BYOC2: Night Three


It Is Night Three.

Welcome Mafia! It is now your chance to openly discuss your evil plans. You may talk about what’s happened so far, brainstorm strategies to survive the next Day, laugh at how clueless the Townies are – whatever your heart desires.

Here are your main objectives during the Night as a Mafia made up of Arsonists (apart from the general evil scheming, of course):

  1. Determine which player you would like to PRIME for elimination. A player must be primed before they can be ignited. (Think of this as you dousing the target with gasoline, ready for a lit match.)
  2. Determine which Mafia teammate you would like to send to complete the priming. If the Mafia teammate being sent is roleblocked, killed, or affected by some relevant Night action the priming will not be successful. You are not notified when this is the case. Choose wisely.
  3. If choosing to also IGNITE players during a Night, determine which Mafia teammate you would like to send to complete the ignition. The same player cannot complete both priming and igniting actions during the same Night. Using the ignite power will ignite all players that have been previously primed up to that point.

Remember: Players must be primed before they can be ignited. 

Once you have decided on these objectives, please have one of your team members submit your decisions to the Moderators by completing the Night Action form.

You only have 48 hours to make a decision. The Night phase ends each Tuesday 9pm BST. A countdown has been added to the sidebar to assist you in determining how much time you have left each phase.

Remember: Your goal is to outlast and eliminate any other team. Use your kills wisely, and do your best to keep your team alive.

72 thoughts on “BYOC2: Night Three”

  1. Right off the bat, Amber being a Vigilante? That’s a whopper. I wonder what happened to Greg, though? That seems wildly out of nowhere. He didn’t seem to indicate any knowledge of impending doom. Maybe Shannon did get some kind of one shot ability with her button push.

    And yeah, there’s totally a Vote Thief going around. Anyone want to guess who it is? Best guess is Meylia because she definitely dropped a possible hint which I’m guessing was 100% a newbie mistake.

  2. so THATS what happened with your vote for Shannon! And I agree, Greg’s death came out of nowhere! Originally I was thinking Greg was a vigilante because of Anne’s death, since he was blocked N1 and there were no deaths N1.

    But that still leaves Anne’s death a question mark, since Amber was blocked N2 and couldn’t have done it?

  3. Did something happen with the lynches or was only one target supposed to be ignited?

    Yeah, that is weird. So who killed Anne and who killed Greg? There’s at least one more killing party out there.

    I’m guessing Beth or Anna because he’s been gunning for one or the other of them D2 and D3.

    We’re so close. If we can take out a few more select targets, I think we have a really good chance at this.

  4. Ok, so we’ve got 6 remaining non mafia, at least one of which is anti-town. Maybe Beth/Anna really ARE anti town. Anne would have been a quieter player that no one was watching and greg’s been gunning for them the whole game.

    Or maybe there’s a poisoner, with the same delayed death like in ADSOM

  5. Just to confirm, as it says in the text at the start of the post:

    “Using the ignite power will ignite all players that have been previously primed up to that point.”

    If a player was not ignited, you can assume something interfered with the priming.

  6. The question is: a) who to take out next? b) who to block? Because if we have another killer on our hands, that’s much more dangerous and an essential question. If we have Amber out of the way and she was ONE, then that’s something and I think people might talk about her on D4 about whether she was responsible for Anne’s Lynch since they don’t know if she was blocked or not.

    Beth, Shannon, and Megan are the biggest concerns because they’re the most talkative. Anna is the next veteran and she’s been rather under the radar, which could be her or it could be protective of a big power.

    So, do we want to a) risk priming Megan again, b) prime one of the other, and then c) ignite when? See where things go?

    I think we also might need a cancellation code because I know I accidentally used the ignition one yesterDay and was like, whoops. 🤣 I mean, it was gonna happen anyway but still.

  7. Hmmm. So it’s possible there’s someone else with either a roleblockling ability or bodyguard/protective ability, because if it was a firefighter, the interference would have been with the ignition, not the priming.

    and Lol I saw that but I was determined to use the button

    I think maybe we can risk priming Megan again. If she was protected by a Doctor, the doctor can’t protect the same person two days in a row.

    Also, I agree that the potential of another player with a kill ability is the greatest danger to us right now

  8. Which of us do you think is in the greatest danger? I might have an issue because of the thieving, but I might be okay once. The issue is, I don’t know if someone has tried for me already.

    Megan, if she was protected, could be open for priming again. I’m just a little shy about that because I’m worried about wasting it if she does get guarded again. She hasn’t been on the radar though for protecting, so I’m guessing whatever it was that interfered with it has to do with her own Role rather than someone else’s.

    Shannon might be the next easiest but I am curious why someone would thieve a vote and direct it at her?

