BYOC2: Night Two


It Is Night Two.

Welcome Mafia! It is now your chance to openly discuss your evil plans. You may talk about what’s happened so far, brainstorm strategies to survive the next Day, laugh at how clueless the Townies are – whatever your heart desires.

Here are your main objectives during the Night as a Mafia made up of Arsonists (apart from the general evil scheming, of course):

  1. Determine which player you would like to PRIME for elimination. A player must be primed before they can be ignited. (Think of this as you dousing the target with gasoline, ready for a lit match.)
  2. Determine which Mafia teammate you would like to send to complete the priming. If the Mafia teammate being sent is roleblocked, killed, or affected by some relevant Night action the priming will not be successful. You are not notified when this is the case. Choose wisely.
  3. If choosing to also IGNITE players during a Night, determine which Mafia teammate you would like to send to complete the ignition. The same player cannot complete both priming and igniting actions during the same Night. Using the ignite power will ignite all players that have been previously primed up to that point.

Remember: Players must be primed before they can be ignited. 

Once you have decided on these objectives, please have one of your team members submit your decisions to the Moderators by completing the Night Action form.

You only have 48 hours to make a decision. The Night phase ends each Tuesday 9pm BST. A countdown has been added to the sidebar to assist you in determining how much time you have left each phase.

Remember: Your goal is to outlast and eliminate any other team. Use your kills wisely, and do your best to keep your team alive.

51 thoughts on “BYOC2: Night Two”

  1. OMG. I was lurking in the background and about to cancel my vote for Amber so that Anna could get voted off by I was like Nah, that’s just going to make me look suspicious

    I’m glad we primed Kritika though because she sure is on track with her suspicions! The question is, should we ignite tonight or will that just make it look like she was on track and I wanted to get rid of her, or is she going to be in the hot seat tomorrow for her actions?

    It was a good move to keep Anna and Beth around!

    Maybe you should role block Amber tonight Harker?

    As for who to prime I would think a quiet player would be perfect. Maybe Meylia?

  2. Well poop. D2 was a bit messy, wasn’t it?

    There’s some sniffing around that’s going to be a bit dangerous that we’ll have to be careful of in D3.

    I blocked Amber AS SOON as the clock ticked over into N2. I’m hoping that, considering what she alluded to (having an investigative power), along with the names she dropped, will shift some suspicion onto them (Beth, Anna, Meylia).

    I don’t think it would be a good idea to Ignite our already Primed target tonight, considered how she was already onto one of us D2 already. That would just look kind of suspicious, you know? Maybe we should Prime another target and have a D3 double Ignition, either Thursday so there’s a lull, or if there’s a button that gets pushed as soon as someone pushes it so that it looks like a consequence?

  3. Subbing to comments

    Also it’s likely that there is a Firefighter, I had a feeling that it mightve been someone commenting that there might be another “twist”? Kritika gave me those vibes in Game. Let me know what you thought!

  4. Yeah I agree it’s too risky to ignite tonight. I love the sound of that button pushing, that sounds perfect! But yes I’m up for the D3 double ignition *rubs hands*mwahahahahha.

    I was wondering if it was someone’s weird power that they can trigger during the Day or if it really is the Mods messing with us.

  5. lol We had the same thought! I had the Night Action form open and was ready to submit it the moment the clock hit EOD!

    Usually there would be, given us, but would there be considering that’s our only way to lynch? Would it be an unfair advantage to take away our killing power like that?

    If we block Amber, she’s (hopefully) going to be suspicious of at least one of her 3 targets. That should get some talk going D3 when she gets a negative result back (assuming the block works).

    Maybe not target Meylia, because she’s been quiet/tricksy with that herb cheese thing so I think we could set it up to look like she was the one that blocked Amber. That would get her into some kind of hot water D3.

    Do you think there’s anyone that we could target that would look like Beth was going after them? She did comment at the end saying something like she was frustrated that people she thought were Town were voting for Anna.

  6. Jeann, I wanted to point something out that might get dicey if someone brings it up after Kritika’s suspicion of you toDay:

    “@Shannon – I agree it would’ve been an incredibly risky/unlikely Day 1 move if Beth were the Mafia – why would she draw a tie to another member so quickly? That being said I do find it interesting that Anna hasn’t really said anything about it…”

    “I’m so glad you said this @Shannon. I was a bit uncomfortable with us easily accepting the claims, because we don’t really know their alignment. I mean it IS unlikely for them to be Mafia but as always, we don’t know”

    These two contradictory quotes could be a problem/evidence for Town considering I think it was your first post was saying about Beth that we know who to trust now.

  7. It doesn’t necessarily mean Arsonists. 🤔 It does probably say something about group kills.

    I think if possible a quick one would be better so they don’t get too comfortable. Maybe they’ll assume the first 2 nights were for recruitment? ADSOM game would have been similar except for the incredible good luck to find the Cult Leader sooner rather than later.

  8. Thanks for pointing that out Harker, the whole Anna/Beth fiasco was definitely messy but I think we had enough people flip flopped on both of them for me to defend against that.

    My defense against Kritika would be that she’s suspicious of me because she said I was pushing for Anna, but I didn’t end up voting her? And if she’s suspicious of me for doing so then what about all the actual Anna voters and Greg etc.?

    It’s Anne’s comment about me flip flopping that had me worried, but hoping it doesn’t take off.

