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Scythe Game Over Final




  • Beth @ArtemisHi as Honorable Scythe Michael Faraday, Team Old Guard, Suicidal, Restless Spirit
  • Joséphine @ Word Revel as Rowan Damisch, Team Old Guard, Unlyncher (Citra), Mafia-targeted Eavesdropper, Apprentice Scythe

Half-winners! Because you didn’t fully meet your win condition (in Beth’s case, stay alive; in Joséphine’s case, keep Citra alive), but you made it to the end of the game, and that’s worth something.


Congratulations to MY team, Team Old Guard, for winning the game! (Haha, that’s right, your evil mastermind has returned to the admin side of The Bookish Games to help Inge write this Game Over post. I’ve been limited to bugging Greg in the Spectator Chat for far too long – it’s time to expose you all to my rambling again!)

As with every edition of the game, this win was a result of both skill and luck. There were so many little things that could’ve completely changed the game if given the chance – Siran could’ve been revived by the Spectators Day One which could’ve led to a very different Day Two, we could’ve woken up to FIVE Town deaths instead of three if Kerys wasn’t lynched, Meeghan could’ve investigated Sana and kept the focus off her until all other options were exhausted at the end of the game – the list goes on and on. (Be sure to read about the set-up below, so much good stuff!) Luckily things worked out the way they did for Team Old Guard and they managed to snag that win. Congrats Amber, Jeann, Kritika, Meeghan, and Shannon! (Oh, and to our first half-winners too, Joséphine and Beth!😂)

Our two MVPs for this edition of the game are Jeann and Shannon. While it took the actions of the entire Town to ensure Team Old Guard’s win, these two managed to do a little extra in making the Mafia’s job hard.

JeannJeann was the vigilante hero this Town needed. The Mafia was hurting with the back-to-back eliminations of Kerys and MiKayla on Days Three and Four, but there was no guarantee that Crini would’ve been next to go going into Day Five. (You saw how well she verbally combatted with me, that girl is good!) Luckily for the Town, Jeann took matters into her own hand and used her vigilante power to eliminate Crini Night Four, crippling the Mafia team to just one player left. You go Jeann!

Even during the Day, Jeann contributed strongly to the team. While she was occasionally sidetracked by retaliatory votes and miscommunication, Jeann was actively involved throughout the game and regularly provided some much-needed analysis. If you check the Spectator chat, you’ll find that we were cheering as “Team Jeann” more than once.

(Dana: Y’all, I think Jeann saved the town with her going vigilante on Crini and submitting her form before Crini submitted the form for the Mafia to glean her. Total MVP!)


Shannon was the Townie who used her votes the most effectively throughout the game. Not only was she an early part of each Mafia member’s vote out (one of the first three voters for Kerys on Day Three, MiKayla on Day Four, and Sana on Day Seven), but she also caused the tie Day Five saving teammate Joséphine from elimination.

Plus, Shannon provided a much-needed voice of reason at times during this game. Take Day Six and the role reveals, for example. There was a lot of confusion surrounding the information Harker shared about Amber’s role and it was only through Shannon that players really managed to figure out what it all meant. Kudos to her (especially because I totally couldn’t figure it out in the Spectator chat until she connected the dots for me)!

(Dana: Shannon is always so good at everything game related and we need a manual)

And, just because I was so invested as a player, I thought I’d highlight a couple of my favorite things about the gameplay of our other Town survivors:

  • Amber deserves recognition for managing to survive until the end of the game when the Town pretty much wanted to vote her out every single Day. She also managed to be a part of the three Mafia player lynchings.
  • Though she wasn’t part of their final eliminations, Meeghan helped reinforce suspicion around Kerys and Crini during the early Days of the game. I was also quite impressed by her investigation strategy as a Cop – focusing suspicion on some players during the Day while investigating other players during the Night.
  • Kritika is a boss for stepping in for Krista so late in the game, duh. Who knows if Sana would’ve ended up getting the most votes Day Six if she didn’t charge in after her.
  • Joséphine deserves credit just for putting up with us all after that Siran vote Day One, ouch. I also loved that even once she self-revealed as Unlyncher she left players thinking there was another Unlynchee in the game (though I guess it’s true – her win condition was to make sure Rowan survived!).
  • And Beth, my other fellow filthy bandwagoner, I loved her breakdowns while she was alive. (It must’ve feel so weird to play being limited to a vote!)