    Beth/Anna are still worrisome because I’d assume if anyone thought they were really Town they’d protect them.

    Who you would block?


    Just catching up now and why are there so many people dying when it’s not our fault?! 😭

    I’m guessing a Poisoner possibly because of the delayed kills?!

    Also did Shannon’s “I see dead people” comment mean that she can see the Spectator chat?

    I’m guessing Beth is not our Vote Thief now..

    Also X2 Vig, Bodyguard, Cop, Detective, Eavesdropper… And that’s just the roles uncovered so far. This is going to be a whopper for the Mafia and I think there are for SURE 1-2 other anti-towb teams out there to get us.

    Re our 2nd target not working, I wonder if it could’ve been because they are Bulletproof (at least x1)? @Asti, could our prime action work in that way seeing as there’s no lynching?

    Also K if I didn’t know better and I was a normal townie player I would’ve voted for you because of these comments:

    Anyway, the TL;DR on Amber is: For now, I remain wary, but I’m not ready to vote for her toDay.

    As of right now, I think Amber and Greg are top of my suspicions list because her night action didn’t pan out and her commentary today has been mostly defending herself

    Said wouldn’t vote for Amber but then later said she’s at the top of your suspicion list

    Okay, look. We’ve been going around in circles with the Beth/Anna conversation and we’re not going to stop until we know, and it makes such a good smoke screen for the mafia that eff it, I’m just gonna


    I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’ll eat crow if she’s town. But keeping her around just makes it easier for anti-town/mafia to hide behind the debate.

    I’m still a bit wary of Amber, but at this point i’d like to give her one more night to see if she comes back with anything helpful for Day4.

    Said will give Amber “one more day” – sounds like a Mafia reasoning. Also it looks like the Vote for Anna wasn’t because she was a Mafia. That looks suspicious.

    I know there’s nothing we can do about it now but I just wanted to give some pointers in case it comes up later.

  10. Yes it does if someone submits first, it takes priority. Also it’s going to be harder to hide now Greg is gone, yikes.

    Meylia – I suspect she voted for Amber as retaliation so might be a good one to keep around?But I think she might be our Doctor/Roleblocker. Thoughts?

    Maybe Megan Rose is the other baddy? I think we should target one of the quiet players this round

  11. The order Night actions come in CAN affect them, depending on what they are.

    According to earlier questions, the priming failed because the ignition failed, so we can assume that something interfered. Whether it was a Bulletproof/Bodyguard/etc., we have no idea.

    I don’t know if you saw, but I am guessing Meylia is the Vote Thief. She said something about waiting for something to come up, which sounded like she had meant for an action to come through, didn’t it?

    I’m thinking Beth to block? Because k pointed out that she must have some power besides talking to Anna. But I also think Beth and Shannon need to get out of this game ASAP because they’re our biggest threat.

  12. Maria might be the person that took Anne out because she said something about the Mafia not choosing the obvious (Anna/Beth) and wondering about that, but I’m not sure.

    This raised my heart rate as well!

  13. maybe we prime Shannon tonight, block Beth, and see if maybe there’s a way to get town votes to swing towards Beth, Anna, or Maria for D4? I just have a bad feeling about Shannon. She’s hasn’t been calling out too many suspicions and I’m worried she’ll come in D4 with some point/idea that will swing votes towards one of us

  14. I don’t know about you but if we get rid of Beth or Anna, then who is there left for suspicion to fall upon? I think that’s risky.

    Also maybe Shannon but she’s one of our chatter players so there will be less to hide behind. But if she can see spec chat that would be a huge problem

    @K – Anna for me! What about you guys?

    I’m happy for Maria but I need to look back at her comments to be doubly sure.

  15. I’m down for blocking Beth.

    If we leave them, then I guess we’ll still keep the circling back which will suck but at least we’ll be alive? We don’t all have to be alive, right? You said that D1 IIRC? If at least one of us makes it, we still win?

    I think we need to break up the Beth/Anna team, so Anna would be my choice of the two if we’re going to go that way. At least, no offense, we have a secret weapon.

    The spec chat would be a huge problem. Maybe N4?

    Next question: Day or Night 🔥

  16. I just looked back at Maria’s comments and I don’t think there’s anything there

    Actually I just noticed

    Greg (2) – Beth, Anna (Greg gets eliminated)

    Amber (4) – Jeann, Maria (madhatter), Megan, Meylia

    We’ll fall in suspicion tomorrow for voting off a townie but I think there’ll be enough to go on

    List of remaining players


  17. ALSO it might not be tomorrow but I just wanted to say, we may get to a point where we have to vote for one of us so I’m happy to take the fall so I can get out someone else as well 🙃 only if it swings that way though

  18. Plus he mentioned that connection about them having to vote for the same person each day and they brushed it off, but they HAVE voted for the same person each day and that person has gone home. Do you think that will stick, though, or that they’d be so careless if that was the case? Beth might be able to defend against that (in case you want to think of a counter argument).

