I can say whatever I want, so that’s something.

  4. Before they have a chance to do anything, yeah.

    I think Shannon might be the most convinced. Beth seems to be semi-wavering:

    If Megan is Mafia, then we know it’s likely Shannon (and probably Kerrie) are Town. Since myself and Anna are Town, that would mean Harker and Maria are Mafia. And I’ll be honest- I’m much more suspicious of Kerrie than Harker, but I’ve been wrong before (hahahahaha…..often).

    I still think there might be someone with a kill ability out there. Greg was probably Poisoned, Maria had a couple of one shots, but I think there’s a chance that one of us is going to get hit tonight (either killed or investigated).

    Keeping this in mind, what do you think is better:

    a) having you Prime/Ignite so someone looking at me doesn’t see anything Mafia-ish?

    b) having me Prime/you Ignite in case we both survive?

    I’m also trying to think about what happens if we get to tomorrow and we both live because I think that they’ll be coming hard for you, especially Beth and Shannon. They’re really good and analytical and god knows what Shannon is going to learn toDay/toMorrow.

  5. Sorry my thoughts are scattered!!

    -Maybe also Maria protected Shannon? Might have been one of her jack of all trade powers
    -Who do we block? We blocked Beth yesterday and there was only one EOD death in addition to the lynching
    -Maybe a letter to shannon; say you got a 1x investigative ability from the button push earlier and you used it to investigate Anna, found she was Not Town?

    If we prime beth, eliminate her at the SOD, we might be able to get Shannon to vote out Anna

    I’ll investigate as Town if anyone theres a cop ability still floating around. I AM worried we still have another kill power about so I think we should still try to block whoever that is.

  6. I think the fact that Megan was listed as “Team Poison”, might mean she had a partner. The farther we get into the game the more i’m convinced at least one of the Beth/Anna pair is Not Town. Although I’m worried about what Shannon could learn from Megan’s because according to the MafiaScum Wiki,

    “The Psychologist is an investigative role that determines a player’s ability to kill. It does however have a drawback: if a player has already killed, the Psychologist can no longer discern whether this player is capable of doing so.”

  7. My concern with letting Shannon know that’s it is me sending the letter is that I don’t know where the ability came from. That may be an idea. I think she’s going to know that it came from me regardless, especially if we point the finger at Anna, because A) Beth wouldn’t send it, so it would be either you or me. If you die toNight, it might have been me. If I die, it might get revealed that I had the x1 ability.

    I did submit a twist role that suggested Half-Siblings. Maybe I should mention that in the letter? I’ve only mentioned it once before in passing to Megan. Do you think it would look suspicious?

    If Beth has a protective ability, she might use it on Shannon tonight rather than Anna since Anna is kinda okay for the moment and Shannon has a big ole target, so Priming her should be good. Hopefully.

    I don’t think we can stack abilities (i.e. Prime AND Block Beth) unfortunately.

    Re: the Psychologist – if Megan even wants to talk to Shannon, yeah, that could pose a problem if she looked at either of us. Do you think she did? She seemed pretty convinced I was Town for the most part.

    And what the hell did Beth mean at the EOD???

  8. No I was thinking I would prime Beth in that scenario. But also a great point about Beth’s final statement! I think it was either just a statement to jump into the conversation OR she wanted to make herself a target–maybe Anna has a watcher/beholder ability and intends to see who interacts with Beth overnight

  9. Ok. So, PRIME Beth (you), Block Anna, SEND to Shannon?

    Now, the next question: what do we do if we both survive tomorrow? Assuming a best case scenario, Beth dies: that actually might mean that the game is over assuming they don’t have a kill ability because we’d be majority. If it’s not, though, we’d have to argue and if it comes up that one of us is most suspicious, what then?