But really, you’ve all been great and I had such a good time playing with you. (Even you Mafia bastards who killed me! Sana, you’re SO GOOD!) I love you all.

Now to hand it back over to Inge so she can discuss the set-up…


Dana and I had a lot of fun scheming, and there were some very interesting bits and bobs in this edition. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to use them all the way we would’ve liked, but here’s a breakdown.

WARNING: Spoilers for Scythe below. (Just to be safe.)


Mass gleaning

I mean, we had to, didn’t we? Honorable Scythe Robert Goddard and his groupies disciples are famous for their mass gleanings, so, y’all guessed it – we gave the Mafia the opportunity to glean en masse. If they chose to save their kill, they could target one extra person on any future Night. They went for it, saved their kills Nights One and Two, and were able to kill three people in one go during Night Three (bye bye, Anna, Patricia, and Asti). This definitely caused some confusion and panic, which was, of course, the intention. You hated it, we loved it.

(Dana: So, so much!)


A Mafia Arsonist

So, yes, usually an Arsonist is a Third Party role. But we had to incorporate Noam Chomsky and his slightly creepy love for flamethrowers, so we made the Arsonist part of the Mafia. This made for an extremely powerful team, so we curbed it slightly: the Arsonist was only allowed to kill alongside the Mafia (to imitate the New Order scythes gleaning in group).

If the Mafia chose to save their kill, the Arsonist’s only option was to prime. If the Mafia kills, it’s time to ignite. Which would’ve happened during Night Three if you hadn’t killed Kerys off – you saved Jeann and Anna from a fiery death. We have to admit, it was an extremely good move for the Town, but we were a tad disappointed. We were really looking forward to those five Night kills. 😝

(Dana: We may be evil.)


Conclaves and Apprentice Scythes

Ah yes, the Conclaves. Held every three Days, they were a source of much confusion and trepidation. Thing is – most of you were unaffected by the Conclaves. The only ones being tested were our Apprentice Scythes:

  • Siran / Citra Terranova
  • Joséphine / Rowan Damisch
  • Anna / Claudette Catalino
  • Jenn / Jacory Zimmerman

With Siran being eliminated Day One, only three players were under scrutiny. They knew they were being tested, but they did not know what the test was.

On Day Three (Vernal Conclave), their final vote had to be for a Mafia member. Only Jenn passed this test when she voted for Kerys. Joséphine and Anna failed, but Anna was killed Night Three, so only Joséphine received a penalty: her vote on Day Four would be randomized. Thanks to, Joséphine had to vote for Shannon M.

On Day Six (Summer Conclave), Joséphine was the only remaining Apprentice Scythe and thus faced the test alone. She had to comment at least six times. She only just passed this test by not showing up until the very last day, but she passed! And so her vote was not taken away on Day Seven.


Tuning Fork

With great power comes great responsibility. We introduce to you: the Tuning Fork. Not even Asti knew what it did. We emailed her this:

“At Night, you can use your Tuning Fork. You’re not quite sure what it does, but your faith tells you that its resonance has the power to create much chaos and confusion. Use it wisely.”

Naturally, Asti being Asti, she immediately used it the very first Night. (Question: Do you think Asti is the type of person who sees a big red button and decides to press it to see what it does? Let us know in the comments!) We cheered her on for this because yay chaos! Because the Tuning Fork randomly redirected all Night actions (using A randomly targeted Night kill would’ve been especially salacious.

(Dana: She would totally push it!)

Alas, the Tuning Fork didn’t do much, because the Mafia had decided to save their kill, and the Arsonist’s priming of Jeann randomly retargeted… Jeann. At the very least, we got a good laugh out of confusing Meeghan, who investigated Asti, but got results back for Joséphine:


Doctor grants immunity

We wanted to replicate immunity-granting; Shannon T didn’t know this, but when she protected someone for the Night, they were also protected the next Day, so they couldn’t be eliminated. A twist we didn’t actually get to see in action, because y’all managed to lynch the Doctor on Day Two. This is why we can’t have nice things.



In the book, Rowan and Citra are pitted against each other, which will eventually lead to one of them gleaning the other. Rowan decides very early on that he’ll throw the “competition” so Citra can live. Thus the roles Unlyncher and Unlynchee were very easily chosen. We also thought it’d be a little bit funny to make Siran the Unlynchee, as her unpredictable playing style makes her difficult to protect. Sorrynotsorry, Jo. 😉 You did truly give it your all on Day One.