  19. Whatever the case I do think he had a point there especially since All their votes were in self preservation. Maybe they have a survive win condition.

    So my choices are


  20. I think we should keep Megan around for at least another day. She’s been quiet and has had some passive suspicion directed at her since D2. I think there’s enough residual suspicion over Beth/Anna that if we all voted for her, we’d need only 2 more players to side against them, which might be doable. Especially since Anna’s been fairly quiet and not adding much benefit to town as is. And everyone expects Maf to want to keep her around. Plus there’s always the chance that they’re sibling and taking out one will take out both

  21. Everyone was thinking poisoner or something, but that’s a possibility. We’ve never had one before, have we? Who brought it up first toDay? You don’t think they would because they were curious to see if we’d catch on, do you?

  22. I don’t know. They could award one shot powers with the buttons, so its a possibility. I would think it would be more like one shot Cop or something though, not a kill, but who knows with these masterminds?

    Yeah, I mean, a Vigilante, she definitely had the opportunity to do it, but we can’t go too hard at it or it will look like a pile on because it is a super convenient excuse. I mean, she did say she needed one Night then the Mafia could take her out, buuut then she ended up alive and a Townie dead? It’ll be a balancing act.

  23. Yeah I get what you mean. I’m kind of glad/relieved the Cop/Detective have been taken out, let’s hope that’s the only detection powers on play. I can’t imagine there being much more than those 3 because 😣

  24. Ok I just read these from the Roles page:

    Poisoner: The Poisoner can target one person each Night to kill them. Unlike with Vigilantes and Serial Killers though, the Poisoner’s target is not instantly eliminated. Instead, they usually survive until the end of the following Day.

    Serial Killer: A Serial Killer is a player whose goal is to be the last player alive. They have no allies. In order to achieve their goal, they have a factional kill at Night like the Mafia.

    Because the Serial Killer has the hardest goal (eliminating all other players in the game), they are often provided bonus abilities. These abilities may include bulletproof, investigation-immunity, etc.

    Bulletproof: The Bulletproof power gives a player protection from being Night killed. This may be permanent or limited (usually described as x-shot).

    If my hunch is right about Megan, maybe she’s a Bulletproof Serial Killer responsible for Anne on N1 and waited to target whoever pushed the button?? But would Bulletproof prevent someone from being ignited though unless it is Fireproof??

    Greg’s death does fit within the Poisoner thing so I think it’s definitely a possibility. Do you guys think there is 1-2 Mafia at play given Anne/Greg’s deaths or a single third party type role? OR BOTH 😱

  25. If she wasn’t Ignited, then she probably wasn’t Primed to begin with, so that might be a different story altogether.

    Do you think a Bulletproof Serial Killer would be too strong? Maybe if it was limited it would be okay, but that combo scares me.

    A Poisoner could be possible for Anne, but why wouldn’t anyone have died D3? Would the Poisoner not have done prepared anyone N2? That seems an odd choice.

    Bulletproof something definitely seems a possibility in some capacity, or a limited Deathproof. Like, has anyone seemed surprised that they were still around or that someone else was more so than they maybe would have if they were a clueless person (i.e. not involved in the death?).

    There’s gotta be something besides Town/Mafia. No way would a BYOC game happen with just a vanilla setup like that. I don’t think Asti would allow it.

  26. Hmmm I had a look back and it was actually Kerrie who mentioned the Poisoner first. Maybe the Poisoner was another limited role that could only operate on every alternate day or something? I dunno?

    I’ve been wondering why there are SO MANY detection powers at play and that just makes so much sense! I’m like surely it would be OP to have all of those working against just little old us? 😂 Esp Amber’s X2 Vigilante 😮 < my face when her role was revealed. I totally thought she was a Cop.

    If not Bulletpoof then maybe x1 shot Bulletpoof or something.

  27. One of my questions is, and I haven’t had a chance to look at her posts to see what her reaction was like, is: did she kill Anne? If so, why would she choose that as her “one night and then the Mafia can have me” stand? Did she supposedly have some information that might have given her a target?

    Anne’s death didn’t tell us what her button did for her, did it? Does the illustration look like it reveals anything? Could one of her powers have been the result of the button rather than character?

  28. Okie, looks like there’s been lots of questions! I’ll do my best to answer what I can.

    Yes, for this edition of the game if there’s any bulletproof players their power would transfer to them being fireproof. (One can assume that because no one knew Arsonists would be involved this game, no one requested to be a Firefighter or Fireproof so modification of roles have had to happen to match what we’d normally implement in set-ups.)

