Bring Your Own Character 2: Day One


Welcome to The Bookish Games, a variation of the game most commonly known as Mafia, Werewolf, or Town of Salem. If you want to know more about The Bookish Games, including How to Play, please check out the links in the menu.

NOTE: Only players who have signed up for the Game should comment on this post. If you are not a participant but want to talk about the Games, please contact us on Twitter and we’ll send you access to the Spectators Chat.

The Players

BYOC2 Players

  1. Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight (she/her)
  2. Anne @amengelhart (she/her)
  3. Harker @ The Hermit Librarian (they/them)
  4. Amber @ YA Indulgences (she/her)
  5. Kritika @ spidersilksnow (she/her)
  6. Beth @ ArtemisHi (she/her)
  7. Kerrie @ lovekerrie (she/her)
  8. Greg @  Greg’s Book Haven (he/him)
  9. Anna @AnnaJJacobson1 (she/her)
  10. Jeann @ Happy Indulgence (she/her)
  11. Nicole @tardigradeTay (she/her)
  12. Megan Rose @Megan_Roze (she/her)
  13. Maria @mhisreading (she/her)
  14. Meylia (MeyliaAndBlackTea) (she/her)

Game Master’s Notes

Welcome to Day One of The Bookish Games: Bring Your Own Character 2. Over the next few weeks, you’ll be working towards achieving your goals, slowly eliminating one another while navigating the twists built into this game. We hope you’ll love what we have in store for you.

Before we begin, a few notes and reminders:

  • Please make sure you have read your Role email prior to commenting in the game.  (That first comment requirement is still in effect for this edition. Hint hint.)
  • It is also assumed by now that you have read and agreed to The Rules. Any violation of the rules will result in a warning, followed by a disqualification. (Don’t forget, you can get a pass if there’s a certain week you need to be excused from the participation rule. Just contact us!)
  • It is only Day One so there’s not much to work with yet. Our main advice is just to have fun and vote however you want in the beginning. Even if Day One ends with you murdering a teammate (oops), you will still learn a lot of valuable information by observing how the other players react and vote.
  • Player pronouns are listed next to player names on the Current Game page. Please do your best to use a player’s preferred pronoun when referencing them.
  • When voting, please type your vote in ALL CAPS and on a separate line from the rest of your text so it is easy for Dana and me to spot. Votes are not final until the deadline, so you can choose to switch who you vote for throughout the Day. You can also choose not to vote. Votes can be canceled anytime by commenting CANCEL VOTE.
  • There is no option to “reply” to other comments on this blog. This is to ensure that all comments appear in chronological order. If you want to respond directly to someone else’s comment, we recommend starting your message with “@PlayerName:”.
  • We are currently using British Summer Time for game deadlines. A countdown has been added to the blog menu to assist players in knowing how much time they have left to vote. The countdown will switch from “x days” to “x hours” once below the 24 hour mark. (You can also use this link to see when the deadline occurs at your local time, just add your location and it’ll do the math for you)

As always, don’t be afraid to contact us if you have any questions or just want to chat in private about what’s going on during the Game. We are here to help and want to make this as fun of an experience as possible! If it’s urgent, keep our time zones in mind: Asti lives on BST (UTC+1) and Dana on CST (UTC-5).

Note for returning players: Inge is taking a break from moderation duties. She will be following along informally but please direct your questions to Dana and myself instead. Thanks! 🙂

It is now Day One.

You have until Sunday 9pm BST to discuss suspicions and cast your votes. Once the deadline has been reached, the person with the most votes will be eliminated.

Good luck!

244 thoughts on “Bring Your Own Character 2: Day One”

  1. Am I the first to comment? Holy cats!

    Very excited to start the game and eventually find out everyone’s characters!


    Because she was the first to sign up. 😁

  2. How exciting, another game! I just started moving my things to my new apartment today, moving by myself is hard but I’m hoping to be done by next weekend (May 16). Apologies in advance if I’m not around at the end of the first Day or two (assuming I don’t get killed before then, knock on wood haha).

    VOTE MEYLIA because I’ve never heard of your name before but I think it’s really cool 🙂

  3. Aw, Kerrie, I’m crushed! 😉

    Because he isn’t here yet and I’m a big meanie. 😀

    I hope everyone is doing well these days!

  4. Ooh here we go. How is everyone? I hope you are all doing well in these crazy times. Luckily we now have the Game (dun dun) to distract us.


    Hi Shannon haha!

    Hi Beth !!! :):)

    Good luck move Kritika!!!

  5. Glad to be back for another Games. It got busy so quickly. 🙂 I was sleeping off a head/eye ache so I missed the kickoff but I’m up now.

    VOTE MEGAN ROSE (according to the Random Wheel)

    Do we have a lot of newcomers or are they older returning players? Hi to everyone in any case.

  6. Voting Update:

    Shannon (1) — Anne
    Kerrie (1) — Shannon
    Amber (1) — Jeann
    Meylia (1) — Kritika
    Beth (1) — Kerrie
    Anna (1) — Amber
    Greg (1) — Beth
    Megan Rose (1) — Harker

    Not voting: Anna, Greg, Maria, Megan Rose, Meylia, Nicole

  7. Hi everyone! Super excited to be playing again and I can’t wait to find out everyone’s characters.


    Because she doesn’t have any votes, nor has she checked in.

  8. @Harker Meylia and Maria are the only names on the roster that I don’t recognize, so they might be new, or played an edition I didn’t (sorry, if we’ve played before, though! I have a crap memory)

    CANCEL VOTE because it was random and I’m not suspicious of anyone….yet. 😀

  9. @Beth and @Harker I think they are the new ones as well. I have played every edition since Chaos Walking (because I clearly have a problem) and those are the names I don’t know either. But it’s nice to have you both joining us!!

    Oh yeah


    Because the wheel is fun but it isn’t mean.

  10. @Nicole: Noo, I just woke up; timezone can be so harshh xD

    Okay, I’m super excited to join this game! It’s my first time here, hope I did it right!

    VOTE: Nicole, cause you vote for me!

  11. Voting Update:

    Shannon (1) — Anne
    Meylia (1) — Kritika
    Beth (1) — Kerrie
    Anna (1) — Amber
    Megan Rose (1) — Harker
    Maria (1) – Nicole
    Nicole (1) – Maria (madhatterisreading)
    Jeann (1) – Anna

    Not voting: Beth, Greg, Jeann, Megan Rose, Meylia, Shannon

    Thanks for checking in everyone! Just missing Megan and Meylia so far! 🙂

  12. Hi, this is my first time playing and so excited!


    I’m voting for her because she votes me too 🤣 Sorry dear
    And because Idk anything yet 😃

    Have fun!

  13. Can everyone remind me of what time zone they’re playing in? I don’t want to make the same mistake of being suspicious of Jeann for not being around at the end of the Day when it’s 3am in Australia haha

    I’m on Eastern standard time!