We debated for a looong time about how to portray the complex character of Rowan Damisch. We talked about a possible alignment switch as well, but eventually we settled on Mafia-targeted Eavesdropper. Joséphine couldn’t choose who to overhear, but every Night she received snippets from the Mafia chat. She did not know who said what.

During Night One, the Tuning Fork made things a bit difficult to overhear.

Sometimes, the snippets were a little more ominous.

But as the Mafia started dropping like flies, Sana was the only one left in the chat, and what Joséphine overheard became a little less useful.

(I’m sorry, Sana. It was too funny not to share. 😂)


Spectators’ Role

These past few editions, we’ve been trying to come up with ways to incorporate the Spectators into the game. This time, there were a lot of options. Judges at the Conclaves? The Thunderhead? Ultimately, we gave them the role of Maxim Easley, founder of Regenesis, 1x Revival. If a player was about to be eliminated, the Spectators had to write “REVIVE [NAME]” to stop the elimination and role reveal from happening. However, most of the Spectators became inactive, and so the role kind of fell to Greg, who spent half of the game chatting to himself (until Asti died and he suddenly had a very talkative conversational partner). You should’ve seen Greg – he was like a little kid in a toy shop, so happy with his powers. 😂 Eventually, he decided to use his power for a little extra chaos (which we, as moderators, can only encourage) and revived Sana on Day Six.


The Curious Case of Michael Faraday

Honorable Scythe Michael Faraday’s role was super fun to put together, as his storyline is also a really complicated one. In the book, he fakes his own suicide after Vernal Conclave in an attempt to save Rowan and Citra’s lives. So we knew we wanted a Suicidal role, but, indeed, only after Vernal Conclave. If Beth had died before the end of Day Four, her roles would not have activated. But because she survived up until then, her self-gleaning kicked into action and she became a, unkillable Restless Spirit, being able to vote but not comment.



And last but certainly not least, we knew we had to incorporate the Thunderhead somehow, and it would be a big role. So Harker became and investigative immune, and a Survivor, and a Beholder. Their job was, simply, to stay alive and observe. But because we didn’t want to make the Beholder role too powerful, we kept the results fairly cryptic and had Harker figure things out on their own.


As always, here is the information for the secret pages and access to the master sheet where we kept track of each Day/Night actions. If you have questions about anything, don’t hesitate to ask!

  • The Mafia Night Chats The Mafia Night chats have now been imported to this blog and can be found by visiting the links at the bottom of the dedicated Scythe edition page.
  • GoogleDoc Spreadsheet This is the Master Spreadsheet that Inge and Dana used to keep track of everything in the game from number of comments players made to voting history to Night Action form submissions. Click the tabs on the bottom of the page to see what went down each Day/Night.
  • Spectator Chat (password: iamyouromega) – This page grants you access to the Spectator chat where the moderators, ghosts, and spectators discussed gameplay.


I just wanna take a moment to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Your undying loyalty and enthusiasm for these games, even during times of crisis, are so motivating.

And even though things got heated from time to time, you guys took many opportunities to joke around as well. I had a good laugh every time Shannon magically conjured up an inactive player, and with Beth trying to explain blockquotes:

“ARGH, I give up. Google it I guess.”

And I think I speak for all of us when I say we’re all waiting with bated breath for Bookish Games Life Lessons With Shannon™. 😉

We’ll also be introducing group therapy in the next edition.

But seriously, I am super proud of all of you, and I hope you’ll give yourselves a pat on the back. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you think you “underperformed” this edition. There’s no such thing. This game is never easy, and we’re all under a lot of stress. As long as you went out there and you tried and you had fun, that’s all that matters.

Also, a massive thank you to Asti for creating our amazing graphics once again! Even without knowing which characters and roles we’d be using, you’ve absolutely nailed it.

That’s all from me for now. Take care, my friends.


Thanks to Inge and Dana!

Before I get to the general admin stuff I just wanted to give a HUGE thank you to Inge and Dana for setting up and moderating this edition of the game. It’s a lot of work to run these games and is probably even more overwhelming when you have to deal with me as a player so thank you thank you thank you for agreeing to doing it. I loved the inclusion of new roles and interesting twists and you really left me guessing all the way until the very end. SO good!

(Dana: Thank you so much for letting me do this, I had the best time! I’m hooked and would adore helping again in the future!)