    No, you cannot simultaneously prime and ignite the same player during one Night even if you send different players to do it. A player must be primed before ignited, so you must wait for the following Day or Night to ignite a player you’re priming toNight.

    I think someone asked if the Poisoner role was used before. On the bottom of the Roles page I always list if a role has been used in previous games. It was used previously in both The Lunar Chronicles edition and ADSOM edition.

    To clarify on how actions are determined, they are not totally in order of received. I’ve shared this in previous games but I think usually only the mafia asks for clarification and I don’t have it in one designated place so it’s easy to miss or forget. I use a variation of the Natural Action Resolution that’s provided on the mafiascum page. At deadline, I complete the actions in order of role type (Investigative roles first, then Roleblocking, then whatever’s next, etc.). This is to ensure that someone who is living in a different time zone isn’t penalized for not being there right at deadline to submit their form. The only time I actually look at order of form submission when determining actions is if there are two of the same actions interfering with one another. (So if Harker went to roleblock Beth and say Beth was a roleblocker aiming for Jeann, I would check to see if who submitted the form first to determine if Harker successfully blocks Beth before Beth can block Jeann.) This doesn’t happen often.

    And yes, I am set up for email alerts when it comes to form submissions so if a form is submitted near the Day’s deadline I will see it. I may not be quick to post it though since deadlines tend to be a bit chaotic and I’m usually busy refreshing and updating my spreadsheet, so I would say if the form is submitted anytime within the last 10 minutes before a Day ends and the ignition is successful, that elimination would be announced in my final elimination update at the end before locking the post.

    I think that’s everything. If I missed anything or you need further clarification let me know!

  29. So i’ve been looking at the remaining players from the last two days (i’ve been mostly ignoring day 1 because there was just so little to go on), but I don’t think Amber killed Anne; she said what she wanted to accomplish didn’t pan out & she was blocked so unless something interfered with the block, she wouldn’t have been able to.

    Maria, Megan, Shannon likely could be persuaded to vote Anna. Shannon’s voted Anna each day except D1, & voiced at eod D3 that anna’s elimination would be useful either way. Also we might be able to use Greg’s adamancy that Beth/Anna came off as suspicious seeing as he was a cop

    Beth will likely voice suspicions for someone else, because she’ll want to protect Anna, but I’m not sure who that would be at this point. Not sure if she’ll focus on Amber or Anna voters. Any ideas?

    Everyone eliminated thus far has been town, so I definitely think we’ve got at least one or two anti-town players still about & I could see it being a poisoner &/or serial killer.

  30. Could we insinuate that she did?

    Do you think Beth would ever believe that Anna isnt Town like she thought? It all depends on whether they’re Neighbors or Masons or she’s just Informed/possibly MisInformed.

    Greg’s definitely more believable because he was a Cop & had more chances to investigate vs. Kritika who was a Detective, plus he was a regular Cop and not one of the variations.

    Slightly concerned about questions that might come up about the Shannon vote because it can’t be explained or even hinted at that was out of control so it’s very tricky. Meylia’s comment was something that would have happened regardless so poked at it, hoping she’d say something, but it’s probably the most I can do.

  31. I think we could definitely put it out there that it’s possible Amber killed Anne with her vigilante power.

    Beth and Megan both suggested vote theif, and I think Beth is pretty solid in her assumption that you’re town. And I don’t think Shannon seemed too suspicious of it either.Megan I think might push for suspicion on you though, because she was doing it yesterday. I made a note that it seemed like she might have been trying to push the conversation that way. I dunno, Megan’s been quiet so she’s hard to get a read on for me.

    wait, which Meylia comment?

  32. Probably 3rd Party/Mafia.

    I had a thought: we should be careful about jumping onto Greg’s reveal or Amber’s maybe killing Anne too much because someone like Beth or Shannon could see that as Mafia behavior. Seizing on the reveal to cover up for themselves, you know?

  33. Hmmm weren’t there 14 players to start with? I can only see possibly 1 third party left because 4/24 is 28% anti-town, so it would be quite against the odds for Town to win. Possibly the Poisoner role is a Town one, so we could be dealing with 1 Serial Killer or something like that.

    Also we do each have theories about the players but probably don’t want to all provide similar thoughts on them/seen to be agreeing with each other on everything because it would look like we had time to align our thoughts so to speak.

  34. Late voting is always detrimental to Town because it’s easy for the Mafia to influence the vote and/or vote swing to someone unexpected later in the Day. Early voting gives people the opportunity to reconsider or defend themselves. Also people tend to blend in later if they just vote for whoever is on the board.

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