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Welcome to The Bookish Games, a variation of the game most commonly known as Mafia or Werewolf. If you want to know more about The Bookish Games, including How to Play, please check out the links in the menu.





Congratulations to our two Towns, Team Grey London and Team Red London, for successfully working together to eliminate all threats within the game! (I’ll get to the two Town team thing in the set-up section, don’t worry.)

This game definitely had a different dynamic than those previously hosted with so many new players joining in on the fun, but the Town still managed to somehow come together to eliminate the very powerful threats that existed within this game. So good job Dana, Jenn Kerrie, Nicole, Shannon M, and Shannon T. You’re winners!

(Inge: Shout-out to all the new players: thank you for joining our game so enthusiastically! We were quite nervous about having a big group of newbies because we have no idea how active you’ll be, but you were wonderful and we hope to welcome you back in future editions.)

Of course, as I usually do, I’d like to take a moment to highlight one or two MVPs. While everyone played a part in helping their team progress until the end, sometimes it’s one or two actions that really shift the game and thrust a team towards victory.

Jenn @ The Bookish Ginger
Death Note MVP
Played 12 games

It would be a failure on my part if I did not hand the MVP status to Jenn for her amazing work as a Watcher this edition. I honestly don’t think we’ve ever had a player so successfully use their role to gather information pivotal to the game and manage to stay alive after sharing it. Not only did she spy Laura completing a poisoning Night Three, but somehow Night Four she managed to successfully catch Kritika killing Krista even though the cultafia purposefully tried to target someone they thought she wouldn’t watch.

I can’t even imagine what this game would’ve been like if Jenn hadn’t used her power so successfully. Sure, the cultafia still would have been limited to Night kills with Edward’s elimination, but would Laura or Kritika have been voted out without the “proof” Jenn provided? I find it highly unlikely (especially since in Kritika’s case players assumed her innocent due to Harker’s comments).

Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight

The second MVP I’d like to recognise is Shannon M. While Shannon M. did not have the best voting record this game (she was really distracted by Siran’s playing style the first three Days of the game), I think we could all agree she made quite a splash during Day Six when she met Laura’s claim of being Tieren with her own reveal as Tieren the Doctor. Add in the fact that she sprinkled Doctor references into a post each Day as breadcrumbs for this reveal? You can tell Shannon M. is a veteran player who is always thinking ahead. I love it.

And while Shannon M. spent most of her Nights protecting herself, she did manage to successfully protect Jenn from a Night elimination during Night Six which was important because Jenn was a trusted Town-aligned player at that point so Amber could’ve really used her elimination.

(But just in case you thought Shannon M. was being selfish with all those self-heals, don’t worry, she did explain it in her form submission, lol:

(look, I know I look selfish but the only other person I’m confident about is Jenn and I just protected her so I can’t again)

Oh, and let’s not forget how it was her analysis during Day Seven that led to players voting for Amber. She may not have been confident that Amber was up to no good, but it was her contribution to the discussion that got the ball rolling and led to our lasy in-game baddie being eliminated.

So yes, congratulations to ALL Team Red and Team Grey players for being part of a victorious team, and especially to Dana, Kerrie, Laura, and Shannon T. for surviving until the end. But also a special shout out to the two ladies above for making some pivotal moves that helped lead their team to victory. ❤

(Inge: I am always super impressed by Jenn’s playing style. She shows us time and time again why she’s a force to be reckoned with — and why people usually try to kill her off as soon as possible, haha! I am also always rooting for Shannon M. and again, we were unworthy of her during this round. I am always in awe whenever she casually mentions that she’s been dropping hints in her posts.

I would also like to pay tribute to a fallen MVP, Parmesan. RIP. 😢)


Unlike previous editions, we did the initial game planning through Google Docs. So, if you’d like to see our set-up process in action though, visit this Google Doc. As you’ll see, we started with Crini’s initial ideas for roles and alliances and then worked together to shift the game into what you see today.

While almost all the roles are explained in detail in the doc, I thought I’d still do my usual breakdown here. Read on to find out more about some of the twists included in this game, such as the two Towns, the Rhy-Kell Link, the Antari Commuting powers, the royal Pen Pals, the Insanity, the pointless Drink Vendor, the Cultafia, the Usurper, and the very powerful Vitari.