  9. I usually like keeping Shannon around because she comments a lot but rarely goes after players aggressively and adds to the confusion which would be helpful if we start taking out people. I agreed with her a lot which MIGHT draw people back to me (especially seeing as Kritika is a hit as well)?

    I just had a look and perhaps Megan Rose could be a good one? Her comments don’t really point to anyone in particular so there wouldn’t be too much to glean off.

  10. Jeann, what do you think about targeting Shannon with the aim for a day lynch of the primed targets? The sooner we get them in the better because we have no idea what protection powers might be in play.

  11. If we don’t target Shannon tonight, we could N3? Unless you want to try and leave her for much later? She is one of the stronger players, which I think could be a problem. Her, Beth, and Greg are currently my top 3 side eye people, with Anne having high potential to slide in anywhere in there.

  12. That’s what I’m thinking but see if we’re fast enough! I’m guessing red button = negative, green button =good? Plus we don’t know what positive thing happened when Anne pushed it

    Just looked at Shannon’s comments on D2 and it looked like she might be someone who goes after Anna on D3, so happy to keep her around for another Day. She will definitely become a threat sooner rather than later though, so hopefully we can revisit this in N3!

    So are we all happy to prime Megan Rose? Maybe it’s safer for Kerrie to do this if you’re happy to?

  13. When the button gets hit, the person gets informed of the effect and a restriction if there is one.

    Maybe. We could be blamed for the kill, but we could blame it on the button which might lessen any issues that arise from it. Other than that, it might be tougher sell, true, because the pusher could say “oh no, there was nothing in there about it lynching someone” but if there was, what would they say? The button might have granted them a Day lynch and they just misfired.

  14. The buttons were green in both cases, so I don’t think the color matters so much.

    I can’t do the thing tonight because I already did something, so that’s up to y’all. The target sounds good to me, I think.

  15. Beth seems very confident that Anna is Town and is doing what she can to protect Anna. Anna, while yes not as, let’s say enthusiastic a participant, didn’t seem as invested as much as Beth did in her welfare. I wonder if maybe Anna has a protective ability, like a Deathproof Nth or something. It might explain a lot (besides the timezone thing).

    If they’re Masons, they’d have their own chat room for use during Night or Day. Do you get that sense from anything that went down during either Day?

  16. I forgot to add something to this comment: “I usually like keeping Shannon around because she comments a lot but rarely goes after players aggressively and adds to the confusion which would be helpful if we start taking out people. ” – that was my downfall in the Chaos Walking edition lol.

    Yeah, I agree that they are probably Masons because they are actively trying to protect each other. I don’t know why Anna doesn’t really come out and role claim though? If anything that would protect her further from being lynched, but it seems like she’s being shady about it for A Good Reason.

  17. Yes, I kept her around until late game even when my fellow Spackle was pushing for her to be lynched because she was SO SURE I was Town. She did finally turn around and vote me off though which lead to a Game Win for the Townies 😛 I think people had trust issues with me after that and I was never assigned a Mafia member ever since 😅

    @Harker – I could be wrong about that tactic, because it could be just be Anna herself as a more reserved player.

  18. Funny story, remember how in the signups they asked for twist recommendations? One of mine was a sibling/half sibling role suggestion but that one of them be a Townsperson and the other be Mafia (or 3rd Party I guess but I think I said Mafia). That would be so wicked if that’s what’s happening with Beth and Anna and why Anna is being more reserved (more so than naturally, anyway).

    Jeann: ooo, yeah, maybe not keep her around too much then. Like, a little, but not too much. lol

  19. Re Meylia:

    Maybe she’s just enthusiastic, but I don’t trust her fully, not after the HC thing. She said there was a clue, which Maria copped to “understanding”, but then Meylia says she was just messing around? Why would a Townie play tricks like that? I guess she could be that Role that tries to get lynched on purpose, but I don’t know.

  20. I didn’t read into it too much but I think someone alluded to a reason why Beth had survived D1? I thought perhaps it might’ve been that Meylia had some sort of Roleblocker role.

  21. Beth did say thank you because she assumed that was the only reason she had survived the Night. 🤔

    Do you think we should have a backup plan or anything in case one of us gets targeted by vigilantes? Or any notes we need to leave? There’s always the chance that someone could act and I’d be seriously surprised if there’s not at least one other killing ability out there.

  22. I wouldn’t stress too much about it, our win condition is just that 1 of us has to survive and I think you’re in Town’s good graces for now.

    Awww man I hope I don’t get targeted by a Vigilante because I won’t get to use my power!

  23. Do y’all have any theories on what kind of powers we might be dealing with?

    Ever since there was an eavesdropping power last round, as unclear as it was, I’ve been a little paranoid. 😅 Jeann, didn’t you have one like that too?

  24. Whoops when I mentioned that Meylia might be a Roleblocker, I think Doctor is a possibility given she was hinting that she mightve been the reason why Beth survived.

    In a normal Mafia game I think likely roles would be: Doctor, Cop, Roleblocker and probably Masons as well. But I do think there need to be some power based roles that aren’t as powerful because we’re only a team of 3.

    @Harker – Hahah I knew that’s why you were being careful! Yeah I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some sort of Watcher role.

    What do you guys think of the possibility of having a third party or another Mafia/cult? We have 14 players and if 21% are Mafia then I would think it wouldn’t be likely. Maybe a third party Survivor or something.

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