    And while I’m at it, CANCEL VOTE

  14. Voting Update:

    Beth (1) — Kerrie
    Anna (1) — Amber
    Megan Rose (1) — Harker
    Jeann (1) – Anna

    Not voting: Anne, Beth, Greg, Jeann, Kritika, Maria (madhatterisreading), Megan Rose, Meylia, Nicole, Shannon

  15. Voting Update:

    Anna (1) — Amber
    Jeann (1) – Anna

    Not voting: Anne, Beth, Greg, Harker, Jeann, Kerrie, Kritika, Maria (madhatterisreading), Megan Rose, Meylia, Nicole, Shannon

  16. Hi everyone! Sorry it’s taken me a minute to check in. You’d honestly think I’d have more time to spare in lockdown but it doesn’t seem to be the case haha.

    So excited to be back playing again! Love these games so much.

    I got my email with my character and got excited at how lucky I was that I got a character I liked, until I realised I picked them, dumby haha.

    I’m BST time here, so same as our esteemed Game Masters.


    At complete random!

  17. And now


    Since it is far too early to be making any decisions haha (:

    Hope everyone is doing well and these games can be the light relief we all need. Until we start getting suspicious af of each other haha.

  18. I’m Pacific Time (US)….apparently the lone voice of the west coast. 😀

    @MeganRose Generally, we must first talk of weather, cheese, and fandoms before we start giving each other side eye….all is currently on schedule….

  19. I am in Australia as well (AEST) so won’t be around at the end of the Day. Not staying up until 4am again, the last time I did I regretted it heavily, especially with my 1 year old wanting play time with mummy in the morning 😬

  20. Voting Update:

    No votes.

    Not voting: Amber, Anna, Anne, Beth, Greg, Harker, Jeann, Kerrie, Kritika, Maria (madhatterisreading), Megan Rose, Meylia, Nicole, Shannon

  21. @Greg that GIF reminds me of that game where you had to do an action or an emoji/GIF in every comment but you were so smooth about it that I couldn’t tell it was a comment restriction! Now with BYOC I’m imagining everyone has some kind of special powers so I wonder what fun restrictions/curveballs the mods have planned for us haha

  22. No votes lol

    @Kritika right? That was SOOO fun. And thank you. 🙂 Yes I can’t WAIT to see what the mods have come upwith…

  23. Cheese. 🤤 Which game was that, where we spent all that time just talking about it? ADSOM? 😂 Then Beth’s votes got muddled with because of her Insane role? Good times.

    @Kritika: good luck with the move! I can only imagine how that’s going, even under the best of circumstances.

    @Kritika/Greg: what Game was that re: the GIF restriction? That sounds hilarious.


    Because the wheel is fun but it isn’t mean.

    The first day when you have nothing to go on can be so tricky. It breaks things down to black & white, so that’s useful for newcomers and returning players alike. Definitely bookmarkable.

  24. @Harker – I think Nevernight was the game where I had the post restriction if I remember right. So much fun… 🙂

    And I loved it when Beth’s comments got hijacked…

  25. @Harker That was solely the mods! Yeah, they kept replacing my votes with cheese types, and making hilariously terribly cheese puns on my insane days. 😀

  26. A twist has appeared!

    Dun Dun Dunnnnnn….

    Oh look, a green button has suddenly appeared in the game! What does it do? Well, there’s only one way to find out… The first person to comment PUSH BUTTON will receive the reward and/or punishment associated with this button. This will be communicated privately by the moderator so the only person to learn of the results will be the affected player. Good luck!

  27. Dang. I didn’t think that much would have happened since the last time I checked in.. But now Harker is speaking in emoji and I’m laughing again at Beth’s/the moderators bad cheese puns.

  28. OMG! I missed lots of fun (blame timezone); but if I know that everyone’s here when I’m staying up so late. I know what I’ll do when I can’t sleep 😉

    @Harker omg, i’m so curious what happened!

    Does the emoji mean something perhaps?

    I’m the same with meylia, from Indonesia here! So GMT + 7 (sucks).

    Also, I think it’s alright to just put my name as maria so the admins don’t have to write my name so long? 🙈

  29. Oh dear, we definitely need to be careful what we say, we may have jinxed Harker!

    It seems the mods wanted our nice lil chit chat to end and to get to the game. I wonder if there’ll be more twists….haha.

    I think their last message is ‘I am okay, just stuck’. So does that mean they can’t play properly like no voting as well as communicating in emojis? The possibilities!

    Truly anything can happen in these games.

  30. Oh so they can vote, just can’t communicate. I’m assuming the button was a punishment then this time? Oops.

    Hopefully it only lasts one day.

    I feel like we’re all being far too nice thus far. I’m used to the cut throatness of us all when we get further in the games! Haha.


    @Megan regarding

    “It seems the mods wanted our nice lil chit chat to end and to get to the game”

    I think you’re right!

    @Harker what a champ, it took me a minute but now I can see how you’re using the emojis! And thanks for the luck with moving, it’s been exhausting to move entirely by myself, and I can’t rent a uhaul or get some friends to help because of the quarantine, sighs

    I’m still not any closer to being suspicious of anyone, and I’d feel bad making yet another random vote but on Day 1 what else do you do?? I’ll wait until it’s closer to the end of the day and hope something comes up, I guess. I’ll be taking a magnifying glass to everyone’s comments when we’ve actually talked about game related things lol 🧐🔎

  32. Voting Update:

    No votes.

    Not voting: Amber, Anna, Anne, Beth, Greg, Harker, Jeann, Kerrie, Kritika, Maria (madhatter), Megan Rose, Meylia, Nicole, Shannon

    Hm, Harker seems a bit different since the last time I checked in 😂

    @Maria: Leaving madhatter for now just so players don’t get confused since your name doesn’t appear when commenting.

  33. 🎋®️ℹ️🌴🚦🎋🅰️  🅱️®️🅾️⛎⛽♓⛏   ⛎🅿️  

    📧♍️⚙🏒ℹ️💲  🅰️📈🌮  〽️🅰️🌱🅱️📧 

    🌴®️🚦⛽⛽📧®️📧🌮 ⛏♓🌵💲 🌴〰️ℹ️⚡️🌴

    ⛽®️📧⛽ 〰️🅰️⚡️ 🅰️  ⛽ℹ️🎏 🅿️📧®️⚡️🌝📈 🅾️📈©️📧

    🅰️®️📧 ⛏♓📧 〽️⚙🌮💲 Ⓜ️📧⚡️⚡️ℹ️ 📈⛽

    〰️🛢⛏♓  ⛎⚡️ 🌚®️  ©️🌝⛎👢🌮 🌴♓ℹ️⚡️

    ♍️📧🅰️📈  ⚡️🌚♍️📧⛏♓ℹ️📈⛽

    ⛏®️🌱🚦📈⛽  ⛏🌚 🎏📍📈🌮  🅰️  

    💲⛎⚡️🅿️📧©️🌴  🎚⚡️  ♓🅰️®️🌮  📈🌕〰️❕❕


  34. Omg, haha. What did I miss? I would have also slammed on that button so good on you Harker.😂

    I submitted a possible character this round that would have had an emoji post restriction and man, I don’t think I would have done half as well.