WARNING: Spoilers for ADSOM below. I’m assuming if you’ve followed along the game enough to see it play you already know spoilers are weaved into everything, but just in case…

The Two Towns

Now, I know there was some question as to whether or not the game would continue until just one London was left standing, but no, we’re not that cruel. (Well, at least not yet. I can’t say the idea wasn’t tempting once thrown out…)

We wanted to have the four Londons of ADSOM represented within the game, but didn’t want to have to come up with a random team name to encompass both Red and Grey London as one team, so left them with their separate London names. Red London and Grey London appeared as different teams, but their alliance as a Town was the same.

We just never confirmed that in the game because, well, we’re evil. 😈

Inge: This comment from Asti in the Spectators chat will forever make me laugh.


The Rhy-Kell Link

At the start of the game, Rhy (Siena/Siran) and Kell (Megan) were not connected to each other in any way. They did not know each other’s identity or anything of the sort, they were as blind as everyone else. But, once Rhy’s character was targeted for elimination, these two became connected as Informed Masons and Half-Siblings. (This just happened to take place way earlier in the game than expected with Siena gaining the most votes at the end of Day One.)

This “activation” of powers after Rhy’s near-death experience was our attempt at incorporating what happens when Kell saves Rhy’s life in ADSOM. Their fates became connected (in this instance we adapted it so Rhy only dies if Kell does) and instead of communicating through pain as they did in the book we were gracious and allowed them a private chat page (though this wasn’t really used).

While this combination could’ve been really useful for the Town (not that they needed it in the end), it actually ended up causing more trouble for the two than not. Between Siran’s cryptic comments and inability to get lynched, players were hung up on her until she happened to be eliminated due to Megan’s poisoning.

The Antari Commuting Powers

Since Antari can travel between Londons in book, we decided to grant those playing Lila (Nicole), Kell (Megan), and Holland (Amber) with Commuter powers to “exit” game. In ADSOM, Kell and Holland are the last two known Antari so both were granted 2x Commuter abilities at the start of the game. Lila only travels between Londons after meeting Kell, so we limited her to a 1x Commuter ability that only activates once she interacts with Kell (either she voted or targeted Kell with her Night power or Kell voted for her). This meant that Lila’s 1x Commuter power was activated Day Three when Nicole voted for Megan.

The Royal Pen Pals

Within ADSOM, royalty from each London (Grey, Red, and White) can write letters to one another to be passed around by the Antari. For the game, we decided to incorporate this letter communication through the use of Pen Pals and a Mail Man.

White London and Grey London royalty each had a primary Pen Pal and a Back-up Pen Pal who could exchange one letter each Night. The identity of neither London were ever confirmed so if one London wanted to act like they were from a different London, they could’ve, but this never happened. Letters were used in an attempt to work together, but unfortunately between the Pen Pal deaths and limited letter exchanges (I think one per Night wasn’t enough, upon reflection), not much actually came from this power.

Red London was not included in this Pen Pal scheme for two reasons:

  1. Red London royalty was never included in the original set-up of this game, King Maxim was only added after sign-ups exceeded our original expectations.
  2. It’d be a lot more confusing for us moderators to attempt a three-way letter exchange, especially with the Mail Man role.

The Mail Man, Kell, had the option to deliver the letters each Night or keep the letters and read them. I don’t think Kell ever actually kept the letters and read them himself during ADSOM, but I thought this would be a fun option to add to the game because it would give Kell an opportunity to gain extra intel. Depending on when they used the power, they could steal a letter with revealing info (but also at the risk of tipping the receiving royalty off that something fishy was going on when they didn’t receive their letter). Unfortunately Megan was unable to use this power.

The Insanity

Ah yes, this was a fun one. Poor Beth as King George was Insane: during pre-determined Days in the game all of her comments were vulnerable to changes by the moderators.

If you played the last edition of The Bookish Games, Nevernight, and were there for Day Five’s [REDACTED] nonsense, you may have seen something like this coming. But instead of doing something subtle with our all-powerful mod abilities, we decided to just get crazy about cheese.

Inge: Live commentary from the mod Twitter chat

Can you blame us? Kritika started it.

