BYOC2: Day/Night Three


It is Day/Night Three.

Welcome Masons! This post is for your use to chat privately both Day and Night Three. A new post will go up at the start of each new Day of the game. Good luck!

Masons: Beth, Anna


12 thoughts on “BYOC2: Day/Night Three”

  1. Yay that we both survived! If I’m interpreting correctly, it looks like the thing people are holding against you is the content of your comments….so if you have any suspicions or are seeing any patterns, I think it’d help to be posting those, early on. And I’m sorry….I figured, if there was heat, it’d be on me as the one dropping the EOD1 truthbomb. I didn’t expect it to shine a spotlight on you.

  2. If you’ve got any insights or suspicions, I think now would be a good time to bring them up in the Day chat.

  3. Sorry I feel like I’m a terrible team mate.

    If I had been around at just the right moment I think I would’ve pressed that button because it is blue.

  4. Given that we have this side chat, one of us probably SHOULD attempt the button (I’m never here when it appears, either) because at least we can share any useful info we get from it. Although….I’m a little wary. I don’t emoji well. 😀

  5. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.
    I can’t believe Kritika was killed midday. What do you think happened? Any ideas?

  6. Yeah, I was wondering that, too. It happened less than an hour after the button push. Shannon is the one who pushed the button and we haven’t seen anything unusual from her since (aside from her posting in Russian teasing). I don’t know if that means Shannon got to pick a person to die, or what. :/

  7. Ugh, looks like it may end up being down to you and Amber again. Are you going to be around near the end? I’m not sure I can save you again. 😦 No chance you have a role that’s critical for Town?

  8. I can’t believe how many townies we’ve lost so quickly. My role is mirror. So it’s a passive night ability that would reflect any night action taken against me. Useful if the mafia end up targeting me at night.

  9. Oh, that’s a relief! Mine is Enabler- if I would’ve been taken out before the cop role, they would cease to function as a cop.
    I counted it up and we’ve had 5 known Townies killed, plus you and I being Townies. That’s half the game! Meaning only 3-4 Townies, at most, are left alive at this point (aside from us).
    I suspect from her comment (when I thanked whoever saved me N1) that Meylia is a commuter role that can take someone with her, or a bodyguard role of some sort. But everyone else? No clue.
    My brain is bugging me that something’s fishy with Kerrie, but I don’t know if I trust that instinct, since I was feeling that was about Greg and he ended up being Town. Any guesses?

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