BYOC2: Night One


It Is Night One.

Welcome Mafia! It is now your chance to openly discuss your evil plans. You may talk about what’s happened so far, brainstorm strategies to survive the next Day, laugh at how clueless the Townies are – whatever your heart desires.

Here are your main objectives during the Night as a Mafia made up of Arsonists (apart from the general evil scheming, of course):

  1. Determine which player you would like to PRIME for elimination. A player must be primed before they can be ignited. (Think of this as you dousing the target with gasoline, ready for a lit match.)
  2. Determine which Mafia teammate you would like to send to complete the priming. If the Mafia teammate being sent is roleblocked, killed, or affected by some relevant Night action the priming will not be successful. You are not notified when this is the case. Choose wisely.
  3. If choosing to also IGNITE players during a Night, determine which Mafia teammate you would like to send to complete the ignition. The same player cannot complete both priming and igniting actions during the same Night. Using the ignite power will ignite all players that have been primed up to that point.

Remember: Players must be primed before they can be ignited. As this is Night One and no one has been primed yet, ignition cannot occur. If your priming is successful toNight, you will be able to ignite them starting Day Two (by the Godfather).

Once you have decided on these objectives, please have one of your team members submit your decisions to the Moderators by completing the Night Action form.

You only have 48 hours to make a decision. The Night phase ends each Tuesday 9pm BST. A countdown has been added to the sidebar to assist you in determining how much time you have left each phase.

Remember: Your goal is to outlast and eliminate any other team. Use your kills wisely, and do your best to keep your team alive.

43 thoughts on “BYOC2: Night One”

  1. Yay! I am FREEEEEE!!! Tbh the emoji thing I think might actually work out because it made it easier to “hide” so to speak.

    Ok, so now we have to talk about what we’re going to do toNight. Do either of you have a target in mind?

    Beth seems like she would be an obvious Prime target because of that slip, don’t you think? Or would that be too obvious? There are targets that I think are stronger players, more seasoned, that would probably be good ones to get out of the way. The newer players I don’t know much about, same with the quieter players. Then again, if we leave the quieter players, it might also make it harder for us to hide. It all depends on how we play the Game ourselves.

    And what do we think about this potential Daytime Prime/Ignition Lynching? Would Priming tonight/Lynching tomorrow Day be too soon to reveal something like that? Or would they (Town) think something else was going on?

  2. Omg Harker so good to see you without the emoji lol! Was it just for Day 1? Colour me impressed 😂

    I thought we only had the ability to prime and ignite, not that we could lynch as well? @Asti/Dana can you confirm?

    Beth would definitely be my pick as well because of her confirming Anna’s innocence. I think two confirmed townies running around already could be dangerous.

  3. @Harker – the Game itself is so chaotic, I don’t think the daytime ignite would be too suspicious 🤔 plus I think when they ignite it doesn’t reveal the action for why they died.

    Also another Mod question: does the Godfather have unlimited daytime ignitions? Are we also able to reveal our individual roles to each other?

  4. @Jeann: I don’t think we also have a Lynching. I think our Prime/Ignite is our Lynching – Ignite being the Lynch in this case. So since there is no way for someone to be Primed already, there may be a bit of chaos Day 2 when there are no Night kills (assuming there are no vigilante kills or other roles that also kill, for example).

    I wonder if there will be an equal amount of Firefighters to match us or if there are any at all this time around? Since the Arsonists are kind of twisted to match the Mafia, maybe not? It would be interesting if the Gamemakers took them away.

    Also another Mod question: does the Godfather have unlimited daytime ignitions? Are we also able to reveal our individual roles to each other?

    I’d like to know that as well. Do we need to save that for later or is it a multi-use tool for Mafia?

    To the second, I don’t know if it comes with the same caveat as a normal game. The one time I played and was assigned Mafia, I died Day One so that sucked. Jeann, what was your experience when you were on Team Spackle? Kerrie and I are essentially newcomers to Team Mafia.

    If we do target Beth, my guess is a) there will be some guessing at why there were no kills at night (Jeann – remember the reactions in the last game to the no Night kills? We should weigh that when we respond in Day 2) and b) Beth will probably make some musings (assuming she survives) about why because she essentially painted a target on her back because of the hint about Anna’s innocence.