So, just for fun, let’s reflect on the many moderator-inserted cheese puns and jokes that were edited into Beth’s comments during Day Two.

And tbh, the cheese thing was supposed to stop there. But then you all tried to play smart with us and figure out if there was a pattern to how Beth’s votes were being changed. And there WAS. But since she was insane we weren’t going to even let you figure out the pattern so in the end we only had one option:

We have no regrets. Well, except for the fact that Beth didn’t live long enough for us to do it again. It was too fun.

(Inge: We thought we could scare you off by having Beth vote for herself, but you guys were persistent, so Parmesan had to die. Seriously, though, this was SO MUCH FUN. Asti, Crini, and I were cackling all over the place. Beth was a super good sport about it, too. Probably because she was Cultafia by then, and was fully prepared to embrace the chaos and confusion. 😉)

The Pointless Drink Vendor

Going into the ADSOM edition, Inge really wanted to add a Fruit Vendor. (Because why not, right?) I thought with the Watcher role being included, it’d be a fun role to add, because it may create a situation where the Watcher would see the Vendor in action and think something more was going on that just an innoncent item being passed around.

We ended up assigning the role to Fauna and changing it to a Drink Vendor because we thought it worked well with ADSOM. Though Fauna doesn’t really do much, she did run a tavern in Red London which Kell used as his own secret little hideout. (Unfortunately though I mixed things up during the game set-up and accidentally swapped Fauna onto the Grey Team instead of Red, whoops! Though, tbh, it was hard coming up with Grey Team players. It’s so boring over there.)

And though one wouldn’t think the Drink Vendor would contribute much, I actually got a lot of enjoyment from MiKayla’s drink submissions each Night.  I shared her comments in the Day by Day recap if you want to take a look.

(Inge: I just really loved the idea of this absolutely pointless role where you receive an email that says “You have been given an apple.” Cue confusion. “Uh, thanks? I think? Can I eat it? Is it poisoned? It’s poisoned, isn’t it? Oh god, I’m going to die.” Anyway, the Drink Vendor fit in really well with this edition, and as it happens, MiKayla is a bartender so she added a certain flair to the role!)

The Cultafia

Honestly, the thing with this edition of the game is that the possibilities are absolutely endless. There were so many different things we could’ve done with the White London team. They’re killers, yes. But they also like to control others. In the end we settled on making them a Cultafia.

We’ve had a Cultafia in The Bookish Games once before, but it’s been a long time and most players weren’t around for that edition so it’s not a surprise no one was necessarily expecting it. This Cultafia worked differently than the previous though. Each Night the Cultafia could choose to kill or recruit a player. If they chose to kill, the Night would happen as expected with the targeted player being dead when starting the next Day. If they chose to recruit a player though, that targeted player would lose all abilities and become a full member of the Cultafia, gaining access to the chat and knowing their teammate’s identities.

As you may have guessed, this type of power combination can be super powerful. The mafiascum wiki we’ve used in the past to pull info from strongly discourages use of it because it can easily win the game. So, to try and make it balanced, we did a couple of things. 

  1. We made the Cultafia start with smaller numbers. It was just the Dane twins and Holland, no one else.
  2. We tied the recruited players fate towards that of the Cultafia Leader, Athos. If he died, everyone recruited died, as we saw in action at the end of Day Two. (RIP Beth.)
  3. And we added another twist…

The Usurper

White London had someone somewhat working against them from the inside. Holland (Amber) was an Usurper with the added goal of getting Athos (Edward) eliminated along with helping White London win.

During ADSOM, we only really know Holland as the powerful Antari slave of the Dane Twins who does whatever they tell him to, even though he really doesn’t want to. He can’t actually kill Athos because he’s under his control, but if he could figure out a way to do it without getting caught I’m sure he would’ve. So this Usurper role was our way at trying to include Holland as the big baddy that he was during ADSOM, but also still show that he’s a reluctant member of the team.

(Inge: So well done to Amber for immediately helping getting rid of Edward on her first Day. Made me laugh.)

The Vitari

The last big thing to talk about from the set-up of ADSOM is the Vitari, our powerful Black London stone that took hold of everything that touched it.