  10. So I’m thinking…

    Maria – Jack of All Trades; Town
    N1 used vote thief power on you or Greg
    N2 killed Anne?
    N3 protected Shannon
    Had unused suicide bomber power

    Megan– bulletproof poisoner, 2x psychologist, Team Poison
    N1 probably investigated someone (probably Beth or me)
    N2 poisoned Greg?
    N3, either investigated or poisoned maria, but I think she investigated someone else b/c of the way Asti worded Maria’s elimination

    Of the players left, I wonder if Shannon is an inventor? With people getting little gifted abilities, like Meylia’s 1x cop and your letter. I think Anna might have some watching ability and Beth is some kind of Not Town.

    We definately need to break up the dream team — now i’m wondering though, if we ignite at the beginning of the day, does that give shannon more info to work with???

  11. Inventor is a possibility. I got a gifted ability in the ADSOM game.

    Assuming it is at the very beginning of the game and Asti or Dana see it maybe it will just look like another Night death? Or it will be confused for one? If we both survive, do you want to have a code to signal that you did submit it in your first comment? Like an emoji or something?

  12. What do you think about this:

    To Shannon:

    Team Poison doesn’t work alone. Beware of the pair that thinks it has a trusted partner. She is being misled.

    I feel like it sounds like the Mailer (me) investigated Anna but doesn’t know (if Beth dies) Beth might be dying?

  13. If we both make it to tomorrow, and suspicions starts to fall on one of us (probably me) lead the bandwagon! I think you’ve done so so well at convincing everyone you’re town that you have the best shot of making it through to the very end.

    And yeah, hmmm what’s an innocent enough emoji? I don’t tend to use them a lot…

  14. Ooooh i like that letter! Well worded & does sound like you investigted and are passing info to a trusted Town source. Do you know if Shannon will know who sent it?

  15. I mean, she’s smart and even if she wasn’t, she’ll probably figure it out. It obviously isn’t from Beth or Anna, so that leaves you or me. Worst comes to worst, we could say it was from you if we both make it and the mud slinging starts.

    Which I hate, btw. It’s been fun colluding with you and Jeann. lol

  16. But yeah if the mud slinging starts, lead the mob against me if you have to! You get to the end and we win.
    And it has been so fun colluding! I was not prepared for Jeann to die …. wait, I’ve been so focused on the players left. What even HAPPENED to Jeann???

  17. I have no idea! That was such a shock. There was, like, minimal suspicion on her and she was killed so early. I’m guessing a Vigilante took her out rather than a Poison move.

    We can discount the fact that even though Megan is dead that she might still have set in motion some deaths. If we’re really lucky, maybe she’ll take some people out for us and this will all be over tomorrow without us having to lift a finger. lol

    And now we know why that priming didn’t take!

  18. but with the number of night deaths still occurring I’m more concerned with eliminating the anti-town player with a nigh kill ability, and if my theory about maria being an absorber is right, Megan’s the bigger threat. If maria IS mafia and we eliminate her, that still leaves one mafia player left to conduct a night kill, plus one anti-town player with a night kill which means we’ll lose another two players overnight and town is almost guaranteed to lose. We eliminate a player with a kill ability and we only lose one player over night. So unless someone can really convince me Maria is the bigger threat, I’m leaving my vote for Megan right now.

    This was one of the parts that worried me when it came up because you talked like you knew how many people were left on the Mafia which is 😬. If there’s one left, would the game be over because they couldn’t hope for a majority/to eliminate all threats?

  19. Not necessarily, they’d still have a night kill right? So i think even if there was only one maf and one town left at the end of a day, mafia could win if they kill the town player and the town player isn’t bulletproof or protected in some other way

  20. I know me too! I’ve been trying to focus that nervous energy into rereading and trying to figure out who everyone is most suspicious of rn with maria/megan reveals and what an early Beth death would do to those suspicions

  21. Heya mafia friends, I just wanted to give you a heads up for Day Five. I’ll be flying to the States on Saturday so won’t be around for a good chunk of the weekend. If your priming is successful toNight and you choose to ignite towards the end of the Day, I would recommend sending a DM to Dana to give her a heads up as the Night forms are only set to send email notifications to myself. Thanks 🙂

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