BYOC2: Day/Night Four


It is Day/Night Four.

Welcome Masons! This post is for your use to chat privately both Day and Night Four. A new post will go up at the start of each new Day of the game. Good luck!

Masons: Beth, Anna


7 thoughts on “BYOC2: Day/Night Four”

  1. I’ve decided to trust Shannon’s info and vote Megan. Not sure it’s wise but just going with my gut. I really hope it ends up being the right choice.

  2. Same here! If it turns out it isn’t, and the game ends, it was a pleasure being a fellow Mason with you. 🙂

  3. Aaaand in case I get killed toNight, here’s what I’m planning on posting D5. I’m thinking Kerrie is anti-Town, though it could be Harker (but I haven’t been suspicious of them at all, and I did look into them as a possible Mafia with their D1 Nicole vote):

    Lots of good info accrued at the end of D4!
    Thanks, Shannon, for sharing your info. Even though I was skeptical, you were right and I appreciate the chance you took in running that ball down the court from the start.
    I’m a little floored at HOW MANY abilities Megan had. Looks like her defensiveness about not being the vote thief *was* a slip up- good catch, Harker!

    So I re-read the MafiaScum wiki, specifically those roles, and the Poisoner role does have variations on when the kill occurs. It’s still delayed, but it seems relatively safe to say that most, if not all, of the Town day kills were likely Megan (unlike regular kills, according to the wiki, there’s no protection against being targeted by a poisoner).
    Bulletproof kept her from being killed at Night, even by the other Mafia faction we know is in play.
    Vote Thief is steals a vote at Night, for the following day, so it sounds like Greg’s stolen vote, if not all the stolen votes, were Megan’s doing.
    The Psychologist role allowed her to determine if another player has the ability to kill, but only if that player has not yet killed. It’s usually a Town ability, so I’m not sure what good it could have done her here, except to create a possible offensive to eliminate a Mafia member…which I don’t think she did, so maybe she didn’t end up using it.

    Maria spelled out her role in her post on D4 at May 31, 2:26pm. Look at the first letter of each statement in her comment to Shannon- it spells “I JACK TRADE”.
    (That’s what my “Oh, shit!” message was- it took me a bit to see it, and then things majorly clicked into place.
    Jack of All Trades has numerous one-shot abilities. So she likely killed at least one player during a Night, protected at least one player during a Night, etc. I’m not sure what her sacrifice comment was about, unless that was her alluding to breaking a Mod-set rule, thus knowing she’d be eliminated at the end of the day, in order to tell us she knew Shannon was Town (I assume, knowing her role, because she investigated someone earlier in the game, and Shannon’s D4 opening statement supported the results Maria got).

    Anyway, with that much power, I’m hoping maybe there’s only one other Mafia player and that “Team Poisoner” was a team of 1. But I think it’s smart to proceed as if there are currently 3 Town and 2 Mafia/Anti-Town, to be on the safe side. Since I know I’m Town and Anna is Town, and it seems like Shannon is Town, and I haven’t been suspicious of Harker at all this game, I’m going to:

    (If you want more reasoning why, please see my D4 comment on May 28, 11:19pm)

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