In ADSOM, the Vitari stone consumes those who touch it. It takes over their bodies, sucks their magic sources dry, and then moves on to the next one. As a result, we decided to give our Vitari player quite a few powers. Laura was able to target one person each Night to steal their vote, those players would also be poisoned to die at the end of a Day, and if successfully poisoned Laura would then absorb a 1x use of their power. She was also investigative-immune (because how can you investigate a rock? lol) and non-recruitable by the Cultafia.

Now, the additional little twist with this Vitari role is in the length of the poisonings. When assigned with the role, Laura was told that there was a method to how we determined how long a player would survive after poisoning, but that we would not be confirming what it was. That’s right, each player could survive a different amount of Days after poisoning – they all didn’t just die at the end of one Day like you’d assume. The way we ended up calculating poisonings was by the votes placed by the targeted player the Day before poisoning. If the targeted player only placed one vote, they’d die at the end of the following Day. Two votes, two Days. And so on. Our thinking here was that those with more use of power (votes) would have a greater fight against the Vitari and therefore hold out just a little bit longer than those without.

(I won’t lie, I was sort of hoping that this would culminate in a mass culling of like five people dying in one Day, but I’ll take the three that occurred at the end of Day Five.)

Inge: Asti was out for blood this round.
Inge: Part two.


As always, here is the information for the secret pages and access to the master sheet where we kept track of each Day/Night actions. If you have questions about anything, don’t hesitate to ask!

  • The Cultafia Night Chats – The Cultafia Night chats have now been imported! You can find what the cultafia was saying at Night by looking at the blog archives or visiting the Night links on the ADSOM Edition game page.
  • The Mason Chats – The Mason chats have now been imported! You can find out what the Masons were saying by looking at the blog archives or visiting the Day/Night links on the ADSOM Edition game page.
  • GoogleDoc Spreadsheet This is the Master Spreadsheet that Crini, Inge, and I used to keep track of everything in the game from number of comments players made to voting history to Night Action form submissions. Click the tabs on the bottom of the page to see what went down each Day/Night.
  • GoogleDoc Planning Document This is the GoogleDoc that Crini, Inge and I used to plan the game. As you can see, after Crini provided the initial set-up proposal we tweaked it until what you see today.
  • Spectator Chat (password: iveseenit) – This page grants you access to the Spectator chat where the moderators, ghosts, and spectators discussed gameplay.


A Day-by-Day Recap

Last game I went through each Day/Night of the game and provided a detailed recap as to what happened. This time? Well, I sort of did that. I didn’t get as detailed with screenshots and complete vote breakdowns, but I did create a bulletpoint list of what I thought were the most noteworthy things that occurred each Day and Night. Consider this your spark note versions of The Bookish Games: ADSOM edition.

Player Interviews

This is just a small reminder that players can be spotlighted during the break between games by filling out the Player Interview form. If you haven’t submitted the form yet and would like to, please do! (And if you have but want to do it again? Well sure, why the heck not?)

I did receive a form submission for a Player Interview once during this game so there will be at least one post to look forward to. And if anyone wants to resubmit their answers, feel free? lol. Why not.

A Co-Mod Update

Crini (@xCrini)
Ready Player One MVP

First off, I just wanted to give a big THANK YOU to Crini for co-modding this edition of The Bookish Games with us! It was a lot of fun to see what ideas she had to bring to the table, and I’m actually quite pleased she chose ADSOM as her theme because it was the motivation I needed to finally start this series! THANK YOU CRINI!

(Inge: Thank you, Crini! 💛)

(Oh, and I feel like this goes without saying, but lots of love and thanks to my permanent co-mod Inge as well. <3)

(Inge: *curtseys* 💛)

We have something planned for the next edition of the Games already (keep reading!), but I did want to assure players who have volunteered to co-mod future editions that your time will come! After our next edition discussed below, we will be moving onto Shannon M. (Hmm… I wonder what theme she’d like us to base The Bookish Games off of?) and following her our prospective co-mod list is as follows: AnneAsiya, Beth, and Harker.