  35. I’m gonna need someone to decipher Harker’s emojis. I understood “For 2 days” and “I am OK”.

    “I am” hammer? pick? “R”, sprouts? leaves? “I”, stocks? graph? Increase? Uhm….travel mug?
    I feel like the oldest of the old farts. 😀

  36. @Anne can we know what characters/book? I’m curious (and wondering if they’re a deaf, sign-language speaker and that was why, because I can count on one hand the number of books I’ve read with a deaf character in it)

  37. I’m going to try and translate Harker’s last few comments, so this is easier when we inevitably come back to re-read Day 1? Maybe if I can’t figure out what some words say our collective hive mind can figure it out haha

    May 8, 2020 at 2:51 pm:

    “Kritika brought up emojis and maybe triggered this twist. Greg was a GIF person once. Are the mods messing with us or could this mean something? Trying to find a suspect is hard now!”

    May 8, 2020 at 2:53 pm
    “I tried to space best I could”

    May 8, 2020 at 3:31 pm

    “I am trying my best LOL”

    @Harker how did I do? 😂

  38. @Beth I think Harker is telling us the emoji thing is only for today, so it’s probably not related to their character!

  39. Hooray! Glad I figured it out haha
    Pro tip for anyone having trouble reading Harker’s comments, it was a lot easier to decipher the emoji alphabet on my computer compared to my phone. Probably something to do with Android/iOS changing the way different emojis look?

  40. @harker stellar job with the emojis, very well done!

    @beth this is what I made of Harker’s emoji’s (since the last voting update):

    “Kritika brought up
    emojis and maybe
    triggered this twist
    greg was a gif person once
    are the mods messing
    with us or could this
    mean something
    trying to find a
    suspect is hard now”
    “I tried spacing best I could”

    @harker, did I get that right?

  41. Daaaaaang ‘yall. Color me impressed. Thank you!
    And sorry, @Harker, for botching it. 😀
    OK, so maybe nobody press the shiny mod button again, yeah?
    (Also, brilliant, thanks, mods, for giving us a new focus on Day 1 that’s more entertaining for y’all)

  42. Seriously Harker that is beyond impressive! And I must admit that I enjoyed translating it too hah. @Kritika I think it’s a good idea to post the translation too, I’m sure among us all we can keep up with it!

  43. Gosh I have hard time to really read what @Harker did there! But the translation is amazing!
    This Day 1 is so distracting now 😂

    @Asti: sure! Sorry for the hassle, I forgot I didn’t put Maria here. Haha

  44. Is Harker looking for clues? 😀

    I’m more of a smoked gouda gal, myself, but I appreciate a soft cheese, a stinky cheese, and a rare (here, anyway) cheese on occasion.

  45. Thank you Kritika and Kerrie for those translations of Harkers posts!

    I thought I was doing well working them out but I saw that long post and my brain went, ‘nope!’. Haha.

    Very appreciated.

    Back to the cheese discourse again, have to say I’m not a bit fan. I like it on a pizza but even then sparse really. Not big on dairy in general (though I love me some butter. I’m a ‘do you want some bread with your butter?’ type haha).

  46. Okay we were talking in the last Spec Chat about shaking up Day 1 and now this! Lmao. This is awesome!!

    The trick of course for the mods is introducing something but not taking away player agency. I love how Harker is running with this. Great job Harker!!!

    Oh, hi Spectators!! 🙂

    I am not the best at interpreting emojis but I’m glad there are players who have that skill!!

    @Jeann – you said “I would laugh if the mods were just messing with us as usual. This is the most random Day 1 I’ve ever seen 😂” I think this Game is gonna be a RIOT.

    @Anna ” @Greg I feel like it is a case of careful what you talk about because you never know if the mods could potentially use it on us” Right? Be careful what we wish for 🙂

    Cheese. I like Havarti myself. And yes @Beth smoked gouda… yum. Also maybe pepper jack or something on cheeseburgers. Mmm cheeseburgers…

  47. @Harker YES to the goat cheese! Chevre, gouda, and cheddar. Yum. I have no idea what that last post said, but probably agreeing with you on it, too. 😉

  48. …..
    I got “Beth”. And then….seeing? reading? talking? for clues? I got “Reading” in your 9:59pm post, but half moon = C? OH! “Reading comments for clues!” Holy cats! I got it! LMAO I am so sorry, I’m Densex10 today.
    Thanks, @Harker. Not sure anyone has clues of any kind on D1? But would love to hear what you find!

  49. I think Harker is saying they are looking for clues in the comments.

    @Harker, is that right?

    I’ve got to say that interpreting these emoji comments is pretty fun. You’re doing a great job, @Harker.

  50. Is “Holy cats” a popular saying? I’ve never heard it before and both @Anne and @Beth have used it now. It’s kinda fun.

  51. @Harker, you are doing AMAZING, I would have left a shrug emoji and a wave 😂

    I like all cheese. I don’t think I have met a cheese I don’t like, really. I prefer some more than others but I wouldn’t turn any down.

  52. @Nicole, it’s more fun than holy cow! 😺

    @Beth, the character was not deaf, but couldn’t speak due to circumstance (sorcha, daughter of the forest).

    My favorite cheese is cheddar. I am from Wisconsin after all. 🧀 (A little sharp cheddar cheese on top of apple pie 👌)

  53. Kritika- great work interpreting the emojis! And so sorry to hear about you having to move yourself! That must be awful. Hang in there and take care of yourself.

    Ooh it might be fun to share our not- used character suggestions. 🙂

  54. @Anne Thanks! Daughter of the Forest has been on my list to read forever…sounds like I need to bump it up a space or three. And YES to sharp cheddar on warm apple pie. Bliss!

  55. Voting Update:

    No votes.

    Not voting: Amber, Anna, Anne, Beth, Greg, Harker, Jeann, Kerrie, Kritika, Maria (madhatter), Megan Rose, Meylia, Nicole, Shannon

    Haven’t met comment minimum: Meylia (3)

    There’s 39 hours left until deadline. Who is going to be the first to stop talking cheese are start talking lynching? It’s definitely going to be hard since it’s Day One, but… someone has to go, right? 🤔

  56. @Harker: Urm. I can only see
    .A. H.R In Maybe?

    Oh no I don’t know what’s going on! Speaking of Cheese, I’m not fussy so can’t really say much about cheese, if we’re talking the real cheese and not some hidden clues there 😂

    Do we really have to vote? I’M SO NOT READY


  57. @Maria, Harker said “Tag her in maybe”
    The palm tree looks like a T, and so far the gas pump means G

    @Meylia you’ve made more than 4 comments now so you won’t get kicked out for that! Anyways you usually get a warning the first time you don’t meet the comment minimum so don’t worry too much about it

    Uhh I don’t feel suspicious of anyone yet so I don’t want to vote until the people who have been tagged get to say something about why we should keep them around.

