BYOC2: Day/Night Two


It is Day/Night Two.

Welcome Masons! This post is for your use to chat privately both Day and Night Two. A new post will go up at the start of each new Day of the game. Good luck!

Masons: Beth, Anna


14 thoughts on “BYOC2: Day/Night Two”

  1. Alright, I have no idea what Meylia’s hint about herb cheese was, but she basically admitted that she had something to do with me not dying last night, so I’m leaning toward her being Town. I don’t want to bring it up more than others have, in the Day chat, because if she’s telling the truth and a proctective role (like a commuter that can port someone out at Night), that’s super valuable to Town.

    Got any thoughts on anyone’s alliance so far?

  2. I must have missed what she said about admitting she protected you but that sounds good.

    Votes are between Maria and Amber at the moment. I don’t necessarily have strong suspicions but I’m thinking I’m leaning more towards Amber at the moment.

    “Suppose it seems we were unintentionally choosing between two townies the whole time, if Beth is to be believed about Anna.”
    – Megan said this in her first comment and it stood out to me. To me it sounds like she was trying to seed suspicion. She later said she believes what you said though.
    So I’m not totally sure.

  3. Ohhh good catch! Amber’s “I’m finding it a bit questionable regarding Beth and Anna’s alliance,” felt like that to me, but then I know she’s a defensive player and is in the spotlight right now. Like…..pressuring us to reveal our roles, a bit, maybe.

    Megan Rose is also really quiet toDay…I don’t remember if she was quiet or not when we played the Nevernight edition. Do you? I only remember that I was suspicious of her and poisoned her…partly the suspicion came from long recaps she’d post of the previous day’s activity.

    Also, don’t forget to meet your comment minimum! I hope you’re doing well, and have a good weekend ahead of you. 🙂

  4. Sorry I seem to be bringing attention to myself because of my low comments. Although it tends to be the same every game for me so I don’t see why they should find it that suspicious.

    I think she was more active. But I’m not totally sure. The Nevernight edition feels like forever ago.

  5. Hahahah yeah it does! It feels like Amber is trying to get you to out yourself, but maybe I’ve endangered both of us, and really only bought you (or myself) a day at most. :/

  6. Yeah, honestly my suspicions for Amber weren’t too strong but the way she is gunning for me at the moment might end up being the reason I end up voting for her. Although Greg seems to also want me to reveal more. I think I might end up needing to say I’m mason.

    Well a day is something at least. If I do get eliminated they would hopefully trust you are town.

  7. I have a suspicion about Greg, Amber, and Harker, but I need to re-read the comments I missed to see if it holds water. It was driving me nuts yesterday that people were questioning our Townness and gunning for you, rather than me. Like…I don’t want to go out, but it seems way overkill to decide my reveal was a lie and go for the quieter player.

  8. I’m glad I survived. Didn’t expect a tie, though.

    Yeah, people were really pressing for my side and then kept pressing for more information when I didn’t know what more I could really share.

    I know I’m a quieter player but I don’t think I’ve been playing any different to usual. So their argument doesn’t make much sense to me. I’m definitely going to go over the comments. I think Amber tops my list at the moment. I think if it had just been her vote for me D1 it wouldn’t be much to go on but she is one person who appears to be really gunning for me at the moment.

  9. I think I will definitely need to jump in quicker D3 to defend myself.

    Greg insist it isn’t about me being quiet but rather that I’m not contributing much. I just don’t see how it is different to my normal playing style and that makes me feel suspicious of him.

    Megan’s first comment D2 stood out to but since then she’s been supportive so it may have been nothing. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    At this stage I think I’m just an easy distraction for the mafia. They probably won’t mind that I’m still be alive D3 to divert the attention away from them.

  10. In case I die (again), this is where I’m at. I still haven’t finished reading EOD2 comments, but I was going to post this, if we’d gotten home from the vet sooner:

    I noticed an odd pattern in re-re-re-reading comments for D2. Amber, Greg, and Harker all go from giving myself and Anna the benefit of the doubt/believing we’re Town, to actively being suspicious of both of us, within 1 hour.

    Amber says this May 14 12:43am

    I’m also really glad Beth is still alive. I was a bit worried she’d be killed during the Night after her reveal about Anna – assuming Beth is telling the truth but BOTD (benefit of the doubt) right now!

    And then May 16 11:17pm says

    I’m suspicious of a few people right now:
    Kerrie and Megan for not voting
    Beth and Anna for their potential connection

    And reiterates that suspicion on May 17 12:27am

    Greg says this on May 14 3:38am

    As for Beth/ Anna… while I tend to agree that it seems a little too risky if they’re maf, Anne DOES have a good point.

    And then May 16 11:32pm says

    Amber’s got a point.
    “Beth and Anna for their potential connection”
    I keep coming back to that as well.

    And reiterates this suspicion on May 17 12:42am

    Harker says this May 14 1:03 am

    Beth: I figured that you would have to have a good reason to reveal information like that on D1 and at the last minute. Being a veteran player, it seemed so at any rate, hence why I switched.

    And then May 17 12:04am says

    By the same token, if we look at Beth’s last minute announcement, assuming for a moment that she and Anna are, say, a small 3rd party team rather than part of a larger Mafia , then that could also have been a reason for her to make a last ditch attempt to save her. In the heat of the moment I know some of us thought to trust her implicitly, but D2 has had a few people bring up possible contrary thoughts.

    For the most part, there are people who believe me, given the unlikeliness that, if I were anti-Town, I’d risk myself and Anna so blatantly but hold onto a healthy dose of skepticism (Jeann, Shannon, Kritika, Megan).
    But then there are people who have flipped from “benefit of the doubt” to finding myself and Anna suspicious toDay. And I’m not saying changing your mind itself is suspicious, but in case I die toDay or toNight, I thought it’s worth pointing this out in case of possible connection between them.

  11. Oops, forgot to paste the rest of it. I was also adding this to that above comment:

    Thanks everyone, for the kind words about Luna. She’s doing OK now, though we’ve got to take her in for more tests on Thursday (possible kidney issues) so wheee.

    I understand coming at Anna and myself with a healthy dose of skepticism, but even if I hadn’t said anything, anyone who has played with either of us before knows that Anna is a quiet, shy player, and I’m a bold (aggressive? annoying? I don’t know) player. Are either of us acting shady? Or is the Mafia using my EOD1 revelation to distract you from finding them?
    Because if you can’t trust me saying that I know for certain Anna is Town, and you can’t trust Anna saying we’re both Town, then how is us telling you specifics going to make any difference? You either think we’re lying, or you don’t. If this was *not* a BYOC edition, you could use your knowledge of the book to determine whether what we role-claim stands up or not. But in this round, there isn’t that.

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