So please, if you’re interested in co-modding, don’t give up hope on us just yet! Your time will come and we’d love to have you. ❤

The Next Game

So what do we have planned for the next Game? Well, take a look at this…

That’s right. The theme for our next game is going to be: Scythe by Neal Shusterman. And, for the first time in a long time, I (Asti) won’t be moderating it! Inge is taking over.

Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. I still absolutely love these Games. But I asked Inge to take over for the next edition because I really want to play a game. I enjoy speculating in the Spectator chat about what I would do if I were playing in the game, but it’s just not the same as actually doing it. So next game I’m going to step back and let Inge take complete control. I’ll know only as much as you know. I’ll be blindly making all the same mistakes you always make. And I’m SO looking forward to it.

(Inge: It’s super daunting to be running an edition on my own, but I’m so excited, too! Also, look at that amazing graphic. Also, look at all those amazing graphics Asti keeps pulling out of her sleeve.)

Now, I have complete confidence in Inge’s ability to run an edition of The Bookish Games by herself, but it is A LOT of work. So for this next edition of the Games she’ll be looking for a volunteer to help her with all of the things: brainstorming, vote counting, contacting players, etc. If you’re interested in helping co-mod the Scythe edition with Inge, please leave a comment letting us know! (Players who have already volunteered to co-mod their own edition can volunteer to help with this one too, we’re just looking for an extra hand!)

And, if you don’t want to help co-mod, that’s fine. Sign up to the mailing list to be informed when sign-ups go live. I don’t know when Inge will be looking to start these but I’m assuming there’ll be a small break before we start the next one like usual.

(Good, maybe you need some time to mentally prepare to play with me in a game. But also, please don’t vote me out on the first Day just because I’m me. 😂)

Thanks once again for an amazing game and we look forward to seeing you again for the next one. 

❤ Asti & Inge & Crini

10 thoughts on “ADSOM: Game Over”

  1. This was so FUN! Thanks to Asti, Inge, and Crini for another FABULOUS game- this one is definitely one of my favorites (sure partly because I won, but mostly because it was SO bananas- you guys did an incredible job!)

    Okay so I have to tell you how excited I was when Laura said she was Tieren! When Kerrie mentioned it, I was basically WILLING Laura to say it. I had dropped those hints, just as an insurance policy, figuring they’d just be something fun to share with you all at the end of the Game, you know? But when Kerrie said that the only vote thief role for Town she could think of was Tieren… oh man I was excited. Which of course is why I kept pressing Laura to answer! When she did, I literally did some kind of weird happy dance around my room, no shame!

    Also NOW I understand why my protection of Harker didn’t go through! I was so confused and was so afraid I was one of those crappy doctors who kills their patients! But then I didn’t die and I absolutely saved myself a lot hahah. (I mean. I KNEW I was Town, right? The only others that I was SURE of were Harker and Jenn, and I couldn’t protect anyone twice in a row so. Shannon got odd nights, no regrets 😂)

    Also SCYYYYTHHHE, Inge!! Neal Shusterman is my FAVE of all time and I just finished (and loved!) The Toll! So I am willing to help, but I would probably rather play, especially since I won’t be playing the edition after (though I am terrified of playing against Asti, she’s gonna be AMAZING)! But if you’re really in need, I’m here!

  2. @Inge, please don’t make @Asti Mafia in Scythe, or we’ll all end up dead on Day 2. She is so bloodthirsty! 😀 I assume you’ll be playing under an alias, to avoid bias?

    Great job all around, everyone- this was so much fun to play and EVEN MORE FUN TO WATCH. The cheese puns were fantastic. I have actually stolen some to use on the DadPuns chat channel at work…so thanks for those. 😉

    Aaaaaand this is my push to finally read Scythe. Yay!

  3. @Beth: Ah, thanks for catching that! I had to publish everything right after deadline (just in case there was some last minute craziness) and must’ve spaced that page. It’s live now!

    Also, probably won’t be playing under an alias. With this announcement, eeryone already knows I plan on playing so I sort of feel like if I were to try an alias it would then just become a game of everyone trying to figure out which one is me and possibly unfairly targeting the new players they’re not familiar with? lol. I’ll just have to hope for the best and enjoy it while it lasts.

  4. I had fun playing my first time as a townie. Also realised I’m bad at analysing and perhaps too trusting of people.

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