  58. Thanks so much @Kritika !


    Because I don’t feel suspicious of anyone yet as well 🤔

    Oh everyone please remember that.. I Love Herb Cheese! 🧀

  59. Voting Update:

    Meylia (1) – Harker
    Amber (1) – Maria (madhatter)

    Not voting: Amber, Anna, Anne, Beth, Greg, Jeann, Kerrie, Kritika, Megan Rose, Meylia, Nicole, Shannon

    @ Meylia: No need to apologize! Once we pass the 48 hours until deadline mark I tend to include a note about players who haven’t met the comment minimum just so they have a heads up in case they didn’t realise. You’re good 🙂

    *Edited to remove Meylia’s vote that she cancelled while I was typing this 😅

  60. Why do I get the feeling @Meylia is trying to tell us something else with “I Love Herb Cheese”??

  61. @Kritika: Now I read again the comments, it seems there’s hidden meaning there.
    So we should tag Harker here or tag Meylia? Now I’m confused for that.

    What do we all know about herb cheese again? And she changed the vote so fast!

  62. @madhatter I change my vote so fast because really.. I don’t feel suspicious at all yet 😂 So I’ll wait 😎

    And as for Herb Cheese.. Herb.. Cheese..

    Stay safe and healthy, everyone!

  63. You guys, I’m starting to be able to translate Harker’s emojis and I’m getting so excited about that. 😀 I’m with Shannon, if it were me I’d have gone radio silent.
    @Harker, you’re a gem!

    OK, herbed cheese is one thing, but remembering Meylia loves “Herb Cheese” does seem like trying to tell us something…maybe a little early. Don’t spill any beans that could get you targeted by the Mafia, Meylia! :nervous:

    Day 1 is usually not about voting who you’re suspicious of, because it’s difficult to gauge suspicion. Thinking to past games, we’ve rarely voted out a Mafia member, and then purely by chance. And it’s always a bit uncomfortable, because you’re sending someone off to Spectator Chat very early on (even I, heartless as I am, feel a twinge guilty about that).

    We still have 2 real-world days, so I’m not feeling the pressure to zero in focus on anyone just yet.

  64. Okay that’s three herb cheeses…

    and while maybe it’s meant to be a hint towards something, I don’t find it super suspicious. I AM however, side-eyeing Kritika’s very rapid switch from “I don’t find anyone suspicious” to “hmmm about the herb cheese” and Megan Rose being quick to agree. But at this point we’re probably all scouring the comments for even the tiniest of hints, so I don’t know…

  65. @Kerrie I didn’t say I found the herb cheese suspicious, I just thought there might be some hidden meaning since she repeated it a few times. Like maybe she’s trying to hint at her role? I still have no idea what Meylia is talking about though haha

    Like @Beth said, it’s so arbitrary who we vote for on Day 1 because we don’t know anything about anyone! Usually if I have even a small suspicion I try to explain my reasoning and vote early on, but I seriously have no idea who could be mafia at this point. BYOC makes it extra tricky!

  66. I have no idea what herb cheese means and I’m not suspicious of anyone. Not sure how the rest of this Day will go…

    I have family visiting this weekend, so I may not be able to check in much for the rest of the Day.

  67. Sorry I’ve been a bit absent, I’ve had my first full week of work in over a month and it’s taken it’s toll.

    @Harker You are doing such a great job with the emojis, I’m so glad I didn’t push the button, we’d all be in trouble. 😂

  68. Idk what Meylia could be trying to tell us with “herb cheese”. I mean, I guess it could be a hint, but since she could have literally any character and role known to literature, we can’t exactly narrow it down, so I don’t really see the point. OR maybe she just REALLY likes herself some herb cheese 🤷‍♀️

  69. Voting Update:

    Amber (1) – Maria (madhatter)

    Not voting: Amber, Anna, Anne, Beth, Greg, Harker, Jeann, Kerrie, Kritika, Megan Rose, Meylia, Nicole, Shannon

    25 hours left until deadline!

  70. ®️📧Ⓜ️🌵📈🌮💲 ♍️📧 🌝🎏 〽️🅰️⚡️🌴📧®️ 

    Ⓜ️🚦💲©️♓ℹ️📧🎏 🎏®️🌕Ⓜ️ 📈⚙⛏ 🌱🌕⛎®️ 


  71. 📈🌕🌴 🅰️ 🅱️🅰️🌮 ⛽⛎🌱 ℹ️🌵®️🌜 🅱️📧©️🅰️⛎💲📧

    ♓🚦⚡️ ⛏🅰️⛽👢🚦📈📧 〰️🅰️💲

    ®️📍⛽♓⛏ 🅰️🅱️⚙⛎🌴 ⛏♓📧 🌜♓📧📧⚡️📧

  72. So if I’m not mistaken, n one who was Mafia last game is playing this time? I only say this because with less than 24 hours we’re coming up on hard decision. I thought hmm maybe since Day One there’s so little to go on, we could at least eliminate anyone who was mafia last time, on the assumption that they wouldn’t be maf again so soon, right? Which is, of course, an assumption that could be totally wrong! But it would give us SOMETHING to base a vote on, or maybe not base a vote on. Clutching at straws here.

    Maybe I’ll go back and look at who was maf in the last few games. Again, pretty flimsy but it’s not like anything else is going on voting- wise lol.

  73. 📈🅾️ 🌝📈📧 🎏🌵🌴💲 ⛏♓🅰️⛏ ⛽®️📧⛽ 

    🎋📧®️🌱⚡️ ©️®️ℹ️📈🎚 Ⓜ️🛢🎋🅰️🌱👢🅰️ 🅰️📈🌮

    ⚡️🅰️📈🅰️ 🅰️®️📧 📈⚙🌴 🅿️👢🅰️🌱ℹ️📈⛽

    🅿️👢⛎⚡️ ℹ️📈 🅰️ 🅱️🌱🅾️©️ ⛽🅰️Ⓜ️📧 🎚🌴

    🛢⚡️ ♓🅰️®️🌮📧®️ 🌴🅾️ 🅿️®️📧🌮🛢🌜🌴

    🎋®️📍⛏ℹ️🎋🅰️ 🌕®️ ⚡️🅰️📈🅰️ 🌴®️🌵📧🌮

    🅰️♈📧®️🅰️⛽📧💲 🌝📈🌜📧 ℹ️ ⛏♓🕯📈🎋

  74. @Amber I know, but the mods still have some say on who is mafia I’d think.

    Just thinking out loud since not much is happening anyway!

  75. 📍📈🌴📧®️📧⚡️⛏ℹ️📈⛽ ⛏♓📧🅾️®️🌱 

    🌴♓⚙⛎⛽♓ƒƒ ⛽®️📧⛽

    ℹ️ ♓🅰️☑️📧 🅱️📧📧📈 💲🌝 💲⛎®️📧

    💲♓🅰️📈📈🌝📈 📍⚡️ 📈🅾️⛏ ⛏🅾️〰️📈

    🅱️📧🌜🅰️⛎⚡️📧 🅾️🎏 ♓📧®️ 🅿️🅰️⚡️⛏


    ⛏♓📧 〽️⚙🌮⚡️ 🅰️📈🌮 ⛏♓📧ℹ️®️

    ⛏〰️🛢⚡️🌴⚡️ ⛏♓🎚⚡️ ®️🅾️⛎📈🌮❗


  76. @Shannon thank you for translating! You are so much quicker at that than I am! 🙂

    And @Harker- I agree. That’s what I was saying- none of those folks are playing this time. And I’m not normally one to try and analyze based on past mafia associations- i know that’s sketchy and has been discussed in the past. I was just trying to spark some convo and think about how we’re going to decide who to vote for with NO votes on the board and time running down. Yikes. 🙂

  77. Harker says:

    Interesting theory though Greg
    I have been so sure Shannon is not Town
    Because of her past alignments
    The mods and their twists this round!