  5. There’s no limit to igniting except in the basic way that you can only ignite what’s been primed.

    Also, igniting is your lynching.

  6. Another question we have to answer, besides who to Prime, is who to send to do it. Does anyone have any conditions that would make them a less desirable person to send? Someone who is more likely to be looked at tonight by any investigative powers? Jeann and Kerrie, I think you both flew fairly under the radar so that’s good. While I think I did okay with the emoji thing, it might have piqued some interest and if there are investigative powers, someone might want to know what I am and/or do tonight.

    What are your thoughts?

  7. @Harker – Yes we were able to reveal our roles in the Mafia chat so we could plan things – Dana/Asti please correct me if I’m wrong!

    I definitely think we should send Kerrie to ignite, she operated as the most under the radar I think. I did poke Shannon a little and as a veteran I wouldn’t be surprised if people investigated me just to be sure.

    The only thing about Beth as a target is was she baiting the Mafia to see who would take a bite? I mean why would you reveal yourself on D1 unless she was really desperate to save Anna.. Maybe Anna has an important role.. So maybe we should go for her instead? What do you think?

    Regardless of who we target tonight, we’re going to have people wondering why there was no killings at night. I’m just up for the daytime ignition because it would be hard for a protective role to block that (eg. Roleblocker/Firefighter) UNLESS you had a day time twist to either of those roles too. Especially if there’s more chaos involved 😈

  8. Kerrie may be under a bit of fire tomorrow for not voting, something that always comes up when someone does/doesn’t do it, but that person usually ends up being a wayward Townie if memory serves. I don’t have that noted in my spreadsheet for previous games, though, but it might be something to look up at some point at an innocent enough defense if we need to because it’s something concrete that anyone could have looked up and not something that a fellow Mafia member would just be pulling out of their butts to save/defend her.

    What was really funny, speaking of which, was the first time I tried to vote yesterDay with the spinner wheel was it actually pulled our names. That was FREAKY and I got really uneasy for a few minutes there.

    Ok, so, our top potentials are:


    I’d add Shannon and Kritika because they’re also past strong players that would be a big threat to us by sheer game playing ability alone.

    Jeann, what can you do that we might be able to use against any of these other players if they’re not Primed and/or Ignited toNight/toMorrow?

  9. Ahha there’s definitely lots of good targets! I actually think Greg is good to keep around at the moment because he has the perception of being on Team Mafia 😁

    I agree with Shannon, because people just don’t think she’s Mafia (and I don’t think she’s ever been).

    Anyway there’s only one person we can prime tonight, so I’m happy with Beth or Anna (probably leaning towards Beth).

    I didn’t realise that Kerrie was a non voter! I’m happy to Prime if you want?

    I’m a Vengeful Janitor which means I can revenge kill someone who votes me out during the Day 😜 I’m actually excited for this ability mwahahha. But it also means that person gets their role information wiped, which adds to the chaos.

  10. Okay but what do you think about Beth being the obvious choice – do you think she was baiting the Mafia? Do you think people are inclined to trust her tomorrow? I think maybe the Doctor might protect Beth so it would be better to pick someone else off that doesn’t have ties.

    Given the way Day 1 went I think it would be perfect to get rid of an experienced player. Maybe we should go for Shannon instead

  11. Okay but what do you think about Beth being the obvious choice – do you think she was baiting the Mafia?

    You’re right. She’s too experienced of a player to let a slip like that happen on Day 1 without good reason. It would be a super odd choice unless there was something going on. If someone tries to go after her (most likely) or Anna (possibly?), then there might be a tracer that would reveal who it was or some kind of information about them.

    They would be good to keep in mind to Prime for Night 2 or 3 though. I think we should have a few choices going, just in case something happens to any of us during the next Day and we can’t get back to talk. Does that make sense?

    Jeann: does this mean that you can use your Janitor skills on any kill? Say, if I were to Ignite a Target, you could Janitor them and clean up?

    @Dana/Asti: is that how that would work?

    I’m a Roleblocker, so Jeann, if we decide on who to Prime I can Roleblock someone else. I can’t do it as well as Prime or Ignite, though, for future reference.

    I’m guessing this means Kerrie is our Godfather character?

  12. My thoughts (trying to bring them together) in order of who I’d Prime toDay:

    Kritika – she makes me nervous bc she’s a strong player too & good at quick analysis. She stepped in at the last moment in the Scythe game and caught up quickly, so I think her skills are something to be wary of in regards to sussing us out.

