Interview with a Player: Siran

Interview with a Player is a feature in which a participant from The Bookish Games answers questions relating to their experience. These posts help players get to know each other during the downtime between games. If you’re interested in being featured in a future post, you can find the interview questions here.

Today’s interviewee is Siran (@ToukhanianSiran), a new player who helped us out greatly during the ADSOM edition by stepping in after Siena withdrew from the game. (Thank you Siran!)

Playing The Bookish Games for the first time can be quite an overwhelming experience, but even more so when stepping into a game that has already begun with a character that has been thrust into the spotlight. Siran had all eyes on her when she joined the game at the start of Day Two, and while some players may have been put off by all the attention, Siran actually seemed to enjoy it making such comments as:

“I like when people talk about me.”

and teasing a role reveal. While this unfortunately led to some Town players consistently voting her instead of looking for other targets, it wasn’t enough to stop their team from winning – and the spectators definitely enjoyed watching the game unfold with her unique style of play.

Now that Siran knows more about how the game works, I’m curious as to what she will do in future games, if she deicded to join us again. Will there still be self-imposed rules like the one she had this game where she didn’t want to vote unless she met the comment minimum? Will she be more cautious if she doesn’t have a role that doesn’t promise some sort of immunity? Only time will tell.

No matter what happens next, we appreciate Siran and her willingness to jump into this crazy game of ours during our time of need. Thanks Siran!


Introduce yourself. (Where can we find you online? What do you like to do when not playing The Bookish Games?)

Hello All!!!
I’m Siran. ( “C RON” roll the R)
I like to blog, read, and play video game. My biggest hobbies are photography and drawing.
I am a wonderbat shipper

My Blog:
Blog Instagram:
Twitter Handle: @ToukhanianSiran

Tell us about your experience with The Bookish Games so far. (How many games have you played? What have your roles/teams been like? Have you survived until the end yet?)

I am having fun playing The Bookish Games.

What do you love about playing The Bookish Games?

Reading new comments.

What has been your favorite moment in The Bookish Games so far?

The cheese vote – everybody seemed to just have fun with it.

What do you struggle with while playing The Bookish Games? How do you overcome those struggles?

Deciding how to vote.
I try to use the “it’s always the quiet ones” or “expect the unexpected” and when that does not work? …..RANDOMNESS!

Is there anything specific you would like to see in future editions of The Bookish Games? (Themes, roles, twists, etc.)

If possible, Batman or Justice League.

What advice would you give to new players who are interested in playing The Bookish Games?

Have fun …… It’s just a game.


Spectating or Playing: Playing
Team Town, Mafia, or Third-Party: Team
Vote out inactive players or let them disqualify: Vote
Vote every opportunity you get or only when a player acts suspiciously: Every Op
Take an active role or hide in the shadows: Active
Straightforward games with few twists or crazy games with all the shock and surprises: Twists


Biggest movemaker: Jenn
Least trustworthy player: probably me – trying to take the views of other players
Most analytical: Harker
Chatty Cathy: Harker
Funniest: nobody
Most intimidating: Amber

Anything else you’d like to add?: I wish I was better at deciding who seemed suspicious. Since the comments didn’t seem to fit any of the characters, I truly didn’t know what to look for.

One thought on “Interview with a Player: Siran”

  1. Great Game Siran! It’s tough stepping into a game like this, especially after it’s already started and the person you’re replacing escaped a lynching! You had a lot of attention on you, and as a Spectator I enjoyed watching everyone trying to puzzle out whether you were Town or not. 🙂

    Vote PARMESAN killed me…

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