Informal Twitter Chat

It was suggested towards the end of the game in Spectator Chat that we have a little Twitter Chat once the game is over, but after discussing it between the mods we’ve decided that it might be a little bit hard to do in the traditional sense since players are split between so many different time zones. Instead, we’re going to pop up some game-related questions and comments onto the Bookish Games Twitter tonight for you to answer and interact with at your own convenience. And if there’s anything you want to ask other players or comment about, please do! Tag us in your tweets and we’ll retweet them for others to see.

Of course, if you don’t feel like chatting on Twitter the comment section of this post will be open as always!

Coming up Next

I am not entirely sure what I want to do next with The Bookish Games. We usually take a couple months off after a game to rest up and plan the next one, but I know the world’s a bit crazy right now and some players might appreciate the distraction of another Game. As a result, I’m sort of leaving this up to you guys. If you’re happy with the usual break we’ll continue on like usual with an announcement for the next edition in a couple of months after we sort it out. But if you would like to get thrown into the Games again in a week or two let me know in the comments and we’ll do another quick Bring Your Own Character edition. (No hard feelings either way!)

If we do take our usual break, would you be interested if I whipped up a post in the meantime with some general tips and hints about playing the game? I could share a copy of the spreadsheet I used while playing and maybe highlight moments from previous games when discussing strategy and whatnot? I think it could be quite fun to write but wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested.

Anyways, I think that’s everything. Thanks once again to Inge and Dana for creating an amazing game set-up, and thank to all of you for making it such a good time! As always, sign up to the mailing list if you haven’t already to be notified when the next game will be happening and stop by the Bookish Games Twitter to answer our follow-up questions and continue discussing the game!

Until next time,

❤ Asti & Inge & Dana

29 thoughts on “Scythe: Game Over”

  1. OMG I LOVE ALL OF THE BTS STUFF SO MUCH! Way to go, Inge and Dana. I’m so, so impressed! Totally didn’t guess/wouldn’t have guessed like half of this stuff


    Although, I will say that I’m miffed that Kritika came in as a replacement from the Spectators chat because she of course, was so sure about me being Mafia already and hindered my plans to let the Game drag on while killing off as many Townies as I could during the Nights
    (😈) because I surely wouldn’t have won (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

    Also, sad that my not being lynched (thanks Greg, hee) didn’t work out in my favor and yeah, I truly wanted Meeghan to investigate me with that ‘investigate me’ comment, but she didn’t booo haha

    I’m fine with taking the regular break and if there’s a BYOC edition happening soon, I would like to be a spectator

    @Asti – I totally didn’t notice how many times I used Townies as a way to seem like one until Kritika pointed it out. Glad you had fun with it 😂😂 Also, forever proud that I fooled you for the first few Days even if it was totally unplanned XD

  2. @Sana actually Asti pointed out the Townie thing in the spec chat so I did have that tiny unfair advantage 🙂 Didn’t stop me from spending 7 ungodly hours doing those Day 7 recaps though LOL

    I also knew about Greg’s revival power from being in the spec chat. We had been planning to use it on Day 6 since we kept missing our chance earlier, so when I got kicked out of the spec chat and started playing it made me extra mad when Sana didn’t die on Day 6 haha

    As much fun as it was to jump in late in the game, I don’t think I’m going to do it again! It was a lot, and then the game ended so soon after! I still had a lot of fun though 🙂

  3. @Kritika – Kudos to your recaps! Which totally came for me haha

    Yeah, I saw her counting those in the Spectators chat 😂

  4. Yay! Congrats to Jeann and Shannon M for being the MVPs this round!

    And I finally have the answers I was looking for! Hah. But maaaan, when I was told I had to vote for Shannon M, I had a feeling I failed Vernal Conclave precisely because I didn’t vote for a Mafia player the Day before and I somehow felt it in my bones that the Summer Conclave washing to be about number of comments but I had no way of knowing until now. I also had no idea of course how much I would need to comment but I’m relieved that I did just about pass. Seeing how few apprentice scythes there were also addresses my confusion about why no one else seemed to be trying to put a non-sensical vote on the board on Day 4. Haha.

    Back to having to vote for Shannon M — that really put me in a bind. I was certain she was a Townie because of that instruction, so I was trying hard to come up with some kind of reason that seemed plausible/misguided enough for me to possibly vote that way but not convincing enough to actually have anyone else consider voting for her too.