    @Harker, if you think I’d choose to be mafia… well, I just wouldn’t because it’s scary and I’d be afraid to mess up haha. If the mods make me mafia one day (which is kind of the funniest long-running joke IMO) then so be it, but I am not about to volunteer as tribute 😂

  78. Thanks for the translation @Shannon

    If this is tough for you all, then I think all I can do is just go with the flow, omg :”D

    @Harker sadly Idk Master Mischief.. I only know Master Chef :”D

  79. @Shannon- agree? I mean, at this point we’re going to be voting for someone out of sheer chance anyway though, seems like. That was my point. How are we going to make a decision? I guess my point was maybe we could decide who MIGHT be more likely to have been selected as mafia (or not) based on who was last time- of course that can be totally wrong and of course, as noted, none of those people are even playing this time, and yes it’s BYOC but the mods could approve a character but make them mafia, if they wanted, right? Anyways it did prompt me to look. 🙂

    Admittedly sketchy…

  80. @Greg I guess they could! I mean, I guess there are role choices that could be either, technically speaking. One of my choices that didn’t get picked could have probably gone either way, tbh. But I also figure that lots of people WANT to be mafia (hence why they ask us to provide at least one Town role) because not everyone can be.

    @Jeann I guess, but it isn’t, so Idk what else to say about that. We go through this EVERY time, and it’s kind of exhausting tbh, because there is literally zero defense to “Shannon hasn’t been mafia”, that isn’t something I can do anything about. Though I don’t understand what you mean about “we don’t really know anything”? Of course we don’t, hence the “oh crap who do we kill?” dilemma! 😂

  81. ⚡️⚙ 👢📍🌴⛏👢📧 ⛏🌝 ©️♓🌕🌚💲📧 🎏®️🅾️〽️

    🌮🅰️🌱 ☝️ 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    🛢 ⛏♓🌵📈🎋

    🎋®️🕯⛏🕯🎋🅰️ 🅱️©️ ⚡️♓📧 🅱️®️🌕⛎⛽♓🌴

    ⛎🅿️ 📧♍️🌚🗾🛢⚡️ 🎏🎚®️💲⛏

    🌚®️ 🅱️📧⛏♓ 🅱️©️ 💲♓📧 🅱️®️🌕⛎⛽♓⛏ ⛎🅿️

    🌜♓📧📧⚡️📧 🎏🎚®️💲⛏


    ♓📧®️ Ⓜ️📧📈🌴ℹ️🅾️📈 🌴♓📧📈 🌴♓📧

    〽️🌝🌮💲 🌴〰️🎚⚡️⛏ ©️🌕⛎👢🌮 🅱️📧


    🌕®️ 🎚⛏ 〰️🅰️💲 🅰️ ⛏®️🕯⛽⛽📧®️ 🎏🅾️®️ 🅰️

    🎋®️ℹ️🌴📍🎋🅰️ 🅰️🅱️📍👢🛢⛏🌱 ⚡️👢🅰️⚡️♓

    ⛏®️🅰️🅿️❔ 🤷‍♂️🤡

    🅿️®️🌚🅱️🅰️🅱️👢🌱 ⚡️📍👢👢🌱


    ⚡️🌴🅰️®️⛏📧🌮 🌴♓📧 🌜♓📧📧⚡️📧 〰️♓📧📧👢


    📈⚙〰️ 🌴♓📧®️📧 🅰️®️📧 ®️📧🅿️📧🅰️⛏💲 🌚🎏

    ♓📧®️🅱️ 🌜♓📧📧⚡️📧❔ 🤔🤷‍♂️

    〰️♓🅰️🌴 🌮⚙📧⚡️ 〽️📧🌱👢ℹ️🅰️ ♍️📧🅰️📈❔❔

    ©️🌕⛎👢🌮 💲♓📧 🅱️📧 🅰️📈 🛢📈💲🅰️📈📧

    🅿️🅰️®️🅰️📈🌕🕯🌮 ®️🌝👢📧 🅱️©️ 🅾️🎏 🌴♓📧


  82. Harker says:

    So little to choose from Day 1
    I think Kritika because she brought up emojis first
    Or Beth because she brought up cheese first
    Her mention then the mods’ twist could be innocent
    Or it was a trigger for a Kritika ability/trap?
    Probably silly

    Started the cheese wheel rolling
    Now there are repeats of herb cheese?
    What does Meylia mean?
    Could she be an insane/paranoid role because of the repeats?

  83. No offense to Shannon but she’s Shannon. I don’t think being a Mafia player is in her cards. She clearly likes playing Town and obviously that doesn’t mean it HAS to be the case but she’s pretty on the…er…”good” side kind of as a rule?

  84. @Amber bwhahah I am cackling because it’s true 😂 I mean sometime it’ll happen I am sure, I don’t think that someone can be a perma-Townie (@mods, there’s an idea! 😂) but like. Remember that time I was 3rd party and just… helped Town? I have a real problem hah. And look, I am sure if/when the time does come, I will do my very best, because goodness I wouldn’t want to let teammates down, but I also can guarantee I wouldn’t be throwing myself in for the first time when my stress levels are already global-pandemic-high.

    Regardless though, the bottom line is, I can’t control it either way. The mods/fate/randomization/whatever decide who is what, not me, not any of you. So we can analyze people until we’re blue in the face, everyone at least had to submit one Town idea. So honestly I feel like analyzing this stuff is no better that straight up statistically analyzing it, because at the end of the day, it’s all still out of players’ hands.

  85. I haven’t totally caught up on comments but I wanted to pop in and say @Harker that was me!

    @Greg to answer your question, I don’t remember what round it was but everyone was fixating on “but what are the odds of being mafia if you were mafia last time you played?” and me being an engineer and total nerd sat down and calculated (0%, if you’re curious) but after that @Asti warned us not to use previous games to influence the current game because that’s not something anyone has control over. And after all that statistical analysis the mods changed the way they choose roles for us so that whole argument is moot anyway 🙂


    🅱️🌜 🌜♓📧📧⚡️📧  🅰️📈🌮 🌴♓📧📈

    〽️📧🌱👢🚦🅰️ ⚡️⛏🅰️®️⛏📧🌮 ®️📧🅿️📧🅰️⛏🎚📈⛽

    🛢 🅰️〽️ 🌜⛎®️🛢🌕⛎⚡️ 🕯🎏 🌴♓📧 🌴〰️🌕

    🅰️®️📧 ®️📧👢🅰️🌴📧🌮

    🌝®️ 🌴♓📧💲📧 🅰️®️📧 🎏🌵®️⚡️🌴 🌮🅰️🌱

    ⚡️🌴®️🅰️〰️⚡️ 📍 🅰️♍️ ⛽®️🅰️🅱️🅱️🎚📈⛽

  87. All caught up now and uh… if we’re all making a completely random guess anyway, maybe we bring back Shannon’s spinning wheel? Feels cruel but I’d rather let a wheel decide and then give that person a chance to defend themselves than point fingers for a completely arbitrary reason.