    Beth – maybe too obvious, seems like her comment about Anna was bait

    Shannon – strong player. I think her being a Daytime lynch would be interesting.

    Beth – maybe too obvious, seems like her comment about Anna was bait

    Anna – being the subject of Beth’s comment, also quite obvious. Not a big commenter but that doesn’t mean much if she’s got Beth defending her. The question is WHY is Beth defending her. Teammate? Foreknowledge on Beth’s part?

    Greg – I agree, Jeann, that he seems the most Mafia-y & ripe for sowing mistrust

    Megan Rose: didn’t comment much but seems like she’s going to pick up on stuff so could be a good analyzer in future. Maybe okay to let her go for a few Days.

    Amber – she can be defensive so I’m not too sure yet this round

    Anne: really quiet, not too sure yet.

    Nicole: wasn’t around too much toDay so eh.

    Meylia & Maria – I don’t know anything about them, but I think so far we can leave them be because until we know more, new players seem to need time to get their bearings & the chaos of the game may prove whether they’ll be a threat or not

  13. @Jeann: what do you think about Priming Kritika toNight (sending you), maybe Beth Night 2? I think leaving Beth alone toNight would be the wiser course JUST in case that Anna slip was bait.

    The question is who to block?

  14. Sorry I missed the end of the day! Got caught up in Mother’s Day things!

    @Harker I definitely think its a good idea to keep some of the chattier people around for now because, as you pointed out, it’s harder to hide if everyone’s quiet. Also seriously great job with the emojis toDay!

    And yes, I’m The Godfather 🙂

    I think we should definitely avoid priming Beth or Anna because it seemed like too obvious of a trap, especially as Beth posted at the end of the day, I expect if there’s any kind of watcher, they’ll have their eye on one of those two. Kritika worries me the most rn, she’s a pretty strong player, but she also vote switched a lot toDay which might be something we can use to our advantage in terms of sowing suspicion.

    I wonder if there might be a way to couch the day kill so it looked like something else? If we prime someone, I can ignite them at any time during the day and it will happen immediately (or as soon as the mods see it). Could we ignite them after they vote for a certain player, make it look like a reciprocal kill type of thing?

    Alternatively, maybe we go for a quieter player, someone who’s flown pretty under the radar today (like Anne maybe) because the likelihood of them being watched seems lower?

    again, sorry for being a bit MIA! I am fully prepared to be called out on not voting come D2, but at the very least Mother’s Day might make a perfectly reasonable excuse!

  15. Hiya Kerrie!

    Alternatively, maybe we go for a quieter player, someone who’s flown pretty under the radar today (like Anne maybe) because the likelihood of them being watched seems lower?

    Definitely a good idea, especially since we have no idea what kind of powers are liable to be out and about these Games. At least with other Games we could sorta kinda guess based on the storyline, even if it was foolproof.

    I like the idea of couching the Ignition until after someone gets voted for, or if there’s some heated arguing or some such going on? Like, Kerrie, if you see some tension brewing tomorrow, that could be a perfect sniper moment. Jeann, thoughts?

    again, sorry for being a bit MIA! I am fully prepared to be called out on not voting come D2, but at the very least Mother’s Day might make a perfectly reasonable excuse!

    That is true! Just try not to lean too hard into it or someone might think there’s something more to it.

    @Kerrie: who is your #1 pick? And who would you have me Roleblock if Jeann is going to Prime?

  16. Yay hi Kerrie, good to see you here! We have such a mix of strong roles (and my one relies on being suspicious enough that people end up wanting to vote me off so I just need to lay low and shut my big mouth 😂)

    Like, Kerrie, if you see some tension brewing tomorrow, that could be a perfect sniper moment.

    Ummm YESSS I am all for this Hahah. That would be so suspicious for whoever is arguing with that person at the time. Granted that ends up happening of course. The other thing is we can also prime a bunch of players and not ignite until later ala mass gleaning style, that’s always a possibility. So even if we target Kritika etc. For the priming, we don’t HAVE to ignite tomorrow. Unless it gets fun 😜

    Up to you who you want to role block!