    I genuinely did think Crini was Town for the very reasons I stated. On the other hand, I thought MiKayla was Mafia but couldn’t vote for her on Day 4. Yet voicing almost any proper suspicion of MiKayla would’ve made me suspect for still going on to vote for Shannon M with already flimsy reasons. Then there was Harker, who I was convinced wasn’t a Townie but I couldn’t figure out if they were Third-Party or Mafia. And yet again, I had to somehow downplay why I wasn’t following that trail after I voted for them on Day 3. My eavesdropping results helped confirm for me that Harker wasn’t Mafia but that didn’t clear them as Third-Party for me, although given how helpful they had been, I figured they weren’t entirely anti-Town somehow either and so I backed off voicing further suspicions.

    I saw in the spectator chat that some wondered why I didn’t just come out and say I was the Unlyncher. 1) I don’t like the idea of anyone spelling out roles plainly — takes out half the fun if players just role-claim left and right but that’s just personal preference. 2) I was trying to only reveal as much as I needed to not to be lynched while also not putting a target on my back for a Night kill. Being a 100% trusted Townie is a precarious enough position to be in since Town won’t lynch you, and Mafia wants you out all the more. That is why I left it at a cryptic comment that I did have to keep Rowan alive, just so it wouldn’t become clear that I actually was Rowan. Revealing my name could’ve led the Mafia to conclude that I had other roles too (which I did) and then all the more want them to go ahead and kill me at Night, rendering my survival during the Day useless.

    Also, I was grateful to not be completely taken out of the Game despite Siran’s lynching — Inge & Dana thought that was too harsh.

    Though if I’m honest, I was a bit spent after commenting so much on Day 1 just to keep Siran in and yet still have people vote her out despite saying she was a Townie (yes, I’m still stuck on that but if everyone who had voted for her had cited reasons why they thought she was Mafia, I would’ve been like, ok, fair 😂). Then knowing I had already half-lost right off the bat did make it a little harder for me motivation-wise to later push through all the obstacles and do what I still could to help Town win without dragging Shannon M down or get killed in the process.

    Then I again, I also was/am just generally in a weird headspace that I definitely hadn’t predicted at the point of signing up — Covid-19, being tied up with extra work in response to the pandemic, country going into lockdown half-way though the Games, family and mental health related stuff that also only came up just as the Games started. I had way less time than I had expected as a result and so genuinely didn’t have the hours or mental capacity I needed to analyse and comment as much as I had in past Games. (Maybe that wasn’t a bad thing for me though since this is the first time I was actually alive at the point a Game ended. Lol.)

    So yep, I hope that explains why I was so confusing this time round and I’m sorry that I couldn’t pull my weight as much as some of you might’ve hoped/expected of me.

  5. @Joséphine – By Day Seven rolled around, I had figured out that you were the Unlyncher as well as Rowan because you weren’t actively trying to save anyone. I did think Jeann could be Rowan the other Unlynchee since she did have the Vigilante power and took out Crini and Rowan could have had such a power but you probably would have been next on my list if I had survived XD

    Ooh, now I know why you were suspicious of Shannon M XD

    And yeah, same! I really was super busy this Game and tried my best to comment. Being the only Mafia player left did give me some motivation, though LOL

  6. YESSSS the post I was waiting for! I love these end of Game reveals with all the twists and turns! What fantastic roles aligning to the book, I was convinced there was another Unlynchee! I’m dying at the snippets Josephine got, that is so hilarious ahhaha.

    Also laughing at Asti and the big red button and immediately using her Tuning Fork on day 1. Pure chaos.

    I can’t believe it was Greg who saved Sana on Day 6 after all! And the mass Mafia gleaning (especially if Kerys didn’t die)! Pure chaos!!

    Omg I am SO EXCITED to be MVP! I’ve never gotten MVP (much less survived) before so I’m so happy! I definitely did get thrown for a bit of a spinner towards the end of the Game but I’m glad we pulled together. (Note to self, wild theories are just that…wild).

    And yay for Shannon’s co-MVP status too! You definitely helped us pull through towards the end and I kept on questioning at the back of my mind – wouldn’t it be the biggest twist ever if Shannon was indeed Mafia?! But I just couldn’t bring myself to think like that ahah.

    It did get heated in game but I have to say I had such a great time playing Bookish Games this round! It was definitely something to look forward to amidst everything going on (although I definitely regret staying up until 4am).

    Also I had fun reading the spectator chat – I’m just in awe of Asti’s lengthy novels in there even after elimination XD you can definitely sense Greg”s excitedness Hahaha.