  88. @Kritika, it is so hard because I feel like in most games there is someone seeming a little squirrely. Or at the very least, someone who is MIA and I feel less guilty about voting for (and them not really getting much of a chance to play as a result). I know someone has to be first, but it stinks. Especially since we all are clearly excited to play our own characters.

  89. I think the fact that a lot of us aren’t voting isn’t helpful because no one is having to defend themselves, which gives us even less to go off of. Thanks Harker for placing a vote! I don’t really agree that Beth is suspicious for mentioning cheese, so I’m going to continue with the wheel plan. Hopefully this gets us some more useful discussion to analyze and find someone suspicious? Sorry, random person! I’m obviously not sold on the vote and will likely change it but might as well get the ball rolling.


  90. @Kritika- thanks! I remember that debate actually and I agree- analyzing that stuff rarely helps, I’m sure. I just feel like we’re in the usual Day One doldrums (zip to go on) and it came to mind. but yeah… I love how you analyzed it though!! 🙂

  91. @Harker- not silly at all! This is Day One, after all, and everything is so wide open! The idea of a trigger ability is an interesting one. I can only imagine the insane twists this Game is gonna have! I do think the way this twist hit- at about the halfway point of Day One- tracks with the Spec Chat discussion last time where a suggestion was made to maybe do something to shake things up at the halfway point. Could be wrong though too!

    And I can’t believe cheese is playing a role again lmao!!

    I’m running a few comments behind, I can see, so sorry folks!

  92. Voting Update:

    Beth (1) — Harker
    Nicole (1) — Kritika

    Not voting: Amber, Anna, Anne, Beth, Greg, Jeann, Kerrie, Maria (madhatter) Megan Rose, Meylia, Nicole, Shannon

  93. @Kritika, I agree. Because even though everyone HAS checked in and such, it really is the same few of us, at least this calendar day or so.


    Because she has the fewest number of comments if my counting is correct (I counted 4)

  94. I’m not sure who I’m suspicious of at the moment and I think the person I do end up voting for will not be based on much.

    I’m mostly happy with any cheese. Although I think apricot cheese is pretty good.

  95. @Jeann I totally understand where you’re coming from with that. I know it’s gambler’s fallacy to assume everyone will have a background balance of Town and Mafia roles, thus Shannon MUST be Mafia, but it feels as dangerous as assuming Sana and Crini are Mafia (granted, they were last game 😀 ). I think I’ll withhold judgement until I can find evidence to back up any theory.

    @Shannon Thank you for the translations! Those long ones were starting to hurt my eyes.

    @Harker Everyone talked about cheese after I brought it up, though. And Meylia mentioned it twice (then several of us speculated a bit about why she brought it up). She’s a first-time player, so I think she might’ve been tipping her hat….or messing with us, like Siran did in the last game.

    @Kritika Nicole did say she had family visiting the rest of the weekend, so she might not be able to come back frequently. She hasn’t dropped a lot of comments thus far, so I don’t think there’s anything we can dig into with her yet.

    Apropos of nothing, I counted how many comments each player has made and…
    Harker: 42 comments!!!!
    Shannon: 21 comments
    Greg: 15 comments
    Kritika: 13 comments
    Beth: 12 comments
    Kerrie: 9 comments
    Amber: 9 comments
    Meylia: 10 comments
    Megan Rose: 7 comments
    Maria (mad hatter): 7 comments
    Nicole: 6 comments
    Anne: 5 comments
    Jeann: 5 comments
    Anna: 4 comments

  96. @Beth you’re right about Nicole, I forgot about that! Since I don’t have any better ideas I’ll keep my vote for now and hopefully she’ll be able to pop in but if not I’ll definitely change it before the Day ends! Doesn’t seem fair to vote for someone who can’t defend themselves.

    @Shannon agreed, Harker is doing an incredible job of being active compared to all of us even with the restriction hahaha

  97. @Shannon – I definitely can’t see you putting your hands up to be Mafia! But it’s something that always comes up every Game for a reason 😉 Kind of like we always assume Crini and Sana are Mafia, but they’re usually not. And then they actually were last Game – I mean it’s Bookish Games after all, so we have to assume that we know nothing Jon Snow.

    @Kritika/Shannon – I appreciate the translations as well! Seeing a bunch of emojis just makes my brain switch off 😂

    @Harker – I think this is the most I’ve ever seen you comment 😂

    It’s Mother’s Day in Australia so I’m going to be pretty AWOL for the rest of the Day. Happy Mothers Day to the mums here!

  98. Ⓜ️🌝🌴♓📧®️💲 🌮🅰️🌱  ♓📧®️📧 🌴🌚🌕

    〰️🌕®️🎋🛢📈⛽ 🅱️⛎⛏ ♓🅰️🅿️🅿️🌱 🌮🅰️🌱 🌴🌕

    🅰️👢👢  🅾️🌴♓📧®️  ♍️🌚〽️💲  🅰️⚡️  〰️📧👢👢

  99. Ahh good news, my laptop died 😩 I’m trying to not sob and also type this on my phone.

    Harker Says:

    Mother’s Day here too. Working, but happy Mother’s Day to all other moms as well”

    Yes, happy Mother’s Day to all!!

  100. Not sure what to make of votes on the board because they all seem to be starter votes. But I would guess these sets of people are not teammates and that’s about all the analysis I got in me? 🤷

    Tomorrow is mother’s day in the US as well (happy mother’s day Jeann and others with kiddos!). It also is my son’s 2nd bday tomorrow. I will try to stay close and will vote.

  101. Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

    Wow @Beth that long comment was very thoughtful

    Btw even now I feel nauseous if I have to use the spinning wheel *looking at the sky miserably*

  102. Happy Mothers day to everyone celebrating! 🎉💜 Hopefully you have a little bit of something nice planned for your days.

    Getting closer to deadline and I’m getting a bit worried about the lack of votes on the board (I appreciate I am also one of those not contributing yet). I feel like by now we usually have a bit more something to go on, even if it still is arbitrary. But today I just got nothing.

    Most suspicious thing is Meyelia mentioning herb cheese a lot because I feel like it might be a message or a hint to something. But I couldn’t tell you what.

    But the idea of a trigger that was passed around could be at fault. There’s all sorts of twists in the games but also in our books. So it could be character dependent.

    Could Harker and Meylia have chosen characters from the same book and the twist to Harkers gameplay has affected Meylia’s a d she has to post something a certain amount of times. WHO KNOWS?!?!

    That’s definitely taking it to another level, which I feel I have a history of seeing a conspiracy everywhere and beimg widely inaccurate haha. So I’ll think I’ll hold off voting for now. But it’s getting to crunch time…. 😬

  103. I lost who said that might be good to use the spinning wheel and then see how the voted person defended it. I think it’s Kritika?

