Interview with a Player: Shannon T

Interview with a Player is a feature in which a participant from The Bookish Games answers questions relating to their experience. These posts help players get to know each other during the downtime between games. If you’re interested in being featured in a future post, you can find the interview questions here.

Today’s interviewee is Shannon T (@Tibbs10), one of the new players who actually managed to survive until the end and win the ADSOM edition. Way to go Shannon!

Playing The Bookish Games for the first time can be hard, but doing so with a role like the Miller can be even harder. You don’t want to do anything to cause suspicion because all it’ll take is one faulty investigation by a Cop and your neck will be on the chopping block. Poor Shannon had to navigate this tricky role for her very first go of The Bookish Games, but luckily managed to find the right balance. And not only did she avoid her Miller role causing her any problems – she actually survived until the end of the game and was part of the winning team!

I’d love to see her play another game to see if a different role would change her game play at all, or if she’d remain more on the quiet side. Either way, I love her enthusiasm and am so glad she decided to join us for some of the craziness that is The Bookish Games. We love Shannons here. 🖤

(Inge: Shannons are wonderful by definition. 💛 But now I kinda wanna see a Battle of the Shannons go down in one of our future editions…)


Introduce yourself. (Where can we find you online? What do you like to do when not playing The Bookish Games?)

My name is Shannon (T!) And you can find me on both Twitter and Instagram at @Tibbs10. When not playing The Bookish Games I like playing sports, watching sports, reading, and playing video games.

Tell us about your experience with The Bookish Games so far. (How many games have you played? What have your roles/teams been like? Have you survived until the end yet?)

I’ve played one game so far, in which I was a Miller and had no special abilities except to vote for someone during the day. I was lucky enough to survive until the end (and win!) during the ADSOM game. I hope to play in future games and play a bigger role; with more abilities and information to contribute.

What has been your favorite moment in The Bookish Games so far?

Seeing the reveals of what happened behind the scenes with players and spectators.

(Inge: Always a great moment when you browse through all the behind-the-scenes information and go “Ohhh that’s why!”)

What do you struggle with while playing The Bookish Games? How do you overcome those struggles?

The fact that I had no special role or abilities…I hope to have a bigger role and contribute more the next time I play 🙂


Spectating or Playing: Playing
Vote out inactive players or let them disqualify: Disqualify
Vote every opportunity you get or only when a player acts suspiciously: Every opportunity
Take an active role or hide in the shadows: Active role
Straightforward games with few twists or crazy games with all the shock and surprises: All the shock and surprises


Biggest movemaker: Shannon M – the Tieren reveal was insane
Least trustworthy: Siran… Poor Rhy/Kell
Most analytical: Shannon M
Chatty Cathy: Edward

2 thoughts on “Interview with a Player: Shannon T”

  1. Congrats Shannon on the win!! The ADSOM game was so fun to watch from the Spectator perch haha. I feel like there were so many variables to keep track of in this one! You guys did great though. 🙂

  2. I FEEL the Shannon love, mods ♥♥♥ Shannon T, I too am impressed that you won as a Miller- when I looked up what the role entailed I was like “WOW nicely done!” because that could NOT have been easy! @Inge- you may get your wish since Shannon T wants the inactives to DQ on their own, and we KNOW how I feel about that 😂 And @Shannon, I agree SO much with you about the behind the scenes stuff- it’s SO fun, I spend DAYS down those rabbit holes! So glad to have you in the Games!!

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