    Also I’ll be up for the BYOC session either playing or spectating I think.

    Thank you so much to Inge and Dana for a great game well played with LOTS of twists, and making it fun for us all! I would like to take you up on the Bookish Games therapy session – when can we start?

  7. @Josephine – I was honestly wondering why you voted for Shannon M but now it all makes sense! You did so well with your role! I totally agree that cryptic role claims/clues are so much more fun.

    Also just saw some comments on the spectator chat

    @Harker – I honestly acted so erratically on D6 cos the stress of finding Mafia definitely got to me Hahah. I knew that was going to attract votes but was hoping my analysis would push me through. And I was hoping that people looking into me would pick up leading the charge for MiKayla on D4!

    Laughing at Asti taking notes of Sana “me townie” comments! Sana you for sure had me fooled until the end of the Day but by Day 7 I could’ve sworn you were aligning yourself to me by saying you trusted me and didn’t find me suspicious! 😈

    @Kritika – I was truly impressed with your dedication going back throughout the entire Game and analysing it on Day 7!

    @Amber – I’m so happy that you survived until the end of the Game after taking heat literally every day? I hope you are all good after a stressful edition!

  8. I would like to be involved in making the next edition.

    @Kritika: I give you a lot of credit for entering the game when you did. 👏 👏 👏

  9. What a Game, y’all. 😅 It was so hard to keep quiet on some days, which I think a lot of you picked up on in conjunction with all the mess of the real world.

    I would Very Much like it if there was a new game A.S.A.P. 👀 🤞

  10. Oh I am so excited to be able to finally get all the info!! I am also ridiculously excited that I was right about some role and stuff- especially because I was REALLY worried that I was just projecting my desire for Amber to be Town more than she actually was at certain points (like that time with Jeann in Chaos Walking, which I think will eat at me forever). But after I was right about Asti and Beth, I had to keep going with my gut! (And @Harker, sorry for kind of outing your role- I got too excited when I figured it out, and reallly need to keep my mouth shut sometimes!)

    @Josephine, oh my goodness that makes SO much sense now! That had to be so hard, especially because it made people suspicious of you- heck, it made ME suspicious of you! I did NOT think that Rowan and the Unlyncher were one in the same though, so very well played keeping that under wraps.

    Greg saving Sana is hilarious, and goes to show you what a true Mafioso he is and always will be 😂

    @Jeann, killing Crini really WAS key, wowww. Especially when she was gonna kill you back!! Nicely done!!

    You KNOW I will play again whenever, and am absolutely down for a BYOC game in the interim! And I am always up for a post of tips and tricks and such! This time I felt like I was REALLY unorganized, especially the first few Days (which is understandable I guess, considering the world!)

  11. Congrats Town and MVP’s! What an awesome Game (and perfect for the times too- I’m sure many of us needed the distraction). I would have loved to see those 5 Town deaths. And I agree with Asti- reviving Siran early on would have sure shaken up Day 2!

    Randomly redirecting Night actions is such a cool idea.

    “Greg saving Sana is hilarious, and goes to show you what a true Mafioso he is and always will be” I will ALWAYS be Team Mafia!!!

    I can’t WAIT to read the mafia log.

    Great Game Inge and Dana!!!

  12. @Greg – I loved how your job as a spectator was to cause more chaos! And your last minute “oopsie” comment where you were like did I just ruin the Town’s prospects at winning? 🤣

    I have more to say but my other long comment got eaten by the spam bot *waves to Inge and Dana*

  13. @Joséphine- I TRIED lol I thought using the Revival right out of the gate would have definitely introduced some fun chaos into the proceedings. 🙂 It just didn’t work out on Day 1 though sadly…

    And @Jeann right? I LOVE how the mods are working the Spectators into the fun! And yes I felt some genuine angst- like did I DOOM Town? I was thinking people might come after me w/ pitchforks… 🙂

  14. Sorry.

    I looked back on d1 and realized how much I needed to change how I play for this edition.

  15. @Jeann: Your comment has been rescued! I really need to find a way to stop that from happening in games. So annoying. 😤 But yes, congrats on your MVP! Inge had asked me to help write the Game Over post since I usually do the bulk of it and had been following along anyways, so when I wrote the MVP section for you it was just based off what I knew as a player. I didn’t even realize you killed Crini the Night she was sent to kill you!!!! That’s amazing, haha.