    But anyway, my spinning wheel has said the name:


  104. @Megan Rose: “Most suspicious thing is Meyelia mentioning herb cheese a lot because I feel like it might be a message or a hint to something. But I couldn’t tell you what.”
    I agree, but here’s my thinking: if she were Mafia, she wouldn’t need to send a message to teammates because she’d be taking to them on N1. Also, the part that stuck out the most to me was her statement “Oh everyone please remember that.. I Love Herb Cheese”
    Both asking everyone to remember this thing, and making that statement sentence case. :shrug: I tried a basic Google search of book characters that love herb cheese and came up flat.

    @Maria They said only for toDay (so should be back to normal on D2).

    OK, since I don’t know how much chaos might ensue before I wake up and log back on tomorrow, Happy Mother’s Day and
    (looks like we’re all voting randomly to gauge the effects, eh?)

  105. Voting Update:

    Beth (1) — Harker
    Nicole (2) — Kritika, Beth
    Anna (2) – Shannon, Maria (madhatter)

    Not voting: Amber, Anna, Anne, Greg, Jeann, Kerrie, Megan Rose, Meylia, Nicole

    Just under 12 hours to go!

  106. Okay it’s now night time and I was hoping we would have more to go on at this point in the Day. Because a random pot shot just makes me uncomfortable, I’m just going to go with Beth’s comment analysis at this point and vote for Anna because she’s had the least number of comments (5 comments I believe). I mean maybe Anna will comment more after this? But it’s getting late in the Day and also my bedtime so I won’t be able to check in after.

    Now I know I haven’t been much better at commenting today but being dairy intolerant, I really haven’t had much to contribute to the cheese conversation.


  107. Welp, I’m always a quieter commenter and I don’t know much to add in regards to toDay and suspicion wise.

    I still don’t know that I find anyone particularly suspicious but would rather at this stage vote for someone already on the board. So I’m going to


    Because they have the most votes besides me at this stage.

  108. ♓🅾️〰️ 📍💲 📧♈📧®️🌱🅾️📈📧 🌴🌝🌮🅰️🌱❔

    🅰️🌴 〰️🌕®️🎋 📈🌝〰️

    〰️🎚👢👢 🌜♓📧©️🎋 🕯📈 👢🅰️⛏📧®️

  109. Voting Update:

    Beth (1) — Harker
    Nicole (3) — Kritika, Beth, Anna
    Anna (3) – Shannon, Maria (madhatter), Jeann
    Anne (1) – Meylia

    Not voting: Amber, Anne, Greg, Kerrie, Megan Rose, Nicole

    Just over 8 hours left.

  110. Harker translation:

    May 10, 2020 at 12:45 pm

    How is everyone today? At work now. Will check in later.


    @Shannon I’m so sorry that your laptop died!! Hopefully it gets fixed soon? Is it fixable??

    I was planning to change my vote from Nicole since she may not be able to defend herself before the end but now more people have jumped on my meaningless vote, I’m going to feel really bad if she’s Town and gets voted out for basically no reason! There’s still a few hours left in the day so I’m going to reread the last few comments to see if anyone is more suspicious to me.

    Happy mother’s day!

  111. You guys are ruthless! 😜

    Since you don’t have a reason to vote for me, I don’t have an intricate defense. I am not mafia.


    Not because I think she’s particularly suspicious but because I don’t want to be lynched. I think I could really help the town.

  112. I really don’t know what to do! Nicole’s blunt “I am not mafia” defense is pretty understandable since we’re voting for her based on randomness anyway. I’m inclined to believe her, but I don’t want to change my vote to someone not on the board yet because that seems counter-productive. So my options are Beth, Anna, and Anne. Shannon and Jeann voted for Anna because she hasn’t commented much, but Anna usually doesn’t comment a ton so I don’t think that’s suspicious? Meylia voted for Anne randomly, so it doesn’t make sense to switch my random vote for another. Harker voted for Beth because they thought the cheese mention or connection to Meylia is suspicious, and I still feel like that’s a stretch. Help!

  113. Hmmm this might be me over-analyzing but I don’t like how Beth voted for Nicole after I did using the justification:

    (looks like we’re all voting randomly to gauge the effects, eh?)

    It’s entirely possible that the random wheel gave her the same name as me, but if the point of the random vote is to get more people to talk and defend themselves, wouldn’t you spin again to get a new name? And if you were going to choose the same name as someone else, why not use the justification Anna did and say you’re going to vote for someone else whose name is already on the board? So yeah I don’t buy the cheese argument but I am a tiny tiny bit suspicious of Beth now. And since I don’t really think Nicole is suspicious, I’m going to change my vote now. I realize this is a pretty weak argument but it’s the best I’ve got for now…



  114. @Kritika I didn’t use Shannon’s random wheel. (I nearly got lynched in my first game, even though I was Town, because I used a random number generator to decide who to vote for, so I don’t do that anymore). I deliberately chose a name already on the board, to see what happened. As I said, I was wanting to see what happened when Nicole got enough votes to be considered for voting off. And what happened was that you switched your vote. To protect a teammate? It feels way too early to tell, but it’s a data point, at least.

    Also, I don’t think having low comments on D1 is suspicious (or not as suspicious as it might be in later days), I tallied those to see where everyone was and shared them because the spread was H U G E (with Harker, our emojimaster, leading by an enormous margin). It might prove useful to know, in future days, but mostly it was just entertainment.

  115. @Kritika (sorry for making this two comments, I just got up 15 minutes ago):

    It’s entirely possible that the random wheel gave her the same name as me, but if the point of the random vote is to get more people to talk and defend themselves, wouldn’t you spin again to get a new name?

    I’m reading back over comments, and it looks like Maria (madhatter) voted for Anna because she says she spun the spinner and that was the name she got.

  116. I feel like such a coward. I really don’t want to jump in and vote yet haha.

    I feel like there’s usually been at least something to go on in my previous games (whether right or wrong), but even a flimsy justification is better than none.

    But I really got nothing.

    Everyone’s been nice talking about their week and the the twist put to Harker wasn’t their own making and could have happened to anyone, so no help there.

    I feel like Meylia was trying to say something with the herb cheese thing but was that for now or for us to refer back to in days to come? But that in of itself isn’t suspicious, just possibly noteworthy.

    I really don’t know! And I’ve added nothing to the chat. Don’t mind me haha.

    Gonna have to go through the comments of those who already have votes on the board. Try and string some semblance of an opinion together.

  117. @Megan Rose I think most of us are in the same boat. :insert frustrated weepy emoji here: And I don’t know what we need to stick with votes already on the board at this point (I realize this is self-serving, since I’m up there)- we’ve got 4 hours left, which is plenty of time for things to swing any which way.

  118. Voting Update:

    Beth (2) — Harker, Kritika
    Nicole (2) — Beth, Anna
    Anna (4) – Shannon, Maria (madhatter), Jeann, Nicole
    Anne (1) – Meylia

    Not voting: Amber, Anne, Greg, Kerrie, Megan

    Just over four hours to go.