  17. That’s true! Should we come up with some kind of under the radar passcode/series of passcodes that we could use to signal each other that we think it would be a good idea to use the Ignite power? Something super under the radar, like maybe a colored heart emoji for one person, a smiley face for Jeann, or something like that? And that would only hold for tomorrow so they can’t trace it Day to Day?

    I think I’ll block Greg because he always seems to sneaky to me but that could be because I haven’t played with him as much.

  18. Hmm… I think my top picks for priming tonight would be Kritika, Anne, or Shannon (although with Shannon people did make a point to say she’s usually town, might be another obvious target for a watcher)

    Maybe Roleblock Greg? Roleblocking itself can be either town or anti-town, right? So if anyone decided to watch/investigate you, and sees you Roleblock greg and then there’s no mafia kill it might help with making greg look like mafia. Or alternatively if we don’t prime Kritika, Roleblock *her*

  19. Yes, Roleblocking can be any alignment which is something. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re Mafia/Town/3rd Party.

    Okay, I’m going to submit my Roleblock for Greg.

    @Kerrie: thank you. Although, I wonder if it’s allowed now that I’m thinking about it?

    @Dana/Asti, can you confirm whether this would be allowed? It didn’t even occur to me at first and I’m 100% sorry if it’s against the Rules.

    It sounds like Kritika is the choice, or at least higher on the board for most of us. Does that sound good for Priming? @Jeann, you’d have to submit that.

  20. Ok I’ve submitted the Prime for Kritika!

    So my Janitor role is attached to the Vengeful power. So it only scrubs the role information for whoever I target for a revenge kill.

    Hahah I love the idea of secret Mafia symbols! Although I’d have to be careful not to use the smiley face emoji anyway..

  21. I sent a DM to Dana & Asti to clarify if the secret code would be allowed. Dana isn’t sure, so I’m waiting to hear back from Asti.

    @Jeann: so you’ll basically have to be lynched first for the Janitor Vengeful kill to kick in? That would be cool (the Janitor power) but yikes I hope we don’t have to use it!

  22. It looks like most questions got answered while I was asleep apart from this one:

    Yes, a secret code is definitely allowed. As long as it’s in the Day chat where all players can see it (and potentially work it out lol), you can do it!

  23. @Asti: oh good!

    @Jeann/Kerrie: so, what do we think? It needs to be something we three know to look for, but not something too obvious that others will be able to pick up on easily enough. We’ve got some really good players, after all. 😅

    @Kerrie: you will need to keep a sharp eye out for these symbols if and when they might pop up from us.

    So, for me, maybe a double !! after the name of the person we’re looking to target? Do you think that would be too obvious? Like, if it was Beth: “Wow Beth!! I hadn’t thought of that. 🤔” Something along those lines.

  24. Ok, so…
    cue from Harker is: “!!” After a primed players name
    Cue from Jeann is: 😥 on it’s own

    Do I have that right?

    @Asti/Dana: so a night ignition will ignite all primed players, will a daytime ignition do the same thing or can you ignite just one player?

  25. Yup that looks good! Do you want a code as well Kerrie? Mafia handshakes and all lol

    BTW just putting it out there but I’m willing to sacrifice myself to save either of you if it goes that way, because of my power 😼

  26. @Jeann: thanks. lol Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that! I wonder what sort of panic that will induce in the Town over Night, when they realize what might be coming to those that voted for you. 😈

    Gonna try really hard to not appear to agree too closely with any of us so there aren’t any threads that anyone can grab onto if at all possible. We’ve seen how sharply the players are. Like, staying too far away is something in and of itself, but also protecting each other too defensively…it’s going to be such a hard balance to find. I’m excited though! We got this. 😀

  27. Oooh maybe I’ll finish off a post with a dot dot dot on a seperate line right at the end if I think it’s time to ignite someone and one of you can give the go ahead with your signals? It’d look like so.

  28. I’m also thinking that if you think it’s time to ignite as well, feel free to go ahead instead of waiting for us as well.

    Just so there’s less chance of our code getting picked up by others because if it’s too reliant on it, that might be something that is picked up by other players. What do you guys think?

  29. @Kerrie: Yes, the Day ignition works in the same way. If you don’t use it Day Two and prime a second person Night Two, Day Three your ignition would cause both to be eliminated!

    Closing comments now that Night Two has ended. If there’s any additional questions about how your team’s power works, don’t hesitate to DM me. 🙂

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