    @Sana: Yeah, as soon as Inge told me a replacement was needed for Krista I was like eek! Kritika wasn’t heavily involved in the Spectator Chat, but I did probably influence her viewpoint of you when she was around. Sorry about that. Even if death I was a problem for the Mafia. 😅 It’s to your credit though that even once she came in you had her doubting it all. Also, did you consider role claiming at all? I was so hoping for it.

    @Joséphine: Thanks for following up with your gameplay since I know I was one of the players confused by your actions. It makes total sense though – between having sort of lost in a way during Day One and being restricted by things like the required vote Day Four. Definitely don’t apologise for it. You still played a clever game surviving until the end like you did as the Unlyncher! (Also, I do agree with the role claim thing. It was just a bit painful to watch since some people took longer to get it than others. 😂)

    @Shannon: You may have felt disorganised this edition, but you still pulled it off. 👏🏻

    @Siran: No need to say sorry! You’re still learning the ropes of the game, it happens. Hopefully the next one will be a little less focused on you Day One. 😅

  16. Just reading through the mafia logs. those are always so fun.

    Love this

    “For all we know, Asti is typing up an essay about how I’m suspicious right now XD”

  17. Yay! This was hilarious to read, and answered so many questions- thanks, Asti, Inge, and Dana! Honestly, given isolation and distance due to the pandemic, it was soothing in a way to have regular check-ins with a group of people entirely focused on a game. (I actually started getting nervous this morning when I realized “I haven’t heard from Shannon M, or Josephine, or Harker, etc. in awhile!”….I got too used to seeing y’all every week. 😀

    Despite things getting heated at times, knowing that everyone here wouldn’t get spiteful or leave because of it was empowering (in a way that, say, communicating online with workmates is not). I’m very excited you’re doing another Bookish Games so soon, because I do think that for as much of an additional time commitment this takes, it’s helpful during these uncertain times.

    It was challenging to not be able to join the Spectator Chat and also not be able to comment during the final few Days after my suicide. But nice to be able to vote!

    Congrats to Jeann and ShannonM voted the VIP status- well deserved! Meeghan, when you mentioned having a Parmesan moment in the game, I laughed SO hard. LMAO to Siran’s vote in the comments here. 😀

    Siran, don’t focus on changing too much. I’m consistently a bull in a china shop in these games, but as long as you’re having fun. 😉

  18. @Sana in the Mafia chat “Beth and Jeann just have to mention the whole veteran player thing at some point in every single Game and then use that to come after either of us. I just wanna know when can we start calling THEM veteran players XD”
    I mean I *was* trying to view you both as Town, but seriously….will I ever be able to trust you or Crini to be Town again?! 😀 (I do secretly love that TPTB made you both Mafia this game….finally, you have earned the reputation that’s been haunting you!)

    @Greg in the Spectator chat “Beth! self gleaning? Oh dear. Between this and the insanity thing (was that last Game?) she’s had some fun interesting roles of late. 🙂”
    I love it so much. I had no idea Faraday was going to self-glean but I’m glad I got to be a Restless Spirit instead of just “game over”. Nothing will top being insane, I think, but I do appreciate having two roles now that are ridiculous fun (all credit due the Evil Genius Gamemasters). ALSO please join the BYOC edition! I miss playing with yooooouuuuuu! (still holding out for the Winnie the Pooh edition of the game, TBH). 😀

    TL;DR Y’all are epic and I loved playing with you. ❤

  19. @Beth

    “Honestly, given isolation and distance due to the pandemic, it was soothing in a way to have regular check-ins with a group of people entirely focused on a game.”

    So true! I didn’t play but I felt it very relaxing to check in and missed it when it was done! Which is why I’m kinda glad BYOC is happening. And haha you have had some fun roles for sure…

    We missed you in the Spec chat!!

    Looking forward to the BYOC Games… and you know, for being a throwaway comment I still do kinda want to make Winnie the Pooh happen!!!

  20. Haha yeah, it was fun to make both Sana and Crini Mafia this time around. I was wondering if anyone was suspecting it, but maybe going, “Naaahh, they wouldn’t make both of them Mafia? Surely that’s too obvious?” Sort of like a double bluff. 😄

  21. I love these recaps! There was so much fun stuff crammed into the edition. Good job Jeann and Shannon! Well deserved.

    Will Shannon ever be evil though?? I feel like she needs to try it. 😈

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