  119. 🎚 ®️📧🅰️👢📍💤📧  🅱️📧⛏♓ 🎚⚡️  

    🅿️®️🅾️🅱️🅰️🅱️👢🌱 🅰️ 💲🌴®️📧⛏©️♓

    🌮🅰️🌱 🅾️📈📧 🚦⚡️ 💲🅾️ 😫😫😫

  120. @Harker and @Beth, Day 1 IS frustrated emojis!

    @Kritika, thank you! I talked to the company and I *might* have fixed it with their help, so cross your fingers- I saw wayyy too many blue screens of death last night and I am scared it’s coming for me again 😂

    I will try to pop back in but since it is Mother’s Day I won’t have as much time as I usually do at EOD. But unless there’s some bananas revelation in the next couple hours, I will probably keep my vote. I know Anna is a quieter player, but it’s all I’ve got at the moment.

  121. @Beth, okay sorry for misunderstanding the quote I mentioned! This is really hard, I realize flip flopping makes me look suspicious but I’m trying my best to vote for a reason and not completely randomly because that doesn’t seem fair. My initial random vote for Nicole was more to help us get clues for discussion. I’ve said from the beginning that I wasn’t necessarily going to keep that vote for her and after she came back to defend herself I didn’t think it was a good idea to keep it.


  122. This is tough because there’s nothing to go on. I’m not suspicious of anyone! And generally I prefer to go with someone on the board rather than introduce a new name unless I’m really suspicious- and at the same time, as someone said (I think) last Game I also would rather vote for someone I’m really suspicious of, even if they don’t have a lot (or any) votes. I guess it just depends on the situation.

    And since I DON’T have suspicions of anyone at the moment really it’s just a toss up at this point. I’m going to


    and feel bad doing so. Sorry Nicole!! Her and Anna were tied last I checked earlier today and now it looks like Anna’s in the lead, so we’ll see. I don’t feel good voting for either of them honestly, but it’s Day One and we have to vote based on very little. I considered not voting but we won’t go down THAT rabbit hole.

    Everything’s random and with nothing else to go on Beth’s comment breakdown seems as good a way to go as any, but I’ve played with Anna before and am just not comfortable voting for her ATM based on low comments. But it’s not fair to Nicole either…

    I guess I’ll see where the last few votes come down…

  123. Voting Update:

    Beth (1) — Harker
    Nicole (3) — Beth, Anna, Greg
    Anna (5) – Shannon, Maria (madhatter), Jeann, Nicole, Amber
    Anne (1) – Meylia

    Not voting: Anne, Kerrie, Kritika, Megan

    2.5 hours until deadline.

  124. I looked back at who started the Anna bandwagon to see if maybe that person is mafia trying to build momentum to get a Townie out but it was Shannon and going back to earlier discussion I don’t think she’d volunteer herself to be mafia 😂 Granted anything is possible, and who knows maybe Anna is actually mafia. Or maybe Nicole is really mafia and I should go back to that random vote. I hate Day 1 LOL

    I promise I’ll make up my mind before the day ends, going to reread the comments one more time and see if anyone sticks out.

    @Shannon glad your laptop might be fixed! Fingers crossed!

  125. I reread the comments and I’ve still got nothing, I hope that whoever gets voted out today is mafia and if not then we will at least have more information to reread these comments and find the mafia members next time. I feel like a hypocrite for saying I didn’t want to vote for Nicole because I didn’t have a reason, and I still have no reason to vote for anyone in particular, but if I want my vote to count at this point I have to vote for either Nicole or Anna.

    Let’s just pretend I never got sidetracked with misinterpreting Beth’s comment? I’ll go back to my vote for Nicole. She said she thought she could be helpful to the town but could have been lying, and even if she is town the BYOC element means there’s a lot of powers to go around so I’m hoping it’s not too much of a town loss.


  126. I’m not really sure what to think of Anna vs Nicole run-off at this point.

    I am tempted to cast a vote for Nicole just to tie it and see what happens? What if one of them is Mafia? At least, that’s where my head is at.

  127. Okay, may as well vote.


    @Amber was your vote for Anna just because she was in the lead or did I miss something else?

  128. Voting Update:

    Beth (1) — Harker
    Nicole (5) — Beth, Anna, Greg, Kritika, Anne
    Anna (5) – Shannon, Maria (madhatter), Jeann, Nicole, Amber
    Anne (1) – Meylia

    Not voting: Kerrie, Megan

    One hour remains.

  129. ⛎⛽♓ 🌴🕯📧💲

    🅰️📈🌮 🎚 ⚡️⛏🌵👢👢 🌮🅾️ 📈⚙⛏ 🎋📈🌚〰️

    〰️♓🌝 🌴🌝 ✔️🌝🌴📧 🎏🅾️®️

    📈🎚🌜🌝👢📧 🌕®️ 🅰️📈📈🅰️ 🅰️®️📧 📈🅾️⛏

    ®️📧🅰️👢👢🌱 ⚡️⛎💲🅿️📍🌜🚦⚙⛎⚡️

    🅱️⛎⛏ 🌴🅾️ 🅱️®️📧🅰️🎋 🌴♓📧 🌴🕯📧


    🅱️📧🌜🅰️⛎💲📧 🌴🚦📧 

  130. Harker:

    “Ugh ties.

    And I still do not know who to vote for.

    Nicole or Anna are not really suspicious but to break the tie vote anna because tie.”

  131. Voting Update:

    Nicole (5) — Beth, Anna, Greg, Kritika, Anne
    Anna (6) – Shannon, Maria (madhatter), Jeann, Nicole, Amber, Harker
    Anne (1) – Meylia

    Not voting: Kerrie, Megan

    Twenty minutes to go

  132. Voting Update:

    Nicole (6) — Beth, Anna, Greg, Kritika, Anne, Shannon
    Anna (5) – Maria (madhatter), Jeann, Nicole, Amber, Harker
    Anne (1) – Meylia

    Not voting: Kerrie, Megan

    Four minutes

  133. 🌜®️🅰️🅿️

    🅱️📧🌴♓ 🌮🅾️ ⛏📧👢👢

    🌜🌚⛎👢🌮 🅱️📧 ♓🅾️📈📧💲⛏ 🌝®️ ©️🌕⛎👢🌮

     🅱️📧 ⚡️🅰️☑️📍📈⛽ Ⓜ️🅰️🎏🚦🅰️ 🅱️⛎⛏

     ⛏♓🅰️⛏ 💲📧📧〽️⚡️ 🌴🌝🌕 🅱️👢🅰️⛏🅰️📈🌴


  134. Day One has officially ended. The person with the most votes (7) is Nicole. Nicole was Eadaz from the Priory of the Orange Tree, Team Town, Bodyguard.

    It is now Night One. If you have a special role that involves a Night action, please submit the form by Tuesday 9pm BST (48 hours from now, but honestly the sooner the better). The form can be found by clicking the “Current Game” link in the menu on the left and scrolling down.

    Day Two will start on Wednesday 9pm BST. Any additional casualties will be revealed at that time. Good luck!

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